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Friday, May 21, 2021

From Dr. R.E. Search, Andrews Plantation, a True Ghost Story

 By Anna Von Reitz

In my experience the exact right information always comes forward exactly on time, and so it is that this famous (and true) ghost story has once again crossed my desk.
I first read this when I was very young, and was rummaging among Civil War Era artifacts and publications of that era and concerning that subject that my Mother acquired in the course of her work as an antiques collector.
Whether or not you believe the supernatural aspects of this story---apparent in the longer version posted with this article on my website---- you will nonetheless find that the information about money and the issues surrounding control of money are true and have remained eerily the same, only worsened, since the days of Lincoln.
Please read these excerpts and remember what I have told you and reflect upon the fact that our actual Federal Congress had no ability to change the obligation laid upon them by our Constitution to control the money or give any other body that delegated responsibility. Therefore, you can be reassured that our actual Federal Republic Congress never agreed to the usurpation by the Moneychangers and that these arrangements made by the Territorial Congress and the U.S. Army during and after the Civil War are wholly their responsibility.
From Dr. Search, quoting his unexpected visitor: “He further
explained that the control of money must be made sure for the moneyed men, and that they were to get, and keep, this control the world over, by the same scheme they had used when the Bank of England had been established, namely, the power to ‘issue’ paper money as a privilege of buying Government bonds and depositing them with the government, and later to use ‘bank credit’ instead of money, because they could issue or withhold ‘credit’ at their own pleasure, thereby being able absolutely to control the money or ‘circulating medium’ of exchange of the world; also, by being able to vary the ‘quantity’ of‘ circulating medium’ they could raise or lower prices of commodities at their will and really control the destiny of any and all countries.”
“He told Andrews his people had ‘managed’ the passage of the National Bank Law in the States in 1863. Lincoln, he said, had not been in favor of it, because he had been able to see that a government could finance itself, by issuing full legal tender greenbacks, as he had done for a while, until his (Rothberg’s) people had been able to ‘persuade’ certain congressman and senators that the ‘exception clause’ should be written into the bill for the next issue of greenbacks.“
"This, of course, they had cause to be done, to give their banks an excuse for discounting them, and discrediting such money, and making it worthless, and which had given them a better chance to get their own plan adopted, which they had accomplished.”
“Over the centuries in such circumstances, [response to Lincoln’s assassination] confusion, deceit, and make-believe have been their chief tools, aside from the use of the power of Gold, which, of course, is their greatest weapon, in their drive for wealth and power.”
“No government, up to Lincoln’s time, had ever been able to figure out any way for the government itself to gain and keep control of its own money and finances.“
"This, then, was the crux of the whole situation: Lincoln had, through the help of Colonel Dick Taylor, discovered that very thing, and had used it successfully (Making full legal tenure ‘greenback’ money), the money they made under their plan being absolutely good money, never falling below par at any time, and being even better than the much talked of ‘sound money’ of the Money Changers and their cohort legislators.“
"True, the Money Changers had been able to get this new power away from the Government by having their satrap legislators in Congress pass the Exception Clause Bill, making the next issue of greenbacks good for payment of all debts both public and private, EXCEPT duty on imports and interest on the Government bond debt, which, of course, gave the Money Changers and Bankers the excuse, as they planned, to ‘discount’ the next issue of bills and therefore devalue and discredit them in the eyes of the public.”
"There is no weapon to be used by a group equal to the power of gold when that is made the basis of a nation’s money. If any nation is now going to try to throw off the encircling chains of economic slavery of the money changer group, that nation must FIRST take away from the money changers their power to control the money of the nation, for that is their chief weapon and through its use and manipulation all other advantages are obtained, and all other rackets are perpetuated."
"Through the manipulation of the nation’s money system, the money changers have now obtained virtual possession and control of all our principal communication and transportation systems, our public utilities systems; and together with the use of money manipulation, usury, stock exchange gambling, and the exploiting power of these aforementioned systems they have now mortgaged practically every piece of property in our nation to themselves."
"Therefore, once we have taken back the power to issue and control the value and volume of our money, and placed that control in the hands of Congress, where our good old Constitution placed it, we must use the power of Eminent Domain, also given our government by our Constitution, and take over and operate under our government these systems of transportation, communication, oil, gas and coal, as they are all natural monopolies and should belong to our people as a whole and not for the exploitation of any particular group."
"Mr. Average Man and Woman of our troubled America, you have shifted the responsibility of your duty to yourself and your nation—of giving time and thought to what is done by your legislators, whom you send up there to do it—long enough. It is up to you, individually and collectively, to get busy now, if you wish to save your necks and the future independence of your nation. DO IT NOW, TOMORROW MAYBE TOO LATE!”
Need I say more?
The Colonel Dick Taylor mentioned is Colonel Edmund Dick Taylor.
Here is a brief note to Colonel Taylor from Abraham Lincoln, crediting Colonel Taylor as the creator of the Greenback: ‘My dear Colonel Dick: I have long determined to make public the origin of the greenback and tell the world that it was Dick Taylor’s creation. You had always been friendly to me. and when troublous times fell on us, and my shoulders, though broad and willing, were weak, and myself surrounded by such circumstances and such people that I knew not whom to trust, then I said in my extremity, ‘I will send for Colonel Taylor — he will know what to do.' I think it was in January 1862, on or about the 16th, that I did so. Said you: ‘Why, issue treasury notes bearing no interest, printed on the best banking paper. Issue enough to pay off the army expenses and declare it legal tender.' Chase thought it a hazardous thing, but we finally accomplished it, and gave the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they ever had — their own paper to pay their debts. It is due to you, the father of the present greenback, that the people should know it and I take great pleasure in making it known. How many times have I laughed at you telling me, plainly, that I was too lazy to be anything but a lawyer.
Yours Truly.
A. Lincoln
Please note that the solution to the problem suggested by Dr. Search remains the solution to the problem now--education, awareness, and group action, together with an ever-expanding social and spiritual awareness of the enslavement and peonage system we have been living under with no necessity to do so, since the events of the Civil War.
We vary only in that Dr. Search was taken in by the British Cuckoo Bird swap of the British-backed Territorial Government for the actual Federal Republic ordained by the American People, and so imagined that relief could be obtained by bringing pressure to bear on that foreign Congress.

