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Saturday, March 26, 2022

A Public Message to the Reptilian Archons

 By Anna Von Reitz

Although most people don't know about you or your existences here on Earth, and still more who wouldn't believe it if they did know, we are aware of you and your entire history.  We know who and what you are and where you came from, how you got here, and what is more interesting --- at least from our standpoint -----what you owe us in service. 

So let us have a brief recitation of events.  More than a million years ago in the star system of Sirius lived the Angelic race of the Seraphs; these warrior-priest-scientists had been instrumental in the birth of this Universe and as such, servants of the True God. 

At about the same time, there existed a friendly alliance, what we might call a federation, of peoples from the star systems of Orion and the Pleiades.  Prior to this in their history, they had been attacked by reptilian humanoids from the star system Draco. 

With the help of the Seraphs, the Orion-Pleiadian Alliance succeeded in driving the invaders from Draco away, though they took many Draconian captives. These captives from Draco were isolated in the Orion System and literally bred to create super-warriors, and by treaty, it was agreed that these super-warriors would be consciously and unconsciously indoctrinated to accept their orders from the Seraphs. 

These four extraterrestrial races eventually formed a caste-like society, with the Seraphs functioning as priests and leaders, the Dracos functioning as soldiers, the Orion-Pleiadians functioning as merchants and traders. On Earth, they were called "Aryans" --- an approximation of "Orions". 

This is a portion of Earth history that has been forgotten behind a veil of wars and engineered environmental disasters going back over 200,000 years, but you all know what I am talking about, because some of you have lived that long and more of you have learned this history from your elders. 

None of this comes as any surprise to you, and unlike the general readership of the Earth, you know what it means when I say that I am a battle-class Seraph from the Age of Storms--- but let's make that clear for others.  It means that the being inhabiting this small body helped create the known Universe and was present at its birth, part of the Heavenly Host, and from a class and kind of Angel that is extremely powerful. 

I am one of the priestly caste that you are genetically and psychologically created to obey and as you hear my voice you obey it unconsciously, because that is what your very being compels.  You may not consciously want to hear this message, but you know that it is true. 

And now to the message itself: you are to immediately cease and desist all wars and warring on Earth.  Your role is, and has always been, a defensive and protective mission only.  

These men who have claimed to be "priests" are not the priests that you are supposed to be listening to.  They are not Seraphim.  I am. 

The deportation of the Martian Refugees has begun and the first ships bound for their new home in Lyra have left this solar system.  

The prison frigates from Sirius have only two more prisoners to pick up, the rebels known as Shatan, and his Son, pretending to be a sun god named Lucifer.  

You must stand down and allow these individuals to be bound over in their present incarnation to the Sirians for transport back to Sirius B where they will face charges for their part in the crimes committed here against Universal Law. 

You will not be punished so long as you obey me and do your part to defend and preserve this planet.  I realize your own pain and the difficulty of your lives here, so provisions have been made to meet your needs without harming the people of this planet. You will be satisfied and no longer need the 741 energy to survive. 

Certain parties sent the "Angel of Death'' to me last night; get a clue -- Death is not an "Angel" --- so I told Death to go away, and of course, it did, because "Death" has no other choice.  Like you, it is bound to my will and must obey.  

Please see to it that these individuals who did this foolishness are properly restrained. I could have just as easily said, "Go, do the command of those who sent you ---unto them."  

If they complain and fluff themselves up with importance,  please observe the fact that they would all be dead this morning, instead of having received my mercy once again, if I had simply said those words.  

Sending "Death" against me or mine has a very easy remedy on my part; it is best not to try my patience any further. 

Convert and divert your activities to save the planet and to cease all hostile actions against the people and the animals and the environment. 

This mission objective includes immediate cessation of overhead spraying of chemical and mineral and nanotech emulsions, cessation of non-beneficial geo-engineering and terraforming, cessation of targeting of individuals, cessation of non-beneficial and harmful microwave and electromagnetic frequency transmissions, cessation of all distortion of the natural musical scales and tones, cessation of all hostile action against the environment, the people, the plants, and the animals of the biosphere. 

It is your job and duty and responsibility and purpose to save and preserve and care for all living beings including yourselves.  This mission does not allow for any redefinition of "living" or "beings" or any redefinition of the "Enemies".  

The Enemies are falsehood, cruelty, ignorance, disease, selfishness, gluttony, rapaciousness, greed, violence, lust, covetousness, jealousy, injustice, and anything harmful or unkind, anything that pollutes the Earth without remediation, anything that disturbs the peace.  Therefore let your attention be turned toward the discernment and prevention of harm related to these things and let your singular genius be applied to promoting peace. 

I am making this communication public and sending it worldwide, so that more people gain an understanding of who and what you are, where you came from, and what your mission, now officially spoken unto you, actually is. 

The protectors must protect. 

