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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

What the End of the Civil War Means For the Military and Agencies

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dear General,
As we look across the split rail fence, and you see mountains and I see lakes, it behooves everyone to take in the larger view.
Abraham Lincoln was never President of The United States of America, by which we mean the unincorporated Federation of actual, physically-defined States of the Union. He was never President of the Federal Republic, either.
Instead, he was President of the United States of America --- the British Territorial Government acting as a Federal Subcontractor. They were allowed to operate in our names because they exercised some of our delegated powers. They were loaned the use of our Title IV flag for the same reason.
But they are not us and we are not them and Abraham Lincoln was never an American President.
We can be sure of this because he was a Bar Attorney and Bar Attorneys were prohibited from holding any public office in our Federal Republic, and that prohibition which was always incipient in the original Constitutions, had been made more explicit and given specific penalties as of 1819. I would be happy to provide you with the documentation and the specific penalties.
Because of the similar names, The United States of America being the actual Federation of States, and the United States of America being our Federal Subcontractor, it was possible for Lincoln to obfuscate the offices, making it appear that he had been duly elected as the president of the actual Federation, when in fact, he was elected to a private corporate office serving one of our Federal Subcontractors.
He knowingly and with malice aforethought usurped upon our public office while occupying a similar-named private office.
Simple as that. A ruse. A contrived and purposeful impersonation that led people to believe that he had powers he never possessed and that he was operating in a public office that he was in fact prohibited from occupying.
Acting in Gross Breach of Trust, Lincoln appeared to declare war on the Southern Confederate States, without the benefit of any Declaration from any Congress, and thus, the Mercenary Conflict known as The American Civil War began.
In the middle of it, in March of 1863, Lincoln took another illegal, fraudulent action, and began issuing so-called Executive Orders. His very first Executive Order became known as General Order 100, and among other things, it put the military in charge --- but in charge of what?
The next day, Lincoln bankrupted the Northern Confederacy. His version of "USA" went into receivership, while our actual Federation of States remained apart from the entire conflict.
It was a "war" without any proper beginning, and at least so far as our Federal Subcontractors were concerned, without any ending, either. No Peace Treaty was signed by any competent parties with standing to take action, and so it dragged on and on and on.
Finally, however, the actual States of the Union woke up, We observed that both our warring Federal Subcontractors--- we will just generally call them the US, INC. and the USA, Inc.--- were owned by the Pope, so that the whole pretense of war was phony from beginning to end.
The American Civil War was was actually a Mercenary Conflict, illegal, conducted in Gross Breach of Trust, in violation of the respective service contracts known as Constitutions, and promulgated by fraud in violation of the Treaties of Versailles, Paris, Westminster and Ghent, by Undeclared Agents of the British Crown.
That, dear General, is what the American Civil War was. And absolutely everything coming out of it is tainted by fraud. Lincoln's presidency and all his fine words---- tainted by fraud. All the results of the conflict --- including the practice of issuing Executive Orders --- are fraudulent. So is the entire Lieber Code and the authorities claimed by the Military acting under it --- more fraud.
There is no recourse to The Law of War, because there is no war.
There is nothing to be addressed but a 160 year-old British Confidence Swindle, and that is the essence of the "Special Relationship" that the Brits keep touting.
So the States woke up, the people declared their birthright political status, the State Assemblies assembled, and the State Citizens took a roll call vote to adopt a Peace Treaty ending the purported Civil War.
The authority to do so resides with them, because the Confederate States were all businesses and instrumentalities that belonged to the States of the Union, which are the actual physically-defined member States of our Federation.
So the only Parties with standing to address the issue have spoken, have abolished slavery in all jurisdictions related to this country, and adopted a Peace Treaty ending the Civil War.
There are no other Parties with standing on the issue, because the Pope is just playing with himself. He owns the US, INC. directly, and owns the USA, Inc. indirectly. Last time we looked, you can't wage any legitimate war against yourself.
So this really is an end to the fun and games. The end of the Lieber Code. The end of Executive Orders. The end of Private Attorney Generals. The end of Public Trusts only presumed to exist. The end of all legal presumptions of war. The end of this entire fraudulent stinko system of things.
There is plenty of blame to go around. The Military bears its share for its part and the only saving grace is that the men actually and directly responsible for this Mess are long dead.
Going forward, the Military owes its allegiance to the American States and our unincorporated Federation of States and stands under our Civilian Government, which is now in Session. The same is true of all Federal Agency Personnel.
The very first order of business is to educate, educate, educate. Obviously.
We can't do that with a bought-and-paid-for foreign media monopoly pumping out propaganda every day. That's why you have been ordered to shut those corporations down and seize their assets in the Public Interest. They have exercised a foreign-based monopoly on our air waves and that cannot be allowed.
As the actual Priority Creditors, we are the natural inheritors of all US and all USA Corporations and assets, bar none. Any corporation engaged in unlawful activity or acting against the Public Good is to be liquidated or, at our discretion, turned over to new management.
Essential services must continue, but any and all anti-American activity by US or USA corporations must stop. This is why you have been ordered to shut down the CDC, NIH, Vaccine Manufacturers, and other entities which have promoted the current attack on our populace, seeking to redefine people as human beings and then to redefine human beings as "trans-human" in an effort to deny them their fundamental and Natural and Unalienable Rights.
This activity has already been outlawed in this country and all these corporations supporting these activities must be shut down. This includes the vaccine manufacturers who have colluded in this dirty business. That's why you have been ordered to take the actions necessary to accomplish these results.
The second order of business is to recoup and redeploy our assets. Almost everyone on Earth owes us both assets and credit, and none of that is "abandoned". That's why you have been ordered to assist us in recouping and redeploying our assets, both to settle debts and to expedite trade and commerce.
Janet Yellen is barking up the wrong tree. The "Congress" that she is addressing doesn't have the authority to access our assets or our credit, and except for very limited appropriation ability, never did. None of them have been elected by us and none of them have a contract. Joe Biden doesn't have a contract.
As would-be Federal Subcontractors, they have obligations. They haven't met those obligations in the past, and they aren't likely to meet them in the future. They're fired. Simple as that. If there is any question, we can make our case to the American People in less than fifteen minutes, and the Pope, who is the only other Principal-in-fact, has already acquiesced.
These are matters of business and crime, and should not be mistaken for or promoted as anything based on personalities, race, age, religion, or politics. It's my understanding that the Military is in fact in control of the Federal Civil Service and the Agencies as part of its former presumed-to-exist mandate under the Lieber Code.
Kindly pass the word. The FBI can stop investigating its own Employers as if we were the problem, and start doing what they were created to do. Ditto the U.S. Marshals Service, which should be working in tandem with our Continental Marshals Service.
There's ten days and counting until Janet Yellen passes the word to bankrupt the United States, again, an action which is totally unnecessary and damaging to our country and to the world at large. Let's finish cleaning up this Mess, once and for all, and get everyone on the same page.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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  1. Anna, "Dear General"? Who? What? Where?

