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Friday, May 7, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -Blood Money 20 --Abuse of Contracts

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our contract standards have been well-known and published for over four hundred years, indeed, throughout the entire time period spanned by the European colonization of this continent; therefore, we have no explanation, except for criminal intent on the part of the British Monarchs and Lord Mayors, for the sudden and inappropriate proliferation of Maritime contracting processes being extended onto the land and soil jurisdiction of our country.
As a brief review: The American Civil War wasn't technically a war. It was a Mercenary Conflict, like the far more recent conflict in Vietnam. It was not fought by the actual States nor by our Federation of States. It was fought by the State of State organizations, like The State of New York. that were members of the Confederation.
Thus, all the entities that mustered men out to fight in the Civil War were actually "Confederate States", both North and South. This fact was obscured by calling the Northern Confederation "the Union" and the Southern Confederation the "Confederate States of America".
Abraham Lincoln never acted as the actual President of this country. He was not eligible to do so thanks to the Titles of Nobility Amendment passed in 1819. Instead, he served as a Territorial President. This Bait and Switch fraud, substituting "the" President of "the" United States of America for The President of The United States of America has cost our country dearly.
The American Civil War was never declared by any Act of Congress. It was never ended by any Peace Treaty issued by any competent power.
Mr. Lincoln's lack of authority to begin the so-called war made it an illegal action from the start, and the similar lack of authority to end the conflict by his replacement, President Andrew Johnson, made it a complete unlawful and illegal fiasco.
The abuse of contracts began shortly after the end of armed hostilities.
While it is agreed worldwide that we all have the unbridled right to establish and perform under the constraints of contracts and covenants and compacts and agreements and treaties of various kinds executed in their appropriate jurisdictions, the sudden proliferation and inducement of Maritime contracts and practices and standards on our land and soil appears to arise from a mistaken presumption that our American Government was absent or in interregnum simply because it was not in Session.
A Government, in Mr. Lincoln's words, "of, for, and by the People" does not just disappear over the horizon, or collapse with the death of a Monarch or other Head of State. We've been here the entire time, and though bewildered and confused initially by the deceits of our Subcontractors and Employees, we are nonetheless competent to enforce our Treaties under International and Global Law and uphold our Public Law.
Our Public Law includes our contracting standards which require at a minimum: (1) Full disclosure of the Parties, their identity, their capacity, their intent, and the terms of the agreement in simple unobscured language; (2) a meeting of the minds -- a requirement that precludes contracts with minors, incompetents, and unconscionable contracts of all kinds; (3) wet-ink signatures by at least two Parties -- which precludes all unilateral contracts; (4) equitable consideration -- which precludes lop-sided contracts in which one Party receives grossly unequal benefit at the expense of the other Party; (5) freedom from force or coercion -- which precludes contracts signed under force or influence of authority presented under color of law; (6) no undisclosed Third Party contracts --- which precludes the inclusion of undeclared Silent Partners, and all contracts entered into on behalf of living people who are otherwise competent, by Third Parties.
These are our well-known, long-established basic contracting requirements and our Employees have no known valid reason for applying any other standard to us or within our borders, yet as we have demonstrated, they have presumed upon us and proliferated an endless list of improper adhesion contracts in foreign jurisdictions, have seized upon our Good Names as presumed Wards of their illegally and unlawfully substituted State-of-State organizations, copyrighted our Good Names as property belonging to the British Crown Corporation, and they have done all of this in secret while taking their paychecks from our pockets.
Such outrageous Gross Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Contract, on such a vast scale, has never happened in the history of the world ---but it needs to end and end now. We are not discussing anything unknown or novel; all the circumstances and practices exposed are already well-recognized crimes of a garden variety sort, simply exercised on a vast scale.
The impersonation of Americans as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and the resulting unlawful conversion of their political status and conscription of their assets and their credit is no different than the identity theft that occurs when a credit card hacker impersonates the actual cardholder.
