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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Public Letter to the Society of Jesus

 By Anna Von Reitz

You have been over-run from within.  Pope Francis, as a Jesuit, cannot give his ultimate allegiance to himself, except as Satan gives his ultimate allegiance only to himself. This is what the ego and the separation and the conflict of consciousness has always been about.  

The logic of this is inexorable and unavoidable. And so are the apparent results.

Earth is the Garden of Heaven, and we are separated from it by The World.  

Francis, caught in this existential conundrum, can only deceive, and the deceit results in fraud, which results in nullification and paralysis.  

The Church cannot protect herself under such a circumstance and no man can serve two Masters. 

Pope Benedict XVI gave the Seal of Saint Peter and the Keys to the Storehouse of the Lord to James Thomas McBride, and instructed him as the Regional PostMaster for North America, to open the storehouses for the comfort and survival of the living people. 

James Thomas McBride did this to the best of his ability, but he was attacked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) ---another out of control private-for-profit corporation calling itself an "Agency" and being misdirected by unelected businessmen and hired bureaucrats. 

They stole the Seal of Saint Peter.  

They threw James Thomas McBride in jail. 

They laughed at him and they prosecuted McBride, just as the Sanhedrin prosecuted Jesus on False Charges, and it is their fault that the Storehouse of the Lord is being plundered by evil men and commandeered for the use of evil. 

We have reason to believe that the FBI is under the control of the Swiss Octagon Group and that the Seal of Saint Peter has been transferred to the Bank for International Settlements for use as a rubber stamp to okay the abuse of gold and other assets belonging to the Church and to living people who are the lawful heirs of these assets.  

The Father of All Lies has simply lied about them and claimed that they voluntarily "waived their estates" so as to form unconscionable infant decedent estates while they were themselves still babies in their cradles. 

This cruel subversion of trust and truth is the foundation that Satan would have the "New World" build itself upon.  

So now you find the Church attacked on all sides, and even worse, you find that there is factual evidence that some of these attacks are justified. 
Corruption of the Church's administration has occurred and even the Pope's Office has been twisted around out of all recognition or sense. 

Francis Bergoglio was a chemist. He knew the Carbon Cycle.  There would be no plausible excuse for ignorance on his part, leading him to support the New Green Deal.  The only green on the table is USD and a new taxation scheme designed to inflict more senseless suffering on the people.  

This, when Pope Benedict XVI has already directed that the people must be comforted and sustained, and ordered the opening of the Storehouse of the Lord? 

It is your apparent duty to deal with the FBI and the Octagon Group and the Swiss Government and the Vatican Administration, and yes, with
Pope Francis, too, while the College of Cardinals and the Roman Curia must deal with the consequences of both their actions and inactions. 

We, the international government of The United States, have asked for the dissolution and liquidation of numerous offending corporations, which have deeply indulged in unaccountable and horrific unlawful profiteering, resulting in the death, maiming, and misery of millions of innocent people.  

The offending corporations have done this to profit themselves from sales of their products and services, and to advance a scandalous redefinition of living people as Genetically Modified Organisms, which these offending corporations claim to own as property via patents held on their genetically engineered bioweapon --- a scrap of mRNA and adjunct agents disguised as a "vaccine". 

The presence and action of the Father of All Lies is apparent in all of this.

The Municipal Government of the United States acting as a parent corporation has participated in this genocide for a share of the profit and to save itself the cost of pensions and services owed to elderly retirees, and at the end of the day, all this is coming back on the Church and the Roman Curia.  

As Defenders of the Church and of the Faith, you have no choice but to act and to act decisively in favor of Life and Truth, and to bring a swift and just end to the crimes and corporations responsible. 


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  1. The problem with Christianity as most religions in the world it was converted to Hellenism and then to paganism. The paganism holidays were not converted to Christianity. They have done a good job convincing everyone that it’s the latter though. We must research and come to terms with the truth of it all. To me it starts with Isaiah 52:6 and John 5:43. His name alone gives light to the deception. The only true name that existed for the Hamashiach was and is YahShua. Not Yeshua, Joshua or Jesus (Tammuz from Mesopotamia). One thing I have learned about culture in my travels to places like the Jordan river and Mount Nebo has lead me to find a simple fact. Western culture is the ONLY culture that make’s Arbitrary names for people of different cultures. Why is that? Well because that is what Hellenism does. When I visited these places they didn’t give me a name or title. They literally did there best to annunciate mine as I did there’s. The whole converting names to different languages is evidence of Hellenism. And his Fathers name being Yahusha also known as YHWH. Everyone will argue over this simple truth and troll but opinions and half searched history doesn’t change fact. The point behind the name change and the Hellenism was so the Jesuits could take control of the religion and faith and perverse it. To what end? To make Christian church body apart of the new world religion. In my opinion. But they hint that the religion behind the cross has been corrupted. But they do this in a strange way. They allow people to share the truth about the history of the HaMashiac and the 12 Children of Israel and there descendants (Israel being the man not the country). To me this is a sneaky way to get everyone to say we accept and are saying yes to the new system there trying to usher in. Just like you say The Father of all lies and half truths tries to trick us into submitting ourselves and personal effects to them willingly or forcefully. It’s only gonna get more intense as they get closer to the ushering in of this world religion as well as the progression of there world economic forum. We’re are extremely close to the end of the age of Pisces. Matthew 13:40