  2. So proud to have been one of the deciding votes in Texas to end the Civil War/Mercenary Action. Amen

  3. oh DANG!
    why dint anyone tell us all we had ta'due was VOTE ta stop the crimes we dint know was bein' committed on us?

  4. Wow Anna, that is BOSS!, and being "Lawful", most eminent. I/We (with brains left) LOVE the legitimate "Order" to "shut down" the CDC, NIH [and Fauci], the Big Pharma "vaccine" machine and ancillary entities. Thanks oh so much, and God speed to you and the t.a.s.a.!

    1. unknown a.k.a. "Self-Proclaimed BrainyOne":

      well how bout those of you "with brains left" telling the world just EXACTLY WHO this order was sent to.... hmmm? :):):)

      My Guess:
      you wont.
      because it wasnt sent to anyone;
      and if that is true, then im pretty sure the true god doesnt get involved in speeding psyopps on innocent man and woman.

    2. it doesnt really matter, wherever the 10 commandments and moses law is, "god" is not.

      the lord of hosts will strike the shephard (already has). things will likely remain under the authority of the devil.

      people dont have to accept christ, but that is no reason to fall back into direct devil worship either. if people reject christ, and reject the idea of a devil, there are still many other choices. staunch atheism is still better than direct devil worship. at least it does not masquerade as an angel of light, you can easily identify those people, they aren't covertly trying to destroy "god".

      the foe who openly lays down the gauntlet has honor and integrity. the covert foe has no such weakness.

      real friends stab you in the front :)

      hurry up and wait.

    3. "....honor and integrity. the covert foe has no such weakness."

      "real friends stab you in the front :)"
      better is open rebuke...
      ref: proverbs 27:5

  5. Mullins money is not power knowledge is power in law yes .
    He was always the plaintiff, always with a strategy ware the opposition down and they will settle.
    So law of war don’t apply meaning conquering Army gains the land of looser.
    Lots of protocols well established in law of nations.essentially common law principles do no harm restore the damage .

  6. The zionest rats are hiding behind Chinese now after systematically moving all factories there.
    Zionest Jerome Corsy wrote unfit for command and the Chinese super freighter through Panama Canal and the sea ports moved to Mexico using Mexican trucks up the super corodor from Larado TX to hub in Kansas City old mob land Truman came from the town that never closes .
    Up into Detroit Windsor bridge into Canada
    Three football fields wide .
    Guess they got to greedy and couldn’t get the states to sign off.

  7. hese are matters of business and crime, and should not be mistaken for or promoted as anything based on personalities, race, age, religion, or politics
    yes, thats why an ever-shifting fraudelently non-consensual no-authority-to-alter "10 commandments" has no actual basis in law.

    actual america has freedom of religion, and land and property is not limited to people who reject christ for "the lord, their god" instead.

    glad this is finally clear.

    so there is a real america again? or is it still occult theocracy, and various people impersonating "the lord, their god"?

    noone is required to take any adhesion contract with this "entity", galatians is crystal clear, it in fact is a curse and death and spiritual adultery.

    so, no more declaring everyone else dead based on phony quasi-jewish religion? that jig is finally up too?

    hooray, finally the devil is "bound". no more of these "the lord, their god" people "playing with themselves" i.e. impersonating "the lord, their god"?

    1. christ is no longer banned in america? the people impersonating "the lord, their god" have aqcuisced to "the truth" of galatians?

      glorious day, satan finally released his grip on america?

