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Monday, May 10, 2021

Understanding What Went On -- Guide to Nomenclature and Status

 By Anna Von Reitz

The United States = Soil Jurisdiction States = Union of States
The United States of America = Land Jurisdiction = States of the Union
The sovereign member States of The United States and The United States of America are all physically defined.
They operate under the simple names: Wisconsin, Florida, California, etc., written in Upper and Lower Case.
But, now, lookee here.......there are other things operating under very similar names:
"the" United States (1787 to 1860) = American Federal Republic = an instrumentality of the Confederation of States, and neither have been operating since 1860. This Federal Republic was a business run as "the" States of America.
The States of America was an "instrumentality" of "the" Confederation, which was formed under The Articles of Confederation in 1781---five years after the Union and the Federation. The members of this States of America organization were all "states of states" operating under names like: The State of Vermont, The State of New York.....
These are the "Confederate States" ---both North and South-- that fought the Civil War. These are all business entities and do not have physical attributes. They are not sovereign as a result.
"the" United States (after 1790 and until today) Incorporated = Municipal United States Government = Federal Civil Service = STATE OF NEW YORK, STATE OF ALABAMA, etc. These are all businesses without physical attributes, and so, they are not sovereign either. This is the government operated by the Pope. It was originally a Subcontractor of the States of America organization described above. It's also known as US, INC. and US CORP. It has been operated as a Municipal District Corporation since 1877.
"the" United States of America (1789 to present) = Territorial Government = U.S. Military. This is the version of "United States" that gave the Native Tribes so much misery, and it has always been run by the British Monarchs. After 1865, it usurped upon the American States-of-States and substituted its own business entities for them. Suddenly, The State of New York (American) was replaced by "the" State of New York (British), and so on, all over the country. These are all businesses, too. No sovereign states. This part of the government has been operating as a Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia since 1866.
My point to you --- none of these entities that appear below the line above are sovereign entities. They are all just business entities and "instrumentalities" and subcontractors of the actual American Government, which is vested in the physically-defined member States of the Union and the living people and Lawful Persons that populate those States.
None of these business entities are sovereign. It doesn't matter if we are talking about the Pope's STATES or the Queen's States of States, or the American Confederation States of States operating as The States of States. Okay? It's all just paper "states" --- not the actual States.
Please Note:
Even the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America is not sovereign --- it's member States are sovereign. The Federation is a Holding Company that exercises the "Powers" of the States in the foreign international and global jurisdictions.

Hope that explains things. If not, ask more questions.


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  1. That explains what happened to the UNITED STATES, but what about the EU or one calls Brazil the state of brazil, or the state of Egypt..!! How do you explain this..!!

    1. Ahhh,, Jimmie--Not our problem,,, however had you read Anna's posts for just the last 2 weeks,, she covered that quite adaquatly..

    2. and ps james.. the fact that the pi-rats redefined apples as oranges dependining of who they were attempting to defraud does not negate the facts of the fraud... the same basic structures were implemented worldwide with minor contrivances per region.. in effect ,, once you know how to bake a chocolate cake,, all the other flavored cakes are made to that template... Anna figured out the American template quite thouroughly and other countries now have the timeline and methods and just need to look at their situation to to figure out the 1-2-3 of how they were enslaved,,,

  2. Certainly not easy to pass through all other countries, and how much time it would consume....
    Germany had a constitution established in 1871 under Bismarck. (Still under Land and Soil jurisdiction)
    The highest German court of today confirmed that this “Reich” was never interrupted and this constitution is still valid today. Since 2009 the printing for this “Reich” restarted to provide the identification paperwork for German Nationals. The corporate “Bundesrepublik” makes a great deal of effort to hide these facts and it is not easy to find information like: “”
    It was right in 1919 that the flag was switched which I understand that from there on everything went into maritime jurisdiction under the name “Weimarer Republik”. The usual rules of ratification of laws was altered despite the fact that the original constitution from 1871 was always valid which points to the change of jurisdiction and kind of “abeyance” of the Reich. The remarkable year 1933 had the same kind of confiscation of gold and real money as in the United States. I believe in almost every country in the world the same procedure applied (equivalent HJR 192).
    People were enfranchised with the state and had to pay off for their “masters”.
    The driving forces on both sides of the war apparently were of the same origin.
    Enough the fact that you can find pictures of Family “Scherff” (Bush Family) with Mengele in old Nazi time Germany.

  3. I applaud thee!!! Thank you for the extra clarification!!!

  4. This question for either Paul or Anna whomever can really answer. I would like to know if one files expatriation act of 1868 would this keep you out of municipal law? I am tired of living under the suppression of the Roman empire or the Vatican or whatever else you want to call it I do not have a federal birth certificate but I'm sure they have me listed but the full disclosure was never given to any of us that was a contract the question is what did the babies get that they could understand when they were awarded a birth certificate by the liars and thieves??

    1. Butch.. first and important,, "file" nothing.. "register" nothing,, only "record" your documents on the land using the municipal or territorial registrar of deeds ( good luck with that ,they are ignorant to deliberatly misleading) or BEST choice, record on the land recording office's now available in every state or the Land Recording System or the Land Recording Office recently re-established by our State Assemblys and Anna'.
      To the answer the question.. With the expatriation, you reclaim you "vessels' (all the corporations fraudulently created in you name, without your knowledge or consent),, as Your lawful property. By recording the form, you bring your property, now under your control, from the sea jurisdiction and onto permanant 'drydock' on the land jurisdiction of your State... this vessel was created in your name and placed in trust "for your benefit". This makes you the Donor of the trust,, the best possible position to be in ,, You now have complete control of a fully bonded, tax prepaid, vessel in drydock, on the land, and the gubbamen can no longer us it to abuse your credit and good name..
      for the rest of the story go to theamericanstatesassembly dot net.

  5. Thank you for the great explanation. I was thinking how would I ever explain this to someone. Now I have the information.

  6. Perfectly explained Anna. Thank you for ALL your shared knowledge.

  7. Anna. Am I to understand that "the" United States was not operating at all from 1860 until 1790 when the Pope incorporated it?? David

  8. Everyone’s misconception all states were part of confederacy slippery Lincoln bar lawyers as best authority on him Dr Delerinzo author unmasking Lincoln said he was 100 times worse than Bill Clinton..
    They ripped the tool of the articles of confederation
    American Federal Republic an instrumentally of the confederation of states .1787 1860 RIP

  9. Kirk Pendergass big on using federal complaints form they offer and they sometimes have effect if they do indeed police thair own .In case they don’t we must now switch from complaint to a claim in form of a common law trespass. And a claim trumps a complaint.

    1. bubba,
      is there a logical reason for kirk using complaints then?

  10. Boots he thinks like his x running mate the corporate asset protection executive for Auto Zone
    Favorite saying want to play monopoly corporation it’s not going to end well he has been involved of many prosecutions.
    So if you got a hammer everything is a nail
    Got Kirk to become a corporate media company .
    So he plays it thair way using the way the auto zone executive did.
    In a business world ok . But we want to wash our hands of this corporate stuff .
    As Michigan narrator says statutes are for government to tell its employees how to behave.
    Problem is they want to misidentify us to.
    Playing with vipers is risky

  11. The Fabian society’s George Bernard Shaw said I told you what to do get rid of thair constitution meaning bill of rights.

  12. Every professor and there many haven’t a clue it’s a mess of corporations doing all this stuff most don’t understand a basic corporation and it subjugation to parent corporation.
    Even Micheal Assembly got the corporation thing but fail to grasp the difference in who has what emoluments or duties or jurisdiction. Then theirs The Who falls under who’s authority.