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Monday, May 10, 2021

The Electoral Rights of State Citizens

 By Anna Von Reitz

State Citizens get to make the decisions about international affairs for their States of the Union because State Citizens have accepted the responsibility of staffing and running the State Government and they have no other allegiances or attachments to any other government.
In practical terms, State Citizens get to exercise all electoral rights, because they take on all the responsibilities.
They agree to act as Jurors for the State Courts. They fill the State Offices. They serve in the State Militia if they are of an appropriate age and have the physical health to do so. They attend their State Assembly meetings and ponder the questions of the day. They hold a "singular allegiance" to the welfare of their State and its living people, that serves as a "check" to corporate greed and Federal overreach.
And in exchange for all the work they put in and all the responsibility they take on, State Citizens get to determine issues of international importance for their States of the Union.
With rights go responsibilities and with responsibilities go rights.
As we are now contemplating important international questions via Roll Call Votes of our State Assemblies, many people who took the easier road and chose to act as American State Nationals for no other reason than escaping the extra work and responsibility carried by the State Citizens - are upset to be told, that no, they can't cast a ballot on these important measures.
Please reflect that American State National is the same political status as a child before they reach the age of majority. While there is no shame in adopting this political status, it isn't responsible for much of anything, beyond keeping the peace, and as a result, the only "voting rights" that attach to it, are those of a strictly local in-county and in-State nature.
Those who cannot or will not accept the hard work and duty of keeping The State Assembly alive and working and holding up its end, don't get a voice in international issues facing the State.
Federal Employees don't get a voice, either, because they are in potential conflict of interest. Even the Coordinators, who work for the Federation of States must stand silent, because they do not have a "singular allegiance" at this time.
When Push comes to Shove, it's the State Citizens that stand tall, and so, as they accept the responsibility, they also exercise the right to determine the future of their State within the greater context of international affairs.
They have earned that right by their willingness to serve their State, and only their State.
I hope this makes it clear what you gain and what you lose when you check the box as "State National" versus checking the box as a "State Citizen".

Those who are of age, able-bodied, not restricted by health or family obligations, should all deeply consider accepting the State Citizen status. It's an eternal rule of our government that those who take on the responsibilities also inherit the rights.


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  1. Lot of x military law enforcement federal retirees that think they are the cats meow .
    The Nationals are not the only ones who will be up set .
    As Reagan said “they know so much that just ain’t so “
    Lawyers are impossible to get through to tried on live ari broadcasts like boxing with mike Tyson. But when you make a point it’s rewarding.

  2. I chose to be a National but I'm not upset at all. I respect the state citizens and the hard jobs they have to do, and I do what I can to help in other ways. I send out packets of information, send supporting emails, make phone calls, write documents, try to help people who need help, etc. It's hard to make people understand because they are so confused right now. We are all on the front lines in this.

  3. Very soon it will be impossible to hide from the fight. Either we will rebell or just go along with whatever they one wants to be on the front lines but either we do it all together or we will fail..!! God help us if this happens...!! Christians can forget about the rapture...!! I dont care what the bible says about the rapture.. If you look at all the utubes on this subject it ranges from right around the corner to 2024 and 2025 and even is all over the place..!! No one has figured out the time or the place to just hide..!!

    1. There is no one coming to save us. That one already lives within us and has chosen to use the gifts and calling placed in us in the image of God at our incarnation to re-establish the eternal destiny of our planet and people. It's called self-governing under God. Which is part and parcel of our earthly responsibilities. We are reaping the awakening many who are in need of those (us) likeminded ones bent on life and not bent on death like you and your kind.

      We don't need detractors like you who venomize us and our critical work as in the above comments. Do you think it was any easier for our founders? Tell me with regard to the heart and soul of mankind, has our plight as those who dwell on the earth not been a repetitive rise and fall affair as far back as records go.

      It is time for mankind to embrace the fact that we are created in the eternal, divine image of the Source of creation, which is of the utmost purety.

      Basis remarks made by some in the above comments, it needs to to be said there are a number who frequent this site for reasons of self-aggrandizement. At your insistence of continued disdain for the people chosen by Source for such a time as this, you will receive the dishonor stamp of "requires remedial effort" with prejudice. You get to go down in history with shame and eternal regret. Think! You're undoing yourselves, whats with that? Either get fully on board or get fully off board.

  4. Stand and fight or kneel before your all know where I stand..dont be a damn coward.

  5. I'm a National, I'm also the grandson, nephew, son. Grandfather was a 30 year Marine, IWO , KOREA ,VIET NAM. Four uncles, three Marines, One Airborne Ranger, All VIET NAM VETS. These MEN taught me what I needed to Know. My views in Life are simple, Say what you Mean & Do what you Say. I like most people just want to live my life, cause no harm, and not be harmed. SIMPLE, So I'll leave the Jawing and the Decision Making up to all you Chief's. I'm of more use out Here. Those Five Gentlemen Endowed me with what they call a Thousand Yard Stair. Guess what they did in the Military. You Folks take care of the Paperwork, Kate and I , Will be Just Fine.

  6. imo God has had enough of ALL This Confusion Going On In His Earth...His Judgement is at Hand...