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Saturday, August 21, 2021

To the Pentagon

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have heard about the $700 Trillion dollars in debt derivatives held by the Deutsche Bank and your inability to deal with this burgeoning debt. 
We can deal with it, if our erstwhile employees do the logical thing and talk to us. 
Us.  Remember us?  The Federation of States?  The United States of America?  

You've been dealing with our British Subcontractor "the" United States of America, instead. 

You've been misdirected and misinformed by this middleman, which has been using you as cheap mercenaries in endless wars for profit.  

That's not what your contract says.  Wake up.  

If you want to continue having a job and want solutions to the debt derivatives and operating expenses and everything else, you need to overcome your fears.

We have the situation in hand.  We are not in debt. 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America. 


  1. repeating:
    The United States of America has never been a FEDERATION; only a Confederation.
    huge difference.

    The United States of American is not a Republic, republic, REPUBLIC.
    it is a Confederated Union of sever-al; free; independent states: that are separate nations with geographical borders.
    a Republic is a caste system;
    just look it up.

    it has three classes of people:
    1. the unelected philosopher-kings: (like goates, fachi, zickerberg, kooshner (?))
    2. their serving class:
    priests, attorneys, accountants, bankers, military brass, local enforcers, university leaders, medical and so forth
    3. the servants/ serfs/ slaves/ subjects/ citizens/ other:
    whose labor supports the two top "ruling" classes.
    and who have no rights.

    Answer: yes, it is.
    the problem they are having with us is (in the spiritual realm -- because even though they "break all the rules", THEY ARE *NOT* "IN CHARGE" as they want us to think they are...) they have to follow UNIVERSAL LAW too, just like everyone else.

    they are not the creator of this universe and they too have to follow the creators laws.
    if they dont, there are consequences for them and we are perfectly within our rights before our creator to insist that those consequences be applied to those who are breaking universal law and or when they harm us.

    the main universal law right now that people dont seem to be able to completely grasp because of all the fear and violations and lying and distractions and directed energy weapons? and poisons, and so on is this:

    If they. Do not. Get our consent, there are heavy heavy HEAVY spiritual penalties they have to pay. often in the form of sicknesses/ degeneration/ deformities/ brain and other organ shrinkages and so forth...
    when people say "we demand our constitutional republic", i literally feel myself cringe slightly because they have picked up the narrative spun out by those trying to fabricate the consent (again) that the people dont want to give them.
    people calling out for "our constitution", unknowingly:
    1. are calling out to bear the fictional debt these neanderthals create and
    2. republic:
    calling out for a three-level caste system. like the one they are trying to force on us now!!!

    its more trickery.

    getting people to call out for a caste system that puts them at the top AND
    getting the people to clamour to pay the "philosopher-kings" debts!!
    more word magick.

    we have to flip that.
    are we free and independent man and woman or arent we?
    or did our creator create slaves?

    we have to make up our minds.

    1. You are hopelessly confused and your post amounts to gibberish. Study jurisdictional Law before you even attempt to comprehend the structure of our country. Lol. You have no clue what you are talking about. Oh my lord! Thanks for the laugh.

    2. are you hoping i become "unconfused" like you?! you just sound scared to me.
      you can quit hoping.
      its too late.
      the people already understand what was done.

      but nevertheless, thank YOU for the laugh. your nonsensical attempts at intimidation are quite comical.

      janmarie, woman

    3. the comment section is shut down on the next article, the history of gold --
      however, in the first parag. of that article is printed:

      1. joseph didnt receive his fathers blessing.
      yes he did!
      genesis 48, verse 15:
      "...and he blessed joseph and said..."
      just look it up for yourself,
      its right there!
      genesis 48:22
      "moreover i have given to thee one portion above thy brethren..."
      [the double portion blessing that traditionally went to the first-born son -- he blessed joseph AND josephs sons]

      2. he asked his father to bless his sons instead
      no he didnt!
      genesis 48:9
      "...and he said, bring them to me i pray and i will bless them."
      then if you want to double check that jacob/israel did bless joseph, not just Mann. and Ephr., go here:
      to moses words before he died in deuteronomy ch 33 verses 13-17.
      he spends 5 verses extolling the blessings put on JOSEPH!!

      geez, these *people*.

      its easy to look something like this up... what is the point of saying joseph wasnt blessed, when their own actual lawbook says joseph was blessed??

