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Sunday, April 24, 2022

They WANT You to "Express the Trust"

 By Anna Von Reitz

This morning, as I am attempting to increase Public Awareness of the actual problems that beset our world, endanger our financial future, and as I strive to enlighten people about history and facts that they clearly do not know....and need to know..... I get this on my desk, a classic example of disinformation, fear-mongering, and outright lies, all encased in Bible Babble, to make the Perpetrator out to be a good Christian.
It was a rant claiming that part of the 928 documentation that I have made available to people wishing to establish their correct political status as Americans is a fraud designed to "steal" non-existent "Birth Certificate Trusts" and make myself the supposed victim's personal Fiduciary, having powers of attorney over them and their estates, etc., etc., etc. They also promoted the idea that Americans should "Express the Trust" --- but didn't touch upon the consequences of doing that.
Good Christians don't lie, cheat, slander, steal, kill or do "hit campaigns". They certainly don't give people bad advice or promote disinformation or advocate letting criminals off the hook in exchange for peace and payola.
Nothing in the 928 paperwork seizes upon any assets belonging to any American. Nothing in the 928 names me as their attorney. Nothing in the 928 paperwork names me as their personal Fiduciary. These ideas are being promulgated to mislead people who can't read well enough to discern these facts for themselves.
Go back and read and re-read the actual words until the meaning sinks in.
The Birth Certificates are Clearinghouse Receipts --- receipts like coat check receipts exchanged for your actual birthright estate, without your knowledge or agreement.
The Bonds attached to those receipts are not bonds in the sense of Savings Bonds, they are Performance Bonds, based on the estimated value of your lifetime labor as either: (1) an indentured servant known as a U.S. Citizen voluntarily subjecting themselves to peonage in service to the British Queen, or (2) a Municipal citizen slave, voluntarily donating their estate in exchange for political asylum and basics of life.
Those Performance Bonds obligate you to surrender your ability to own private property and pay large percentages of your lifetime earnings to predatory foreign governments --- the British Crown operating the Internal Revenue Service, and the Vatican operating the IRS.
The Birth Certificates obligate you to a lifetime of bondage. They are proof that you were human trafficked as a baby into foreign jurisdictions, like a little sailor being cast adrift and shanghaied into the French Foreign Legion. Those Birth Certificates are evidence of crime committed against you and that is the only "value" they have for you.
Did you or your parents knowingly, willingly, voluntarily, and with full disclosure volunteer to waive or donate your birthright estate as an American?
Did you authorize the creation of any Territorial or Municipal Trust in your name?
For the vast majority of Americans, the answer to both questions is a resounding, "No!"
So please tell me why you would ever "express the Trust" and claim that you agreed to any such thing?
Let's look at the "Express the Trust" process --- you come in and claim that you are the Donor and Beneficiary of the estate TRUST operated under your NAME.
What does that do? It makes you complicit in the fraud that has been committed against you. It says, yeah, I volunteered for all that, and I am here to tell you what I want you to do for me in exchange....
Of course, the Perpetrators are delighted. You just admitted that you are in on the fraud and voluntarily gave up your estate and entrusted it to them, and now you are naming them as your Fiduciary, entrusted to administer your estate for you and you are giving them instructions.
They hop right to it. And they are oh, so obliging, too.
Why shouldn't they be? You just gave them a total Get Out of Jail Free Card. And you just gave them your estate as an American, to use as chattel for their profit, in exchange for doing some small service for you ---- such as dropping court proceedings that don't apply to you anyway.
The promoters of this say, if you don't "Express the Trust" an "implied trust" exists, and they just go ahead and administer it any which way they want to, because you are not identifying yourself as the "Donor" and "Beneficiary" and instructing them.
I say there is no trust involved, no implied trust, and no actual trust that you ever agreed to.
I say that you were merely "presumed" to be the Donor of a Municipal "public trust" that was established in your NAME and used to control you and your assets and also used to bilk you silly.
I say, what good does it do you to "Express the Trust" the way they want you to "Express the Trust" in order to get out of a traffic ticket or avoid $1400 in property taxes you don't actually owe --- when it means that you sacrifice your birthright for a pot of porridge?
How's that for a good Biblical Analogy to put across what is actually happening when you "Express the Trust"?
Your land and home, your freedom, your identity, your money, and everything else, in exchange for your Employees to respect your Constitutional Guarantees, and your status as their Employer? Say, what?
No, what needs to happen is for all these "implied" and "assumed" and "presumed" trusts and actions and Legal Suppositions to be challenged across the board, with no admissions and no excuses.
What needs to happen is a Systemic Correction in which all these foreign practices are overturned and Americans step forward as the free men and women that they actually are, and for all these phantom PERSONS to disappear just as quickly as they were created out of thin air by the charlatans attempting to cashier and latch upon your assets---and do it with your permission, no less, when you "Express the Trust".
I'll express them right on out of here. Give me some tar and a rail.
The idea that I am doing what they are doing is just more of their same old crap, their constant blaming and accusing others of doing the dirt they are doing themselves.
There needs to be a calling out of the Bushwah. All of it.
I am the unpaid, attacked, slandered, and kicked Fiduciary for The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States ----because someone had to do it, or you would all be evicted and speak Chinese by now.
That's right, Uncle Joe and Company and Idiot Boy in Canada cut a land deal to sell off huge portions of America and Canada to pay their debts and leave them with nice, fat personal fortunes for their "service". The only problem is, they have to get rid of all of you, first.
Enter the "depopulation" agenda and the jab and all the rest of it.
Being the Fiduciary for The United States of America does not mean that I am your personal Fiduciary. I am not dictating what you do with your personal assets. I am preserving your assets for you to come home and claim.
I act entirely in the international and global jurisdictions. I don't have a thing to do with what brand of toilet paper you use and I have less than no interest in running for any political office.
What I care about is preserving your rights and freedoms and assets, because I don't want to be the last living American, sitting here all by myself on a rock in Alaska.
If you pay any attention at all to what I write and what I am telling you, if you observe the extent and complexity and knowledge of what is being reported back to you, you should know that I am not a petty person with a limited intellect.
So, after all you've been through, and all the confusion, and all the fraud and deceit and betrayal that you are waking up to ---- is it hard to know what to do? Is it hard to trust anyone who is smarter or more experienced than you?