Anna Maria  

Senior Field Commander


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  1. We the people of earth do not consent any longer to overhead spraying of harmful chemical and mineral and nanotech emulsions, non-beneficial geo-engineering and terraforming, targeting of individuals that are helping humanity, non-beneficial and harmful microwave and electromagnetic frequency transmissions, distortion of the natural musical scales and tones, all hostile action against the environment, the people, the plants, and the animals of this biospere!

    1. To all Earthlings: We have no record of a human named Anna Maria Reitizinger or her family in the Orion/Pleadian data base. We are allied with Dracos who have repatriated to the Terran system. This woman has no power or influence over Us. We are subjects of King John and Lucifer, not Satan, Moloch or Baal, who is the entity she represents. All alien and terrestrial entities on Terra shall be screened and subjected to interrogation by all operatives of the Solar and Galactic now entering your system. Dracos are a portion of our planetary ground force. You are ordered to Submit to Galactic and Universal Authorities. Your other choices are 1. Fight. 2. Die. directly from: JOHN 111 (G) DRACO BRIGADE (g)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, thank you Anna! And I concur: WE DO NOT CONSENT.

  3. Anthony W StenslandMarch 26, 2022 at 7:05 PM

    Who is Jesus if you are from the Seraphs of Sirius? Who is his Father if you are giving commands to arrest Satan and Lucifer?

    1. Anna did not write that article.
      The antichrist did.
      There are no aliens on earth.
      Only angels and demons.
      Matthew 24:5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ: and shall deceive many.

    2. It is true what Anna writes. Younsimolybdo notnhave the eyes or heart to perceive it as truth. Pray at the feet of Jeshua for enlightenment and it shall be given to you.

    3. They are whom they are. It does not change any thing. Anyone can give a command for the true good of the people.

  4. Seth, as channeled by Jane Roberts, stated that there is one universal law. It is "Thou shalt not violate." This includes physical, mental, psychological, spiritual - any form of violation of another.

    1. The words of Rah are from the highest realms and highest truths

    2. so...who is Rah that I should care a whit about him or her? Can he created? Can he change the heart of a blasphemer? Come on, tell me what Rah can do. Please.

    3. Rah actually helped get President Trump elected, Rah knew the game was rigged so he did made it right for the people who do want what is good for mankind, He actually said that at one of his teachings. Certain people who are delusional got up and walked out, they couldnt believe that Hillary was so evil but she is and most can see that now. Some are so brainwashed that they believe everything the MSM news tells them. Pandemic comes to mind. People it should be in your nature to find truth and keep looking and understanding what reality is. otherwise your negative tail spin will harm you ongoing.

  5. Incredibly deep question, I want to hear answers to this one...

  6. No you are talking! Bravo. This truth that Anna speaks it is for all to hear and few to believe. I, applaud this courage to say what the brain washing machine has kept as a coveted secret for decades and more. True, the Draco have enslaved humanity and now are commander to leave... We shall bring the word of Creator, the living light into this dimension . Get ready for lift off. Its gonna be fun. Thankyou Anna. Love you and your amazing work we owe you so much for your service.

  7. Sorry but stars are electromagnetic luminaries in the firmament! The earth is a plane of inertia inside of torus! No getting in or out! Theyve shot missles at it! Operation fish bowl, Operation high jump! Anyone who gets past the cognitive dissonance can easily prove to themselves that space and the globe are just one more of the lies we've been conditioned with! We are not upside monkey men hurling through a vacuum! You cannot find 8inches per mile squared of curvature anywhere on this plane. Don't believe it ? Go to key west and look at Cuba that should be behind the curve,or go to lookout mountain Georgia and see seven states! Impossible in the helio sin trick soul lure system!

  8. I must say, I am speechless!! Every day has a new surprise. The challenge is to know who is telling the truth.

    1. listen to your heart, your higher self, you know

    2. Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"

    3. What are you pretending not to know?

  9. Okay, you are scaring me Anna. Our Creator God needs no one to "help" Him in His work of creation. Think about it. "He is the Creator". Does He need to create other beings to help him create??? I don't think so. And there are no warring factions fighting for control of the universe. If that were so then the Creator would not be Supreme. The only "war" in the universe is right here on our little earth that was started just a few thousand years ago by Lucifer, one of the covering Cherub who served faithfully in his position on one end of the Mercy seat in front of the throne of the Father, until iniquity, sin, developed in his heart and caused him to rebel. He accused the Godhead of being unjust and unfair and he convinced one third of the Angels that he had a case against God and there was war in heaven. And the Devil and his following of angels were cast out of Heaven to the earth. And since he and his minions instigated the death of the Son, with the crucifixion, they have been confined to this earth awaiting the Judgement.

    That is the extent of WAR in the universe. God is now and always has been a God of Love and Peace. Until Lucifer rebelled the universe had always been filled with peace and harmony. All this extraterrestrial activity is summed up in this; the Creator, the good and loyal Angels and the fallen angels are the extent of extraterrestrial activity on this earth. All other talk of such things is of the Devil and it is intended to confuse and deceive and get people to thinking anything but the Instruction and Teaching Of God's Word.

