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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Tsunami of Vax Deaths Coming in Next Two Years – Dr. Betsy Eads

By Greg Hunter’s 

Dr. Betsy Eads has been fighting to get the truth out about the debilitating and deadly CV19 bioweapon injections form the very beginning.  The truth is coming out showing Dr. Eads was right all along even though the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) was suppressing her life saving data and analysis.  In August, Dr. Eads predicted the human damage from the CV19 bioweapon was going to get far worse, and increasing numbers of vax deaths and injuries show she was right again.  Dr. Eads now predicts, “. . . We are in the millions (of vax deaths) in America right now, and I am projecting a tsunami of deaths coming in the next two years.  The problem is you cannot turn off this messenger RNA spike protein producing factory mechanism.  People are still lockstep getting in line to take boosters, which have 70 million copies of the messenger RNA.


  1. other comment sections shut down, so,
    haroun hamuud:
    the walter v. video i could find quickly is about: why they changed the sabbath.. its from about a month ago. 19k views. even in the thumbnail he his holding up both hands in the shape of the 666. maybe coincidence? that same video may also have what looks like the striking snakehead movement but didnt have time to watch it again right now. if i find more, will give a shout out to you though.

  2. anonymous,
    about the French starting the catholic/universal church:
    i do not believe i have all the facts, that is why i said "in present..." and asked if anyone else had anything on this.
    what i do have is that it had to do with the martyrs in the first and second centuries because supposedly many of the first century followers of jesuis who fled jerusalem found their way to gaul/france.
    other writings indicate it was the Romans who started the first church!! i really cant imagine that, but who knows?.. anyway, i am, present-ly, under the impression that the universal, (organized)church started in france and/or france was among the first to begin keeping some sort of records.
    over the years, various writings about the early church martyrs is where ive become familiar with this idea.

  3. Here's a sin a matic marvel

    Gee I wonder how it relates to this work

    You're flying through space on a ball
    no mans land on a rock flying through space

    And they haven't either
    Shhh it's a secret

  4. Seeds of the void is void of any good design. Posts are poorly written as if the writer is barely literate. Meh......


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