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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Lincoln -- a Sad Duty to the Public

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those who have followed my work know that I am not enamored with Lincoln, and everyone always seems stunned and amazed. Why don't I love our fifteenth President and revere him as akin to George Washington?
Three reasons:
(1) He was a Bar Attorney and he knew that he was a Bar Attorney and he also knew that Bar Attorneys were (already) prohibited from serving in any public office of our American Government, but instead of ending his affiliation with the Bar, he used semantic deceit and public ignorance to occupy a similarly named Territorial Office, and thereby cheated and evaded the actual Federal Constitution and betrayed the trust of the American people who were relying on him.
(2) He provided "emancipation" --- not freedom --- for the slaves, a mistake that has caused millions of people to live maimed and truncated lives, and provided the means to enslave millions more of all races for the past 160 years. Is it likely that Lincoln himself missed the difference between "emancipation" and "freedom"? No, it is not likely at all. He was a lawyer. He chose his words carefully. He meant to leave that loophole standing.
(3) And now, we have this quote:
“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me, and
causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. As a result of war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all the wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of our country than ever before, even in the midst of war. God grant that my forebodings may be groundless.’
You will note that Lincoln clearly identified the problem--- "corporations have been enthroned" and the "Republic" that he was concerned for was indeed the "Federal Republic" --- the same institution he undermined by running for a different Presidential Office in the first place. No doubt he regretted what he'd done to fool the people, and no doubt that the powers that put him in office and which he helped enthrone --- the corporations --- did destroy the Federal Republic after his death.
Why, we must wonder, if Lincoln cared about the Federal Republic, did he fail to honor its Constitution in the first place?
Maybe he thought, as many do when standing on the slippery slope between self-interest and duty, that because he was loyal to the Republic, no harm would be done if he engaged in a little sleight of hand and used a lawyer's trick to bypass the actual Presidential Office and undermine the actual Presidential Election Process?
We will never know. What we do know and fully recognize is that Lincoln was the lynch-pin that, in a sense, created the whole problem. He showed the way for the corporate interests to commandeer the White House and bypass the actual Federal Constitution. He exposed the bifurcation of the Presidential Offices and the ways that they could be separately invoked, and thereby also the means to substitute all the other federal offices, as well. He, more than any other man, undermined the Federal Republic and betrayed it to the same corporate interests he identified as the source of the corruption.
Without Abraham Lincoln and the schemers who were directly part of his cabinet, men like William H. Seward, the mammoth fraud and enslavement racket we have suffered under for decades would never have been possible.
Lincoln may have valued and revered the role of the Federal Republic and may have imagined himself competent to protect it after having himself ruptured the fabric of its safety net---- but men like his Secretary of State and his Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon Chase, would not be denied their prey.
Having so far progressed their aims they would not and did not let Lincoln's sentiments about the Federal Republic stand in their way.
In the crucial hour, neither would General Grant rally the Union Army to its duty to protect the Federal Republic. Never forget that Grant and his wife were supposed to be with Lincoln that fateful night at Ford's Theater, and they withdrew at the last minute, choosing to go visit their daughter instead.
So the sad truth is that the Great Emancipator fell short of freeing anyone --- quite the opposite. And the most eloquent spokesman for the Federal Republic, wound up being the author of its destruction, too.
Without Lincoln, the Reconstruction was talked about, but never done.
Both Lincoln and Kennedy were incredibly popular and could have stopped the progress of the destruction at any time. In fact, Kennedy bragged (unwisely) that he would --- but his life was cut short, like Lincoln's --- before he could do anything meaningful about it.
Without Kennedy, Vietnam continued to fill the coffers that the Democrats used to buy votes and buy off local governments with Federal Block Grants, and the oil industry gained another fifty years-worth of wanton profits for the cost of three bullets.
Maybe it's time we all grew up, stared the Beast in the face, and realized that it's up to us. All of us. Stop waiting for a hero to do it for us and just plain do what has to be done to restore our own government. That is certainly the conclusion I have drawn, and the reason I encourage each and every one of you to fully engage the process and power of self-governance:
The same qualities and eloquence that made Lincoln and Kennedy so popular were the exact qualities that withheld their hands from taking action. Grey Men like William H. Seward and Allen Dulles suffer no such pangs or questions. For them, profit and power are the twin gods of destiny; respect for law is a very distant third runner up, and care for other people has no place at the table.

These Other Men, the ones you don't see, are the ones that stole last fall's election. They are the ones who manipulate your credit and your money. They are the ones who have callously, selfishly, and recklessly manipulated the commodity markets for generations. They are the problem. And you are the solution.


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  1. Wasn’t Lincoln considered to be the 16th president?

  2. Yes he was but that doesnt change the narritive ..!!

  3. you do not know what you are addressing and it is obvious

    1. Count the actual terms from Washington, actually the eleventh President BTW, the same way you count centuries. Lincoln was the 15th Territorial President— and but for the change of inauguration dates would be the fourteenth.

  4. So first Lincoln ignored the Constitution by accepting a punlic office, then he turned our states in to a Corporation under the main one, yhe Federal Territorial US of Washington DC. He make the way for a private banking system to take control of the whole thing in 1913. Which made it possible to turn us all into Fourteenth amendment govt slaves of the territorial US. What makes these people always turn to Lucifer? Money and power get old. They eant to control the entire world.

    1. You know why these people always turn to Lucifer. When Lucifer took Yahawashah upon the high mountain he told him bow down and worship me for this world was given to me and I can give it to whomever I want. People sell their souls because they are under a delusion that Lucifer is the real God and the Most High is a liar. I have a close friend who cannot discern what truth really means. She actually believes in lies.

  5. I read somewhere a booklet showing missing funds that was lost for years was recovered a while back revealing payoffs to US Presidents since about Lincoln yet I have not seen the not not missing ledger records that like all evidence of any truth in the matter is lied about to make sure the lie continues

  6. Stepping back at the world 1945 Rurope was emerged in the color revolution orchestrated by the ones that brought the bloody terror in France and the horror of killing by sadistic sick minded 500 children corralled and tortured by them.
    The same ones 1937 in Spain lured mother superior and her nuns out so as not to mess up the property.
    The same ones who finance John Brown murders.
    America was set up by communist like the deplorable communist from Illinois.
    All facilitated by the large Masonic lodge in Charleston ,SC .
    The General in Arkansas Albert Pike 33degree wrote plan for world domination.
    So Lincoln real name Springsteen source RBN republic broadcast network Owner John Strotomyer.
    JFK spoke of we have in our society a monolithic enitity that brings together vast resources.

  7. 1845 Europe’s color revolution

  8. This large government easily controlled one world order .
    America broke free and creating new language succession.
    We need to lead the world .

  9. So why did they have him assassinated?

    1. Great question, to which goodE2boots hinted at the answer(s). Suppose, for example, Abraham Lincoln was tired, sick, and ready to have a rest? Suppose his "assassination" was faked??

      If you are ready for "oput of the box" thinking, try the essay by Miles Mathis, "The Lincoln Assassination was a manufactured event, meaning it never happened." He gives good cause to doubt that it did! []

      THEN, if that paper does not satiate your appetite for rabbit hole spelunking, you can look into reasons and evidence for the faking of JFK's assassination! []

      Make up your own mind.