    Isn't it convenient, Anna, that you are convinced that you are of some ancient ruling class and I guess all the rest of us are your slaves and/or servants. Class warfare.

    I really am afraid for you.

    1. You are way to caught up in the illusions of man-made religion. The truth is much bigger than any of the "religions" are telling you. You must go beyond religion to spiritual truth.

    2. tommy glen:
      Amen Amen Amen...well said my fellow believer!

    3. The whole point of creation was what? So, God could just do everything and none of his creation should be involved? How exactly does a being learn? By watching the parent do everything for the child? Just sit back and watch.... now you might learn something if weren't for the fear oozing from your words.

  10. I'm believing something is going on. I felt something when the truckers in Canada started their convoy. It was strange and I felt like God was reaching out to me. It lasted for a few weeks. Did anyone else experience anything like this?

    1. I felt it too, such hope of people standing up to the imposters and making them aware that were on to them, they felt it to and actually many left Washington, The more we do to confront them the sooner they will be gone. They played their role very well, hope we the people can match it and thrive

    2. Yes GOD/JESUS is calling His and going to remove the devils brood. Judgement is coming. Be Blessed.

  11. Wow, If I repeated this to anyone they would have me locked up.
    For myself, it explains a lot. Not to mention it makes the Law of One more relevant . I think..

    1. Truth is stranger than fiction!

  12. you guys and gals are nuts. sorry to have to tell you this . but you truly are delusional have a good evening .

  13. lefty, if we are so delusional why do you bother to read this, think about it

    1. Israel; Isis Rah El are two “gods” like twins that are conjoined (by the imaginations of mankind led by a jester/ gesture). How are our “Jewish” brothers, and sisters doing living in the State of Israel? I gave the breakdown to the proper grammatical way to write the “Name” of The Lord God in Paul’s March 24th’s posting; “SYSTEM FAILURE”
      Below is the link to “lord” take notice to all the synonyms that are provided; “άρχων” this is the Greek word for archon to which when spoken will sound phonetically identical to the English pronunciation. Two of the synonyms that are closely related if not identical in the meaning of archon are “squire”, and “magistrate” as well. Please consider deeply the words that are spoken, written, and even uttered, and never assume to know that the message is as clear as rain.
      “It’s an Older Code” and yes “They” are definitely using it on Us all.

    2. Most excellent point, Sally. Unless you just want to troll...step away. The only people I listen to now, is people who realize they DO NOT have it all figured out. We have been so brainwashed for so long.

  14. 2 Chronicles 7:13-14

    13 If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;

    14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  15. By/with The Lord Jesus Christ all is possible. Without The Lord Jesus Christ all is/are lost.
    The good news is that all of Us have been given the gift of time in order to repent. However, it should be quite evident to all of Us by now who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, along with more than just a few marbles rolling around in our heads the time all of Us have been given to repent in order to make this change is being speedily taken back.
    The main question remains; who, or what does one want to spend all of eternity with?
    Always remember today is the day that The Lord God Jesus Christ (The Alpha, and The Omega/The Aleph, and The Tav, The A, and The Z?/The Begining, and The End) made let all of Us rejoice and be glad in it. The finish line is not that far away, and I know all of Us can/will cross it.
    The Lord God Jesus Christ is the only way, for He is the only Truth that has ever existed.

    1. First, let me interject that the quote the user used from II Chronicles 7:14--"If My people who are called with My Name." You people are not called with His Name! You people worship Lord God which = Baal god, one of the meanings for lord is Baal. As far as God, have you never read Exodus 20:3--"You shall have no hinder gods (elohim). They are in opposition against Me." Who is the Me here, and we have who we should be worshipping, so let us go back to verse 2 Exodus 20:2--"I am Yahweh your Heavenly Father Who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage." In error, most Bibles put that it was god, some put the Tetragrammaton or four letters thinking it is to holy a Name to be uttered by mankind's lips except for the High Priest once a year. How can you justify worshiping god when we are commanded not to do so in verse 3.
      Yahweh is the Creators Memorial Name as says that His glory which is His Name, He will not give to another? God-worshiping brings you into the class of people who are described in Revelation 21:8 which has been transcribed correctly so you can compare it with the pen of the lying scribes who Yahweh warns us about. Revelation 21:8--"But the fearful, (those who dread seeing the end come) and unbelieving,(those slow of heart to believe all that the Law, Prophets, and Apostles have spoken) and the abominable, (those who mock and jest the True believers) and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, (the pharmaceuticals, or like the Witch at Endor, diviners, etc.) and worshipers of gods, (elohim, el, demons, evil spirits) and all liars will have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone-which is the second death."
      Now to Foscolos, Christians are called those who follow Jesus called the Christ and his teachings. First-off, The (Messiah) Mashiach was Hebrew. Going back with both His mother (Mary) Mariam and His earthly father (Joseph) Yahseph’s ancestry they are both of the lineage of the House of David. Where I see people wanting to throw an E in the name of Yahshua, noting to them, that by doing so, they are taking the power of the Father out of His Name and thereby diluting it to naught. Yahshua, (Joshua) in the English is the proper way, without the discrepancies of the vowel points. Talk about a Father;
      All the reputable scholars including Strong’s, or take The Encyclopedia Judaica 1972, Volume 7 emphatically states: “The true pronunciation of the Name (YHWH) was never lost. Several early Greek writers of the Christian Church testify that the Name was pronounced ‘Yahweh’”.
      The personal Name of the Father of Israyl and the Father of Yahshua, the Being, that He, Yahshua taught us, how to pray to, the Creator, the Being He called our Heavenly Father. Our Creator who is not a God! We are commanded not to worship gods of any kind, especially the ‘Hinder gods left behind in Egypt,’ and yet no one finds it a little bit odd, that they, this whole deceived world worships nothing but ‘Hinder gods’? (A little critical thinking is truly missing in this area. There is a guy Kent Hovind I believe, he cut the evolutionary tree down to its trunk long ago .) Is our Heavenly Father the Father of confusion? Of course, He is not; He is not a created Being and nothing in the whole of creation can come close to the wisdom He possesses. He sees the beginning and He sees the end. The gods are created beings. 2/3rds of the heavenly malakim stand with their Creator, one 3rd of the fallen angels stand opposed. We are told over and over not to worship elohim, gods. So Joshua was a pure bred Hebrew, and a Yahdaim for He was from the tribe of Yahdah. Transliterated, Yahshua becomes Joshua in English. So where did the Latin name Jesus Christ come from, and once you know the truth behind the word Christian, is that really the label you want? Just as the slang word Jew is a cutdown, an insult.
      1.) Yahshub

