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Saturday, May 22, 2021

My Opinion as an Anti-Vaxxer

 By Anna Von Reitz

Luc Montagnier, one of the world's top virologists, has flatly said that everyone who has received any form of the purported vaccine has no chance of survival --
"There is no hope, no possible treatment, for those who have been vaccinated already. We must be prepared to incinerate the bodies." 

After studying the contents of the so-called vaccines, the Nobel Laureate said, "They will all die from antibody dependent enhancement. Nothing more can be said." 

Antibody-dependent enhancement, sometimes less precisely called immune enhancement or disease enhancement, is a phenomenon in which binding of a virus to suboptimal antibodies enhances its entry into host cells, followed by its replication. Wikipedia

So an "enhanced" Common Cold Virus gets easy entry to the cell -- similar to what happens with HIV, and no coincidence, either, since HIV research was the source of the "enhancement" in the first place.  The victim's immune system wears itself out, similar to AIDS, and there you go.  Down the long road. 

The results in India can be seen for themselves, and yep, the funeral pyres are piled high and more funeral rafts than ever are sailing down the Ganges, and we will be overwhelmed soon enough come winter, thanks to our evil and idiotic politicians. 

Still, I don't agree that there is "no possible treatment".  

Any evil  that man can devise can be overcome. The problem is that it usually takes time to overcome such mindless depravity and breach of trust, unless of course, the Perpetrators already have the solution to the problem they have created waiting in the wings. 

Which in this case, they do.  

Afterall, they have to have the antidote available to save themselves. 

They also have to have the antidote to make Big Money off their invention. 

So, rest assured, there is an antidote, and what has to be done to make sure everyone knows and has access to the antidote? 

That's right.  It's time to send in the Goons and Gorillas. For real. 

Bill Gates seems to think that simply refusing to take the vaccine by claiming that he and his children are "allergic" to it, is sufficient.  That is what he did when the Needle Police arrived at his door. 

This claim is the Get Out of Jail Free Card provided as the remedy needed to legalize their illegal mask mandates and other demands. So use it. 

Remember Woody Allen's neurotic film character mumbling, "I'm allergic to everything." 

That's you from now on, and your family, too.  You are all such delicate little rosebuds that you are allergic to everything.  The mere sight of a corn chip makes your skin crawl.  Dust and pollen?  You break out in hives. 

And if you have already taken the jab, stand by. 

Dr. Luc may be right, but then, there may be other things that he isn't yet aware of and isn't taking into account.  

The Perpetrators definitely underestimated the resistance of the American People and the loss of credibility of the Mass Media and also the loss of trust in government.  Less than 40% of our population has "voluntarily" self-destructed. 

That leaves about 40% of our population sick and dying with nothing to lose and reason to hate every politician from here to Melbourne. No wonder Fancy Nancy wants $2 billion spent on "defenses for the capitol". 

Those who don't believe in God, the True God, that is --- are about to get a helluva jolt.  Just like the priests of Baal got it, 3,000 years ago. The spiritual forces of death and evil have spent their wad.  And now comes the payback.  


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  1. Anna, check your facts, the Indian hospitals are empty just like the US ones are. Now the Indian PM is telling the west to stop lying about it, he's gone down the ivermectin, HCQ route.


      A world murdering idea? Yes, confirmed. WHY? I read the Tarot cards for the past dead persons. That's how I read know, this familiar energies. Evidence?

      BEFORE the western Gold theft during the Pre_ and Post WW2, it has been used before.. On the premative Kings. Its the familiar type, of energies show up for
      the so called " COVID_xx Energies "

      This is actually are hidden poison, the card or energies detected. . The same type, that the Robbers and Thieves used to murder the past Kings during in the past.

      We must stand together that stop the madness.

    2. Pretty hard to deny it, when the same PM has died of the scourge himself, isn't it?


    4. Did Someone Say Goons & Gorillas? As A Victim Of The Government's Illegal Targeted Individuals Program, I Am Beyond Ready To Fight Back. I'm Being Attacked 24/7 With Pain And Thing's You Couldn't Imagine. Yes The Government Is Evil. They Have Killed Millions Over The Years, With This Illegal Program Alone. And, Are In The Process Of Killing Millions More. This Is Capital Murder With Mandatory Death Sentences Attached For The Perpetrators. Yet, Not One Of These Murdering Murderer's Have Been Charged. It Only Takes A Small Number Of Military Style TI'S To Start The Process Of Forcing A Change. And I'm Beyond Ready To Fight Back

  2. Anna, check your facts, the Indian hospitals are empty just like the US ones are. Now the Indian PM is telling the west to stop lying about it, he's gone down the ivermectin, HCQ route.

