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Thursday, May 19, 2022

International Public Notice Regarding Saint Germain Trust

 By Anna Von Reitz

18 May 2022

International Public Notice Regarding Saint Germain Trust


The Saint Germain Trust, also abbreviated as the St. Germain Trust, is an American Common Law Trust created to underpin the founding of our new nation according to the guiding principles of individual freedom espoused by my ancestors, including Saint Germain. 

The Trust Indenture was not vouchsafed to any Committee nor to any Trustees and does not enable any such Persons to alter or remove the Trust to any foreign jurisdiction via any process of foreign incorporation or enfranchisement. It does not allow anyone to place the Trust assets under foreign law.

As Heirs, Family, and Donors of the Saint Germain Trust, we are hereby enforcing the original and only legitimate trust indenture.

Thus, the principal and the returns owed to the Saint Germain Trust and the Administration of the Trust and its assets remains under American Common Law and under the original custodial appointment and assignment made to this Government and not to any other.

It is the will of the Donors to secure a recent financial audit of the Trust corpus and its investments and returns.  The dispersal or dispensing of Trust assets in accord with the Trust Indenture is to be overseen by the Family acting as Donors of the Saint Germain Trust and by such Agents and Assigns as we deem competent. As an American Common Law Trust, the Saint Germain Trust is not subject to statutory trust limitations and may be maintained in perpetuity for the purposes set forth and stipulated.

Those who are attempting to use Saint Germain Trust assets to fund a worldwide relief program echoing the principles of the failed NESARA legislation appear to be well-intentioned, but ignorant concerning the nature of these issues, the actual jurisdiction that the Trust Indenture is lodged in, and the lack of authority to move it. 

It is our intention to remove the assets to our own American-chartered Blue Dot Bank System, where physical assets and commercial paper can both be properly administered, and where, via our own Global Family Bank, the assets can be securely dispersed in support of the living people and used for appropriate infrastructure and technological development.

Saint Germain’s love of science and mathematics and freedom, his profound understanding of Law, his love of Nature, and his compassion for people and animals must be reflected in the works that we establish in his name.

At this point, my Sister and I are the only known familial Heirs of Saint Germain left alive after the fire-bombing of Dresden.  We are part of the lineage established here in America, where the greatest dreams of Saint Germain and his collaborators were to be made physical – first here, and then, throughout the world. 

In 2011, I was directly visited by Sanat Kumara, embraced, and simply told that, “It is time.”  This year, I was approached by and bathed in the Violet Flame.

These experiences, my position as the Fiduciary for The United States of America, and my familial lineage as a Donor, mandate my assignment as the Caretaker of the Saint Germain Trust, while the original Trust Indenture makes it clear that any action attempting to remove the Trust and its assets from The United States of America and apart from the American Common Law is expressly prohibited.

Thus, by the Trust Indenture bequeathed by Saint Germain, by the Law this Trust was established under, and as a Donor of this Trust, I invoke my right to administer it as part of my Public Duty to administer and recoup the assets of The United States of America and also invoke my right as a Donor to disperse the assets according to the will of the Donor(s).

 My Sister and I don’t deny the possibility that there may be other Donors’ progeny left alive in this world, but we don’t know any of them, and we have no reason to think that they would have any objection to using the assets according to the plan established by Saint Germain, Sanat Kumara, and their Collaborators in this Great Work to free the entire world from poverty and ignorance and pain and fear.  

Paul Soare is our appointed emissary in this matter, and we hope and pray for a happy reconciliation and return to normal relationships among the many members and organizations that have devoted so much time and effort.


                                                  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                                                  The United States of America

                                                  In care of: Box 520994

                                                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

                                                  (907) 250-5087



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