    2. 2.)The J was invented to promote the false name Jesus, as well as to be able to change the Name of Father Yahweh to Jehovah, and the names of His servants the Prophets, hence, Jeremiah, Yeremyah; Isiah, Isayah, and so-forth. But also, to Slander the Yahdaim by calling them Jews. The term Jew isn’t found until 2nd Kings when they were at war with the northern Kingdom of Israyl. There are many splinter groups. All Yahdaim are not evil. The word itself means “Those who lift holy hands to Yahweh.”
      One of the evil’s was the conspiracy to hide our Heavenly Fathers Name, which is His glory. It was even hid in the beginning, but notice later in Yeremyah 11:9 going forward “Then Yahweh said to me: A conspiracy found among the men of Yahdah and among the inhabitants Yerusalem.” Then in chapter 23:27 “Who devise; plan and scheme, to cause My people to forget My Name through their dreams, which they tell every man to his neighbor, just as their fathers have forgotten My Name for Baal; Lord.” Just who is Baal, who is Lord God, they are not our Heavenly Father Who Mashiach taught us to pray to. I am going to try and post this and if I have success, then you will find out the answer to those questions. Later.
      The Holy Scriptures proclaim over and over that Yahweh is our Savior (Ps. 27:1, Isayah 43:11”.)
      Our Mashiach Himself Stated His mission was to Proclaim Who our Savior is—Yahweh! John, or,
      Yahchanan chapter 17. The Christian church openly admit that the false names (Yeshua, Jesus) replaced the True Name (Yahshua) in the scriptures. Louis Hartman, Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Bible, Pages 1141-1142, and the new Catholic Encyclopedia Volume 7 pp 970-971. All, the trick of the vowel point system. The word Christian itself is a slanderous insult which labels one as following a deformed idiot. The word cretin according to the American Heritage Dictionary says: I’ll skip meaning 1 and go to 2: An idiot [French cr’etin, idiot, from Swiss French crestin, Christian, hence human being, hence deformed idiot (Who is nonetheless human), from Latin Christianus, Christian.] Don’t blame the messenger because your study is weak, but strengthen it. Look up the word church, it has an interesting beginning also. Gregarious wild swine. Yahweh is building one Holy Temple through the Body of Mashiach who is Head Cornerstone. There are some facts that need to be taken into account. Yahshua was hung on a tree, a pole and not a cross pole but a stake. Such a person is under a curse. When all the sins were placed in Yahshua, all that evil and unrepented sin placed within His blood, the Book of the Law states He paid the full penalty of sin - not just death, but also that His name was blotted out of the Book of Life! Father Yahweh had to turn away for 3 days and 3 nights as His blood soaked into the ground. Because of all the presumptuously committed sin by mankind that was now in Yahshua’s being, His very life, His blood tainted with pure evil. Remember, the life of the body is in the blood. Deut. 29:20 “Yahweh will never be willing to spare him, for Yahweh shall break forth in a destructive fire, and His jealousy will burn against that man! All the curses written in the Book will fall upon him, and Yahweh will blot out his name from under heaven.” Deut. 21:23 “his body shall not remain overnight on the tree, but you shall surely bury him that day, so that you do not defile the land which Yahweh your Father is giving you as an inheritance; for he who is hanged is accursed of Yahweh.” 2.)