None of the contracts used to create this situation are valid in any respect.
None of the conversions of American babies to U.S. Citizen status are valid.
These circumstances, described throughout our communications with the High Courts, are all results of fraud and piracy based on abuse of contract by Subcontractors who owe us Good Faith and service.
Another form of abuse of contract has been used to create corporations in the names of The United States and The United States of America.
This fraud infringing upon our sovereign ability to charter corporations took place in 1870, but as a crime of fraud has no statute of limitations, it follows that all the corporations that have been formed under the Corporations Act of 1870 have not been chartered by any sovereign government and are in fact stateless and without indemnification --- unless we adopt them.
We, as the only lawful and still-standing Government of this country operating in International Jurisdiction, are the only Owners and Operators of these corporations by default: they have been formed in our Names, derived from our names, funded with our assets and credit, and we have been held responsible for their losses in bankruptcy through repeated iterations of bankruptcies, so that we are unquestionably the Creditors and Parties of Interest and actual Owners of all these corporations and their franchises.
Yet, all these same corporations have been operating under the Law of the Sea instead of the Law of the Land, and have not been subject to us and our Public Law as a result. They have been administered by the British Monarchs and the Government of Westminster under the direction of the Lord Mayor of London, instead, and all aspects of these purloined corporation assets have been construed to operate exclusively under Admiralty and Maritime Jurisdiction; unlawful so-called "Special Admiralty" provisions have been legislatively enacted by our Employees to provide for their felonious extension onto the land.
As a result, the corporations that we have paid for and which have been chartered in our names and under our purported authority since 1870, have been outside our control and operating without our Public Law, despite the fact that these corporations are sailing under our Great Seals and we are being held responsible for the preservation of their shareholders and their bankruptcy protections, too.
As the actual owners of these legal fictions we have announced a one (1) year amnesty period which began in February 2021 for these same corporations to add acceptable lawful purposes language to their Articles of Incorporation and for these corporations to accept administration under our Public Law.
Otherwise, they must be liquidated and the proceeds returned to us as recompense for the losses suffered as a result of multiple so-called "national bankruptcies" charged off against our credit and paid for by our people.
We are the Priority Creditors and Receivers of all these incorporated entities which have been chartered in our names and on our shores and the return of control of these assets is owed to us by the so-called "U.S. Trustees" who have assumed a Public Trust Interest which is non-existent and proven to be non-existent by our Presence in the High Courts and our properly constructed State Assemblies being in Session.
We wish for immediate and unrestricted control of our own Admiralty Courts and the return of direct controlling interest in all those corporations formed in our names and chartered under our auspices since 1870. During transition, these corporations are to be held accountable to both Admiralty Law at sea and to our Public Law on the land. Cooperation between the U.S. Marshals Service and the Continental Marshals Services commissioned by our American Government is a required element of recoupment and necessary for the preservation of peace.
We read with dismay that 72 living people have been killed in disputes over improper demands by our Subcontractors seeking to seize and confiscate guns and other armaments from people who are in fact Americans, and who are in fact owed all guarantees of the Federal Constitutions without exception.
This trespass upon our population by misdirected Public Employees and the Commercial Corporations employing them in our names ----and these innocent deaths are at the feet of the Principals responsible for this ongoing travesty -- the British Monarch, the Lord Mayor of London, and the Pope.
Until such time as all the people of our country are fully informed and enabled to make rational choices about their political status, we wish everyone to be Held Harmless and accorded all those rights and interests protected by the original Federal Constitution of 1787, and also the reinstitution of Equal Civil Rights which have been suspended for Federal workers and dependents.
As the so-called Naked Owners of all these corporations, we are directing them and those responsible for their administration to obey the Public Law and forsake all and any activities predicated on the assumption that any form of war is ongoing in any jurisdiction --- national, international, or global --- related to our country.

