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Monday, May 10, 2021

Another Point to Ponder for the Native Chiefs

 By Anna Von Reitz

Not only are the Tribes not in receipt of valid Treaties with the actual American Government, because all the Treaties were either with Foreign Governments or with foreign Subcontractors acting to establish "trade treaties" and "bank treaties" and "cession treaties" which are not the same as actual Treaties ----- how would you go about establishing a Treaty with the American Government, when you are by definition already part of the American Government?
All the living people living in any of the physically defined States is a "sovereign in their own right" simply by virtue of being born on the soil of this country ---- so each one of you is already sovereign.
So is every other American.
Okay, nothing to fight over or negotiate about that.
As a living man or woman living on the land and soil of this country the government of the State is vested in you as much as anyone else. All equal. All having the same rights and choices.
So, what's there to argue about with that, either? You are already part and parcel of the State Assembly by definition, so, how are you going to make a Treaty with yourselves?
You already have the right to own your own land and live according to your own ways and have your own culture, language, religion, courts, and identity as a nation of people living here with the rest of us.
None of your complaints or injuries have been done to you by our American Government --- it's all been done by the U.S. Territorial Government. 100%. And the same can be said for all the rest of us. We've been beaten bloody, taxed, harassed, and "regulated" to death, too.
Except for being forced to live on a reservation, we have suffered just like you--- and with the FEMA Camps they had planned, it looks like that was coming, too.
They didn't seize our kids and put them in "residential schools", but they herded them all into "public schools" and indoctrinated them and lied to them just the same. They still come in with "CPS" and steal our kids when they have no right to even speak to us, their Employers, about our health or the way we choose to live.
We --- Americans ---- have all been abused by the same Bad Actors, suffered the same things just to different degrees and from different angles. It was all to "subjugate" us, when we are all sovereigns in our own right, and to plunder and pillage our land by foreign powers ---- foreign Principals who do in fact have International Treaties they need to honor with the actual American Government.
Our Government---yours and mine and Joe Public's from Cleveland, Ohio and Marty Martinez from Santa Rio, New Mexico, and LuAnne Fussbuddy's from Providence, Rhode Island, and Fred Meiner's from Fredericksburg, Texas, and Sheila Laughingwell's from Two Forks Nebraska, and Elliot Hopkin's from New York, and Clyde "Rover" Ohlsen from Duluth, Minnesota, and....and....and....
We are all Americans --- all part of our States and families, our Counties, and if we are Native, our Tribes, and if we are Scottish, our Clans.... all part of the Great Big Family that lives in this country.
We do have International Treaties that need to be enforced, but they are Treaties we all hold as Americans --- as the people of our States. Those are the Powerhouse Knock-Out-Punch Treaties that need to be brought forward and clamped down on the other Principals, and that is what we are already doing, as the people of this country.

You can't form a Treaty with yourselves, but you can enforce treaties you are owed as Americans and put a stop to the pillaging and mistreatment and poverty and coercion that so many of us have suffered at the hands of people employed by foreign governments acting in Breach of Trust.


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  1. Since when are treaties( even in our california state) be enforced when all contracts with evil players are void..?? The players in this scheme are notoriously bad actors especially where money is concerned..!! Politians know no other way except to simply go along to get along...!!

  2. That's how the colonists got their nationhood to begin with, by making treaties with the already established and world recognized American Indian Nations. Up until that time the rebelling colonies were viewed as an ugly step child. However, the Alaska Treaty of Cession had nothing to do with the land and soil or the people already living here. An old Russian Priest told me all about that a long time ago, and the Dena'ina ran the Russians out of here in the Battle of Kenai. When they did come back it was to trade only. Otherwise, I stand behind Anna in almost everything she says. She is usually right on point.