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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Your Public Employees or My Public Employees?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those who have been following along with recent discussions now know that there are three different populations present in this country, two "foreign" populations of Americans, one group that adopted British Territorial Citizenship, and one that adopted Catholic Municipal citizenship ---- plus one population of plain old-fashioned Americans who stand as Americans. 

And each of these politically different populations can be regarded as the "public" within the context of their group.  

There's my public employees, who are all peacekeepers and Americans and enabled to enforce the Public Law including the Constitutions.  

Then there are U.S. Citizen "public"employees, who are For-Hire private security personnel aka "Pinkertons" and Hired Jurists working for British Commercial Corporations.  All that they can enforce are their own "State of State" Statutes against their own elected officials, officers, employees and dependents. 

And then, there are THEIR "public" employees, who are all Municipal EMPLOYEES, who are also private security personnel and hired JURISTS working for Municipal CORPORATIONS. All that they can enforce are their own "STATE" codes, rules, and regulations against their own elected OFFICIALS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, and DEPENDENTS. 

I don't know how many people have heard this as yet, but the White Collar Criminals known as  Your (British Territorial) Public Employees are trying to flip everything on its head again. 

For-hire private security personnel aka "Pinkertons" acting as Law Enforcement Officers are misrepresenting themselves as peacekeepers and as actual County Sheriffs.  

Courts are coming up with all sorts of new mixed names for themselves  like "DISTRICT/State of Idaho Superior Court" that represent commingling of separate jurisdictions-- apparently trying to baffle everyone with BS.  

These foreign corporations are then issuing Impound Orders as Warrants and by impersonating living Americans as Municipal CORPORATIONS, are illegally enforcing CORPORATION BILLS OF ATTAINDER using "Writs". 

These are made to look like Common Law Writs in the same way the Maritime Impound Orders are being made to look like lawful Warrants.  

The only kind of "Writ" these courts can issue are issued under Military Common Law, and neither they nor their Officers have any authority for any of this.  They are acting in insurrection and conspiracy against this country, against our Constitutions. and against our people. 

And they are so blissfully ignorant, that they don't know that they are doing anything wrong. 

This past week a gang of armed thugs pretending to be County Sheriffs and Sheriffs' Detectives (Get a clue, folks, Genuine Sheriffs have Deputies, not Detectives.) attacked the Washington Assembly Coordinator, Teri Sahm.  Eight of them illegally entered her property in disregard of clearly posted "No Trespassing Signs" and proceeded to break into her house and "evict" her, assaulting and terrorizing her and damaging her property in the process.  

These are not our American Sheriffs.  These are not our American Justices or Judges.  They aren't operating under our American Common Law.  And they have absolutely no right to even address us, much less assault us and bring false claims against our assets. 

All this is being promoted by Hired Jurists working as Undeclared Foreign Agents for foreign commercial corporations. They are engaged in illegal and unlawful pillaging and racketeering at the direction of commercial banks that are operating as conspiratorial crime syndicates.  

All their pointy-headed politicians need to have the Truth pounded into their heads and the actual CORPORATIONS subject to BILLS OF ATTAINDER --- the commercial banks responsible for this -- and their Officers and Boards of Directors, are the ones that need to be arrested by the Provost Marshals without further ado.  

Meantime, the United States Attorneys who so proudly claim that they work to defend the United States Government, are just waking up to the fact that they are responsible for defending our United States Land Patents--- and also responsible for arresting these "Sheriffs" and their "Detectives" and the "Judges" and "Prosecutors" that trespass against United States Land Patent-Holders like Teri Sahm. 

I know that all our hearts go out to Teri.  Mine certainly does.  Her bravery in the face of this criminal assault and her determination to stand the test speaks for itself.  She and The Washington Jural Assembly are bringing the Indictment and claim for damages forward to the Provost Marshal's Office and to the United States Attorney to compel them to do their jobs and arrest these thugs.  

You can send your love, prayers, and financial support to Teri at: 

Teri Sahm
In care of: PO Box 387
Fall City, Washington
          Postal Code 98024. 

A similar situation exists with respect to Ken Dost and his family in Oregon, who were similarly attacked out of the blue and "evicted" by "Sheriff's Detectives" --- an Office that does not exist in our government --- after all mortgage claims against them and their home had been settled and satisfied and signed off in Oregon.  

Goes to show the criminal, ruthless, unaccountable, and out of control status of these groups of mercenaries that are roaming our streets and pretending to be "our" government.  