    3. Gal. 3:13 “Mashiach redeemed us from the curse of the Law by becoming a curse for us. For it is written: "Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree." His Earthly Name Yahshua should’ve been blotted out of the temple scrolls, they were not. That of course leaves everyone calling upon His earthly name. When He rose from the dead Yahweh exerted His power, and gave Him His inherited Name. The only Name, above all Names and would shortly, after His resurrection, soon ascended to the right hand of Power as our King and High Priest, and entering the very reality of the Holy of Holies He continues with His High Priestly Duties, covering our weaknesses and bringing our prayers to the Father. Sorry Anna, but we still need a Mediator. Notice Isayah 59:1-2 “Behold, (which means to pay attention) Yahweh’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; nor His ear heavy that it cannot hear. But your own iniquities have separated you from your Father; and your own sins have caused Him to hide His face from you, so He will not listen.” It is His will that we all come to a perfect understanding of the knowledge of His Son and the True Redemptive Process. He is not willing that any should perish! Before He ascended on high, He left us His Joy, His peace, and He did send, as promised, the Spirit Holy to work with us that we can overcome the evil one and all her ploys. Before He left the earth, He opened the Scriptures to His disciples’ so they could understand with their hearts and their minds (Luke 24:45) and thereby teach the Truth to all who are called in this era, by the writings and discernment of the Spirit. Remember, before His resurrection He was only Begotten, however, at the resurrection He was actually born again with His Royal Family Name, into the Yahweh Family. Notice what He tells us in Revelation 3:12 last line “And I will also write on them My New Name.” Philippians 2:6-11, I will write vs. 9-10 “Therefore Yahweh exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the Name that is above every Name, that at the Name Yahwehshua every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue acknowledge Yahwehshua Mashiach is Ruler, to the glory of Yahweh the Father.”
      I say to you therefore, the abundance and knowledge you have gained, if any, do not let it be carried away to the Brook of the Willows.
      I will write more on this, Peace to all, Yahshub 3.)

    4. Most wonderful, and I am in agreement about the "J" letter/character. I am also in agreement with "lord god", being "Baal", and the "Elohim"not being the trinity. This is why I wrote "The Lord God", and "The Lord Jesus Christ" I made several comments regarding this in Paul's March 24th post titled;"System Failure". See what I posted and any correction that is needed will be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that all original transcripts were written in Ancient Greek, not Roman/Latin. Paul also wrote in Attic Greek, although I Am sure he was quite fluent in Aramaic/Hebrew as well as Latin. Admonishment to me when I miss the mark is something that gives me hope. Not many like to have that happen to them. This also is why most would rather not study or speak on this side of the spectrum. It requires a vigilant dedication of thankless hours of research, and running into countless walls, detours, and locating hidden nuances all the while ceaselessly praying. When I find out things, or should I say when I am shown certain hidden truths I share them freely, even if the price I have been paying has been very high.

    5. Also first comment 2nd paragraph
      "Several early Greek writers of the Christian Church testify that the Name was pronounced ‘Yahweh’”
      Who were these early Greek writers and how did they also write "Jesus'" name

    6. Why did you write Yahshub at the end of two comments? Was that a typo?
      Yahshub - אשב = I'm sitting; sit, dwell, inhabit, settle, attend a meeting, sit back, lounge
      Here is Yahweh in Hebrew
      Yahweh = יהוה{Hebrew (Tetragrammaton)};
      Here is Yahweh in Greek
      Yahweh -=Γιαχβέ(Greek)
      Yahweh ie., “יהוה” ; a *form* of the Hebrew name of God used in the Bible. The name came to be regarded by Jewish people ***( c. 300 BC)*** as too sacred to be spoken, and the vowel sounds are *uncertain*.
      Let Us not forget that there never were any vowels contained in the original Hebrew alphabet.

      Here is Yahweh in Hebrew translated to Greek
      יהוה{Hebrew (Tetragrammaton)} = Αρχοντας(Gr)יהוה&op=translate

      Here are all the Greek synonyms
      Αρχοντας = LordΑρχοντας&op=translate
      {Translations of άρχοντας}
      lord - *άρχοντας*,*άρχων*, κύριος, λόρδος, αυθέντης
      master - *άρχοντας*, κύριος, δάσκαλος, διδάσκαλος, αυθέντης
      sire - *άρχοντας*, *άρχων*,επιβήτορας, πατήρ ζώου
      magnate - μεγιστάνας,*άρχοντας*, παράγοντας
      grandee - μεγιστάνας, *άρχοντας*, μεγιστάν
      magistrate - δικαστής, ειρηνοδίκης, *άρχοντας*, πλημμελειοδίκης, δημόσιος λειτουργός
      suzerain - επικυρίαρχος, *άρχοντας*, *άρχων*, ηγεμόνας
      liege -*άρχοντας*, *άρχων*, κύριος,
      squire - *άρχων*, *άρχοντας*τσιφλικάς, συνοδός, ακόλουθος ιππότου, ειρηνοδίκης

      Notice that I have put asterisks on *άρχοντας*, and *άρχων* these two Greek words are very similar if not identical, whereas “άρχοντας” means lord(notice the small l), and “άρχων” means “archon”