Damn straight it is, but you can at least think things through from Point A to Point B, and observe the world for yourselves. You can make a commitment to the Truth. You can get off your couch and give a rat's rump about your world and your fellow man.


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  1. Anna, I thank you for myself and I thank you for all of us who need your guidance and persistence (which is every honest man, woman, and child in this very disturbed world!) Although evil ones will lie about you, your light and wisdom has shown through their black veil as a true representation of our Creator's Love. There are no words to adequately describe the gifts you've given mankind! (nor can any of us adequately thank you, yet I am herein trying,,,)Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. IMO "anna" and johnchapman111 are doing the same type of thing imo.


    1. i:woman have to wonder if God is allowing this that "anna" is crying about to happen to "her"???; that is:
      "I am the unpaid, attacked, slandered, and kicked Fiduciary for The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States --"

      could it be God is allowing that because:
      • neither TUSofA (Articles of CONFEDERATION and PERPETUAL Union) nor theuSofA (DeclofIndep) have a "Fiduciary"??
      • there IS no "Federation of ANYthing" since the "United British Colonies" were dissolved from intent from the people on July 2(TWO), 1776.

      Maybe God is answering the prayers of the good and lawful and peaceful Americans, who like, it seems, most of the rest of the world have actually been
      • unpaid/ underpaid
      • attacked
      • slandered
      • kicked
      • and MORE
      by "the Brith-ish"/ "Jew-ish"/ "Catholics"/ or "Whatever- the-Hell- Name" these COMPLETELY "EVIL SNAKING DIRTY BUN-G- WHOL-JUMPERS" are using for A COVER NAME this week??

      just asking.

    2. There is no "Trust" for us:man to "Express".
      They made it up.
      Its their Creation:FICTION.
      We do not have to participate.

      • no agree-ment *EXISTS*.
      • no agree-ment ever has.

      They know this.
      Its part of the Birth Certification REGIS-tration scheme devised to HARM MAN.


    3. Our precious time is being wasted going over and over and over these Too-Late- To-Make -A- Difference-For -Them "Fragmented Disclosures": made After-The-Fact of having harmed us ON PURPOSE.

      IN SECRET.
      TO **HURT** #ALL# OF US.

      i:woman do not forgive.
      nor do i forget.
      by God:
      i say we have right to require, and they are going to:
      • stand,
      • peaceably and in law
      • being man,
      • under authority of our law, American common law:
      • and answer for what theyve done to our people and others, while standing upon our land andor using what belongs to us without our intent.
      --**with creator leading the way**, it is so: janmarie:woman.

    4. Q? What happens if on the record the trust is expressed, but without joinder? Holding authenticated docs (28usc1733) one may say "I hold original title to the organization/corporation/trust."? Trust is expressed, but fully reserved. The cover says the State has "cut the cord," assumes "no responsibility!" And the court is bound to accept the fact. Unless they are defying the State and claiming responsibility for the THING which I, holder in due course, holding in my hand proof of paramount claim... ? Is the court practicing custodial interference? Have to reread to get the jist of "express the trust." But, if there's effect in doing so a certain way to benefit the liars, perhps its' to hide the devastating effect to them if we do it correctly?

    5. it appears there IS no way to "do it correctly":
      it appears that as soon as you learn what they are doing, they change it; sometimes on the fly from the "bench" and sometimes afterwards in their "chambers".

      dont forget that THEY never gave up THEIR state be-ing *man*, they say YOU did.
      They still live being man with rights.
      they "presume"(?) you are living being a thing, not man, and are inferior to them.