    4. i had one heck of a time getting the system to quit wiping out my comment above about:
      gen 48:15, 22, and 9;
      and deuter. 33:13-17.

      geez. :):):) wha'sa prol'em? :):)

    5. oooooooooooh! i get it now:)! lol.
      the point is to give "proof" that "the bible" sanctioned "generation- skipping Trusts"!!!!!
      oh my GOSH! looooloooloool:):):)
      i cant quit chuckling!!

      oh, yeh, suuuuuuuure "anna", it absolutely does -- NOT!!

      i cant even say "nice try"...
      didnt anyone tell ya'll the "slaves" can read too now?!!!!
      lool ollloloool rotf.

      too dang funny.
      these people and their psyops or whatever theyre doing, are off the chart ridiculous.

      i will be giggling all day about this.

      they apparently have been told they need to "out" themselves so they can be "indicted", "charged", and then have their brother- headcover members "discharge" their "crimes" / "debts"---- all fiction, except the harm theyve done to mankind and earth and sky, if any.

      however, if true, they are still responsible in American and other common law systems of actual law/ "jurisdictions".

    6. give specific examples you are referring to where i have mis-spoken about the purpose of the Confederated Union.

      and prove that i was wrong.

      otherwise, you risk being perceived by the readers as a scared, parasite-class freeloader who is perhaps grasping at that free lunch ticket theyre about ready to lose.

      janmarie, woman

    7. Easy. You made the dumb, uneducated statement we were simply a Confederation. Anybody with a rudimentary grasp of jurisdictional Law knows you don't have a clue what youre talking. Let me educate your dumb ass. On the National level(Land) we are a union of geographically defined nation states properly known as " The United States". On the international level(Sea) we are indeed a Federation of States dba "The United States of America", and finally, on the global level(Air) we are a Confederation of "States of States" dba the "States of America". Three jurisdictions. Three different capacities all existing simultaneously. And don't try to play victim with me. You spread misinformation. And you just got exposed as a blithering idiot.

    8. Your original comment is nonsense. It is misinformation all the way through. You were dumb enough to post it. Don't cry when you get called out by those who know better.

    9. here is the main issue for us, the actual American people:

      1. the only "jurisdictions" that apply to American man and woman are the ones we consent to;

      2. we did not consent to:
      a) the authorities referred to above; andor
      b) to the way they have been misused and abused....the vatican, inc. andor temple bar, inc. and their associates and affiliated did, and are, it seems, responsible for that entire parasitic, freeloading fraud scheme all by themselves.
      we, the actual American people, didnt even know they were doing it. the whole world is finding that out now.

      janmarie, woman

    10. i said:

      1. give me specific examples of where i gave erroneous information, and then:
      2. prove that what i said is wrong:
      you have done neither.
      because you cant.
      because im not giving out erroneous infotmation.

      you just might be though.

      janmarie, woman

    11. "Don't try to run and hide from your statements. You made false statements. It is clear to me that this subject is well beyond your comprehension."
      do yourself a favor and actually come up with some verifiable points to discuss and i will be happy to talk to you about them.

      otherwise, quit embarrassing yourself. youre acting out on a very low maturity level. its kind of pathetic.

      bring something verifiable to the table.

      i will be waiting but i wont hold my breath! :):):)

      janmarie, woman

    12. thats extremely weak.

      prove your claim:

      1. go find something i said that you claim is untrue,
      2. quote me, word for word,... publish that very quote right here,
      3. and prove that what i said is wrong.

      if you cant then you would be the one who doesnt know what theyre talking about. :)

    13. Lol. I already did. And I don't need to quote you. Your comment is already published at the top of the page. You stated we were never a Federation( which btw you spelled in All Caps, faker). Wrong. I already explained this once and it was beyond your comprehension. You stupidly claimed we were just a Confederation. Wrong. I explained the three jurisdictions and the capacity the country functions in with respect to those jurisdictions. Again, beyond your limited comprehension. And if you want to conduct commerce, you most certainly are subject to the Sea and Air jurisdictions whether you like it or not. Don't like it? Stick to trade. Not my problem if you don't understand the subject matter. You faker.

    14. youre admitting: all you can do is keep repeating yourself!

      youve got nothing. :);):)

    15. "You called "The United States of America" a Confederated union. Hahaha! That is flat out wrong. The "States of America" is the Confederation."

      youre wrong.
      but im gonna let you prove it yourself:

      cite your verifiable sources.