    1. True, I very seen the video no bodies,everything is normal in India,so Anna get your facts straight.

  3. Let the dead bury the dead...
    If anyone was stupid enough to get the jab, let them reap the consequences.
    Ann is probably happy now that I havent suggested just killing them.
    See how things work out...

  4. Dr. Judy Mikovits says the antidote could be Suramin, look it up.

  5. Dan winter says the DNA can be strengthened using what the Egypt had pictured on thair wall a plasma enhancement.projector tube .
    Experiment putting plants in dark basement then put a copper plate on roof and one in basement connected by copper wire .
    Results plants grew just fine because the narrow frequency needed for photosynthesis was provided .we need to get outdoors for more than vitamin D.

  6. Just to be precise there are no lawful persons or LAWFUL PERSONS. There is only " private persons" ( look it up in Blacks law dictionaryat PC 834).

    " The only ones that can make an arrest is a peace officer or private person."

    Nothing to do with lawful anything..!! Again semantic deceit. Your both wrong..!!
    But hell, there is NO LAW anymore anyway..!! Just stay out of there courts period.

    1. Lawful, legal, should be an would make a good one...!!
      You already have me confused..!!

      Just look up PC 834. Its in the penal code not blacks law mistake..!!
      But blacks law dictionary refers to private persons as people who are not involved in public office or work for the military...just like Anna said. In other words they are truely private in that sense...not US CITIZENS..!!

    2. It's very simple and I have gone over and over and over these points before, but as always people like to comment who have not done their own homework. Our "Lawful Person" is our Good Name, standing on the land and soil of our country, under the Public Law. The "Legal Person" assigned to us as a Ward of the British Monarch on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways is a different thing operating in a different jurisdiction. And the "LEGAL PERSON" operating as a Municipal CITIZEN of the United States under the so-called Diversity Clause is a third entity. None of these things are equivalent to the living man or woman. You have all got to stop thinking that your name is you. It's not. I have explained this literally hundreds of times and I am sick to death of having to repeat myself. All of these names are "persons" --- the difference is that the Lawful Person stands under the Public Law of this country and on the jurisdiction of the land owed to this country, while the Legal Person stands under the private law of the sea and the legal PERSON also stands under private ecclesiastical law of the Municipal Goverment. Lawful is apart from "legal" --- and the way that the Legal entities get away with murder is by making it --- technically --- voluntary. You have an unlimited ability to contract, so if you have other alternatives and are not strictly being FORCED at gun point to take the jab, they can "legalize" their actions no matter how outrageous they may be.

  7. Citrus rinds boiled and strained DIY chloroquine and pine needle teas invermectin very good many things and used where not prohibited for market reasons and a patent exists on a cannabinoid belonging to U.S. that repairs DNA. Recall Pasteur admitted a healthy organism cannot be penetrated by bacteria and same for virus. Health and spiritual health critical. States growing that dissolve bodies in patented machines that do it then pour the liquid down drain and along with other sewage dumped on farm fields as free fertilizer and circulated via farmlands

  8. This may be off topic but Kim G on the UNN mentions towed the end of the 144 min show that "everybody is sovereign" now. This is not verbatim but if somebody can explain?
    If that's the case then is it necessary to do your paperwork now?
    Barbara WOW

  9. mentions something which might hinder damage by the "vaccine" .

  10. commented that COVID read from right to left like in Hebrew is DIVOC . He put his comment within a scrollable "window". Pasted right below between stars.
    COVID when read exactly as written in Hebrew the way we see it means posession by a demon
    Also -- at --
    IN OTHER WORDS: The iron crystals grow SO LONG they stretch the cells out but don't puncture the cell membrane and kill the cell. They are programmed to the max size the body can survive making, and that's why the magnets stick. Cells are a LOT smaller than half the width of a human hair, this is stretching the hell out of them.

  11. Edward, very interesting observation and ty for sharing. Does not surprise me.