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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Victor Davis Hanson Lecture | September 8, 2021


  1. Hi Paul,
    I wonder if you or Anna woud care to comment on the veracity of this open letter to County Sheriffs? One of the topics is, "Take Back the Republic" that I fancy indicates it was authored by those that wish to conceal the existence and supplant the actual Government and perhaps Continental Sheriffs.
    Another item of concern is the recent Lin Woods video wherein the gent made claims such as "We the people." and "... the people's government." that struck me as misleading at least.

    Appreciated and with thanks, Ian

    1. Lin Wood is a shill in my opinion Ian.

      I'm not Anna nor Paul.

    2. The site where the open letter was published has vanished but SOTN caught it. Had me thinking I'd dreamed it.

      Anon, I suspect Lin Wood is a lot more than a shill. He is reinforcing the false perception that the foreigner owned and very likely controlled (via the Pilgrims - CFR - Bilderberg and individuals) governmental services corporations are the Government with DoD holding the power at present.
      It's difficult to combat the deceivers whose control of the toilet paper MSM has steered belief for so long.
      Perhaps a free Government newspaper? Anna alone puts out enough information to fill a broadsheet every week. The Assemblies could contribute to content and advertise vacancies.
      How much of the Pentagon crime corporation is aligned with the Government rather than foreign and corporate interests? It seems to be opposed viewed from the outside. Are the Alaska 'quakes due to Pentagon or private HAARPs?
      If the Russian military was given the contract for protecting America, bearing in mind Russia protecting America is nothing new, what would all the Queen's (or queen's) admirals and generals do then?