    16. well, good boots is correct re: "republic"

      noone knows what that means. plato's republic? european ones did allow "sovereign citizens" -- it meant as opposed to monarchy, like goodE2boots implies, people need to consent -- and can withdraw at any time.

      the truth is america just says "nature's god" and "god" and noone has any idea what they mean. it is ever-shifting undefined unknown "gnostic monad" god. magicians and alchemists would never do this. christians would not. jews would not.

      we can only guess what the illuminists/masons/rosicrucians set up for everyone else. wasnt christ, isnt old testament.

      ever-shifting undefined "god". not protestantism, although it borrows luther's "2 kingdoms". (ignored now for supposed "public law").
      apotheosis of washington, and he does the as above so below baphomet thing per statue. so george washington is god. that we know.

      the man has not truly lived, who has not seen washington with his shirt off.

      the truth is "the bible" is full of many things, many gods, lord of hosts (not god, angel/messenger) "the most high" (trinity is actual definition), elohim (plural, also not god) metatron (also not god).

      the bible means nothing, just depends how "kabbalists" interpret it.

      so it is quiet meaningless either way. america has not chosen any god. we just get an imaginary ecumenical babylonian harlot "everyone agrees on the 10 commandments".

      we know christ is out and gone. that is no surprise. we know america is not jewish. we know the bible just says "the lord" when it means angels and messengers, from either "side" -- the kabbalists and magicians tell us that.

      so, it is pretty much meaningless to quote the bible either way, until america decides on a "god" and a testament.

    17. we know vatican II rejects christ and waits for whoever is in charge of the new age of aquarius.

      we know anna also supported "2nd coming"

      we know the state assemblies reject christ for 10 commandments instead.

      we know jews dont require this, only 7 noahide laws.

      we know galatians, there is no new testament covenant from sinai and no requirement of moses law. we know "catholics" everything is based on grace, not "law"

      so, we can rule new testament and christ out, and "catholicism" too. we know america is not "jewish", so no old testament.

      noone knows what "god" "americans" worship, or how they interpret the "bible" or which "lord" they are talking about, or which trinity.

      we know it is not christ, and not old testament.

      so, it is quite pointless to quote the bible in america, since noone knows who the "god" of america is. gnostic monad, unknowable, undefinable. "heresy" bouviers 1856. does not exist in america.

      no trinity, no baptism, no christ. not even metatron or elohim or "nature's god". unnamed, unknown, undefined. not "the most high" -- just some gnostic monad unknown. not even actual "the lord". not yahweh. not tetragrammaton. not jehovah (officially, but see below).

      we know it is neither christian nor jewish, but tries to masquerade and pass itself off as these.

      we know masonry is at work, and their lips are sealed.

      we know mercury/hermes/thoth is the god of alchemy, amongst others, and thus is "nature's god". maybe plural elohim.

      not actual god, just secondary level (or less even!) messengers/angels. we know maimonedes says "all jews" know elohim can mean many things.

      the continental congress declared "jehovah" -- old testament or apocalypse. no christ. only used on the "day of the lord". doesnt exist for new testament, not mentioned once.

      we know franklin was initiated in st. johns lodge -- so, apocalypse again.

      neither jewish nor christian. rejects christ, waits for the next guy.

      so, the closest thing we have is the continental congress claimed "jehovah" and rejects christ and rejects the new testament.

    18. repeating your sad little memorized blurbs over and over does not prove your point; nor will your parroting that same incorrect information ever serve to make you, or it, correct!

      as i said before:
      cite verifiable sources for your info / claims; i will be delighted to talk with you. :)

      you havent done that though because you cant.

      you dont have any.
      you have nothing.

      my conclusions:
      1. my facts are CORRECT and you bring nothing that proves otherwise;
      2. your immature, anger-ridden sputterings are INCORRECT and you bring nothing to prove that they are correct.

      youve got NOTHING but sputterings, anger, and namecalling)!
      thats not good enough.

    19. oh and one more thing before *you* run off and hide:
      your comment:
      "We were discussing the structure of the country Yakir."

      you dont speak for me.
      you dont say what i was doing.
      you dont explain what im doing.
      because you dont know.

      you need to get some boundaries so you can figure out how to respect what belongs to other people, including their opinions, what they think, and what they are or are not doing.

      dont flatter yourself, "we" werent having any kind of "discussion" at all. thats not how i have my discussions... and you didnt demonstrate that youre actually capable of having a discussion.

      no..., "i" was making fun of your ignorant immature display,
      while you appeared to be having a giant-sized snowflake tizzy of meltdown cussing and namecalling and spewing out your anger like peasoop.