Send your love, prayers, and financial support to Ken and his family in care of me: 

Anna Maria Riezinger
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 
            Postal Code 99652 

Close ranks and spread the word.  Let your friends and neighbors know what is going on and take action now to put an end to it.  


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  1. Bernie on Oxford, Maine

    well Anna, you claim to be the fiduciary to trillions of dollars worth of gold and silver. Why not use our wealth to get us out of the mess it appears we're in temperarly contract an army to clean the mess up. release funds to get our courts up and running. please contact me and get my contact information from our Maine Coordinator. I have many solutions available to share with you. it high time to end this madness.

    1. take heart bernie, it appears the "crucifixion never happened" "cannibal priests ate the body" but apparently not all the body cuz he went on to marry magdalene and spawn the "royals!" and "we all derive from reptiles" galactic field commander daughter of Anu, House of Hotep is also a "good christian!" And, she also just said As Fiduciary, she is not our "personal fiduciary" to tell you what to do with your money, she is holding it for us to "come home and claim it." Seeing you a man standing, with standing, and having done all to stand, safe on home, making claim with respect, assuming everybody is speaking plainly and honestly, your credit will certainly arrive shortly!? Please share with us all when this victory is won, that we all may rejoice at our good fortune at the Hands of our Father and sole Provider, through the life, death, and resurrection of His Only Begotten Son, Firstborn and Heir, by the Spirit indwelling His faithful people, the faithful remnant in every generation which actually carried the light of the Glorious Gospel and secured it and conferred it through the unseen Covenant of faith.

    2. correction; she did not say "holding" but "preserving" assets til we come home and claim..

  2. This is why we have to think militarily safety in numbers.
    David Straight recommends have on speed dial our folk to show up and video and knowable in law show us the proper wet ink signature on warrant.
    Can you imagine a NYC shooter shot 25 people got out on 25,000 bail.
    Our retired policemen and son and neighbor investigated a robbery and attacked by suspect got shot .
    All three charged with murder one doing life .
    All political.
    The communist run and have always run the Asylum since the king Pen pal of Karl Marx Springsteen.

    1. yes, everybody keeps saying "Nothing works!"
      didnt they secretively agree to MEERR DERR, harm, steal from us?

      thats why nothing works imo.

  3. "I don't know how many people have heard this as yet, but the White Collar Criminals known as Your (British Territorial) Public Employees are trying to flip everything on its head again."
    Americans havent hired any British Territorial Public Employees.

    imo thats a lie because Americans didnt HIRE our families' merrrderrers to run our business and government!!
    THE BRITISH owe us and indigenous Americans RESTORATION.

    1. And you, aboard the pirates' ship (by pirate every plan, and intention, even reality) You woman:janmarie who, by piratical subtleties or act are moved to plank across the gunnel. You continue to command "THE BRITISH owe us" and "Nothing works."

      You may prefer to study, play and act whilst yet you may have a moment to claim your own: "The Art of War," "...the way, the truth, and the life..." actual factual history, law vs legals. And just for good measure ponder a word or two of annavonreitz, in the lieu of your hearty protestations/pontificates.

      woman:janmarie, do you not equivocate wherein you write: 1. THE BRITISH owe us" and 2. "Nothing works?"

      Equivocate versus forked tongue? Are you whistling past davy jones' locker, or commanding the storm? Or...?

    2. interested,

      i dont know anything about your gunnels and your planks and your "Act or Arts of War".

      i am not in a War.

      i am very clear that:
      i:woman do, in law and peace from right, claim all that belongs to me and to my family.

      im not going to War with anyone either. im going to stand here and make my lawful claim(s) for what belongs to me.
      and the people who have taken it are required to restore.

      if you can get gunnels and planks and piracy and having a forked tongue out of that, then its coming from your own imagination, not from anything im actually doing.
      i think people can see that.


    3. Yet, you be: distraction, disparagement, dissolution, deceit, dis-member, a claimant of/for the clueless, along with a whirl of "what not."

      Yet, indeed you may "...know anything..." or nothing along your "way."

      You are indeed amid "war" - as a fog, and a great confusion, by etymological definition.

      Mostly, seemingly, you are indeed "at war" with yourself. And your are clearly "at war" with wider world.

    4. interested,

      youre trying to spin a storyline that quells your fear?...
      ...afraid people are listening to and grabbing ahold of their right to use our American common law? (...they are!) it looks to me like: rather than being a DIS-traction, people are AT-tracted to what i am saying about their rights being man... is that scaring you?

      i said im not at must be referring to yourself being at war. you dont have authority to tell another man or woman what their intent is unless you think youre a slave owner.


