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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

We Lie To You News - Some of the best Satire I have seen.

An Idiot President, Trans MMA Fighter and More! BREAKING NEWS!


  1. Vieira still calls for bringing back the organized Militia in each statethreatened?
    Jim Stone wrote that we should deal with foes.
    Are folks competent to carry out the threat?

  2. I won't bother watching the video as his association with this outfit is more than enough for me to know he is being promoted for a reason and it all stems from his public displays at these Freedom Fest events, which by the way involve the public spending lots of money for lodging, travel and many other things to ENLIGHTEN AND REEDUCATE YOU at the
    and make you

    Hmmm The US CONstitution Conceived in Liberty or a Conspiratorial Coup

    And while these traveling circus performers rake in the cash reeducating you, the global heist continues without interference

    1. One other interesting link

      See the first one, click on it and you will find calls out the ass and the recordings (all under copyright)
      Only as a Beneficiary, registered and dues paid to teamlaw do you gain access to these reecordings?

      They're reseating America too
      Alaska is not on the list

      I could go on and on about the CONtraDICKtions I find from one story to the other being told by entities that are connected?

      And this video here seems to point to some interesting relationships in regard to the house of Habsburg and the House of Wettin all intermingled with name changes and so called heirs to the different 'nations' dating back to the very civil war and reset of the historical narrative to indoctrinate/reeducate the masses

      I find this Moors narrative to be of specific interest

      1993 United Nations Charter of this 'ancient' civilization in Louisianna????
      At the 56:25 minute marker

      None of this shit helps those who are in need because of the deliberate hardships spawned on the masses
      It's all a production to keep your eyes off the hidden hand and the global heist as their plan for Democratic Socialism and Communitarianism marches on unabated with the build back better 5G SMART cities, stack and pack housing full of immigrants and the deliberate forced relocation of people from their state or nation due to induced measures brought on by the crooks who did this very same thing with the creation of the civil war narrative/theatre in the mid 1800's

    2. Wipe out all and rewrite

      Rename, steal the land, minerals and gems set up monopoly money bank and carry on

    3. And how bout that a UNESCO 'lie' site declared what it is by the liars who make up the stories

      UNIDROIT AND UNESCO and the in progress claiming of undiscovered cultural antifictions to fabricate the narrative and declare lands and areas off limits to all the people or designated as tourist sites to cement the lie in to the collective

      To overcome these issues and free the art market from any illicit conduct UNIDROIT has been working on the repatriation of illegally traded cultural objects, the establishment of a clear right of ownership of the State over undiscovered artefacts and, lastly, private law issues concerning private art collections. By the time, UNIDROIT has elaborated hard law and soft international tools aiming at setting up best practice standards for the art market. UNIDROIT continues to work in partnership with other international organisations: UNESCO, INTERPOL, UNODC, WCO, ICCROM, national police forces and NGOs, like ICOM. The international co-operation in the field of cultural heritage protection was strengthened with the launch of the Academic Project (“UCAP”) which brings together governmental organisations, universities, scholars, law enforcement agencies and practicing lawyers in a trans-academic network.

      In other words an ORGANIZED CRIMNAL NETWORK

    4. The Presidio in California and the connection to the World Parliament and the Democratic Federation of Earth

      Might I also remind folks that the fake ass Gorbachev aka Rod Steiger has been housed at the Presidio since his tear down that wall photo op with Ronald Reagan aka Frank Sinatra
      Gorbachev aka Rod Steiger

      Ronald Reagan aka Frank Sinatra one of Fred Astaires hidden sons who's played many many roles in the fraud narrative spoon fed to us through their OWNED media monopoly
      4) Frank Sinatra aka Telly Savalas aka John Cassavetes aka Robert Loggia aka Cesar Romero aka John Epstein aka Peter Lawford aka Robert Kennedy aka Ronald Reagan.
      His hidden sons are Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Lenardo DeCrapio and Ed Harris just to name a few, off his clone banking escapades.