  8. trolls dont answer because they cant; they dont have actual facts with which to back up their jibberings.

    1. That would be you,faker. Guilty of what you accuse.

    2. oh!!!! there it is again! looololol
      the ever-repeating limited content of "your-type's" jibbering accusations:
      what? taught to you in "TROLL TO MAINTAIN CONTROL" schools?!!!
      what?... theres a special lesson segment on how to operate the:
      "i know you are but what am i?" "trolling tool"?? :):)
      or did the "trollbott" just fall off its perch and get stuck?!?!??? lollloll??

      hey!! "unknown":) you gonna do nannynannypoopoo for us next?!
      come'on! showcase your shining mental acuity some more!!! :):)

    3. i'm sorry "unknown"
      i was being a retard.
      i take back my words.

    4. now thats pathetic! :) lool!
      ...hacking an account and posting a desired apology youll never get, to your own self from someone you wish would pay attention to you!hahahahaha!
      on a blog!! lollolol!
      omgosh, these rejects are too dang comical!

      hey! :) youre too lowIQ'd to imitate almost anyone who regularly posts on pauls blog! :):)

      it seems that the speling is not working though and nobody, but y. o. u. maybe, is under "minekontrol"?
      ....better go back to the whichs den and eat some more cricket feets while howling at the mune? jokejoke!!kidding!

      whats next "Ms. I-have-to- PRETEND-like-someone likes-me"? ... you gonna ask yourself to marry yourself and pretend its one of the men on this blog? loololol!!!! watch out guys!!! runn!!! runn fer yer liiiiiiiives!!!! :):):)

  9. your not a fiduciary and with all this you do not even know what you are talking about. You miss it all by hitting only the edges, and you leading people with no FACTS, you do not address FACTS because you do not have them

  10. "If there is any question, we can make our case to the American People in less than fifteen minutes, and the Pope, who is the only other Principal-in-fact, has already acquiesced."

    Which "Pope" are you talking about Anna "Benedict" or the Communist not eligible to be Pope, Jesuit Francis who just ordered the following. The irony is that the "V*x" makers have acknowledged that the shot neither protects against getting or transmitting "Covid". So it's really being used as a control mechanism credit system similar to the one the Chinese Communist Party instituted. This is the guy you're trusting to keep his word? Incredible...

    Any legitimate author and researcher ALWAYS lists citations gleaned from the sources cited in their articles such as treaties, authors names, various documents - you always fail to provide those citations in your articles. If the source is an old not citable document, the document referred to in the article could be scanned and provided. In other words, in your articles you make assertions and refer to treaties, documents, authors, etc and fail to cite and give credit to the document and/or author source. Not only is that sloppy amateurish research, it also destroys your credibility. I see you refer to correspondence with the "pope" but never provide any proof of a response.

    SATAN’S SEAT: Pope Francis The King Orders The Country Of Vatican City Closed To All Catholics Who Have Not Received A COVID-19 Green Pass

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I and many others would be interested in seeing these documents, treaties and correspondence cited in your articles.

      Since you are always looking for donations you could even place them in an online book and promote them on Paul's and your web site. By providing these documents, you would lend credibility to your assertions and make a few bucks in the process.

    3. Nope, Sorry 007, you of all people should know about classified intel, along with national security, that would compromise continuity of government. Didn't you learn anything from Oliver North?

    4. is this the first time youve questioned the lack of "documentation" ready007?

    5. No, but whenever anyone raises legitimate questions, they are either never answered or Anna gets very defensive and responds in a nasty manner.

      Foscolos, why do you keep repeating the same post over and over, it's childish, grow up? You sound like you are military are you?  Yes, I know you must follow orders no matter what but I'm an American National and not subject to the same rules.

      "Continuity of government"...whose government? The corporate government in DC or the  American national government? How does a copy of a treaty compromise continuity of government - ridiculous?

      Treaties and many documents have nothing to do with national security. Many documents are randomly stamped classified intel and national security to hide criminality or to keep information from the people. Information, the people have every right to know.  They say that money is power but it's actually information that is power. The more information they keep from the people, the more power they retain for themselves.

      There are two forms of government, the ten square of Washington DC which is a CORPORATION. Its members like the military Federal employees, dependents, or anyone with a nexus to that government have no civil rights and must abide by all the endless statutes and laws and all the so called "national security" and intel BS.  
      If you are one of the groups enumerated above, then yes, you must abide by all the endless rules concerning "their" national security and Oliver North (military), etc. The great majority of which has nothing to do with American Nationals.

      I am an American National so I'm not concerned with any of the endless BS coming out of DC.

      There are ways to provide information while protecting identities of individuals or by redaction of sensitive information, FOIA requests  are handled that way all the time.

      Additionally, when someone writes an article, I expect them to provide relevant citations and documentation. If someone is not able to provide that information then any assertions they make in that article are rightfully open for question.

    6. As do I,if you have noticed the very first post, and question has yet to be answered, and more than likely never will. As far as making a double posting this was due to a mistake in posting placement. Hope that puts your mind at ease. Thanks for the feed back, very knowledgeable feedback for all to take note.

