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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Attention Antonio Guterres -- End the Occupation

 By Anna Von Reitz

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Attention Antonio Guterres - End the Occupation

When this information first came over my desk -- forwarded to me by a German Farmer who wished me to understand the dilemma that he and his country are in --- I thought, oh, my God, my God.... they've pulled the same crap in Europe and Japan that they pulled here.  They got away with the Great Fraud of The American Civil War, so they just went ahead and did the same thing with the Second World War. 

Just as the U.S. Generals pretended that The American Civil War was ongoing for lack of an official Peace Treaty ending it  (Why should an official Peace Treaty be needed to end a "war" that was never actually declared by our States in Congress Assembled?) they and their foul compatriots in NATO have done the same thing with the Second World War, and have promoted an unending and perpetual "State of War" via a United Nations agreement that the Second World War can never end until all the Parties to it sign off on a Peace Treaty.  

That's going to be impossible to do, as numerous such Parties --- Burma and Czechoslovakia, for example, no longer exist as political entities, and other Parties like the Kingdom of Prussia still legally exist, but don't appear to, and are not part of the discussion. 

It's essential that people worldwide understand the criminal results of this illegal ---and if we let them get away with it, perpetual, military occupation--- and any ill-conceived United Nations agreement which stands in the way of official settlement and declaration of Peace related to the Second World War.  

The physical hostilities associated with the Second World War ended in September of 1945.  Peace has reigned with regard to that mercenary conflict for seventy-seven years as of this coming September and the absurdity and illegality of the continued occupation of Europe and Japan and other nations by NATO forces is self-evident. 

So is any proposition that the people of America should continue to pay over 95% of the cost of defending all these other countries (in equitable consideration of their continued enslavement?) and support the proliferation of over 950 military bases and outposts worldwide. 

If the United Nations is in fact an organization devoted to peace, it must make tracks to put an end to any and all unreasonable obstacles and declare the official, final end to World War II, close the books, and allow everyone to get on with their own lives.  

Those who fill their pockets and leverage their careers based on killing and robbing the innocent have promoted this illegal occupation of other countries, just as they have promoted the same "eternal occupation" here in The United States.  Military Officers, Defense Contractors, and various Agencies have rigged this to profit themselves.  

Being familiar by now with the twisted logic that these self-serving "Special Interests" use, it occurred to us to wonder --- where are they staging this worldwide perpetual war?   Not the District of Columbia --- they are busy enough plundering based on The American Civil War..... and, surprise, surprise, surprise.... 

The Vermin  are operating out of an independent international city state calling itself the Federal Reserve, and the Board of Directors of Chase Bank are styling themselves as the FEDERAL RESERVE and their cohorts at JPMorgan are styling themselves as the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF GOVERNORS.  The NATO end of this corruption is being staged out of a similar independent international city state calling itself  OTTAWA and the GOVERNMENT OF OTTAWA, all presided over by the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA --- which is all Bushwah concocted and operated by the Bank of Canada. 

All this crap is coming from one source: Rothschild, Inc. All these banks are Rothschild affiliates. 

And if they pulled this with The American Civil War and the Second World War, what are the odds that they pulled it with the First World War, too?   Let's look at the Armistice and whatever "peace declarations" were used to provide the appearance of a Peace Treaty related to that mercenary conflict billed as a "war".  

Mercenary "wars" are illegal and outlawed for a reason: they are criminal by definition. 

There is insurmountable prima facie evidence that the Rothschild Banks and their affiliates have conducted numerous, massive, self-serving wars for profit.  They are and they have long been guilty of gross crimes against humanity--- from having their agents loot the gold teeth from corpses in the Crimea a hundred years ago,  to today's fight in Ukraine.  They have been the agents and promoters of war for profit throughout the world.  Innumerable lives have been lost, truncated, maimed, and made miserable by the Rothschild Empire. 

It's time to end the wars, end the banks and so-called "independent international city states" responsible for the wars, and end the people behind the banks who have profited themselves from genocide and destruction. There can be no excuse for this or for turning a blind eye to the Rothschild Agents presently trying to wrest control of every country via the misadministration of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank, both of which are complicit in profiting themselves via a man-made pandemic and the proliferation of biological warfare. 

If the United Nations is to have an excuse for its own existence, it must immediately investigate and correct its operations in total.  This includes the flawed peace processes, the proliferation of "independent city states" operating unlawfully and illegally within the borders of sovereign countries, the abuse and misuse of Free Trade Zones, the lawless deregulation of banks and securities exchanges, the reckless misapplication of "economic sanctions" against member nations, and the prosecution of the transnational and international corporations responsible. 

It's the NATO Members of the United Nations that engineered the murder of Ukraine's elected government officials and their replacement with a Florida millionaire who promptly sold out Ukraine to the Rothschilds and the NATO miscreants responsible for going into Ukraine and establishing over a dozen illegal bioweapons research and production facilities. They are the ones that need to be closely questioned, sanctioned, and if need be, ousted without further delay.  

For that matter, if the U.S. Military is to have an excuse for its existence, the Generals in charge have to change direction and come to the aid of the people who are their actual Employers; they have to decouple from UN and NATO command, as all those agreements were fraudulent from the beginning.  Instead of trying to backstop and defend NATO's indefensible actions, they must immediately pursue the actual criminal corporations and corporate officers responsible.  They have the Admiralty Law, they have the USCMJ, and they have our permission to both fish and cut bait.  They had better get busy and do so. 

State Attorney Generals and United States Attorneys are responsible for rounding up the guilty bank personnel in this country. 

As for you, Secretary General Guterres, your organization is out of control and has a lot to answer for.  You and the UN CORP are 100% personally and commercially liable for any continued malfunctioning of any part of United Nations operations.  You have been fully informed.  We are open to discussion and mutual action in the interest of correcting these anomalies and injustices. 

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents, Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. 

                                                              By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                                                               The United States of America


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  1. All agents get a cut , all civil service personnel are lavished with perks to keep inline .
    Newt Gingrich final remarks the civil service must be out sourced .
    Bank fractional reserve has to stop and no more corporate systems on these shores .

  2. Oh yeah the occupation continues only communist party allowed in political office the trend of communist.
    Karl Marx whom Ingles compliment him he is a demon possessed by 10,000. Demons
    Abolish private property.
    The plan to kill by starvation of the south as General Sheraton given the task to destroy civilians food supply wrote the head communist Springsteen “ if a crow flys across the shanandoah valley he better pack a lunch”.

    1. bubba,

      it looks like perhaps THEY are the ones who are preparing for this "Second Civil War" they keep saying is coming. in that case, they should know, since they would be the ones fomenting it.

      well, were not fighting with each other.
      they are then the only ones AT FAULT, not our American men and women.


  3. Better pack a lunch the perfect storm is coming the communist using hired thugs are burning food stores shades of the insane assylum recruit Sherman burn & killing everything for fifty mile swath Charleston to Atlanta .
    That Jewish war even the animals