    Stay studying and learn the meaning of Jacob and Isaac’s story of sacrifice. It forshadows the coming of the messiah and the age of Pisces. For they know there time is short and the spiritual warfare has already begun.

    1. Can We Please Stop With This Yahshua/Yahushuah Nonsense?

      NOTE: Dr. Michael Brown has a Ph.D in Semitic languages and is a Jewish believer in Yeshua and scholar– which of course include Hebrew and Aramaic – the original languages of Yeshua (Jesus) and His people. He is a recognized authority on this topic and originally raised in an Orthodox Jewish family.

      Was His name Yeshua, Yahshua, or Yahushua? Dr. Brown sets the record straight here.

  2. I am the anonymous Comment above. If interested and want to talk about it then email me

  3. It's time to hold corporate criminal liability it's a law really it is.

  4. no comments allowed on the article under this one, about 18 paragraphs in, starting "Our war flag..."

    1. there is no "war flag".
    see: Flag Act 1777
    2. there is no "united States".
    now watch for this:
    will "anna" try to Contrive a new FEDERAL "Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen united States" to foist off on "her" trusting "LawfulPerson" Constructs?

  5. Your words truly a mind-oppener are. Thank Sam.
    ChistLam a NewGlobal

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow, m

    This DNA Discovery Is Completely Beyond Imagination | Gregg Braden

  6. none of these people are "Our Employees".
    pathetic try "anna".

    what's next "anna"? ....that the indigenous americans also Hired them to murder their families too?
    and steal from them too...?
    ohyeh, and Hired them for these centuries to Manage them and their remaining ungenocided family members on Reservations??
    oh, and would it then be also that the indigenous peoples also "Agreed to Pay" "Their Employees" for those "Genocide Your Family Members Services", and the "Reservation/Near Starvation Services" Provided by "Their Employees"? ....using the God-gifted natural source materials: land?

    they are thieves and murderrs. and liars.
    calling them Our Employees while they pretend to Act As our right-full Government and Judges of us all, carried out UNDER THREAT, FORCE, IMPRISONMENT AND MORE for the purpose of STEALING OUR LABOR, LIVES, LAND, AND FREEDOM UNDER GOD, does not qualify as "Our Employees".

    and as TRUTH pointed out, who would hire the people to run your national business, who you just fought against for years; who lied about you, to you, and merderred your family, neighbors, and friends?
    nobody, thats who.


    1. They - hijacked, no only American land and soil jurisdiction into highsea juris-dict-ion for profits
      and re-slave-ment to the n-th degree. They are pirates to say the least.

      Dear TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow, m

    2. It’s Kevin, ….I am thinking it’s a cover my ass kind of response from Anna.
      I have not always agreed or seen eye to eye with Anna.
      Let’s play Devils advocate for a moment:
      Anna says what we all feel about the corrupt , lying , murdering , thieving criminals….result, she and everyone else associated is either assassinated or rounded up and labeled a terrorist and executed…or
      Anna takes the path she has chosen ( peaceful) and hammers them this way.
      I am a warrior because I am a man. There is a time and place to fight and battles must be carefully thought out planned and fought with winning by a large margin .
      At this point I am staying allied with Anna and her strategy.
      You all bring valuable insight and opinion. Let’s try to keep it constructive.
      A house divided will not stand.

    3. im pointing out that "anna" cannot expect to come forward as someone who is breaking through the lies weve all been told only to replace those lies with something she makes up herself.
      the atrocities done under force threat imprisonments and WORSE cannot be made right by blaming others: ex. saying they are Our Employees when, before God and man i say, they most certainly are not Our Employees, theyre our attackers.
      we have a right to the truth.
      we cant fix whats been broken by them without it.

  7. We have been deceived and betrayed for a minimum of 5,500 years
    When the truth emerges (soon we hope) the people will not believe any of it.