    7. ready007,
      yes, you are right, there should have been some proofs furnished. i couldnt recall whether you are one of the readers who had been asking for proofs for a long time, or if it just recently became noticable to you.

      and now, not only are questions not often answered, theyre even cutting off the question-asking
      itself part-time!:):)

      im guessing something is up.

    8. ready007,
      "...information that is power. The more information they keep from the people, the more power they retain for themselves."
      true that.
      and well said.

    9. I totally AGREE. Why isn't said information shown, shared, proved?

    10. She is forbidden to answer

      It's against the rules for an advocate

      And your donations, well have a look see

      It is up to you to make sure that you can fund your devilling.

      Lawyers are Devils Advocates

      And again I bring to your attention the name Medici (jews)

      Medici Land Governance and the LRS that Anna provided to her followers
      Systematic Land Titling or SLT

      Linked to World Parliament as I have been screaming for months now
      From the Medici link above it references the following 'Ministry'
      Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources

      From this World Legislative Act - 'Ministry' of Commerce and Trade
      World Legislative Act #52
      Ministry of Commerce and Trade:
      Democracy Enhancement through Corporate Personhood Prohibition Act
      Short Title: Corporations Act

      You've been set up and trafficed in to the new world order

      And my guess is that your land is now in the hands of Medici Land Governance and subject to the terms and conditions under their charter with the Democratic Federation of Earth, the Earth CONstitution and the soon to be revealed new and improved UN Charter

      To solidify their REIGN over all people and launch their new world order they need to perform their last magic trick during their global heist of all the treasuries

      And all of hollywood and their puppet leaders and military generals are ALL IN
      Where they go one they go all
      They're all in it together

      It's All in the Families

    11. And compare your 'national' card with what is proposed in this video

      The lies are so insurmountable that it boggles the mind

      They are now overlaying black faces on white faces changing narratives
      Like this cock and bull story from few days ago of someone showing up in black face to protest vaccines?
      How much more rediculous can they get
      Well when you're trying to start a race war tell the blacks they were the indigenous to the land, demonize the white folk, send in millions of immigrants, stir the pot with fake story after fake story then send in the UN troops

      They've been at this for a very very long time

      Interesting note the twins were constructed using steel that was produced at Bethlehem Steel in Pennsylvania

      The last remaining structure of Bethlehem Steel was demolisioned in 2019

      You can thank the death of the steel industry on the looters in washington aka kissinger who arranged for those obs to go to China for third world cheap labor and prepare for the destruction of the United States and the introduction of their new world order and World Government

      India leading the way in the World Parliament launch and is part of the G5 new world bank dealings out of Swissy Land

    12. Read through the articles, almost like symbolic of killing Bethlehem
      Or, be the lamb?

      A slow progression of it's death, from one location to another

      The steel from the twins was made by Bethlehem Steel
      I'm sure backroom deals were made at the time between Standard Oil and buddies at Bethlehem Steel
      The rockies were very specific about the location and exact placement of the twins and were front and center in the land deal to build the suckers
      Said to have been specifically designed complete with slurry walls and pre planted materials for a magic trick that would be conducted decades later

      Some of the locations are now gambling meccas, how bout that

      Like the info in the Armen Condo letter about their special project carried out by them and Howard Hughes on the bottom of the ocean floor all along the east coast
      Page 80 talks about the rockies interest in all water resources across the United States
      And somewhere in that same area is the information about the little gifts buried off the east coast

      Now it makes you wonder just what really might be the purpose of this cableing all along the California coast here recently?

      And we know that Google and FaCIAbook are products funded and put in place not by some nobodies they were insiders

      And if we are all communicating now as it is what is the true purpose, 5G fiber optic to replace old ones? 5G enables them to move all your shit to the 'cloud' and none of your data stays local on your device
      You the end user will not know the difference as to access your data with 5G means seamless and quick access no delay
      But your data is actually being rerouted from your devices to the cloud without your knowledge and all that data is compromised and being used in their analysis of your behavior, pictures, text, phone calls, health data if you use health apps, your locations, EVERYTHING, ALL DATA

      And 'mental health' is front and center folks

      Ole Bush put tons of shit on the books and even declared that everyone in America needed to be mentally evaluated including your 2 year old
      They can literally flag your record for this through ANYTHING PUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA

      Now thats what I would refer to as the INSANE running the asylum
      If we are to be labeled nuts what the hell does that tell you about them

  11. Nope, Sorry 007, you of all people should no about classified intel, along with national security, that would compromise continuity of government. Didn't you learn anything from Oliver North?

  12. No one can describe the chain of events as judge Anna.
    Wish Sheriff Richard Mac could get his energy levels back from his heart circulation disease.
    Anything is possible with energy like in commercial world the primary common governing factor is the cost of energy.
    That’s why most musicians make all thair smash hits while they are young then go dormant. .
    Intermittent fasting can increase HGH 2,000.%
    Virtually the fountain of youth.
    Continued can completely rejuvenate your immune health.
    Our seniors need to guard our health young inexperienced impetus young fools can make decisions based on irrational emotions.
    We must stand rooted in law of nations that the common law applied to nations .