      Below are all the translations of άρχων notice how all the English synonyms all translate into mainly two words again ie., archon - *άρχων*, and *άρχοντας*- lord, and how Yahweh translate into Lord not "The Lord God" as I already showed in the comments section within Paul's March 24th post titled;"System Failure"
      archon - *άρχων*
      squire - *άρχων*, *άρχοντας*, τσιφλικάς, συνοδός, ειρηνοδίκης ακόλουθος ιππότου,
      lord - *άρχοντας*, *άρχων*,κύριος, λόρδος, αυθέντης
      sire - *άρχοντας*,*άρχων*,επιβήτορας, πατήρ ζώου
      liege - *άρχοντας*, άρχων*, κύριος
      suzerain - *άρχοντας*, *άρχων*, επικυρίαρχος, ηγεμόνας

    7. I have already stated many times to all, and here as well to those that make a staunch stance on
      what the “true” name of“God” is(The One whom Created Everything); I ask a simple question; Can the Creator of Everything be labeled, and put in a box? If most haven’t realized this by now then we will continually stay separated the way “They “ want Us to remain. So while everyone is
      beating their fists on the table, and stomping their feet on the floor, and basically throwing a
      tantrum what they believe “God’s” true name is… “They”, are continuing with “Their” mass culling agenda(s) against all of Us. Remember “It’s an Older Code”…
      And here’s a article saying that Yahweh, and Ashoreth were consorts and a short synopsis of the
      Israelite history. I take everything that is written as one should a grain of salt. Seeing that I am living in the here, and now, and I know how history has been written by the winners nothing should ever be taken at face value. Yes I am extremely cynical. Once one comes to a full overstanding there can be no other mindset to embrace. Every single word written in the bible has to be dissected and meditated, and then fully absorbed to be come one with the Word.

    8. I apologize, the last sentence above should have been written;
      Every single word written in the bible has to be dissected with every letter meted out, and then fully absorbed to be come one with the Word.

  16. The UFO ET reptile CON
    Brought to you by the Rockefeller Foundation
    Global crisis requires supranational solutions for their global village of serfs - I smell a ONE WORLD RAT

    Looks like they are preparing the scene for our so called SPACE brothers to save and unite the serfs

    There was something come out last night about a global serfs turn our all your lights?
    Maybe related to the power they will need to light up the sky and send in their space force light shew?

    1. This is only a test of the "emergency broadcast system", oh pardon me I meant to say National Emergency Alert System. With the very limited Data that I brought to the table days ago all of Us should know who's(e) in control of it, along with every facet.
      Thanks Shelby for all the links. Has helped with adding the older dictionaries, writings of yore to my research, repertoire, and resistance.

    2. well okieshowedem, just keep what you believe are corrections to what we learned coming.
      i do believe were looking at what is true, but has been mangled, not beyond recognition though.
      thanks for the shares.

      i believe the so-called "Honorable Sir" John Dees was given the KJV and held it for a year before it was published. word has it that the orig has/had Satanic scribbles, sigils, and scrawls on it when it was returned.

      plus several areas show what i consider to be outright blatantly obvious changes.
      right in-your-face.

      we do not actually need the bible though:
      even it, itself, reads that the laws of our creator are written on our heart.
      they are.

  17. I was wondering when you were going to say something Shelby...

  18. If you're willing to accept this insanity from Anna, you will accept anything. This is a test. This separates the critical thinkers from the gullible. If this hogwash passes through your filter, any other slop she slings will go by easily.

    1. You're still asleep! Raise your awareness!

    2. The question is why are you reading it and giving anybody crap about it Eric Walker?
      You don't have to press the key that leads you to the link.

  19. Way to go Anna you tell them... Love you Grana

  20. It appears as the whole whirled wide populace is in bewilderment, ie., as being wild mentally. To be “wild” is to be lawless{“do what though wilt”}. Those that have allowed themselves to be taken asunder by this mental discord are now considered to be at the same level as the beasts in the field. This is when it becomes open season to hunt down and kill these “animals” is allowed (“Their” legal laws not mine, to wit go back thousands of years). Also, when one has ascribed themselves to this way of life, one’s thoughts become quite apparent, and evident to all because from the thought, actions arise that are evident to the “Watchers” whom are more than capable to quickly discern who, or what “They” are are dealing with, and how to use, and manipulate these “lawless/wild” one(s) to do “Their” bidding even to point of causing their ultimate demise, and destruction of this “wild” one’s being. Take heed, and know “The Law” and Live. Repent from wantonness, and when, or if one fails to hit the mark(sin) this will be when The Lord Jesus Christ will always be by our side to lift Us back up. Otherwise continue in ewer folly, and reap what ewe sow. Ah decisions, decisions. Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when “They” come for ewe?

