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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Biden confirms FOOD shortages are coming to America


  1. Well when you are the crooks who planned the shit they would know now wouldn't they

    The INTERdependent Earth Federation New World Order bullshit is what they working to pull off

    Go ahead join them

    1. Well said

  2. Throw this in to that race baiting bullshit article she wrote the other day
    Some of us are not fools

    This guy is brilliant and sees right through the shit

  3. And when you know who is behind those MASKS in these videos and how they are all related to one another, makes sense how they know the score and the plan now doesn't it

    Reagan aka Frank Sinatra one pf Fred Ataires hidden kids
    How many careers did Fred Astaire have? Fred Astaire - 1899-1987
    aka Stan Laurel of "Laurel and Hardy" Rodeo Clown Fame
    aka Dean Jagger 1903-1991 aka Humphrey Bogart - 1899-1957
    aka Ed Sullivan 1901-1974
    aka James Stewart 1908-1997
    aka Henry Fonda 1905 - 1982
    aka Alfred Hitchcock 1899-1980
    aka Carl Malden
    aka Walter Cronkite "False copyright claim fraud!"
    aka Captain Kangaroo aka Bob Keeshan
    aka David Niven
    aka Walter Brennan
    aka Buddy Epson
    aka Vincent Price
    aka Bob Fosse
    aka George Burns
    aka Art Linkletter
    aka Spencer Tracy
    aka Danny Thomas
    aka Lawrence Welk
    aka Spencer Tracy
    aka Boris Karloff
    Harry Morgan M*A*S*H
    aka Franklin D. Roosevelt
    aka William Holden
    aka Lew Parker "That Girl"
    Edward Platt "Get Smart" Chief of Control"
    How many kids did Fred Astaire, "the unofficial pioneer of surrogate cloning" have? 13

    1) Bing Hitler Crosby aka "GROUCHO" Marx aka Burt Lancaster aka Carroll O'Connor aka Andy Williams aka George Reeves aka Allan Young aka William Hayden Rourke aka Lewis Gilbert " Bond Director" aka Jack Webb aka Chuck Connors aka William F Buckley Jr. just to name a few of his plurality fraud cons.

    4) Frank Sinatra aka Telly Savalas aka John Cassavetes aka Robert Loggia aka Cesar Romero aka John Epstein aka Peter Lawford aka Robert Kennedy aka Ronald Reagan.
    His hidden sons are Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Lenardo DeCrapio and Ed Harris just to name a few, off his clone banking escapades.

    12) Jane Fonda aka Dolly Parton aka Nancy Pelosi

    13) Natalie Wood DOB July 20, 1938 -1981 faked her death in 1981
    aka Marlo Thomas aka Susan Sarandon aka Marcia Clark aka Barbara Feldon aka Liza Minnelli
    Hoaxes of End Times - for an audience reduced to cattle

    1. And while they poison our children with vaccines and pollute our bodies with their sick ass manufactured fake ass food
      13) Natalie Wood DOB July 20, 1938 -1981 faked her death in 1981
      aka Marlo Thomas aka Susan Sarandon aka Marcia Clark aka Barbara Feldon aka Liza Minnelli

      This one here
      Marlo Thomas aka Natalie Woods soliticts funds from all corners of the world for their St Jude which was started by fake ass Danny Thomas aka Fred Astaire

      She also plays the fake ass designer who hangs on the arm of Barry Diller aka Robert Shapiro and Oliver Stone

      Did I forget to mention Barry Diller aka Ike, is a billionaire donor to their one world agenda
      The one world agenda and the billionaire giving pledge started by none other than fake ass bill gates and his fake as wife hiding behind a mask Kevin Kline