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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Warning Signs That You Have District Infiltrators

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our Coordinators, who have had to deal with "District-minded" people coming into our State Assemblies and causing trouble for our efforts, came up with a list of warning signs to look out for as you defend your State Assembly and your decision to live as Americans. These characters have a known Modus Operandi which includes:
1) Attack the Leaders: Coordinator, Anna, James
2) Attack the foundational elements
- Paperwork
- Assembly Process
3) Attack any progress made so far
4) Attack Assembly ability to make money – we are all volunteer
5) Divide and Conquer
6) Gossip and cast doubts
7) Accuse others of what they are doing themselves
8) Attempt to set up a gravy train out of Assembly Members
9) Hold Secret Meetings/Have Private Agendas
10) Hijack Meeting Agendas, Impose Censorship
11) Lead with Ego: Me, me, me, I, I, I
12) Elect themselves into several different offices.
13) Attempt to create conflict and fight, fight, fight, polarize everything into "sides", refuse to work cooperatively.
To which I would add:
14) Seek to control Assembly assets -- records, seals, websites.
15) Avoid oversight of their activities (complain about the Coordinator's role)
16) Immoral honey pot schemes and actions, seduction of other's husbands and wives, especially targeting Assembly officials.
17) Talk about State's rights, but don't honor State's responsibilities --- like support for the Federation of States.
18) Attempt to sell information about our Assemblies and Members for profit.
19) Advocate high fees for simple services.
20) Ooze disapproval and superiority -- snob attitude, brag about their IQs, use obvious, insulting fake names, sneak around collecting data.
21) Are "preachy" and drag religion into our Assembly business; show no respect for separation of church and state. Refer to our State Assembly as an "ekklesia" or other theocratic form of government----which it is not.
22) Advocate various forms of insurrection against the lawful government --- creation of "new" States out of existing States, formation of unauthorized security forces, using "committees of safety" and "contingency planning" to promote violence.
23) Are hyper-critical and "down on everything" that advances the Assembly's efforts to learn and grow and establish the needed organizational structures.
24) Are attention-seekers, always trying to make everything about them and their "concerns" and their "questions" and their "issues" at the expense of everyone else.
These trouble-makers may be doing this consciously as Federal Agents, or they may be so indoctrinated that they can't let go of the Corporate Model and embrace the American Way of doing things.
Gently suggest to them that they may feel more at home in the local District Assembly.
If they don't reform and get with the program, put them on a time out for three to six weeks and encourage them to study more.
If they still persist, return their paperwork with the seals and dates and numbers crossed out and cross their names off the Assembly list.
We want to bring home as many Americans as we can, but we don't have to put up with foreign agendas, obstruction, or interference.
We are here to play chess.

If they want to play a different game, they are welcome to do so ---- they just have to go somewhere else for that.


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