      Make note that at the Freedom Fest 2021 traveling circus event is
      Dr Drew Penski

      Presidio and Presidium are written all over the World Parliament documents
      One example taken from the link above
      Annual salaries for members of the World Parliament of all three houses shall be the same, except for those who serve also as members of the Presidium and of the Executive Cabinet.

      Since 1945
      Dr Glen T Martin and the Colorado Connection

      The Dr Martin and his fake ass law suit over the covid psychological operation most likely related to the Glen T Martin

      And just the other day Anna wrote about OMBUDSMAN

      Article 11 - The World Ombudsmus 66
      11.1. - Functions and Powers of the World Ombudsmus
      11.2. - Composition of the World Ombudsmus

      Make special note of this statement on page 18
      Davis went on to help found the World Citizens Registry in 1949, headquartered in Paris, and to establish the World Service Authority in 1954, headquartered in the U.S., which issues world identity cards, passports, and birth certificates.
      Davis has since ceased to agitate for a world constituent assembly in part because his World Service Authority has since been flooded by appeals from millions of desperate, displaced people in refugee camps the world over, who do not have identity documentation and, therefore, under nation-state bureaucracies, are virtually non-persons trapped in horrible circumstances. The World Service Authority has helped many of these people regain some decent life prospects.

      1949 PEOPLE

      And while these same fucks bomb the hell out of nation after nation the shew must go on as they create the damned crisis to bring this shit about

  3. Their sick ass occult numbers and the stage play

    Watch the friggin UN crap in new york and dc

    As we all know the plan is a new an improved un with the phoenix of the world parliament and the Democratic Federation of Earth and their Earth CONsitution waiting in the friggin wings

    Decades of planning this global slaughter and moving in their so called save the earth BULLSHIT as they specifically outlined decades ago

    Glen T Martin received his fake ass peace prize in 2013 while the same banking cabal and the world cohorts bomb the hell out of and terrorize the worlds populations into submission

    All of this shit was planned long ago

    India being the focal point of reeducating and brainwashing their people while they biometrically marked every one of them for the global surveillance grid under the guise of receiving 'benefits and priviledges' through their ADHR Adminstrative banking set up under the guise of human dignity, inclusion, diversity blah blah blah when all it ever was about was enslaving them all under the new and improved banking being converted to a publc utility and a basic 'human right' under their UN BULLSHIT

    As long as these schmucks control the purse strings you can bet that peace and safety is not on the agenda and neither is your freedom

    All this friggin identity shit and know who you are is absolute bullshit and because of how the shit is set up they created the damned issues in the first place then this so called World Service Authority was spawned to provide the service to the persons these same fuck wits trapped in horrible circumstances in the first place

    Never seen so much criminality and outright deception being carried out on a world wide basis
    And then the same ass crooks spawning groups of so called gurus leading the way to the end result by lying their asses off and stealing from folks all over the world to SUSTAIN their efforts to defraud you

    The plain truth is this group of inbred usurpers are the culprits that spawned this entire world wide lie decades ago
    And they've been on a killing spree ever since while they kept us all entertained and hynotized via all the friggin media that they themselves own
    Covering up the lies with one right after the other as they stole lands and resources from everyone else while they put their names on the inventions and patents and all that was someone else's

    Rechartering any of these corporations is the new UN Covenant and hell on earth
    Taking over the patents is also suicide for all of us as this world parliament aims to own and control all as it clearly states in their documents

    The take over of communications and energy and patents and farming and anything else is suicide for all of us as we are locked in to human settlement zones under 5G surveillance and police forced to death

    As their friggin earth CONstitution says nothing but your CIVIL OBEDIENCE to everything they dictate is required to save our precious planet earth


    And you can bet they will climate geoengineer change the hell out of earth to depopulate, relocate the people and steal it all while laughing at you