      *you* are the one who needs to get a clue and i hope this helps. :)

      janmarie, woman

  2. "if our erstwhile employees do the logical thing and talk to us." By any stretch of even the greatest expectations based in reality, do you really think this is a possibility??? That's a BIG "if," Anna. The time for talk is long over. There is no discussion with these venal pukes. They are unrelenting to the bitter end. It is time..."a time to kill," says your "good book," no? One of the few pebbles of truth in it. I am proceeding with sending municipal and fed contractors eviction notices based on Ex Parte Milligan. We should be talking about armed civilian militia cadres going into all city halls, capitol hills, courthouses, gov't services bldg's of all kinds and taking these perpetraitors OUT and administering justice! NOW! They are committing global genocide in earnest. "Talk" is past.

    1. alex,
      being a lawfully declared free and independent people, we have a right AND duty, just like all other man, to protect our property.
      imo, at this point, trying to use force to do that is EXACTLY what would serve their purpose. do you agree? disagree?

      we should be better able to just keep the peace; keep people safe in all ways; protect the well being of all concerned by:

      the people just simply and *peacefully* telling them:
      "you have to leave".
      "we dont care about your corporations elections".
      we dont care about your made up laws, those are for your corporations, not man and woman!"
      "we didnt hire you, you are not our employees!"
      "we didnt elect you, you are not our Public Officers."
      "corporations can only exist to benefit mankind, and the way youre running the corporations funded by the unauthorized use of our property too often harms us"
      "we dont want you here, you must leave."

      then stand there (where we can lawfully stand without standing anywhere where they could claim trespass) and *peacefully* insist they vacate.

      until they leave.

      they cannot continue functioning, OR attack us either, when we are merely expressing our will and the facts... backed up by LOTS of prayer first.

      they have spent an enormous amount of time trying to GOAD people into violence.
      so, all things considered, that is one clue that that is exactly where it will not benefit us to go.
      imo, but its just put out there as a starting point for building peaceful and lawful ideas that will accomplish our lawful separation from them while keeping the people and our homes and so forth safe at the same time.

    2. ."a time to kill," says your "good book," no
      ecclesiastes is reputedly by solomon (see wikipedia, rabbinic tradition). "human wisdom".

      not a good character for old or new testament. doubly so for "catholics" of any stripe -- "our lady" took his throne, is the new dispenser of "wisdom"

      solomon is good for alchemy and magic. he fell into idolatry.

      about as meaningful as quoting hiram abiff, see jewish encyclopedia "hiram" "hyrum" where (how many hirams are there?) one of them is blamed for the "fall" of man.

      vatican I and II and KJV-queen idolators all quote ecclesiastes -- it is not even old testament. certainly not new.

      the lamentations of an idolatrous magician, with 300 and 700 wives and concubines (alchemists might interpret this differently...).

      in any case, solomon is good for alchemy and magic. anyone quoting that nonsense is trying to start a war, or "commies" trying to "nothing matters" lead people into idolatry/sensuality/spiritual blindness.

      eat, drink, and be merry. new testament is be sober and keep watch. as wikipedia says, "jews" aren't even sure why that books was included in the old testament.

      beware the scribes. they quote ecclesiastes to try to start wars and lead people into atheism.

      the goal of masonry, is to quote bible passages and try to pass it off as god or christ. this is one of many examples.

      not accusing alex of this, just saying, this is known tactic.

      the goal of the devil is to convince people the world is god. it is certain he also loves ecclesiastes, "human wisdom".

      just because something is "in the bible" means nothing.

    3. not accusing alex of anything, solomon got 666 talents of gold and silver each year. it is just masons screwing with people who quote ecclesiastes.

      again, vatican I, II and KJV-queen connected people quote ecclesiastes and try to pass it off as "god" because "its in the bible".

      the churches are infiltrated. accept no solomonic "human wisdom" of an adulterous idolater.

      again, there is enough magic and alchemy stuff about solomon, there is little reason to bother with ecclesiastes for any purpose whatsoever. seek supposed solomonic wisdom elsewhere as well.

      it is just one more trick masons use to trick people into denying christ, or in this case, denying old testament "the lord" even.

      new testament is grace, as galatians says. "catholics" "our lady" took solomons throne and dispenses grace.

      it is more 10 commandments nonsense, "fear god and keep his commandments" so is just more people trying to starts wars/trigger apocalypse. such is forbidden by actual judaism, trying to "force the end" and isnt even in the ballpark for new testament, doubly so for "catholics"

      ecclesiastes is completely clueless, or deliberately trying to damn/provoke ppl. again, not accusing alex of this, but this is common right now for whatever reason. it is just masons and fake priests toying with people.

