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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Why Would I Teach You Things You Don't Need to Know?

 By Anna Von Reitz

As everyone can see, there are all sorts of patriot gurus running around all over the place and most of them are slashing at each other instead of addressing the real issues.
Of course, they try to bash me and criticize and raise doubts and all the rest of it, but the fact remains that being an American or not being an American is a simple thing.
The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America are the only two contracts that we, Americans, have with the two foreign Federal Subcontractors (one Territorial and one Municipal) that have been acting as and "representing" our lawful American Government since 1860.
We, Americans, are grandfathered-in to those contracts as they existed in 1860.
Every law passed by the Territorial or Municipal Congress in all the years since then includes an Enabling Clause that admits this fact. Nothing that they do changes the rights that we, Americans, are owed.
Both those venerable contracts include Amendment XI as adopted back then, and it says that we, Americans, are not subject to, nor obligated to know or obey any foreign law.
"Foreign law" by definition includes all forms of private law--- codes, statutes, rules, and regulations--- that apply to our employees and to corporations, but not, generally, to us.
More than 93% of all private laws are never published in the Public Record, and have no authority with respect to us, Americans.
So, folks, over 90% of all the stuff that David Straight and Boris and Peymon and all these other guys are teaching you, doesn't apply to you, an American, and never did.
If you want to escape the predators, the really important and salient issue boils down to ---- are you an American? Or a U.S. Citizen? Or a Municipal citizen of the United States.
Think about it like a choice between playing chess, checkers, or Parcheesi. All three games have rules (laws) and you have to play by those rules to play that game. The choice between acting as an American, a U.S. Citizen, or a citizen of the United States is exactly similar.
If I am teaching you to play chess (and stand up as an American) why would I teach you the rules of checkers or Parcheesi instead?
I wouldn't. And I don't. And that's why I don't teach all this other stuff. Or promote it. Or advise you to take advantage of whatever it may promise.
If you are an American, it doesn't apply.
The spotty record of our Employees and their Courts when it comes to recognizing this fact is not a matter of my paperwork "not working" or any issue of the facts. It's a matter of education and enforcement.
We have to force our foreign employees to get back in their boxes, which you can't do if you are down in the mire, acting as an employee yourself, and slugging it out with them using their own laws and adding credence to their supposition that you are one of them.
Even if you find a loophole (Boris) or make a deal (David Straight) and so on, you are still enmeshed in their system, still playing their game, and there is nothing whatsoever keeping the Queen or the Pope from changing the rules at any moment.
You will note that Donald Trump, acting as the "President of the United States of America" (Territorial Office) suspended all Civil Rights in this country with the stroke of a pen. All the Municipal citizens of the United States were reduced to abject peonage and enslavement, because "civil rights" are actually privileges, and privileges can be taken away by the same process with which they are granted.
You will note that Joe Biden acting as "President of the United States" has mandated that all the Municipal citizens get vaccinated as a condition of their continued employment and/or dependency. And he didn't bother to define "Municipal citizenry"--- leaving everyone to assume that his mandate must apply to them, when it doesn't.
When it comes to Federal and Municipal Code a little knowledge is dangerous and most Americans will do well to ignore it and learn instead those very few places and activities that can land us in the Federal cross-hairs.
Here are the important ones to ponder:
1. If you are engaged in the interstate manufacture, sale, or transport of firearms, tobacco, or alcohol, you are trading in a federally-regulated substance and those activities of yours are subject to federal law.
2. If you are engaged in interstate commerce (acting as a corporation doing business with other corporations) you are subject to federal law.
3. If you are operating a "motor vehicle" (surprising what the definition of "motor vehicle" is) for the purpose of making private profit from the use of the federal interstate highways (operating as a trucker, taxi driver, courier service, bus operator, etc.), you are subject to federal law.
4. If you enter onto officially granted federal premises, such as an Army Base, Federal Courthouse, or the Municipality of Washington, DC, you are subject to federal law while you "visit".
5. If you choose to travel or operate a fishing or international transport business on the High Seas or Navigable Inland Waterways, you are subject to Territorial (federal) law.
And otherwise, with very few additional and rare exceptions, the Federal Employees and their Agencies and their State of State and "County of franchises" and Boroughs and Municipalities can go talk to the hand --- so long as you are an American.
I am teaching you to be an American, stand up for yourselves as Americans, and self-govern as Americans.
I am not teaching you to be a U.S. Citizen and memorize Federal Code as if it came direct from the hand of God, instead of a sleazy, incompetent Territorial United States Congress.
I am not teaching you to be a Municipal citizen of the United States, living in fear of the Municipal Code, either.
To all those who yearn for the known evils of the Corporate Feudalism they have lived under all their lives, and who are raising hell in our Assemblies as they try to get back "home" to the District Assemblies where they belong ---- good luck with that.
The rest of us, Americans, will be happy to tear up your records and cross your names off the State Assembly list if you wandered in by mistake, like Oddfellows at a meeting of the Rotarians. We will allow you to own your mistake.
Just realize that you are kissing your Constitutional Guarantees away, are subject to all the foreign laws again, are not able to own land in this country, and won't be eligible to inherit the assets of your State of the Union.

Other than that, feel free to play checkers or Parcheesi to your heart's content ----and get the hell out of the way of the Americans who want to play chess, instead.


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