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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Your Supreme Court or My Supreme Court?

 By Anna Von Reitz

We haven't convened a Supreme Court in this country since before the American Civil War (1861) so that's a news item most people need to hear and see.  

The Federal Constitutional System created three Supreme Courts just to deal with the international and global business matters entrusted to each of the Federal Subcontractors, which brought the total number of "Supreme" Courts up to seven (7).  

Seven Supreme Courts?  Your head must be spinning, right?  What kind of "supreme" is supreme?  

It's kinda sorta like the difference between those United States and these United States. 

We have our Supreme Court for our purposes and our jurisdictions and they have their Supreme Court for their purposes and their jurisdictional segments, and everyone pretends to be supreme with respect to everyone else.  

However, the Delegator always remains supreme with respect to the Delegatee, at all times.  Even if all the contracts were in full force and being honored by all parties, the Delegator would still outrank and be able to countermand the Delegatee.  

This means that our unincorporated Federation of States has always had the authority and ability to countermand anything the Queen or the Pope or the Lord Mayor commanded in our names.  This is because the Federal authorities all operate under our Delegated Authority, and any time we disagree with whatever they are doing, we have the absolute right to intervene and say, no. 

Think of it like this: you hire a guy to mow your lawn, a guy to take care of your car, a guy to do all your furnace work, a guy to do your gardening, a guy get the picture.  So you set up a court to make decisions about which each one of these guys can do and can't do according to their contract and with respect to the jurisdiction they operate in -----and at least in the context of that contractor and that contract, these courts are each "supreme".  

Except that the Delegator always has the last word concerning how they want the work done and what work they will pay for.  

So, who is the Delegator? 

The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, is the Delegator in international and global jurisdictions.  Why?  Because our Forefathers set it up that way.  They deliberately set up the Federation to act as a Holding Company to hold and manage their "mutually held" powers --- that is, those powers that each sovereign state donated to the Federation to be mutually administered for the benefit of all.  

This includes the power to negotiate international and commercial treaties, the power to establish common weights and measures, the power to mint coinage,  establish a common currency and issue credit, represent our country's interest in international court proceedings, provide for a mutual defense, and so on. 

Notice, however, that all the mutually held powers, including all those that were eventually delegated to the Federal Subcontractors, involve only international and/or global powers and issues.  So what is going on? 

The original Union of States retains the National Jurisdiction of the Soil, and it is the Union of States and the individual Members that are the Big Muggly-Wuggly. Even though they delegated most of their powers in international and global jurisdiction away, first to The United States of America and secondarily to the Federal Subcontractors, except for those retained under the Tenth Amendment of the Federal Constitutions -- the Union States remain the ultimate Delegators of it all.  

Thus, with respect to the Federal Government, our Federation of States acts as the Delegator and Comptroller, enabled to stop, redirect, pay or not pay, adjust, or redefine any federal function --- quite apart from any Supreme Court decision.  

With respect to the Federation States, the matching Union States remain the ultimate owners and Delegators, even though the Union States rarely take action of any kind in international or global affairs at all, and are in fact protected by having delegated those powers to the Federation.  This is why when assignments are made, The United States, the actual name of our Union States Government, acquires the bedrock assignment and re-delegates all the mutual powers to The United States of America. 

It's a complex organizational structure, and it was made more difficult to navigate owing to the destruction of one-third of the American side of it and one-third of the Federal Subcontractor side of it, and the failure to Reconstruct these elements for the past 160 years. 

Still, as is apparent, the US Supreme Courts are venues designed to decide contractual disputes at the level of the Federal Subcontractors, and the American Supreme Courts are designed to decide spats between the States and none of them have the ultimate power retained by the people of this country to decide their own fate and course. 

Meantime, the Federation of States is now in Session, so the Federal Subcontractors and their State-of-State and STATE-OF-STATE franchises down to the county level, incorporated, however styled and named, are obligated to either deport or honor the orders they are being given.  

That includes orders to vacate/make room in our courthouses for the American Courts, orders to honor the 1858 American-Russian Alliance, orders to Cease and Desist the Pandemic operations, and orders to our bankers to issue lawful money and to begin the process of removing Federal Reserve Notes from circulation. 

And those orders stand above the orders of any supreme court.  

Why?  Because the Employer directs the activities of the Employees, the Delegator directs the actions of the Delegatee, and Truth stands above all Lies. 


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