  3. Billy Goates and the german jew king ranch in Texas folks

    Even 666 in the fucking url

  4. What “xerces yakir” has put fourth comes from one who has been taught a classical education. Very few people, especially those that are now “residing” on this “hemisphere” have had this opportunity to be instructed in this capacity, nor do most even search out these precious jewels.
    When I found out about the Birth Certificated Person, and the Baptismal Certificated Person(ten years ago) I queried the question of what “Name” now should I use to my “Best Man” whom was a retired Collegiate Philosophy Professor , that grew up in Greece, and almost joined the “Communist” army during WW2 if it hadn’t been for his Mother not allowing it.
    He just looked at me, and said “Christ”. This statement set me back, and I was dumbfounded, to the point that I had no response to even make him qualify this attachment.
    Two months Later he suffered a stroke, and any communications with him to elucidate, and expound on that statement now became mute. His One Word answer still perplexes me.

  5. Jim Hoft@gatewaypundit
    BOOM: "On A Scale of 1 to 10... I Would Say It's a 12!" - Jovan Pulitzer On the Seriousness of the Audit Results in His 197 Pages in Arizona Audit Report
    "Jovan Pulitzer released another audio today that explains the audit process from this past week forward in Arizona.  Pulitzer recommends that the entire election system should be redone.  The results of the Arizona audit are going to be shocking. 

    If I had to choose between a scale of one to ten, one being not a lot and ten being a lot, I would say it’s a twelve, and I’ll stand by that.  And when you’re able to see the public report, you will understand why I say that.  At this point, the Left is going to explode with slander and garbage. There will be no army to save America, the army is us."

    Many Died For What We Are Just Giving Away!

    1. take a look at the photo of jovannavoj that is with that article:

      1. the star of remphan* is behind his head in "isral" colors: sky blue and white;

      2. then, white 95%-of-the-way- upside down five-pointed stars on the same lightish blue colored background,... instead of dark blue, like American colors
      3. and then the red and white stripes.

      trump did a similar type of color scheme switch when he decided AirForce One needed to be repainted.
      * star of remphan:
      REFS: Acts 7:43 a.k.a. "star of david": 6 points, 6 pyramids, 6 sides, (666vvvwww) w/black cube tipped up and forward for its center... assyrian- babylonianS god for saturn... condemned by God of israel!!! in Amos 5:26. (9/11, judgement9/ destruction11 ):
      a symbol forbidden by the God of Israel!!!
      : remphan = moloch = chiun, saturn, many more names.
      same entity.

    2. they are trying to create what they wish, by speaking it into existence, (cymatics, quantum, THEO-ry, re-legion, witch- craft, spiritual means) example:

      "what many have died for, "we" are just giving away."

      that sentence has got deceptive- craft potential in it:
      could it be:
      1. what many Americans have died for
      2. "we" are just giving away...
      ... who is this we??... those who worship the star of remphan moloch ba'al together, that he was photographed in front of?
      3. and who is "we" giving what many have died for TO?
      what? with their little scribbled-on 2D papers that they pass back and forth *as if* they had any worth? ... pretending to do business, when they are physically spiritually and mentally defective thieves and liars and worse, if what we are hearing is true?

      regardless, we need to send that kind of crap right back where it came from.
      i have been sort of "sensing"
      that alot of people are doing this already.

      that is to:
      let the one(s) who send out undue curses, if any, receive the very curses they sent out right back to themselves again; and may our creator multiply the harvest on it 30, 60 and 100-fold in this lifetime; right now and continuing.
      ref: "their" versions of psalms and proverbs/ other.
      jmo. jus sayin.

  6. "Trump pushed the vax last night - Either Trump is not Trump, or he's very stupid. People need to be aware of where Trump is on the vax topic. It is looking like a disqualifier and he is doing it to himself. It is not a deceptive leftist fire bomb."

