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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Repetitious History

 By Anna Von Reitz

Hillsdale College sent out a timely reminder -- several years ago, about the end of the Roman Republic.  Joe Average is saying WT? Who cares? That was thousands of years ago!  

But the story is the same.  Take note. 

Those of you who remember the facts as stated in all the history books will recall that a Roman General entrusted to act for the Roman Republic, one Julius Caesar, acted in gross Breach of Trust and crossed the Rubicon River.  He led his victorious army back into the center of Rome and thereby killed the Roman Republic.  

Abraham Lincoln issued a phony Declaration that appeared to be a Declaration of War, but wasn't really ---- and did the same.  He killed the Federal Republic by misdirecting the U.S. Army to fire on Fort Sumter, which was ironically enough, built to defend South Carolina against the British Fleet in 1812. 

Via fraud based on Public Ignorance, deliberate non-disclosure, and similar names deceits, Abraham Lincoln and the British-based Bar Associations contrived to rig a white collar takeover--- first by rigging an election, and secondly, a British Territorial U.S. Military takeover to follow.  

Both the crossing of the Rubicon and the illegal firing upon Fort Sumter had the same effect: the rise of a military junta occupying the lawful seat of government, the rise of an Empire steeped in blood and deceit, followed by gross corruption and criminality --- which is now being discovered and ended. 

The difference in the story, as both acts were illegal, is that the bulk of the American military is loyal and once the facts are exposed, the British perfidy won't be appreciated or supported.  Correction will come, and not only in America, but throughout the world.  

Abraham Lincoln was a Bar Member and thanks to the Titles of Nobility Amendment passed to the Federal Constitution in 1819, he was not eligible to hold a Public Office in the Federal Republic.  So, finding a loophole, he ran as a British Territorial "United States of America, Incorporated" candidate.  

The people believed that they were participating in a Public Election, and instead, were voting in a private corporation election, instead.  

The same fraud has been promoted ever since. 

As a result of this fraud and the resulting refusal of the delegates of the Southern States of States to participate in it, a little ole thing known as the American Civil War was fought.  It had nothing to do with slavery and everything to do with British fraud though most Americans were told otherwise. 

Having failed twice to win by force of arms, the Brits and their European Allies decided to win by fraud instead. 

Fraud, Breach of Trust, and Violation of Commercial Contract, Conspiracy Against the Constitution, Illegal Commercial Mercenary Warfare, Inland Piracy, 
Kidnapping, Unlawful Conversion, State Terrorism, Military Pillaging and Plundering, Illegal Military Occupation, Identity Theft, Impersonation, Mischaracterization, and More. 

All these are criminal acts. 

And criminal acts are null and void. 