    1. i have been wanting to say something about our health too: very easy, affordable ways to have inexpensive, high-nutrient-dense foods even on tight budget: nutrients generally are depleted under stress, need to replace.

      1 Tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar with the mother, (Dollar Tree/other) a day = $1.00/month.

      1/2 cup cooked dry beans/day
      = $2.00/month.

      1/2 cup dry oatmeal = $2.00 month

      bone broths from chicken, beef, pork = free, from meats purchased.

      box of 60 eggs = $5.00-6.00

      reconstituted lemon juice $1.00
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      fresh jalapenos 7-9/$1.00 vit c
      bananas 7 small/$1.00
      fresh carrots 7/$.59
      green onions $.59 regrown root end in water.
      do your own sprouts
      grow dandelion greens in pots
      do your own yogurt
      do your own fermented veggies
      sourdough bread starter
      do your own fruit syrups
      vinegars, flavored oils.
      cleaning: use essential oils.
      baking soda, natural soaps.

      garlic powder
      cayenne pepper
      chili powder
      italian seasoning
      onion powder
      real butter, if possible

      multi vitamin
      flax seed oil
      lactobacillus acidophilus

      walmart has big canisters of organic greens and superfoods, 10.6 ounces, $13.50, 30 servings: big scoop! $.40 a serving of organics fruit and veggie nutrients.
      i dont like that much; use half scoop, so about $.20 a serving... lasts 2 months!
      great value nutrition-wise.

      just start with one thing:
      1T raw apple vinegar in water, mid-morning.
      honey, molasses, cayenne, anyfruit, berry, citrus or its juice, sea or himalayan salt, ginger, clove, cinnamon, endless possibilities.....:)

      they want deth? okay... for THEM.

      choose life.

  13. Janmarie is at her best when she declares the attics of confederation is still applicable
    Kirk would say the declaration is how you lay down law that is the Declaration of Independence. The Virginia declaration of rights .
    We have let the usurpers dominate the air waves auditory and electronic.
    With propaganda promoting thair color of law using the hypnotic blue tube and of Mayberry horse shit like sheriff Mac has stumbled into in his Supreme Court case a sheriff has a right to just enforce the constitution. But that not it ! That’s to gorvoren the hired help.
    The ninth amendment by Madison: we have right not enumerated that shall not be denied nor disparaged.
    Or da judge Andrew .Napolitino preaches give me what you thing your rights are and I will add twenty or thirty more .

    1. thanks bubba.

      the Declof Indep leaves even the Virginia Decl of Rights in its dust. :) they were still stuck in "commonwealth" mode... however our ancestors stepped out of all of the previous buttoned-down, stiff- upper-lipped constraints and what they wrote said (imo):
      as for washington district of isis and its affiliated Temple devil worshippers: we never hired the devil worshippers to handle our country's business...
      ...anymore than we authorized the Temple devil worshippers to be our Trustees/Power ofAttorney/other over our life and property,... and soul.

      the Constitution is just as big of a fraud on the national level as the Birth Certificates are on a one-man level.

      their Constitution wasnt ratified by us and their Birth Certificates werent authorized by us.

      both are complete frauds, complete abominations, and completely NULL:...:and are as if theyd never been written.

    2. Commander Rockwell uses an analogy calling ((( them ))) chart forgers as a navigator of a ship relies on his charts to keep in the safe waters never considering someone would be as evil as to alter the charts.

    3. Is it possible the Declaration of Independence is a bond instrument between We the People and the City of London? Read the last paragraph before answering.

  14. She's unfortunately left out the how to directive.

  15. and how will you accomplish that task?

  16. Same at the close of WW2 800 US officers were hired by Rothschilds to scorer Europe’s newspapers and articles for anything that could tie Rothchild to the cause of the war (destroying evidence).


  17. Elenor Roosevelt was righ about one thing everything is possible with energy.
    Calming technique in clinic proven you can rest your heart more in 10 minutes of deep relaxation that 8 hours of sleep .
    Visulation ,particularly of being in a forest will put you in bliss .



    1. Lolita Bilu, I appreciate this sentiment that you have towards these grifters. But remember all these clowns, and their clownish acts have all been orchestrated by well hidden puppeteer(s).
      Not to mention, all of these clowns are FEDERAL CITIZENS.
      Through Shelby’s above comment about “Devil’s advocate”;
      That was first brought to our attention on Thursday, October 29, 2020 in Anna’s article;
      “About Land Ownership”;
      You will also find that the commenter “Maximus” posts nine links, one of which I perused last night, and opened up one of this sites other links that gives a little detail on how the Patriots/“Rebels” handled the English Military, Courts, and their Loyalists;
      “The Declaration of Independence - 1776”;
      Seems from what was transpiring on, and before1774 that it had finally reached such an intolerable climax/“climate” that there was no other recourse. Now with all that was done then, one should come to the conclusion that Humpty Dumpty was finally obliterated along with all the “King’s Men”. However, the present day is showing quite the opposite, which is similar to Constantine making Christianity Rome’s new State Religion. How does one actually determine who is an “American”, vs. a traitorous, treasonous bastard that is truly deserving to pay the ultimate penalty? What would that litmus test consist of ? What would it take to convict? Two or more Witnesses? Where would it end? Please tell us all, the way to determine, convict, and dispose of these treasonous clowns that would be the most efficient, and will leave everyone knowing without a doubt that they were truly deserving of their fate. Remember, that whatever the construct that is implemented it also has to be able to constantly deter any, and all that try to usurp, undermine, and regain a foothold afterwards into the future.

