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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Don't Be Confused About Passing the Buck

 By Anna Von Reitz

Two giant corporations have been running this country for 150 years.
To be able to access your credit, they've created a bunch of fraudulent records and made false claims about you, stolen your identity, and victimized you.
This behavior on their part is the responsibility of the Principals who have chartered, operated, directed, and paid these foreign corporations for all the "essential government services" they have provided to us (using our money). Those Principals are the Holy See, the British Monarchs, and the Lord Mayor of London.
If you are an average American, your identity as an American has been stolen and your credit has been hacked by these foreign commercial "services" corporations.
They have been using your assets to benefit themselves at your expense for 150 years and have attempted to justify it using the idea that you were an "Enemy Combatant" in an ongoing Civil War.
But you as an American were never involved in their Civil War. Not back in the 1860's and not now. You are an innocent Third Party being victimized by their deceits and false claims.
They have borrowed against your gold and silver and seized upon the resulting credit for themselves --- but that credit belongs to you.
Then, they have sold this credit off to banks, like the Federal Reserve, which thus become indebted to pay back the credit (your credit) that they are borrowing, plus interest.
To do this, the banks in receipt of your purloined credit issue "Debt Notes" --- I.O.U.'s, known as Federal Reserve Notes or US Notes or whatever other kind of promissory notes.
When you accept these notes as "payment" for their debts, you become responsible for paying for their debts. This is how they pass on the cost of all this fraud to the Public.
This is what "passing the buck" is all about. The banks are literally loaning your own credit to you at interest, and leveraging your assets without your consent.
Your Employees and their Handlers are ripping you off.
You are owed all the gold, silver, land and other assets these crooks have borrowed against, the credit resulting from using these assets as collateral, and also the debt and interest owed for the use of your credit.
You own it all, right, left, sideways, and upside down. And all the corporations and banks and governments that have been milking you like a cow are the debtors. Not you
Now that you know this, American, are you confused any longer?
Well, maybe just a little bit --- because when they stole your identity they did a damned good job of it. Within days after your birth you were deliberately misidentified as a Territorial United States Citizen, as if you were born in Puerto Rico, and were a Subject of the Queen.
And when you were still in Grade School, the Perps sold you as a slave of unknown origins to the Municipal Government of Washington, DC ---- which is a foreign entity, just like Vatican City, just like the Inner City of London ---- "independent, international city states" --- that still practice slavery.
It's legal for them to own slaves and they pretend to own you and everything you own. They posted a bond against you and your assets equal to your birth weight in gold, and they traded this bond as a security known as a Birth Certificate, a form of Clearinghouse Certificate, held by Cede and Company, processed through the DTC/DTCC and then they went wild.....
They sold child labor contracts on you --- see the Miller Act.
They created "Special Purpose Vehicles" named after you.
They insured these things and collected the insurance every time they went bankrupt.
They blocked your accounts (using the False Presumption that you were one of them and an "Enemy Combatant" involved in their war) and denied you access to your own gold and silver and the value of your land.
They used your assets as collateral to create credit and then sold your credit at interest to the banks, the banks added more interest and fees, and then passed the (fiat) buck to you, for you to pay.
The Pope got his cut, the Queen got her cut, the Lord Mayor got his cut, the dishonorable American Tories who helped them do this got their cut ----- and you were enslaved and defrauded in the Land of the Free.
This is not a matter of politics. It has nothing to do with Communism or the color of your skin or your religion. These guys are Equal Opportunity predators. They will enslave, extort, and expatriate anyone they can snatch, most especially, they love to snatch babies in their cradles, the moment that they are born and acquire a name, these Vermin claim to own the name your parents gave you as a gift.
"Like taking candy (your name) from a baby."
Well, folks, it's high time you all woke up and started whipping and beating all those "agencies" you pay to keep you safe ---- the DIA, and CIA, and FBI, and DHS, and all the rest of the alphabet soups and police departments and National Guard Units and yes, the military, too --- because it is very apparent that they are responsible for letting this go on in your "absence".
It's also apparent that you need to correct the false registration they created "for" you in order to pull off all this criminal fraud against you and to evade their own obligations under the Constitutions. For that, go to:
Time for all the politicians and agencies to get a pink slip.

Time for the Foreign Principals responsible to be exposed for their criminality and their Gross Breach of Trust and contract.


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