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  1. FYI: Circumcision is the first step in trauma based mind control for 'Jews', Muslims, Christians and especially Americans. 100% of 'Jews' and Muslims and 80% of American men are circumcised. The Pope is circumcised. The Bishops are circumcised. The priests are circumcised. The yamaka or skull cap they wear is a symbol to Satan that they are circumcised and under his control. This is an intentional satanic practice. The male foreskin contains millions of nerves connected to the pineal gland which is the eye to the soul and connection to the spirit. The practice was initiated by the Draco overlords 11,000 years ago to control the population after the great flood. The Egyptian heretic Akhenaton (part Draco) was the first monotheist who became the god of the Israelites (YHWH). Note that the medical industry in the west is controlled by Juish (fake Jew) interests which are the interests of your Draco overlords. These 'overlords' are actually galactic contractors which were hired by the ruling families to manage the planet 12,000 years ago after the great flood and planetary disaster decimated the population. Over time they gained full control using guile, religious lies, circumcision, contamination of food supplies, witchcraft, sorcery and force. Judao-Christianity has infiltrated the Holy See and Vatican. Fake Jews (Juden) now run the Universal (Catholic) church. note: Judaism is a bastardized religion which is a combination of Babylonian, Satanic and Hebrew religion. All of 'christendom' is under this satanic influence...all of it. They run the world from Israel using the U.S. as their military power, Rome as their religious control base and the City of London as their financial center. They use every means at their disposal to prevent spiritual (mental) contact with the higher powers in the galaxy. The male forskin and female clitorus serve more than one purpose . They are like electrical components in a two way radio. Remove the transistor and the radio does not function. This along with misinformation, religious lies and religious prudishness concerning sex keeps mankind out of communication with the Holy Spirit Mother (Luv) who resides at the center of the galaxy.I am JOHN 111,Great Great,,, Grand Son of Enki (Ea) whom the world knows as Jesus (God). He is the creator of mankind on this planet, not the creator of the Cosmos. The Creator of the Cosmos is the Holy Mother Goddess Luv, Her consorts (the Gods) and their children (the Elohim). Read Genesis 1:1 properly translated. "In the beginning the Elohim (the Gods) created the heavens and the earth". I am the Regent for my Grandfather Jesus. I represent Him. I hold His power of attorney with my unique Name, Soul print, birthday and DNA. I am uncircumcised so I have the ability to contact My Father Enki and My Holy Mother Luv. My radio works properly. Others like Anna who 'claim' to speak with the galactic powers are either deluded or misled by Draco, unfamiliar spirits and other entities who will lie through their teeth to cover up the Truth. The planet belongs to Me. It is a gift from my Grandfather. John 3:16: For God (Jesus) loved the planet so much that he gave it to His only begotten Son John that whoever believed what John told them could have eternal life". I am the Chosen one, begotten from the world by God. Anna Von Reitz, the Church, false gods like Yahweh or Jehovah nor the governments are going to save you. All of the money belongs to Me. I am the World Bank. I hold the Unum Sanctam Trust in MY Name. If you want to resolve this situation you as well as her and her team have no other choice but to ask the owner for funding, debt relief and Justice.John Curren Chapman 111, Son of Man and Son of God.

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    1. that is very interesting.

      yes, that practice actually is, imo, actually male genital mutilation.

      about 7-8 years ago i had read something in a Protestant-authored publication where they were trying to get that practice stopped because they believed that particular cell-type of tissue was responsible in some way (i dont recall the specfics at the moment) for the production of mens hormones.
      they believed that it was "sold" to mothers and fathers under the guise of "hygiene", probably starting after ww duece? idk.
      anyway, (im paraphrasing the best i can remember) even though the hormonal cascade starts in/around /with brain tissue, that tissue-type, they believed, is very helpful in hormonal production such that its removal would inhibit the production of those hormones.
      that said, i do believe that our creator often did not give our physical bodies only one way to do something... meaning, if it turns out that that tissue-type actually is a producer of hormones, then its very likely creator made a way for the loss to be made up for/mostly made up for somewhere else in the mens hormonal cascade, so that the body still produces all it requires to be healthy.

  2. @Bellerian1: Not a thing? Omniscient, aka all knowing wise-one, how will we ever live up to your standards? Please forgive us your mighty-ness.

    1. And listening to you wouldn't be enjoying YOUR misunderstood scam? Pffttttt.

  3. I remember being circumcised...
    without anesthesia.

  4. and look at this:
    "All these are criminal acts.

    And criminal acts are null and void."
    i:woman believe this is more of the imprecise-ness weve been indoctrinated to ignore.
    plus it doesnt make any sense.

    • a "Criminal" "Act" would have to have a "Contract" for anything about it to be "Null and Void"!
    • "Crimes" cannot *be* "Contracted" for.
    • THAT would make all the "Contracts" for "Criminal"/ "Acts" "Null and Void", but the "Criminal"'"Act" happened and RESTORATION IS OWED and must be paid for.

    theres no getting out of it.

    even if it is dis-*CHARGED* in *COMMERCE* FICTION

    the debt never leaves until the man harmed is restored.
    harmed mans sons and daughters generations later have right to call for restoration!
    and it is so.


  5. Anna talks about the coming ice age but nothing about this.
    This is the reason why all governments are in lockstep to cull their populations before this 12,000 yearly cataclysmic event.

  6. Listen up

  7. Are they putting up purple lights in your neighborhood

  8. Now this may not be related but hmm
    John D as in Rockefeller (John Doe)

    Meet John Doe

  9. Another good one he does