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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Mr. Risenhoover:

 By Anna Von Reitz

As should be apparent by now, we are talking apples and oranges.
You wish to discuss the "laws" and policies affecting Federal citizenry, and that is of almost no interest to me, as I am an American.
Your discourse is all about foreign nations and foreign systems of law, which I know, but which I am not interested in.
The total effect is like having someone bombard me with Spanish Law-- someone who wrongly assumes that I am Spanish and that I am subject to Spanish Law and therefore interested in it.
Could I give a Fine Flying One less? No, I couldn't.
It doesn't apply to me, and as you can see from reading a correct copy (1860) Amendment 11, I am not required to know or obey foreign law. That includes the laws of England, Great Britain and the UK. That includes the Roman Civil Law and Canon Law, too.
It's true that I know all these forms of law, but so what? I was imposed upon, wrongly, by my employees --- and obtained my extensive knowledge of these things under duress of False Legal Presumptions.
You, and anyone else claiming federal citizenship, are obligated to know the only law that you and I share --- the Federal Constitutions, but other than that, the only time I need to know anything whatsoever about Federal law is when I choose to engage in a "Federally Regulated Activity", which amounts to: (1) interstate commerce; (2) manufacture, sale, or transport of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms across State borders; (3) selling postage stamps; (4) or I actually and factually set sail on the HIgh Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.
I don't claim, want, or need any form of Federal citizenship.
Federal citizenship is for my employees and my dependents.
If you want to work for the Federal government(s) or receive welfare from them, and adopt foreign citizenship obligations in order to do so, that's your call, and good on you. If I don't, that's my decision, too. It's no skin off of your nose and none of your business what I do or don't do with respect to my political status.
If you, an American Indian, decide to adopt a Tribal Membership, you are accepting Municipal Government citizenship and the benefits that go with that.
Those benefits come at a cost.
For example, you can't actually own land in this country, you can only receive a title to temporary "foreign situs trust" property. This is the exact same circumstance that impacts all Municipal citizens and all British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and is not any special punishment meted out to Native Americans.
You don't have any Constitutional Guarantees, either.
You could just as easily forego Tribal Membership and a presumed allegiance to Rome, and stand as a member of your Nation --- "I am a member of the Winnebago Nation" --- not "I am a member of the Winnebago Tribe". And then you could be recognized as a Free Man. It's your choice, Chief.
I didn't take anything from you or force anything on you. I am simply telling you the results of choices you have made ---knowingly or unknowingly--- and observing the chains you cling to.
If you want or need federal welfare checks and block grants and all the other payola, by all means, stand down and suck on the government teat --- but don't expect to do that and at the same time claim that you are a sovereign free man.
The British will just laugh at you, and so will the Pope. And I will shake my head and walk away.
If you want your guaranteed rights proclaimed, in part, by The Bill of Rights ---well, okay, you can claim them as a living American born on the land and soil of whatever State you were born in. You can say, hey, I am a Minnesotan... or a New Yorker, or whatever other State you may belong to.
Otherwise, as long as you persist in adopting any form of Federal citizenship, the most you are granted is the privilege of Equal Civil Rights --- which is not guaranteed and which can be taken away at the whim of either the USA President or the US Congress. Please note that President Trump placed Equal Civil Rights in abeyance and it would take an Act of Congress to restore them, so as it stands right now, you and everyone else claiming any form of Federal citizenship have no civil rights and no natural and unalienable rights at all.
You are just stuck like an ant in amber, subject to military discipline.
You may be a Federal Citizen or a Municipal citizen or both, to your dying day and you may be the captive and slave of everything that these foreign corporations have created --- all 80 million codes, statutes, regulations, ordinances, and mandates --- and your political status choices will still not effect my status and standing at all.
I have, whether you have noted it or not, given you and every other Native American the secret to your freedom as well as having demonstrated my own.
You should be grateful for this, but you're not.

As my Grandmother observed --- you can lead a horse to water, but sometimes all you get is a horse snotting down your neck and a dislocated shoulder.


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