    2. They're not a government it is a stage play to brainwash the people
      It has always been a stage play as these inbred fuckers have put the 'rules' in place to protect their organized crime

      They didn't kill Oswald nor Bin Laden they were both make believe characters on the world stage played by actors of the organized crime families
      Astor the fake killed in the TITANIC OF A LIE was Fred Astaire
      They made up the story of the TITANIC and the fake killing of ASTOR/Astaire and created the story of killing off anyone opposed to their fake ass creation of the federal reserve bank

      As years went by they brought in other liars who wrote books about Jekyl Island and secret meetings and such to spoon feed us the stories being spawned on us today

      Just like the song by the 5th Dimensions was spawned in 1969 to plant the subliminal of the coming age of Aquarius while they put all the other projects in motion that we are witnessing today
      new heaven new earth age of aquarius golden age galactic council cosmic agencies and on and on they go

      Chaching chaching chaching

      Their family members get put on projects whether it be the internet, television or on the boards to carry their agendas forward

      Your so called self government is exactly what the plan was all along it fits the World Parliament and Democratic Federation of Earth documents to a FUCKING T folks

      It's the last piece of the puzzle and building Babylon
      Brought to you by your world jewish congress and SWISSY LAND their banking hub home of the fake ass family members known as the Knights Templars (who they never killed they were just moved around to prevent exposure)

      Kind of like today and Robert David Steele, a family member, who is not dead only removed from the internet scene as he was exposed as being a crypto jew rat

    3. continued from above

      The plan is to tell the village idiots that these rats are being executed or housed at GITMO serving life sentences or being hung for their crimes or have succumed to COVID-19 but what you are not being told is that the Earth Federation and World Parliament reassigned GITMO to their control
      World Legislative Act #36
      Mundialization of Guantanamo Base
      Earth to United States: Notice to Quit Guantanamo Bay
      Short title: “Guantanamo Bay”

      Interesting word Mundialization

      The World Servie Authority I wrote about yesterday and your so called global citizen self government BULLSHIT
      Planned decades ago folks

      The current climate crisis, refugee crisis, governmental crisis, terrorism, social inequality, the list is endless all caused by the very fake ass banker families to bring about the global mind fuck taking place today
      Written and put in to place decades ago as they all work in tandem to manifest the end result as they rally you village idiots to dig your own fucking graves while feeding you the line of bullshit about your freedom and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

      Its all in these WLS's and if you cannot read them and add 2 + 2 then I do not know what else to tell you
      Corporate Personhood Prohibition Act
      Rechartering the frauds under World Parliament and the Earth Federation as the crooks skate out the back door with all their ill gotten gain cashing in bonds and investments as they pull off the BIG BANG aka world wide heist

      Anna is an agent NO ANDS IFS OR BUTTS ABOUT IT

    4. A lie is easier to believe than the truth, and all it takes is for one "Adam" to believe it, and the rest is His-story. Sad day indeed.

    5. This lady does some good videos

      And the story of the East India company being dissolved I do not believe to be true
      The trading company was formed in New Amsterdam aka New York in the mid 1600's
      Which lines up with those records I had uncovered of colonial maryland
      Take a look at these records for Francis Pope

      These records dating back to early mid 1600's
      Sep. 9, 1649 - John Court demanded for self & for Francis Pope 200 acres who were transported in 1639 by Capt. Fulk Brent. Warrant for Patowmeck River.
      Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber 2, p. 509.

      Nov. 1676 - Pope, John, son of Francis Pope, deceased, doth choose Thomas Harris to be his guardian. (Charles Co., Md. Circuit Court, Liber F, p. 230.)
      Contributed by Margaret Whippee 2009-02-19
      Source: Maryland Archives Microfilm
      19 June 1641
      James Neale, Gent. Demandeth one thousand acres of land to him by conditions of Plantation for transporting into this Province himself and 5 serv. Viz., John Court, Francis Pope, James Longworth, William King and Thomas Demar since the year 1635.

      Now I argue that these county courts and the liber code have been applied across this land since the 1600's and that all this other bullshit was put in place to cover up the fact that what they were truly building is what we see today

      The people were given fake history to make it appear they gained their freedom to move the agenda forward and America was to be used for that very manifest destiny of bringing all the nations of the world under the control of this World Parliament that I have been telling you all about for months now

      You get the slaves to work for you under the guise of freedom and independence with their agents acting as their leaders

      In comments section of this article

      Here is a general history of what government has become and how:

      Click to access ChanAmGASCh3Sept08.pdf

      It is fair to say that the stock market was not created for the people, but for the government and corporations.

