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Saturday, December 24, 2022

International Public Notice of Fraud and Treason

 By Anna Von Reitz

International Public Notice of Fraud and Treason 

Issued 24th December 2022
We have now fully identified the circumstance under which this country has been operating for six generations. 

In 1865 so-called "Carpetbagger Courts" were established along with ten new "Military Districts" overlaying eleven Southern States.

We know that these "Military Districts" have been expanded throughout The United States and used for nefarious purposes to misaddress the General Public under conditions of deliberate fraud, so as to promote racketeering and illegal confiscation of private property under False Pretenses ever since. 

The continued occupation of our country by our own bought and paid for military, organized as a foreign mercenary force and acting under these spurious pretensions---- is a national and international scandal. So is the similar illegal occupation of most of western Europe and the former British Commonwealth under the same conditions of deceit and crime. 

The Perpetrators found a way to use courts as Collection Agencies, and they have used these phony "executive courts" to promote illegal confiscation of private property for the benefit of the Occupation forces and their British Territorial Bosses -- all based on an illegal Mercenary Conflict (aka "American Civil War") that ended over 150 years ago. 

The Vermin got away with it and have continued to get away with it, primarily because the people of this country have been asleep and ignorant concerning the nature of, and lack of authority of, the courts being used to perpetuate this scheme. 

They have also been kept ignorant of the fact that the members of the Bar Association are part of the British King's "civilian militia".  

There are, typically, only four kinds of courts in operation in this country at this time: the above-mentioned military district courts, administrative courts which are supposed to be limited to addressing government employees, maritime courts concerned with commercial business contracts, and Admiralty Courts concerned with acts of war and mayhem and rescue on the High Seas and  Navigable Inland Waterways. 

The people making up the General Public and populace of this country are not, customarily or in practice, supposed to be addressed by any these courts described above, because: (1) we aren't combatants in any  war; (2) we aren't government corporation employees; (3) we aren't incorporated entities; (4) we aren't on the High Seas or Navigable Inland Waterways.   

The military maintaining the fraudulent and illegal occupation of our country, has used the quasi-military Civil War-Era Carpet-Bagger court system to promote illegal confiscation of private property.  This court system seeks to maintain itself as an "executive court" permitted by their Commander-in-Chief, who is not occupying the American Government Office.  He is simply the Chief Executive of a commercial services corporation in the business of providing us with "defense services"----and doing a damned poor job of it. 

You will note that the first assault against  life and liberty and property rights is always addressed to a Municipal CORPORATION owned and operated by the British Crown, that is, to a CORPORATION which is merely named after living Americans without their knowledge or consensual agreement. 

You will also note from reading the attached articles that this PERSON is addressed under Maritime Law and that you contract with the foreign maritime court by entering their "ship" and thereby accepting their flag. 

Until very recently these courts were all flying an "Executive Flag" never adopted by or approved by any United States or American Congress.  This gold-fringed monstrosity known merely as the "National Colors" was being flown in all these foreign quasi-military courts as purported Fair Notice to the Public of what was being done to subvert justice in this country. 

Every US, INC. and USA, Inc. corporation "President" since 1925 has allowed and promoted this treason and abuse against their Employers, the people of this country, as these commercial corporations have continued to wage war--- economic war --- against the peaceful and clueless General Public. 

This has all been done by the British Government and the British Crown in collusion with the Municipal Government of Washington, DC, and it has all been prosecuted based on the "Fourteenth [By-Law] Amendment" to the USA Corporation's 1868 charter, deceptively called "The Constitution for the United States of America" ---- Incorporated, that is --- adopted by the British Territorial District of Columbia Citizenry in 1868.  

Not us. Them. 

The 1868 Corporation went bankrupt in 1907 and has been defunct for over a hundred years, yet millions of Americans have been prosecuted under the "authority" of this corporate drivel and deceit. 

Our war flag, the flag of the united States adopted as shown in Revised United States Statutes-at-Large 1791, 1792, has the same general appearance as the British Territorial war flag described under their Federal Title IV, Sections 1 and 2.  

The Title IV Flag was described and set apart as a specific proportional representation of our flag for the use of our British Territorial Subcontractors when they exercise our delegated powers under their specific Constitution.  

Thus, you will see that our American flag is denoted as "the flag of the united States" with a small "u" on the word "united" throughout, and the British Territorial flag is described as the "the flag of the United States" -- meaning the Title IV Flag, with a capital "U" on the word "United" throughout. 

There are two actual flags denoting different authorities, one representing the American Government, the other representing the British Territorial Government acting under contract to exercise our delegated authority under The Constitution of the United States of America.  

Without us, they don't have a flag, and without us, they don't have any land or soil, either.  They are simply what their actions show that they are--- criminals without a flag and without a country. As a result, their obedience to their service contracts and use permits is an obligatory and unavoidable condition for their continued political existence and all Principals responsible for this Mess are hereby fully informed. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.  

The British Territorial Officers responsible for this gross misadministration and criminal Breach of Trust are the United States Secretary of State and his franchise counterparts the State-of-State Secretaries of State stationed in and "residing" in each of our States of the Union.  

They are joined in the Rogues Gallery of criminal malfeasance by the United States Attorney Generals and Inspector Generals of the United States.  All these Officers acting under the Naval Agency and Distribution Act of the British Parliament have committed both fraud and treason against their loyal Employers, the American People, for the better part of 150 years. 

