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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Official Objection and Public Notice and Protest

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is an Official Objection and Public Notice.and Protest
It has come to our attention that former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu set up a "trigger" mechanism using Turkey and debts incurred by Turkey when Turkey undertook the cost of maintaining a million man army as security for the Middle East to (at least momentarily) collapse the European Central Bank and an unidentified UN Bank.
This leaves Europe paralyzed and global commerce at a standstill.
In less than a week, the World Trust "window" will open on Christmas Eve, and all the banks and governments will be lined up like the beggars and miscreants that they are, wanting to be bailed out, but as an Heir of St. Germain I can guarantee that this was never his intent in creating the trust. This chronic, deliberate abuse of the World Trust funds for bailing out banks and governments is contrary to the spirit, letter, and context of the World Trust Indenture.
Every member and trustee of the World Bank should be shamed in public. Photographs of their names and faces should be posted in every city and hamlet, so that they can be recognized for their criminal misadministration of funds meant to --- first and foremost, ensure freedom and abundance and progress for humanity.
My illustrious ancestor obeyed Universal Law and that was his entire secret. He not only obeyed it, he fought for it. He paid for it. He established it as an inheritance for all Mankind. And the pimps and perverts of this world have imagined that all their scheming and fraud and cruelty and prejudice has gone unobserved?
I tell you that nothing that has gone on in secret is unknown. Not a single syllable. Not even a thought. The words and the deeds of the men and women responsible for the misuse and constructive obstruction of the World Trust Mission are all known, down to the minute, time, place, words, and actions.
The Great Judge of the Universe and the Source of Life within it will not be mocked. The Primal Creator will not sit idle any longer. You "Elders of Zion" have proven what you are in our midst, and all your feeble attempts to prevent the Word of God and the rebuilding of the True Temple are for naught.
Neither death nor the pollution of the blood of the innocent will prevail. Your childish attempts to reduce Mt. Zion to a rubble pile and a slope beside a highway where no temple could ever be built again, your attempts to pass the Roman Fort off as the site of the ruined Temple of the Moneychangers, all of it, is nothing but the vain supposing of children steeped in iniquity.
Hear me, the trap you built for others will become your own jail. The evil you intended will go homeless and come back to you. Every spell you cast shall be broken; every lie you tell will be revealed.
See? The curses of their Fathers hang around their necks, the putrid scars of dead minds and hearts, the insanity of Satan passed on generation to generation must come to an end.
So it has been foretold for all the generations that the Good Lord shall separate them, as a Shepherd separates the goats from the sheep; and the hand of the Knowing One shall be upon their necks.
Why should the Beloved fear when she sees these signs, and knows that her True Love is near, yes, even knocking at the gates?
Nay, we will not fear or falter, nor concern ourselves with the Gates of Hell. Our spirits will be light and our days full of blessing. In the middle of the chaos, we shall be firm and fixed as the stars of the heavens. His hand is stretched above us; his legions stand at our backs and at either hand. His Spirit leads us on to victory even now, so don't worry or fret.
Be like Joshua, full of faith, and like Gideon when he saw.
Open your eyes. Stand firm.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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