  4. Oh my God people
    2 miuntes in
    First link from the search is the following

    1. Am I understanding this right? Basiclly Participanting in life as we know it , is deviling? The everyday things that we have been taught to survive in this world fall under pupil's of the devilmaster.I understand you can'twalk the fence of good or bad. But I had no idea that just doing every day life wassigning me up on the wrong side of the fence. I knew there had to be a good reason for not jumping on anna's band wagon. I had no idea. And now I am more confused then ever. However this does explain my constant rebellion of authority, growing up. I wanted to know who made all these rules for people, who decided that everyone had to go sit in class and be taught all these things just so we could get a piece of paper that said we did so. Then to move on to working for someone every day of our lives. So we could save money to do things and buy things. And that was it. That was life. Thats it? To me it made no since. What if I didnt want to do these things, you have to thats the way it is, is what I was told. And if you werent educated enough to manage landing a well paying job. Then you dont get to buy what you want or do what you want. Instead you get to work for a person that does get to do these things and you get to give your money to others just for the privilege of surving the rules of someone eles. If that makes any since. Hince my name " Lifesmirage". And of course no one had any answers.when i was a teenager the missionaries use to come once a week to teach me. Then they stopped coming and a call from the church came explaining that I asked to many question and would not except the answers. Example who is joesph smith and why does he have a bible separate from God's. What made him so special? Anyway I am 60 yrs. old and I feel like I dont know anything.about anything. And if I do know anything, its WRONG.

    2. Yes, Lifesmirage to make sense of "their whirled" will definitely get one spinning like a top. The only consolation I can give, and I tell myself as well is; wherever I am that's the best place for me to be. Then I move, and again and again and again...

    3. Thanks Foscolos00, that helped. LoL🙃

  5. These massive massive electric solid steel poles is what they are putting up all over north texas

  6. The Ministry of Food of the World Parliament and the starvation plan

    Meanwhile the presenter is selling you gold and silver - hope you can eat that

  7. Ans isn't this one interesting

    The future CONgress hall of the Federal States of Europe?

  8. Lighten up people. This satire is hilarious. He is saying what most of us are thinking, in that video. I've been listening to JP Sears for nearly a year now. No doubt he is motivated by the need to entertain his target audiences, much the same as Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones have done.

    I'll grant you, there is nothing wrong in exposing an insider agenda and ideologies of leadership and public spokespersons not being fully transparent. However, it is our right and responsibility to self-govern and exercise discernment in filtering the sources of information we have through our individual worldviews of truth, love, and freedom.

    I don't let anyone ( including Anna) source become my final authority for all matters of life, faith, and morals other than the written words of God, the Holy Scriptures of the biblical Christianity faith.

    1. david,
      the "black eye club" depicted by the announcers black eye along with the bluud on his mouth references horrific things supposedly done to kid knappped little ones.
      ninth circle altar/other.
      theres nothing to lighten up about.
      it would actually be irrational to do so.
      the video qualifies for "Desensitization Propaganda" classification, imo.


    bellarian1s quote above is likely an accurate description of the way many people the world over feel about the practices being "satirized" in this video.

    It seems very obvious that the VIDEO MAKER/ "HANDLERS" objective is to DE-SENSITIZE THE PEOPLE to the HEINOUS, UNGODLY PRACTICES SYMBOLIZED in this video.
    theyre probably getting ready to release a glut of information about it and who has been involved in it, so that they can "discharge the crimes."
    they have to charge, then discharge.

    this is not a randomly released video imo.

    however, its not working aa DESENS-PROP.
    Decent men and women are still going to be just as HORRIFIED AS WE SHOULD BE.
    and they will stand for what theyve done, on the land, in American common law authority, before us and answer.
    Paul Stramer, a self- pronounced cradle-Catholic WOULD NOT POST THIS VIDEO symbolically referencing the Ninth Circle Altar and its Cain n Able ism upon sons and daughters AS ENTERTAINMENT anymore than i would apologize to a low IQd troll who hacked the blogaccount i use and is posting a pathetic apology to itself from me!!!
    and so it is.

  10. iow, i strongly suspect that paul, the man, is NOT controlling this blog right now.

    IF true, you will be able to EASILY tell what is abnormal.

    you will notice!