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Friday, May 27, 2022



  1. i believe you are still missing it if you think the 2nd Amendment has anything to do with men and women who are under authority of the laws of nature and natures God, and Decl of Indep.

    their Fireign Cotporatiin

    1. continuing....
      that Foreign Constitution of theirs belongs upon THEIR Citizenry, not on the American people... neither does THEIR Foreign "Bill of Rights".
      their Corporate Congresses doling out of "privileges and immunities" to THEM does not actually and in fact, have anything to do with us.

      that is:
      Americans dont have to *bill* anyone for our rights! ... our rights are our gifts from our creator and NO ONE has the right to take them from us unless it is proven to OUR OWN PEOPLE that we harmed (a) man. -- this is our American common law under authority of the laws of nature and natures creator.

      you can find first (specific) mention of our God-given right to safety in the second paragraph of our own Declaration of Indep, " effect their Safety and Happiness."...

      and it is so.

    2. i believe though we have shown that:
      they are still *ACTING* AS IF we are THE FOREIGN CORPSES Citizenry... when we KNOW we are not...
      to the point of even continuing the false "Birth Certificating", beatdowns, stalkings, torture, harrassments, fake elections, corrupted courts, intimidations, breakins, murders, arrests, harming family friends and pets, imprisonments, lying, attacks, false reports, mis-using our precious American men for THEIR WARS and EXPERIMENTS, stealing American sons and daughters in THEIR Commercial and other Foreign Courts AND SOOO MUCH MORE... they are FILTHY MURDERING LYING THIEVING AZZFEX as far as i can tell right now, so we have to use this time to get really familiar with who we ACTUALLY ARE, rather than repeating what they say falsely about us.

      thats my belief and it is so:

    3. this shooting happens just a few days after this report.

  2. my guess is:
    the British Crown Attorn-ers are at the border "Signing Up Central America" *AS* U.S. Citizens.
    Is that the "Equal Exchange" for the "Free Corporate *Money*" theyve likely been promised.... which is actually Free Corporate DEBT!?
    ...just asking. :)


  3. I have read that AAAALL KINDS of gold is known to be underwater on the coasts in Central America!

    so, WHATs going on?....ive asked this before....
    are they passing off $5000.00 worth of Debt a month for 7 years to these people who know they are crossing the border "illegally" but are not being stopped?
    ... and then are the U.S. Inc. PARASITES going to claim these very same people they are "processing", *ABANDONED* their homeland???... and the gold???
    ... and/or CAME HERE "ILLEGALLY", so their natural portion of the gold in homeland in Central America will go to the U. S. Inc., because they have been "ILLEGALLY" receiving Corporate "benefits"??
    or what???


  4. lyes.
    or "training camps" a.k.a. "BootCamps"?

    would not be surprised to find out that they are doing all three:
    • Signing people Up as U.S. Corporate Citizens/ Equivalent
    • AND BootCamping others
    • AND doing God only knows what with the rest of the people,...
    and some people say theyre being *trance*-ferred [<<a shelby Word] around to the States.

    its especially concerning since these Camps/Processing Centers wont allow the churches, the AmericanStates' people, or the "Elected Officials" in, even to bring supplies, games, bibles...
    seems that if there was anything right-eous going on, the people would be better- assisted by staying with their own families and building their own they must be getting some pretty big promises.

    what a mess.


    1. thats:
      1. "yes", ....not lyes.

      2. "...building their own *COUNTRY UP.
      they must be getting some pretty big promises."

      'SCUSE ME :)


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