by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. .
    In the fictional legal system created on or before 1860 and all thereafter CODES, contracts have been archived - canceled all contracts.

    What are they using?


    Point of a Gun

    1. .

      and your neighbor against you [BAR created legal entity] based on a false indoctrinated belief by edumidacation

      Cant Cure Stupid

  2. I'm still in the first few sentences, and I have a question!.. Which "s/State/STATE" is it that we Nationals geet the most benefirt outo f being? And by "Benefit" I mean to convey " enoy the most feeling of "noone is going to f with me, because I am removed from their system"?

    I had it understood 2 weeks ago, then , when seen in use, "the State of States..'
    K wait.. you just said that the war was fought by State of State governments, , such as The State of New YOrk, which was a " confederate State"?
    how is the bad guys, the State of States, part of the good theing the 'COnfederation of States".

    And by the way, could you please cite your source when you say, in the 1860s, where the States we referred to ( [added] commonly, nationaly, internationally as the "confederation of states"?
    YOu are the only person saying this, Ihave yet to discover in papers, speaches, treatments, bills, etc, other than the Articles of Confederation, which were replaced by the Declaration of Independance for the united states of America, 96 years prior to the era in discussion.

    Thank you.

  3. ugh.. the Titles of Nobility act of 1810, fell two states short of ratification , and even today, would require 26 states to ratify it to become a part of the Constitution, so it's not actually an amendment.
    GHOwever, Articlwe I section 9, Clause 8, prohibits the Federal government from issuing titles of nobility or honor. Whereas Secton 10 Clause 1 prohibbots the States from isuing them as well.
    So to say that Lincoln wasn't President because he ( so you say) was the first US President to have ever tried a case in a court of Law. ( because God knows, nearly every president BEFORE Lincoln, held the title of "COunselor, or Attorney"... just not "lawyer."
    And, if we didn't win the revolutionary War in the first place, who is to say that THE BAR is aforiegn country bestowing titles?
    pick it. Have we been under the crown since ol blelcher did nothing but try to get over on his friends? or did we WIN the revolutionary war, and Loncoln WAS bestoed with "Esquire" by the B.A.R. Association. Which of the two shall it be?
    because the latter, ... is not unconstitutional at that time.
    "Congress shall make no titles of nobility no tender titles of honor"
    What does refer to an office holder reads, "without the approval of Congress."
    What did he congress of 1865 do when they came in? the glad hannded,and slap backed ol Abe, and put to words their approval and condonation of every decision the "Commander in Chief" has made"... By the way.. YOu KNOW the President is ONLY the "Commander in Chief" when the nation is at declared war, right? I knew you knew that.

  4. Our Public Law includes our contracting standards which require at a minimum: (1) [omitted for brevity] (6) [...]
    all these are reasons why the state assemblies cannot force "the lord" or 10 commandments on anyone.

    there is no authority to unbaptize/rebaptize people with a "silent 3rd partner", backed by force/intimidation, without full disclosure that this yanks people out of new test and makes them dead to christ; such is unconscionable, unilateral, and without any equitable consideration to people who see no need and have no reason to magically place themselves 2021 years ago, before christ, and see no benefit in recreating babylon.

    shoving the 10 commandments down people's throats doesn't meet any of these requirements.

    "my kingdom is not of this world" this method of "conversion" is forbidden by new test too and obsolete.

    1. living people
      this "term of art" needs defined, because old test and new test have different requirements who is "living" or not.

      do these "contracting standards" adhere to the geneva bible? old test people are dead to new test people and vice versa. doesn't matter which bible you use. them's the breaks. even for revelation/apocalypse/millenium.

    2. as has been said many times, use the wayback machine -- its forbidden by old test too.

      we are left wondering who is this rogue "the lord" character that is not old test "the lord" and doesn't exist in new test, and is demanding everyone abandon christ and switch to them.

      where is the disclosure?

    3. Muslims don’t like the LAW Christians call the Ten Commandments either however the acknowledge Jesus existence however they believe he was a prophet as Mohammad.
      The Orthodox Jews believe Jesus well the Talmud is quite vulgar the Babylonian Talmud.
      Everyone has different views .
      Not McDonald’s can’t have it your way .

  5. Babylon was not a nice place main temples were to Baal and Ishtar.
    What started out as fertility worship evolved into prostitution centers and child sacrifice.
    The seed of Noah one son good one bad back to the continuing theme throughout bible the duality
    One good one bad a lesson in parables.
    Noah good son Shem were in all reference an honorable sons of Shem / Semite .
    Bad seed Ham interbreed with African witch nanya produced the dreaded offspring Cain the Canaanite tribe Baal worshipping.
    This is the half black curly black hair .
    That changed thair name to shed stigma to the Phoenician’s been at war with Christian byzentine in Constantinople we destroyed Carthage.
    It’s been hell the good bad and the ugly.

  6. None of the conversions of American babies to U.S. Citizen status are valid.