  4. Anna in her ivory tower is apparently oblivious to this happening EVERY DAY to us down here on the ground. When consulted, the state coord who "works for anna" says word from federation is you have to handle it, "i/we/federation aka "anna n crew" cant get involved." Welcome to the streets Teri, where the dishonor really hits home.

  5. Hmmmmm

    History repeating itself

    Bruce Doucette is still in federal prison
    The Marshalls are a mess

    Just saying

    1. I remember when Teri followed Anna's instruction to place cardboard "travel plates" on her car and she promptly got pulled over and issued a ticket....imagine that.

      I remember when Anna told us to open Treasury Direct accounts as "American Nationals". Well I guess that was an error on her part because the next thing we were advised to do was send a "correction letter" to Mr. Manuchen and tell him "YOU MADE A MISTAKE" and you now wish to withdraw your request for a Treasury Direct Acct.

      I thought to myself, WE DID NOT MAKE A MISTAKE, you made the mistake in advising American Nationals to open up a Treasury Direct Account but now you don't want to admit that you gave incorrect advice and tried to place the onus on people who simply followed your instruction.

      I remember when we were told to complete our 928 documents, sign into "Sign in America" Debt relief, submit our debts to the coordinator and our debts would be paid off in two to six weeks. Well that never happened either.

      A word to the wise, as many of us have found out. When Anna concocts one of her hair brained schemes and entices people to participate and the scheme goes south, you will find Anna disappears into the woodwork with no apparent explanation as to what happened.

    2. Hey Ready...Kevin here... you forgot the Marshalls..

      Being a lab rat for Fauci, Gates or Riezinger is not what I'm doing.

      Its horrible that so many fall into this.

      The worst thing is there is so much truth and good reasoning in most of this and then the " Gallactic Federation " reverts to " non interference " and you get it stuck in Uranus.


    3. LOL....Yes, you get stuck holding the bag
      Thanks for making me laugh out loud.

  6. Many a wise man has revealed:

    "Once you are upon the path of truth you must follow it all the way"

    Yet as dangerous as the path of truth may be, it is far more, perhaps eternally dangerous to leave the path of truth.

    AND YOU all have to KNOW this already. "Jesus Christ" IS the way the truth and the life. THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE IS "Jesus Christ."

    And yes, he was crucified, and yes "man (MANKIND) has no greater friend than who would lay down his life for another."

    Thank you Anna, Thank you Teri, Thank you Ken, Thank you Paul, Thank all who continue upon the way, the truth, and the life.

    The alternative is oblivion for all.

    An you all know this.

    1. thats your own religious beliefs.
      maybe other men believe it, maybe they dont.... thats not your call.

  7. Is it not obvious to so called attorney generals the nature of criminality?
    Yes some speak on record ,Anthony Scillia, explains our common law is superior and cannot be overturned.
    Female 5circuit said this judicial system is unrecognizable,AG Barr said on video to federalist society “equity law is unconstitutional.”
    Lord Mansfield mixed Admiralty with common law to creat equity law its BS.
    But judges and attorneys love it they can use it when statute or codes don’t cover something.
    The statutes and codes are corporate bills of attainers or crimes of fines and punishment.
    As the author of they are pirates maty.
    Said “American bar is just a branch of the
    Lawyers guild communist party “.
    And as Eustace Mullins pointed out all attorney are masons because it’s gets them clients.

    Gulag archipelago the Jews who first created a “legal system from hell “ pretense to move everyone into a (fema) artic hell hole)
    Slim chance to survive .
    Two comments by Alexander Solzhenitsyn by the way Putin mad required reading in schools
    1 don’t repeat a lie
    2 we should have resisted make the 90% Jewish NKVD in their most expensive machine guns and limousines pay dearly “

    1. these are very, very important facts bubba.

      we need to work on putting something together to share with our American people,... dont you think?...
      ...we could start with just a reference list,--- so that the American people can go to these sources we have all found and look things up for themselves.

      i will gift a few hours of my time to our July 2[TWO], 1776 American men and women to get it started.

      what do you think bubba? you think we should work on that? we could maybe start with what we believe to be the Top 10 most important/impacting pieces of information weve found? ...just a suggestion for a Kick-Off... maybe there is a better way to start out?

      im ready for our law-ful and right-ful lives to be lived, always in peace from our intent.

    2. shelby,
      would you be interested in putting together your Top10 List of your BestFinds to share with American men and women?

