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Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Public Employer's Directive

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is being sent to all Public Employees within the borders of The United States. These are plain facts long established upon the Public Records of this country, plus a few directives from the current American Government to help you discern what your duties and limitations are. 

1. First, we, Americans populating the States of the Union, are your Employers; 
2. We, Americans, pay your wages, salaries, pensions, and emoluments; 
3. In consideration of your wages, salaries, pensions, and emoluments, you owe us Good Faith Service and allegiance; 
4. We, Americans, your Employers, do not reside in your States-of-States; instead, you reside in our physically defined States of the Union; 
5. It's our Congress of States, not your Congress of States-of-States, that has the right to declare war; 
6. It follows that no Public Employee or group of Public Employees has standing to declare war, and any misunderstanding otherwise needs to be cleared up immediately and permanently; 
7. Likewise, no Public Employees have any right or standing to confer foreign citizenship obligations on their Employers; 
8. No Public Employees have any right or standing to legally presume anything at all about their Employers' political status; 
9. No Public Employees have any right or standing to label their Employers in any manner whatsoever, and that includes misidentifying Americans as "Enemies" or "Enemy Combatants" or "Sovereign Citizens";
10. Your Employers are not, generally, subject to any of the foreign codes, statutes, rules, regulations, ordinances, or trust mandates that you have subjected yourselves to as Public Employees and Dependents; 
11. The private laws promulgated by your State of State Legislatures to direct the functioning of your governmental service corporations are foreign with respect to your Employers and what applies to you "as law" as a condition of your employment or dependency, does not, generally, apply to your Employers; 
12. The Military Employees are obligated to function within the limitations of The Constitution of the United States of America.  All Civil Service Employees are required to function within the limitations of The Constitution of the United States; 
13. All Constitutional Amendments not ratified by the States of the Union are Unapproved By-laws having no contractual authority; 
14. Both Territorial and Municipal Employees are Dependent on their American Employers' sovereignty and will be stateless if our sovereignty is breached as a result of malfeasance, usurpation, incompetence or political overreach by our Employees; 
15. No US President or President of the United States has ever been granted unilateral or dictatorial powers over his Employers; 
16. Our Employees are required to follow the directives of their respective corporate Presidents in exactly the same way that their Presidents are obligated to honor their contracts with us, their Employers. If any corporate officer gives orders that are not in compliance with the respective Constitution, that man or woman is to be arrested and charged with treason; 
17. We retain the right to hire and fire, to direct, to critique, to manage, and to correct our Employees without any obligation to join any of their organizations or clubs or districts or enclaves, adopt any foreign citizenship obligations, subject ourselves to any foreign laws, or conform to Employee demands of any kind, apart from the routine exercise of those powers we delegated to our Employees --- so long as they adequately and honorably perform those duties; 
18. We, your Employers, are not required to register anything at all; registration is part of the foreign British System that is made available to British Territorial U.S. Citizens residing in this country; 
19. We, your Employers, are not Federal citizenry, and are not generally subject to Federal Law, until and unless we take part in activities that are consensually known to be federally regulated by treaty or under constitutional contract; 
20. We, your Employers, are not subject to laws that appear on the Federal Register; the only Federal Laws that may apply to us appear on the Federal Record, and only when we are engaged in those activities that are legitimately under federal regulation; 
21. We, your Employers, do not recognize any "Emergency" occasioned by the failure of the American Confederation of States-of -States in 1860; our Federation of States is more than competent to carry on without the Confederation and did so from 1776 to 1781 when the Confederation was created; 
22. Likewise, we, your Employers, do not recognize any "State of Emergency" occasioned by the fall of the American Federal Republic, which was an adjunct of the Confederation; 
23. We, your Employers, do not condone or support and will not tolerate illegal mercenary conflicts on our shores or let such activities be promoted "in our names"; any Public Employee caught engaging in or promoting any such activity is to be immediately arrested and charged with treason; 
24. We, your Employers, do not play games and tell lies and quibble with the meanings of words so as to create confusion and evade our obligations --- and we do not condone any such activity by our Employees. The adoption of such conventions of semantic deceit to create a literal Federal Code, including changing the meaning of the word "person" in Federal law to mean "corporation", and "natural person" to mean "corpse" and "State" to mean a political subunit of the District of Columbia and so on, is not in keeping with the traditions, standards, and requirements of your Employers who have declared common English to be the Official Language of our Government; 
25. We, your Employers, abhor the abusive use of deceptive and special language conventions to prey upon the General Public,  and we specifically object to the use of these foreign conventions and specialized legal terms in connection with us and our Government and the administration of any function of our Government, delegated or otherwise; 
26. We, your Employers, expect our Employees to uphold rigorous standards of honesty, decency, respect, accountability, and loyalty to our American Government at all times and in all places. The American People deserve no less;
27. We, your Employers, are owed every jot of the Constitutional Guarantees published as prerequisite to the adoption and continuance of the constitutional contracts that allow our foreign employees to remain on this Continent and no foreign court may address us under any presumption that our Government is "absent" or that we are "lost at sea"; 
28. We, your Employers, are properly declared and recorded as American civilians who do not voluntarily accept or adopt Federal citizenship obligations. Our States of the Union, by roll call vote of our State Assemblies, have  issued an International Peace Proclamation  ending any presumption of war existing on our shores;
29. Our Employees are not enabled to continue any vestigial "civil war" or pretend that we are now or ever were part of that or any other mercenary conflict that they have promoted without explicit action by our Congress, which is the only Congress competent to declare war; 
30. We, your Employers, hereby direct you to shut down and limit all "registries" and "registration" functions to apply only to actual British Territorial U.S. Citizens who are legitimate Employees or Dependents of that foreign government, and to cease and desist all activities latching onto Americans and copywriting their Given Names and Family Trademarks as property belonging to British Foreign Situs Trusts. All such activities and false claims are repugnant to The Constitution of the United States of America and all other Treaties and Service Agreements we have with the British Government and with Westminster;
31. We, your Employers, are not at war and have not been at war at any time since 1814; our Employees must release all American assets, especially all land and soil assets, that they have been claiming and holding under False Presumptions of custodial interest; 
32. We, your Employers, have nothing but your best interests at heart and despite a checkered and ugly past, we hope that you all realize that your actual job is to protect your Employers and our property assets within the limitations of the respective Federal Constitutions---nothing more and nothing less; 
33. We, your Employers, have never granted our Employees any authority to impersonate us so as to access our credit, nor have we allowed you to convert our Post Office into a Postal Service, nor have we allowed you to say anything about our health nor to misaddress us via your own foreign courts, and we have not knowingly, willingly, and with full disclosure ever agreed to enfranchise ourselves or our assets as collateral belonging to any foreign corporation, bankrupt or otherwise; 
34. We, your Employers, have been the Source of virtually all goods and funds and benefits for you and yours and the other Principals that act as middlemen in the chain of command, and now we are telling you --explicitly-- to straighten up and quit all the monkey business if you want your contracts renewed. 