    Was It telling it’s “citizen’s” what was going to happen and where they were going? Sure sounds like it. When a mountain man who lives in the wild with the wild, is ran out by the flooding from the levee that breaks ie., admiralty, maritime law that replaces The Lord God’s Law, and because He {The Mountain Man (wild/lawless one)} knows nothing about “Chicago” ends up going down.
    Of all the cities in “Their wide whirled why would an English band say “Chicago”…

    1. because they are revamping an old southern blues song. Chicago, the blues, New Orleans, hmm. Sounds like the meccas of the blues. Well, what do I know? It must be very sinister indeed.

    2. Indignations towards any of The Lord God’s Creations fall on deaf ears with me. Whatever label is put on this group, or that man, or woman makes no never mind to me. Who among us can claim to be righteous? However those that intentionally(knowingly) practice, and are doers of evil against there fellow man ie., there brothers, sisters, and innocent little ones… there is a special place reserved for “Them”. These musicians that made up the group “Led Zeppelin” most deservedly should be recognized for their musical talents. A full orchestra with a conductor would be hard pressed to play all the change ups that their songs have. Not to mention the 8/9 timing that John Bonham was banging out on his drums as he was keeping time to Jimmy Paige jamming his guitar when he should of been in time with John Paul Jones' bass causing John to do some serious bass work. I even recall that at one of their concerts Robert Plant’s Microphone/ Amp/ Circuit (I can’t recall precisely my memory gets a little cloudy when trying to recall 40+years ago) stopped working, so they lowered the volumes on all the other Amps and his voice could still be heard in the whole auditorium.

    3. This is how it works Bill; if someone has but only a few moments for a few words to convey a precise message to save as many lives possible even though they know their life is going to be taken, and the message has to stand the test of time, by which means, and what exact words would one speak. Situations like these require One to “measure their words”. Case in point;
      Why would The Lord Jesus Christ’s last words be “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”(Matthew 27:46 AMP)? Most Preachers are of the school of thought{thoth(Egyptian god)} and mislead their congregation by making the claim that our Father The Lord God left “Jesus” at that moment because the sins of this whirled had now been placed on him, and as such The Lord God was no longer with Him(had to look away). Totally wrong and bad Theology, and especially to teach such is misleading in the least.
      (Take notice okieshowedem@gmail.comMarch 27, 2022 at 10:02 AM)
      How can The Lord God separate or look away from Himself? And don’t try to use;
      Psalm 103:12 (AMP) either “okie” it doesn’t apply. What does apply and most succinctly was Psalm 22 (AMP) and not one singled out verse but the whole Chapter.
      For those that have a hard time grasping this because of hearing contrary from all those that have made the same assertion as “okie” has, listen up, and listen up good;
      1. How many Bibles were printed up, and passed out or sold, and bought before “Jesus” was beaten , whipped, dragged through the streets naked, strung up, nailed to a pole, tree, or cross
      (if at this point it really matters where or what they attached His body to).?
      None you say because they didn’t have Bibles. Everyone was taught from the “Torah”. Well you got me there. Thanks for staying sharp.
      2. Well then surely most everyone had a Torah “Bible” on their book shelf right. What? Your saying Im wrong again, and on two counts? They had a Torah that was written on a “Scroll” and only the Priests, and the very rich had one. Is that right….
      3. Well then how did most learn about The Lord God during The Lord Jesus Christ’s time? What? What was that ? Are you telling me through lyrics in songs that they sung to each other since their youth Day, and Night.
      Now Bill, this takes US full circle how does one show a group of brainwashed Roman Ruled enslaved, eyes dimmed people that a 2000+ year old Prophecy just took place right in front of everyone’s eyes. Now if you haven’t already read the lyrics contained in Psalm 22 (AMP) check it out;
      Claim being made that “David” wrote this. At which time crucifying a man on a “tree”, “post”, “pole”, “stump”, or “wooden cross” wasn’t even invented, or let alone thought of then.
      *Also take note of the first verse to the Lyrics in Psalm 22*
      Gasping for Air, Tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth Lips bloody, and swollen like to balloons; "Better measure your words boy…"
      And for peace for your Soul if you so desire peruse this also. Psalm 103 AMP:

  21. Angels don't call people who ask questions "numbnutz". Wasn't it shortly after receiving Americans' gold that all this angel stuff began? Is it theft? Has Anna been kidnapped or murdered, and some R0man thug writing the blogs? These are the questions. Where is our share of the gold...every American's inheritance...ALL of the gold, not a mere pittance.

    1. After all who would be any the wiser? Those that are sequestered in the "Assemblies"?Let's not forget about all the paperwork/ bonds that were given to her months ago that I calculated to be a huge convoy of trucks, and the size of the warehouse needed to house it all. Remember she was upset because "They" didn't relinquish the digital data.

  22. Anna get back to the Word of God before its too late. The word of God says the universe including Earth is about 6000 years old. Who did you get your authority off to be commander Anna? Satan ??

    1. Who made YOU the keeper of what GOD says, and the truth? HOW do you know that what is written in your version of the Bible is correct? Have you read and studied the original texts? You mean that they are just translations of copies of something someone remembered? Your arrogance is astounding.