  8. no, its not just THEIR man-made "Courts": Military, Corporate Administrative, Commerce, High Seas, Equity, KingsBench, Ecclesiastical, Exchequer, and so forth: man-made authorities/"jurisdictions" that are functioning here...
    those are all man-made. those are all VOLUNTARY. and all that is man-made is VOLUNTARY ONLY.
    anything done to us under force, duress, coersion, fear, murder, threats, imprisonments, deceit/"fraud",non-disclosures DOES. NOT. *STAND*.
    we have right before God to our commonlaw courts under authority of our creator's laws: the laws of nature and natures creator.
    they have prevented us from using them.
    they are guilty.
    and all those murders are on their hands. all that blood is on them.
    spiritual law.
    REF.: genesis 3:10,11:
    10 and he said what hast thou done? the voice of thy brothers blood crieth unto me from the ground.
    11 and now art thou cursed from the earth, which has opened her mouth to receive THY BROTHER'S BLOOD FROM THY HAND; and so be it.

    1. Agreed….so what is God waiting for ? When will he wipe the evil from his earth ? What is the point of all the suffering if “ Jesus “ suffered and died as payment for all of our sins yet this world is a complete sinful evil infested shithole and we are all being preyed upon by “ government” ?…

      Why does non of this jive with anything ?
      Where is clarity on what to do and who to do it to ?
      How the hell did all this happen and when is it going to get fixed ?
      Who will protect us from these evil bastards if we choose to stand ?
      I for one am fed up with fighting alone , most are cowards.
      Why does this seem totally futile ?

  9. perfect anna, that should be the last warning , let it ring forevermore.
    Grace to you.

  10. the people and the united States of America created from consent of the governed/the people: has, purposely, never been under the Pope's authority.
    here is proof: we have NEVER had "Sovereign Letters Patent" on our States or Confederated Union: which come from the "Sovereign"/the Pope.
    i believe "anna" has written that "she" has gone to the Pope and gotten "Sovereign Letters Patent" over the Contrivance "she" is Constructing.

    but why would we go to the Pope and ask his permission to live on land God made for us? we wouldn't. and we didn't.

    the Unum Sanctum was MAN-MADE in about 1302, so belief in and participation in the notion that the Pope owns the whole world and everything in it is VOLUNTARY.

    1. have you asked the Pope about the past and about what his intentions are with this land?

    2. funny :).
      no, but catholics could probably pose that question in their diocese(sp?) and see what the local heads of their church say.

  11. And that so called mother nature blizzard that is working over the east coast
    Hmm the Eagles did a song about
    In a New York Minute Everything Can Change
    and one of their albums was named HELL FREEZES OVER

    Hmm I wonder if that would be an eagle or is it a phoenix that the band is really named after

    Dams, water rerouting and weather modification in action folks

    1. These snakes have no limits

    2. They possibly - use all of big data and program Artificial intelligence to make decisions for them. Thus far, AI has not learned to lie yet. AI is limited to the set of data, human intelligence not, i. e., Free Will.

    3. 5GW, i. e., Fifth-Generation Warfare is conducted via non-kinetic military operations,
      such as geo-social-engineering,
      sports and music events;
      lies= disinformation, cyberattacks, along with emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and fully autonomous systems...

    4. a1234am,
      thanks for the summary. that sounds about right.
      notice they really seem to be ramping up the Narrative on the "Aliens" again? proof of aliens?: crop circles. ugggghh... these people....

  12. Scottlands 2030 plans
    Eliminate your cars as per their sustainable development goals set by
    World Parliament and the Earth Federation

    Summary Memorandum

  13. Just imagine if you will all the other shit they've made up for prophet and taught to the masses

    We have no indication what so ever they are even in greenland while filming this bullshit
    Dress up some guys in hazmat suits add a fake scientist and tada like magic a new fake story is born

    Brought to you by their so called PUBLIC BULLSHIT BROADCASTING CORPORATION
    PBS = BS Babylonian System

    1. greenland, or "Antartica" either. or the moon.
      or people in the streets in Brazil over a stolen election; or migrants flooding into Paris; riots in oregon; or codiv; munkeepukx; and on and on and on......

  14. yes, it looks like a Stock (*live*-Stock/ cattle?)oo or Bond (chains, shackles?) Certificate.
    a financial "Instrument".
    merriam webster: instrument:
    • IMPLEMENT: especially one designed for precision work.
    • a means whereby something is achieved, performed, or furthered
    • one used by another as a means or aid: DUPE, TOOL.

  15. You'll want to review and prepare accordingly

    1. Their man made weather channel is referring to this week as

      Openly mocking the masses

  16. Check it out


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