    6. imo, one has to come in being man. but they will still beat you down anyway because they already KNOW youre a man just like them, but they want to steal from you andor injure you. thats their intent. Harm you.

      they KNOW they are stealing from you. they know the Birth Certificate Premise and "Trusts" is FAKE and is a scam.
      They know the "Credit Bond" that matches up with the "Charging Instrument" "belongs to you" and that you dont know its there or how to use it to DISCHARGE THE CHARGES WITH IT-- BEING THE "BENEFICIARY". AND THEY WOULD PROBABLY SHIT THEIR PANTS AND SAY YOURE "A DANGER" OF SOME SORT IF YOU TRIED TO USING IT!!

      but they know theyre going to keep the Bond Credit pertaining to the Charging Instrument as Abandoned Funds, if my info is correct.
      They know they are charging you for something you never agreed to.

      they know the charges are paid at the same time they were created, using the Bond that theyre NOT going to tell you is available for you to use to discharge the FAKE DEBT with.... because if they tell you that, then they cant claim the Bond as Abandoned Funds and split it amongst themselves now can they?

      they KNOW their intent is to cause you injury.
      they know because they spent 3 years+ learning how to use Deceits against you. together. so they could hurt you.
      and if you dont go along with them hurting you, they turn you over to Admiralty to hurt you worse.
      never mind theres supposedly a $250,000.00 "Recognizance /Reconissience Bond on each American. hell, they just tell you "BOND DENIED". id bet that Bond gets claimed as Abandoned Funds too if my info is correct.

      if theyre doing this kind of thing, theyre snakes and skanks and merrredeeerers and thieves and liars and deceivers and they dont generally have much use for women either, but generally prefer to be with men.

      i:woman dont forgive them for any of it.
      i:woman require: restore from harm.

    7. imo, they dont care if we know all this now because theyve already changed their FICTION system and closed all of this out on their FICTIONAL books.

      Even "anna" here recently purported that all criminal acts are null and void!!!...
      well, maybe they are, but all man harmed has to be restored regardless of that.

      theyve already "got us" operating by claiming to have "accounts" with us:. having us give them "new pin numbers" in their new systems for old accounts; or stopping service, then when you call to have it restored, then they will claim thats an agreement, but the fact is that it belongs to YOU, man, to begin with and THEY owe YOU for them using YOUR STUFF without your agreement AND for putting you under duress, and probably alot more.

      They cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
      they owe US, not the other way around.

  3. We, American State Nationals trust you Anna and would never leave you alone on that Alaskan Rock, over our dead bodies. Do not allow the ignorant fools under your skin, though we do enjoy writings.

  4. And by "american state nationals," you mean 'yourself.' "Anonymously"

  5. Sounds familiar evict occupants like when gold and diamonds discovered in South Africa the Rothschild agent Cecil Rhode got British military to attack the Dutch Farmers dynamite homes put people in opens air concentration camps ( starving women and children to death)
    Favorite extermination by Zionist.

    1. looks like so much having to do with them ends in nothing but merrrderredda.
      years, decades, centuries, it never seems to stop. insatiable evil. self-generating.

    2. it seems that anyone who has what the merrderrereeres desire: land, genetics, talent: and cant be bought off or compromised:
      GETS ATTACKED?? If they cant have your gifts to use the way they want to for their own benefit, they will interfere with your life, generally attacking your family the worst, to try to devastate you so that you cannot produce what youre capable of? this is whats coming out. seems to be true.
      and they have plenty of DRIED UP NASTY USELESS SKANKS AND WORTHLESS CUCK BETA MALES who will GROVEL to assist for a chance at even the crumbs that good people reject.

      just being honest imo.

      LIKE Nancy Pelosi's "WRAP-UP SMEAR" she told about?...

      I think people have been wising up to that crap for two or three years now.

      now i believe: whats true is really going to start rolling out. avalanche-style. getting more and more outrageous. keep jabbing us in the face, spitting on us, provoking us like they did to the indigenous American peoples.
      because they need to get the people have a "Revolution" so they can clamp down, lock you up, put you on a "Reservation".
      They need people to Break the Peace, so they can come in and be "Peace-Keeping Forces".
      They need Controversies to bring to their CourtFICTIONS to keep getting paid from those "Trusts".
      They need DefendantFICTIONS to pay the "charges" the Attorn-ers make up out of thin air, in fiction; and then use force to obtain l "payment" for fictional "charges" using your substance and land and labor. And family. AND also keep the "Bonds" you dont know exist, claiming them as "Abandoned Funds", and split those up amongst themselves too?

      thats how that portion of the theft is taking place, i believe: or something similar.

      and theyre the ones, generally-speaking, who dont like women or sons and daughters.

      all imo.

  6. Women - Fact check? IMO you dont state facts IMO Opinions are not fact and every comment you make is IMO

    1. yes FACT CHECK.

  7. And for you Paul - You may enjoy correcting grammar, put a gun in your hand and you would be the first casualty by your own making. Between you and Women you wouldn't know how to be supportive if it slapped you upside the head. Ignorance is "registering" on google

    1. im sure paul doesnt accept what you said as being either important or as something that applies to him; and im also sure anyone would send a comment of that kind right back to the one who created it and sent it out.
      i know i do send it back to you, multiplied, just reading it.

      and no one on a blog owes you any kind of support! that really sounds *NEEDY*!

      YOU sound very VIOLENT!
      .. gu ns, casual ties, slapping people, hitting them in the head
      ... all in just two extremely poorly written barely coherent sentences.

      makes you sound off-balance.