                                           Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                                           The United States of America 


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  1. whatever claim [is] made that concerns [a] *man*
    that [that] man did not *intend*
    is a *false claim*.
    -- American common law.


    1. no man can *intend* for another man.
      no man can *declare* for another man.
      no man can *do* for another man.
      -- American common law.

      woman:janmarie, daughter and descendant from man called by (saying) "simon", from family house commonly known by "kenton", on land commonly known as virginia[/west virginia], "1750's or before" and it is so.

    2. the only claim (any) man has upon (another) man
      is if (that other) man causes harm to him.
      then (the) man who causes (the) harm is to restore (the) man he causes (the) harm to.
      -- American common law.


    3. if (the) man shows proof that (the) harm and its cause is (the) man who harms.
      then, (the) man who harms is to restore the man he causes harm to, in peace.
      -- American common law.


    4. if (a) man uses what belongs to (another) man without (that other) man's agreement, then the user causes harm to (another) man.
      -- American common law.


    5. if (the) man who uses what belongs to (another) man without that (other) man's intent
      refuses to stop (the) harm and restore (the) man he harms
      or stops (the) harm but refuses to restore him,

      then (the) man he harms uses (his) American common law right and
      • declares (his) record
      • before man/"men and women"/ people who he [the man harm-ed] does live in peace on (the) same land with
      -- that harm is done to him by the man who refuses to stop the harm, or has stopped the harm, but refuses to restore him.
      -- American common law.


    6. then, in peace, the man makes his claim,
      • he does bring (his) record about harm done (to him) from another man
      • before man/"the people" he lives in peace on (the) land with,
      • proves that (the) man does harm (to) him,
      • and makes known what he requires to restore (him).

      the man he claims harms him does answer and proves (the) claim be false, or remains silent and does agree.

      then (the) peace-full people who he lives on (the) land with do judge his claim be true and agree that (the) man who causes him harm so-restore him in the way he requires,
      Or they do judge that he brings (a) false claim before them that causes them to judge (a) man who does no wrong to him and they then decide how to punish the man who brings (the) false claim about (another) man, who also intentionally places un-due moral peril and other burdens upon the man/"people" he calls upon to judge his claim.
      -- American common law.
      and it is so.


    7. shelby,
      ooh cool! that sounds like so much fun. LOVE the country.
      (city and suburbs are nice too though).
      we spent lots of time in the country, growing up.
      would LOVELOVELOVE to see westvirginnie. i know it would feel like "home", is absolutely beautiful.


    8. yeh :), "blue ridge mountains, shenandoah riiii-iv-er..." :):):)

  2. For the enumerated points of ~1-~34 are currently in perpetual violation, (for well over a century). And yet,

    "...straighten up...the monkey business..."

    As if to say: a straight monkey business - Services Corporation - is acceptable. Hmmm... might be.

    "...if you want your contracts renewed."

    So, an implied renewal of
    a contract with the Vicar of Christ, et Al, is made by the title of fiduciary belonging to "The United States of America" as written:

    Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
    The United States of America

    The position of fiduciary with its enumerated powers remains to be referenced or enacted by Congress, the constitution(s), or the founding fathers..., as it appears to me:

    When this government aka government services corporation(S) becomes tyrannical -

    " is their (the People's) duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security."


    It's been said that governments are Satin's technology.

    So, what's the motive, intent, and or plan of this article?

    Thoughts and comments welcomed.

    Be well.