    Trump is losing his base over this one issue that increasingly defines the times. Former president gets booed at one of his own rallies


    "The Full Document is everything necessary for a US Army Soldier to submit a religious exemption request to his immediate commander, with only certain portions needing to be edited to include your name, unit, and details."

  7. Telegram

    NYC mandates vaccines for all teachers. No religious or medical exemption will be honored. Meanwhile in New York....Video
    Dunkin Donuts has armed security for mask enforcement

  8. Take a look at this video of Jovan's where he described how English Kings treated dissidents in the past - extremely gruesome.

    Many Died For What We Are Just Giving Away!

    College Law Professor who refused to wear a mask in class had his classes removed from him. He was informed of the removal by his students - not by gutless faculty leadership. It's not about safety, it's about control and conditioning you to accept any arbitrary control.

    The Professor's Record, [22.08.21 09:23]
    "Good morning patriots. My wife and I, through God's grace, and the provision of generous patriots, were able to stay the night with a lovely family in Grand Rapids Michigan last night. Regarding travel home, we are still in limbo. Please pray for a quick reunion with our children in New Mexico. Regarding my work situation, not only have I not received a phone call, letter, or any other statement officially stating the grounds for removing me from the classroom, I have been frozen out of my university account. I tell you these things not to discourage you, but to provide you with information on what to expect regarding the tactics of the enemy.

    At the appropriate time, I will also inform you about someone at the university who supported my right to exercise free speech on campus about students and faculty making their own personal health choices. This person is now suffering the collateral damage of merely being associated with my name."


      "To be clear, today’s FDA “approval” of the Pfizer shot will mean a few things:

      A) nationwide mandates are coming. Do not comply. They are illegal.

      B) companies who previously did not have a mandatory policy will now have a mandatory policy. Make them fire you. Do not quit.

      C) class action lawsuits will begin to become a patriot talking point; and while it’d be cool to see all the godless commies go bankrupt, I’m more excited about patriots unifying & working together - that’ll mean we’re going in the right direction

      D) Trump, being on record supporting the shots & freedom to choose, will be in a position of contradiction; his response is an indicator of where his thinking is, where his loyalty lies, & the future of the country (I’m very excited for this bc I believe Trump to be a patriot). Him being booed on Saturday was, I think, one of the greatest moments in American politics bc it showed the people who support the most popular & rightful president dont just take what he says - We The People are thinking, unifying, & growing in numbers

      E) Lockdowns as leverage. Godless commies will begin to message that lockdowns must go on until “we have X% of the population vaccinated.” The % isnt the issue; the issue is dividing Americans & sowing hatred against those who choose freedom.

      F) The gospel of Jesus Christ (His death, burial, & resurrection for the remission of sin as the only way to heaven) will become more prevalent & divisive; people need Jesus Christ - more people will preach the gospel; time will tell if God will grant us repentance or not.

      G) Godless commies will use mandates/lockdowns to retry HR1 (We The People Act) that’ll federalize elections. They’re simultaneously destroying their carefully crafted “reality” bc they are showing who they are.

      Keep preaching the gospel. Never give up. Make the godless commies DO stuff - not just threaten & SAY stuff.

      Now, go to war.

  9. More like they got away with trillions

    Hollywood and their ilk created the federal reserve it is not private and never has been
    They are behind the theft of NAZI Germany shit including the technology at the time and continued their work here in the United States and abroad

    Today their work in the United States is complete now it's time to destroy it and bring Russia back in to the picture as some kind of hero with their hollywood actor putin at the helm

    They shipping all our jobs out and bringing in immigrants to fill the gap and take their low paying shit wage jobs of the future as they pillage the world based on their fake ass dollar

    Hollywood is the Hidden Hand and during the filming of Hitlers (aka Bing Crosby's) 007 movies they built the weather warfare machines to bring about their climate change bullshit while they all trde stock defivitives on the Chicago Climate Stock Exchange

    And the bible and all the other holy books are their playbooks
    Shakesspear and the scribes the screenwriters guild and the fake ass stories to scare the sheep in to complaince to authority they gave to themselves

    Meet Nancy Pelosi milking California and the taxpayers for decades along with Arnie Swatzenegger and today Gavin Newsome aka Matthew McCONahey
    And the brainwashing continues through the internet and their commrad in arms here Anna and her hubby Harold Heinze

    While under their direction they secured the largest mineral deposits in the nations under their alphabet gangs like the BLM and others to 'protect' the environment and their very own UN Sustainable Development BULLSHIT