Today we know that those sitting in Congress are acting in a totally foreign capacity, and that the only likely impact we can have on them is: (1) Making them aware of their individual liability and the severity of their crimes; (2) Bringing both our public opinion and the opinion of other people around the world to bear upon them and their usurping commercial corporations.


  1. Dr Thomas Delorenzo the Author of unmasking Lincoln says Lincoin was 100 times worse than Bill Clinton.
    One store stick out he hired 800,000. Mercenaries promised them the land of the prop they killed.
    One particular Russian General Ivan Turloff told his troop to treat the southern women as prostitutes.
    Court marshaled to the credit of Union officers however Lincoln fished him out and promoted him.

  2. Anna can you address the scandals committed upon Weston A Price, Dr Raymond Rife, Nicholas Tesla. Tell me who in the early quarter of 1900's in doing so they perverted dentistry (root canals) cancer cures (frequencies) then electricity (free energy). They got away with everything and their all dead now. Maybe tearing down statues ain't a bad idea. Let's start with the Statue of Liberty. You with me?

  3. Lindbergs booklets burnned, bought up and destroyed as much as possible are around somewhere maybe wayback or just search and not too long. One thing in the books is the meeting when the Greenbacks were disfavored and talked down and an emergency issuance that would help bankers and the government was put in apparently at the direction of bankers. Also said that congress had bankers in the finance dept unelected but necessary due to congress men not being experts on the money. This caused a lot of favor for bankers. He claimed in 1906 there was a bankers secrets trust, un-named and hidden but obvious none the less just like today with fake media and the pied piper followers.

  4. Seeing these sale tactics ? You are not alone.
    False prophets offering tidbits of truth along with false solutions and or false expectations.

  5. Discernment children...all this bs requires discernment... a great friend and compatriot has told me this time and time again..thank you JC , you are perhaps the wisest and most compassionate woman and healer I have known.

  6. 1666 the year the BLACK nobility took over coinage in England (central bank ) same year the CQV slave system created all ways starts out so friendly but quickly ramps up into monster.
    Identify your enemy Hamelton established Rothschild bank and central bank same bankers created civil war ,all wars are bankers wars .

  7. America was the first to succeed from mother country although it wasn’t call that in 1776 to today 250 countries have succeeded from parent country.
    The NGO who right bills /laws are controld by open society (sorros) .
    The terrorized congress performs like chained dog .
    Money and terrorisim is syndicate’s template.

  8. OMG

    We Ain't In Kansas No More...

  9. Borg, 5G explodes nano technology morgellan in brain .now vector virus attaching to immune antibodies auto immune disease.
    Pretty obvious now everyone knows can’t hide the crimes with thair talking heads.
    Thair scared polosi spending 2billion to fortify DC good turn that into a prison.
    Sooner or later like Rhodesia we fight back and form communities with our own security.
    Idiots Sheriff Mac and the military intelligence RDS
    Two Idiots or playing stupid to serve thair buddies
    Power lust.