    3. this comment just got blocked from being posted!

      i commented:

      that it never jived with me that WilliamPelhamBarr knew that FederalAgents had gnnnned down RandyWeavers family in cold-blud, and yet:
      • defended the merrderrers in front of the whole world
      • for FREE
      • ON HIS OWN TIME [two weeks?], if my info is correct.

      that always sounded fishy to me.
      Like: WHY???: they have Attorn-ers already who are already paid to defend them. so why have WPB do it for free on his own time was my question, and still is.

      it doesnt sound right.

    4. janmarie

      I have list out the ass that I work on seems like daily

      When I find things I go back to my writings and insert the information

      One of the best I have ever read is this one

      (the clip below is from the linked article just above)

      Territory and jurisdiction go hand in hand.
      A flattering title in the matrix of the syndicate only exists in that fictional jurisdiction, not in reality.
      Therefore the territorial imperative must be instilled into each generation in order to legitimize the syndicate.
      The birth certificate is the matrix, the initial legal document, which creates the bond and surety of the surname to the given name.
      Only upon that legal surname can the syndicate bestow titles and credentials – upon the artificial person (name).

    5. I have been telling folks for years now this was a set up

      They manufactured the SURNAMES (made them up) and they copyrighted them

      If you claim that last name then you are trespassing on property that does not belong to you
      Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasars, the SIRENAME

    6. shelby,
      are you interested in pulling together A List of your *Top10*, or maybe even 20, -- whatever you think.... to get newbies started?

      In this one he talks about tort law at the end
      The Armen Condo letter talks a whole lot about torts

      Read this

      The 792 page letter I posted here many times

      In this letter he talks a lot about the mormon (roman) church of which the Rothchilds bankrolled and started from what I have read?

    8. again:
      "Caesar" is a man-made FICTION,
      so is the Sir Name... they apparently go together in that FICTIONAL "jurisdiction". (?)

      however, God created the family and son and daughter have right to be *called by* what their father is *called by*/"Name":
      family name
      fathers name
      house of father
      fathers house.

      they might have the same sound, but they are very different in meaning... just like the Birth Certificate Regis-tration "Name" is entirely different from your *gift/called by" that your family lovingly gifted you with.

      they are two entirely different "things":
      surname/ SirName
      family name/ fathers house.
      two separate "jurisdictions".
      cant be mixed.

    9. From that very letter on page 18

      The other "evidence" the local situ United States Attorney presented to the Jury was distraction evidence for public and Jury consumption purposes only, and means absolutely nothing to appellate forums (for purposes of ascertaining Taxpayer Status).
      Bank accounts are the highest and best evidence "Cards" the King has to deal with, even better than old 1040's, and so that bank account evidence should be the very first slice of evidence to go when an
      Individual has concluded within himself that a change in Status is now desired.

      (G)reenland (O)f (D)enmark, GOD? Rome never died?
      He even discusses the names and why the last (sur/sir) names were applied for taxation and other purposes

    10. okay, im taking it that these are the Top5 of the Top10 videos you would recommend to someone who has never heard any of this crappola before.
      youre listing them in order, so they make sense? -- like they build upon the information already given in the previous ones.
      i will view them tonight.

    11. Page 81
      Under number 49

      Judges acting Ministerially

      Medici Ventures and the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources
      Same thing

      All falls under World Parliament

      There is a series called Yellowstone and one of the lines within that shew is

      If you want to be the king you have to kill the current king
      This is a sick ass shew folks
      Here's one of the lines by beth on the shew
      11. “Where’s the fun in wrecking a single man? When I break you, I want to know I’m breaking generations.”
      About 1/2 down this page under
      Luciferian Duality Savior

      In that Armen Condo letter (page 52) he explains the following
      But some time off in the future, the world will come to grips with the deeper meanings of Peter French's comments about how persons are creations and how the law is ignorant of the biological status of it's subjects, because common knowledge will be changing one day as the
      recombinant DNA cellular cultivation technology perfected in the late 1970s in special basement laboratories designed into the CIA's Langley offices by Nelson Rockefeller blossoms out one day into the Commercial
      Sector, and genetic replicas of humans are brought forth into the public domain. It is my legal Prophesy that it is only a matter of time before a Court ruling or some slice of lex makes its appearance somewhere, saying that the original natural born human being takes upon themselves
      full civil and criminal liability for all acts performed by their genetic replicas as soon as they emerge from the chemical tank, under the alter ego ["second self"] doctrine; and that those biological replicas (or synthetic altometons, as the Bolsheviks would say) will also be deemed at that time to be persons, fully layered with all of the same juristic accoutrements that their natural born human sponsor possesses [or would have possessed under similar circumstances].