These Undeclared Foreign Agents  have gotten away with pillaging, illegal confiscation, impersonation, inland piracy, conspiracy against the Constitutions, kidnapping, unlawful conversion and worse ---with no consequence, simply because they kept their mouths shut and embarked on their rampage under cover of a "cloak of secrecy" and non-disclosure, preying upon their trusting Employers like so many wolves in sheep's clothing.  

And now, this circumstance must come to an end and our liens against the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association and the Principals responsible for their charters are in effect. 

The Legal Presumptions created by their corporate Fourteenth [By-Law] Amendment are hereby Noticed as Error and long overturned by bankruptcy.  

Every Bar Attorney is operating as an "Esquire" -- a member of the British King's "civilian militia",  and is an Undeclared Foreign Agent; the vast majority of them are in violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act, having no right or reason to address any member of the American General Public. 

All military officers holding commissions in the United States Armed Forces and all those holding commissions in the American Armed Forces are hereby forewarned, held liable, and placed under Supreme Command to take action and bring a prompt, equitable, and peaceful end to the aforementioned trespasses of these courts, their Undeclared Foreign Agents, the abuses of our flags and of their own foreign corporation offices to promote fraud and illegal acts against the General Public of this country.  

This circumstance is well-within the meaning of protecting us and our property against "all Enemies, both foreign and domestic." 

The United States Secretary of State and his State-of-State Secretary of State counterparts are similarly acting in foreign and undisclosed capacities and are failing to recognize the political standing of average Americans and they are thereby allowing and promoting Crimes of State against our people and our country as a whole.  

This entire Mess must be cleaned up with no further attacks or presumptions of any form of "war" seeking to validate them. 

The American People have been at peace since 1814.  We are at peace now and we are flying our peacetime flag.  No other Legal Presumptions against us may be entertained by any Office or Officer of any level of the Federal Government or their associated State-of-State franchises. 

Any corporation caught being engaged in or promoting unlawful activities will be summarily liquidated under the Public Law or otherwise liquidated by the responsible foreign Principals.  

All Admiralty Courts are hereby provided with Notice of Fraud and Piracy. 

All Admiralty Court Officers including the JAG Officers currently occupying the Provost Marshal's Office are empowered and instructed to arrest and prosecute members of the Bar Association caught operating unauthorized courts on our soil, impersonating Americans, and pillaging Public Trusts. 

All Bar Association Members are required to register as Foreign Agents, including those that are active in State-of-State franchise capacities and running enfranchised County Courts, as all of these are merely local franchises of the parent Federal Corporations.  

Counselors of Law operating or serving Article III Courts are not subject to registration. 

The above circumstances present very serious issues of public mis-administration and corruption in this country and throughout many other countries worldwide.  

Any individual or corporation supporting or promoting or further tolerating the presumptions and practices described above, is a criminal by definition, acting in violation of the Treaties owed to Americans and against the Constitutions implementing them. 

Whereupon we establish this International Public Notice of Fraud and Treason and present it to The Department of the Federal Treasury within the Bank for International Settlements and to the other people and governments and corporations throughout the world for the purpose of establishing ownership and liability related to our assets and contracts. 

We object to our assets being used for the purpose of illegal commercial warring against us or any other people.  

We object to the continued false Legal Pretenses seeking to deprive us of our assets and control of our assets based on meaningless, unauthorized, non-consensual and unconscionable implied contracting processes.

We object to any claim that we are not now present and accounted for among the living governments and corporate Principals of the world. 

We object to any claim that our assets, individual, national, or corporate, have been abandoned. 

We object to any misuse of the endowment of Saint Germain granted to this country in the name of our unincorporated Federation of States,  for purposes of immorality, war, crime, continued deceit, or pay-offs to incompetent and crooked international banks. 

We object to any misuse or abuse of our military, our sons and daughters, who have been conscripted and who have contracted to serve under conditions of non-disclosure and purposeful deceit. 

We object to any use of our military for criminal purposes, for occupation of our land and soil, or for long-term occupation of any other countries' land and soil.  As our service contracts make clear, our military exists for the defense of our country, including our international borders, and no other purpose at all. 

We object to any lying, cheating, thieving, or coercion that our Federal Subcontractors have employed "in our names" to disadvantage other countries, undermine their political processes, or damage their economies. 

We object to any presumption by the Popes or the British King that we are in "interregnum" or "absent" simply because we have not called our States into Session for a long time. 

The American People have properly identified their provenance and exercised their political birthrights and reclaimed all reversionary trust interest in their individual estates; they have recorded their identities and political status on the Public Record and brought forward their republican state assemblies and have herein and also otherwise served Notice on the United States Secretary of State and the United States Attorney General and the Inspector General of the United States, of these facts. 

No Agency including the Department of Justice nor the Department of the Federal Treasury within the Bank of International Settlements has any authority or ability to gainsay our authority as the American Government operating our States of the Union as our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America in international jurisdiction.  We, not they, hold the authority to act on behalf of this country in international jurisdiction and we, not they, retain all interest in the land and sea assets of this country. No separation of the formerly delegated powers can be presumed, as all such powers have returned to us by Operation of Law, upon the dissolution and/or incompetence of the former Federal Republic and Confederation of States. 

We object to all international Agents, Agencies, and Trustees presuming to act on our behalf or on the behalf of other Americans, without any credible fully disclosed authorization from us and our States of the Union. 

Issued by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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