      Though trading as such started in about 12th century France, The Dutch East India Company (founded in 1602) was the first joint-stock company to get a fixed capital stock and as a result, continuous trade in company stock occurred on the Amsterdam Exchange.
      Soon thereafter, a lively trade in various derivatives, among which options and repos, emerged on the Amsterdam market.
      Dutch traders also pioneered short selling – a practice which was banned by the Dutch authorities as early as 1610.
      Not ironically at all, it was the Dutch “Quakers” and Puritans”, called the Synagogue of Satan” by King James in his book “Demonology”, who colonized America, funded by royalty to settle and incorporate North America.
      Those and their offspring were who created the United States colonies, and eventually the United States.
      So naturally, those who created the concept of short bets in Holland brought it to America where it would not be banned, along with their “religion”.

      Imagine if short and long bets (derivatives) were banned in America!!!

      That stock exchange has been around a hell of a lot longer then we have been advised it has

    6. I found this somewhere and cannot locate the source but have a look

      the Governor of STATE OF OHIO and the DISTRICT OF
      COLUMBIA conspired to INITIATE the FALSE FLAG of COVID 19 to HIDE THEIR CRIMES OF STATE with a simple time line in juxtaposition to their being SERVED OUR SEC CLAIM proving PRIMA FASCIA CRIMES UPON OUR TREASURY. The time line of their actions will PROVE the FACTS of what i bring forth this day. Additionally, it appears as though by such CRIMINAL ACTS IN
      OBFUSCATION the SEC has place our TREASURY I DID LIEN into a unproved BLOCK CHAIN
      format controlled by an UNREGISTERED LLC. Yes, you read that right, our ILLEGITIMATE BANKRUPTED POST FED treasury is now being controlled by an entity in SEC documents as
      "Boston Security Token Exchange LLC (‘‘BSTX’’) out of Boston MASSACHUSETTS as a "SELF REGULATORY ORGANIZATION" trading in equity securities, including internationally NATIONAL
      MARKET SECURITIES under 17 CFR § 242.600, where "ancillary records of ownership that would be maintained using distributed ledger technology" which "would not be official records of security token ownership." Instead *** "such records would be ancillary records that would
      reflect certain end-of-day security token position balance information as reported by market participants." HOWEVER, "Boston Security Token Exchange" is NOT REGISTERED in the Secretary of State for MASSACHUSETTS or with the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA SEC.... THE PLOT IS
      AFOOT and it leads none other than to STATE OF DELAWARE with a corporation that has yet to register properly under SEC regulations. As an update on the Law/law side of this GRAND HIGH CRIME against my Son ~clay, all real parties of interest in said claim have been sent out 2nd
      NOTICE and NOTICED to correct their course IN Law/law and Equity of be found in default PRO
      CONFESSO, under "EN CACHETT" Court of Thutmose III accordance

      BLOCKCHAIN and I would day that MEDICI VENTURES is part of this UNKNOWN entity and connected to World Parliament

    7. Global Resources LLC in Plantation Florida and the take over of 175 million IP addresses from the Pentagon also part of the World Parliament and the take over of communications

      And this endtimes site linked to the Colorado traitors

      Dr Glen T Martin and his association to the destruction of the nation and receives a peace award in 2013

      Medici Ventures and BLOCKCHAIN and digital currency

      Reap value of BLOCKCHAIN ASSETS would be the confication of properties from all nations that they hoodwinked in to signing up for their DIGITAL CERTIFICATES OF TITLE which is now their property under the Democratic Federation of Earth and the
      'Ministry' of Lands and Natural Resources

      It's a world wide heist folks and I mean HEIST and using any means necessary, they will steal it all

    8. Re.-
      "ShelbySeptember 24, 2021 at 1:52 PM"
      "I found this somewhere and cannot locate the source but have a look"
      "As an update on the Law/law side of this GRAND HIGH CRIME against my Son ~clay..."
      This is appears to be Lotus Justice, and more than likely the cause of what happened to her, and her being shot then incarcerated/disappearance.

    9. Lotus seems Legit; Swat team was sent in. Neighbor across the street video taped entire scenario of stand off and was posting it realtime on Face book. Supposedly an officer got shot as she as well in her wrist. she was holed up in her basement with a gas mask as they bombarded her house with tear gas. all the while she was down loading video as well. But with all productions nowadays to be able to differentiate between Truth' and Fiction is a thin grey/"blue" line. To this day I am still perplexed by this "Lotus" Justice.

  20. On their owned media last night I saw a headline


    Oh the climates changing alright on many fronts all preplanned and scripted with specific intent

  21. World Headquarters of the fake ones

    Hidden in plain sight and they have encampments all over the place in every city, county, state and they are not who they claim to be

    They are setting up the real Jewish people as well as everyone else

  22. I think it time to hold an Election among the nationals and elect a new President. I nominate you Anna. Our truly first woman President. A new History in the making. :) Can we do that?

    1. Well... THATS AN EXCELLENT IDEA!!! Could we do that?
      Also.. Could we just walk into the White House and whom ever is sitting at the "presidents desk" just take hold of him and drop kick hom off the White House Porch?? Ooh OOOH. LET ME!!! I WANNA DO IT!!! CAN I PLEASE?? HUH huh?? Please?? Ooh pleeeeeaaaaase????