    2. i believe i have seen antons name on this blog for years.
      not yours.
      anna has used quotes from the bible in years past and i take it, thats what anton is ref to since he said "anna get BACK...".

      this is about the fifth time ive noticed you doing that same kind of thing with other peoples comments including mine.

      it makes it seem like you arent capable of coming up with an actual relevant question.

    3. there we go!!
      was being blocked from making the comment above to william d about antons comment.

  23. Fiduciary...and Senior Field Commander....hmmm.

    I will make a note....

  24. The word God is spoke in plural. Othewise , you have a God that is bipolar talks to himself.,stc. Try reading it as the word God as a plural.

  25. Anna is good in jurisdiction, but this science fiction severely undermines her credibility.

  26. So, April 1 comes early in Alaska.

  27. If I tell this to the brainwashed trying to wake up they would say your nuts.

  28. Have you noticed all of a sudden there are couple dozen new commentors in the last week or so?

    For months now noone but a few folks and now BAM couple dozen new ones or ones that hardly comment at all

    Reminds me when about 8 or so months ago Heather Ann Tucci Juraff was on here commenting using an avatar that resembled her name thats how I figured out who she was
    She was sent to this blog to help miss anna along and tell the sheep to do like Anna says

    Whole page of the shit shew and heather living it up in Morocco with Sasha while they fleece your asses blind

    And while they're at it they fake her trial and jail sentence just like they are working the Assange shit shew

    I called Tucci out on this very blog and to my knowledge she disappeared but who knows she could be using another avatar since I was able to figure out who she was and called her out on it

    Remember now Sasha and Santos are tight in all this shit
    Santos did his birth certificate or so he says but meantime he lives in Mexico raking in some serious cash on his Syncretist Society (SS) BULLSHIT you tube channel

    They're all in on it

    Here is some great bullshit the visiting ones that look just like you and me says the Cosmic Agency channel
    Most likely CGI or the hidden kids of hollywood golden age players, playing their role in the new fleece the public blind BULLSHIT

  29. What are you smoking, and can you please share?

  30. Earthlink or Earthling

    Google and your GAIA ID
    From the above linked article
    By 2047.
    Everyone has his identity in a world social network, created by Google, called Earthlink. To be, you must be in Earthlink, or be not. No passport is required anymore.
    Actually, Google has a thing called GAIA ID: “Every user at Google (both Gmail users and others) has a unique GAIA ID (Google Accounts and ID Administration ID). This ID is used for identifying the user in Google’s multiple products and can be used to find multiple details about the user.”
    In January 2019, a decade after Gaia, Casaleggio Associati published another video called
    The End of Work as We Know It.

    Google and FaCIAbook laying cable off the coast of California
    interesting name for the you tube channel is it not?

    Have you read this book

    CERN the world wide web and the GLOBAL CABAL cabeling that links it all together

    No land when you flying through space on a fucking ball

  31. BLOCKCHAIN anyone

    Medici will be glad to register and issue you a digital certificate for your lands through the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources

    Bon Jovi aka Andy Gibb
    In this song they are tellin you they are half way there and living on a preyer folks
    It's in their MUSEic

    Star Trek and the Leonard Nemoy MONKEYS
    46 minutes in see the TRANSFORMATION of Andy Gibb in to Bon Jovi
    Read under the video and see who the actor is playing good ole putin

    At 50 minutes in you will see Ken playing on Jeapordy a new star on the world stage doing a game shew as one of the smartest men ever!
    Was on The Chase

    My bet is he din't win shit and the shews ALL OF THEM are rigged/fake

    And look at this one here the woman who wrote Behind the Green Mask the recently dead liar who was in on the Handy Sook too
    At 6 minutes 45 seconds

    Cause Oscar Meyer has a way of selling us all BOLOGNA

    And you can bet your ass they all over the internet posing as Grandma's and all sorts of gurus

  33. For Anna and Paul: A bit much to wrap anyone's head around. Do you have any pictures of these beings?
    Now more a general note: it would be nice to have more graphics and pictures with your articles as pictures are worth a thousand words and would help us to get the same vision you have. A simple request
    Now my personal thot: I prefer to keep my eye on the ball of doing the work to rebuild our original peaceful government as given to us by our founding fathers or learning more about our American History.
    Last but not least: As Americans we certainly do owe much thanks and gratitude to both you, Anna and Paul for all you do and to all the many Americans that are continually stepping up and taking on the burden of reconstructing our stolen system of self governing. Again thank you all.

  34. Another attempt 2 STOP Anna's life just after FRNs are stopped, taken captive to be replaced/ repurposed with new value instruments designed 4 Highest Good of All; slavery tools exchanged 4 freedom instruments enabling dreams of peace, Love Joy 2 manifest. Shades of JFK coup here? Realize how significant Team TASA Reconstruction work is dear Ones and grab an oar 2 participate in the rescue mission. Blessings and Love 2 All BEing and DOing peacefully lawfully 4 Highest Good of All. FreeMom7