  23. Ahh the hudson by company and the fabricated story and you bet linked to east india trading company

    Those hunter gatherers from the bronze age on this island were pretty good at getting that ore out of the ground there
    But no one can figure out how they did it

    And what do ya know a UNESCO World Heritage Site said to have been completed in 1830's when no one could read or write and before the industrial revolution

    29,000 miles declared UNESCO World Heritage Site
    National Parks set up to hide all kinds of shit from the populace and today UNIDROIT and UNESCO working hand and glove with their other partners in crime set aside the earth for their own while the populations is told there just ain't enough room or resources to sustain the useless eaters

    And anyone who talks about rechartering any of these corporations under yet another layer of deceit to continue this fraud is an accomplice

  24. Wore out the war scenario but a pandemic just what the NWO one successfully stood up to tyranny in a big way
    We win a few with great knowledge and guts .
    I educate as fate as the fluoridated,dumbed down populace will tolerate.
    Janmarie says the birthcirtificate fraud is same old misidentification our territorial constitution did to the Republic.
    The audacity of shoving this crap down our throats by doctors politicians.
    The Illuminati/Rothschild plan controld children and media. One mind at a time .
    Have mad a dent on talk radio but you fighting the gate keepers and customary they are good old boy homosexuals.
    Sorry it’s true Queen no time for loosers we are the champions counter culture da bs .
    For god sake any straight ppl remaining with a clear head and passionate?
    Cancer cloaks it’s self as not an alien so anything that can mark it for immune system it can be taken out .
    70% of your immune system coexist with gut bacteria .
    And the relationship is remarkable appears to be able to train the immune system what to do.
    The good thing one bacteria is present in all cancer free people Akkermancia
    You kill it with antibiotics the cancer goes grows unchecked.
    It’s the hottest thing in cancer research that’s not cemo.shit ..
    Not a probiotic as yet so it loves and eats mucus in intestines foods that feed the friendly microb are Avocado, fatty fish like sardines,salmon.taa the best natural docs are on high alert Dr.Berg almost got an hour with Dr Oz .
    Dr Gunner Dr William Li all on board it’s hot .
    We all deal with tumors I have lost I know everyone can relate .

    1. this is so important!

      yeh, bubba, its in our intestines.

      peyers patches.

      this is why im doing so many yummy ferments now.
      you can make fermented ginger = even use powdered ginger, plain or = ale + cherry, peach, lemon, lime.
      sourdough everything.
      sauerkraut: garlic. cayenne.
      carrots: dilled, thyme, parsley.
      kefir, yogurt: fruit, honey.
      the more variety, the better.
      even beer is a ferment and full of enzymes.
      prunes: full of enzymes add+ orange rind/zest.

      so many good things.
      sprouts too.
      sprouts are just literally bursting with nutrition.

      ann wigmore.
      john christopher.
      bernard jensen
      paul bragg

      cleanse fruit morning; then build veggies afternoon.
      lymphatic drainage.
      mucusless diet.
      sunshine: sun-bathing.
      water therapies.
      foot bathes.
      spinal stretching.
      deep breathing.
      nothing exotic.
      nothing difficult.

      i mean, there is so MUCH we can do to just support being healthy and here these worthless rejects have been taking up our irreplaceable time and energy instead of us being abld to focus on things that add to state of life, living healthy, and happiness.
      enough of their crap already.

  25. We’re gearing up for a fight by the deep state Anna harping on enforcement talking up marshals and we need x military officers to start our militias
    Train out jurist in common law I can relate no an officer but behind ever good officer is an excellent Staff NCO..
    Energy theme why do you feel weak with a flu ? Not the virus it’s your immune system requirements .
    Massive army requires all the ATP you can manufacture.
    Eat smart no substance that harm us example Columbus brought Tomatoes to Europe the refused to eat them for 200 years it’s from the deadly nightshade family. Today Italians will remove the most toxic peel and seeds .
    Three raw kidney beans can kill a man the bean from caster bean is source of deadly Ricen few molecules can kill .peanuts are actually a bean and correlated with arterial sclerosis.
    So pressure cook your beans and substitute peanut for almonds.

  26. Feed you head ,Jefferson airplane lyric actually your gut appears to be a connection bacteria having its way with us .
    Transplant bacteria from high IQ people into lower and they take on the character of donor.
    Same correlation in weight , longevity, mortality.
    “Feed you gut “ .

  27. NWO, Vatican, Queen, obfuscation, the astute know beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    Rothschilds “give me controld of a nations money supply and I care not who sit on thrown “.
    We’re pullin an Alex Jonestein creat a straw man looking like a devil sitting at a table.
    The Babylonian Talmud it’s so many volumes it would fill a book shelf.
    Teaches the young Canaanite how to treat non Canaanite like cockroaches.
    We are feed filtered fluoride things that distort the actual teachings of JC and the GOD of the Bible could be very aggressive, telling his people to go up against the philisteins. Everything not only distorted modern days but the historical records also. The word Semitic being an antisemite.
    Actually it means descendants of Noah’s son Shem and Ripleys believe it or not said Aberham Isaac and Jacob were not Jewish !
    The Israelites were descends from Jacob who was instructed by angel to change his name to Israel .
    The Hebrew modern day what the refer to them selves as Jews are actually speaking and right Yeddish a German slang and the writing block letters nothing like ancient Hebrew.
    No my friends more birth certificate fraud.