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Friday, May 7, 2021



  1. I am distraught over this and inraged. My Daughtergot this vaccine both shots. And lied to me about it. And now when I was greatful she didn't get it. This is what she said to me.
    "I have never said if I'm going to get it or not it is none of your business it is my right to choose it is my right to privacy for my own medical decisions and I will not be lectured about any of it and I don't have to tell anybody my decision so you will never know if I get it or not and you have to respect my right to privacy and the fact that I do not have to listen to yours or anybody else's opinions influences or criticisms my choice my write my privacy and if you think you need to freak out and tell me how horrible it is and not to get it then I will block you I am an adult and intelligent adult and I will make that decision for myself and you don't have any say I don't have to listen to your opinions and I will never tell you if I do or don't get it because I have a right to my own Medical privacy"
    This pretty much tells me she already got it. The reason I say this is because on her calendar for the month of April she had noted for April 14th " 2nd shot 9:00 am" and when I asked her about it she said it was her photography lass. She isn't taking a photography class.
    I am furious because of the lies about this vaccine and the coersion to take it. And all these evil people posing as experts and health care officials. If anything happens to my daughter I will hold everyone of these sick bastards accountable for their lies and their non full disclosure of these shots. My daughter is healthy and has no health issues. I am mad as hell about this. I am sure I am not alone in facing the horror of a famiily Member allowing themselves to be mislead. God help us all.

    1. Unfortunately colleges are mandating vaccines now it appears. My perfectly healthy 20 year old son, now 21, went and got the jab. He made the decision all on his own and I respect him for it. What I agree with you about being upset is how your daughter can't respect that you have a difference of opinion over it and apparently felt the need to hide it from you. Our son didn't hide it from us, and we support him in whatever he wishes to do. He does his research and we do ours. My wife and I will not be getting the shot. But yes, her attitude would have me spun up also.

    2. Lifesmirage - Wow, this is rough! Catherine Austin Fitts had a very good point in warning children & our grandchildrens toxxination, that it costs $5 million a lifetime to care for vaccine damaged & its the grand/parents whom the children will seek financial support once damage is realized.
      Fitts says it damn sure IS YOUR/OUR BUSINESS as to whom will be the ones PICKING UP THE TAB.
      The 'inheritance' the children think they're going to receive will go to their vaccine damaged children. Thus also depleting RESOURCES & time, effort, attention.

      It is absolutely mind-numbing how quickly those pro-toxxine people are able to SHUT IT DOWN as though all of a sudden we're talking babble.

      Very interesting too is when its time to help with large financial assistance during a crushing time, how cooperative certain folks are.

      Incredible how symptomatic of brainwashing they become over toxxines. Sorry, but the word to our family was DO NOT EXPECT RESCUE for your toxxine choices. We love them but will not destroy our lives over their bad choices.

      Then it came time for emergency situation. WE DENIED THEM extended care (expenses) opting to help with only immediate concerns. Done. Most fortunately it was not over toxxines.
      Important to realize the devaluation of the dollar has been purposefully strategically accomplished, so as to enforce total usury enslavement. In 1956 $100 = $100, today $100 = $973, almost $1000, which is their goal. So our previous ability to overcome debt is now over, for the vast majority. More work hours have not been allotted, eh, cuz we can't produce more week days. Thus our children need our help financially, however, it also means cohesive effort, clear minds, Christ warrior clarity & no Baalsh*t allowed.

      Add a most relevant aspect to our talmudic enslavement by jews is rarely if ever spoken of, & that is OUR TIME, which is irreplaceable. It is OUR TIME on Earth jews control. OUR TIME is spent honoring their talmudic jewdaic evil Baalsh*t, as we are so entrenched in their sewer filth.

      The ONLY WAY OUT right now is to CALL THEM OUT ON IT ALL. Every damn time, CALL OUT THE JEW, that is to say CALL OUT THE JEW. SAY 'JEW'! This they fear the most. If you can't use JEW, then say TALMUDIC. Call it out. CALL IT TALMUDIC... the jews will get a fever. Let them stew it it!
      thanks & stay sane

  2. Nazi Twitter just suspended Dr. Henry Makow's twitter site because he posted about the dangers of the COVID "vaccines". Please follow Dr. Makow on his web site and GAB, see below. Please follow and support this courageous man.

    His latest column is a must read:

    1. In order to see all the articles in GAB you must set up an account - but it's free.

  3. Vaccinated will be dead or sterile within one year

    Facebook complicit in genocide. Suppressing info on how vaccines are causing miscarriages.

    BOMBSHELL: Gates Foundation, DARPA funding self-replicating, weaponized vaccine technology that began under Apartheid, to exterminate Blacks… and now it’s powering the covid vax

  4. I've never asked the THIEVES to be with me, to interfere with my body already well designed. They tricked the whole world, to fall to give them free assets, via their bogus Rights, notes, broken or invalid contracts. They robbed our gold, lands, soul tribes and everything, to sell off and transfer to someone else's.

    Wake up Thieves and Robbers, the 10 commandments teach you to work to support youselves, stealings are against this Public Law. Misnaming your selves as Govt to be someone officials is against the True laws.

    My BC Is still original, UpperLower case.
    Brigands, your Foreign Tribunal codes are your Devillish magician cards. Don't retry, save yourselves from addirional penalties, or from your internal fire.

    The day you came to earth, i saw fire 😈😠😡 on your skin, not clothes..

  5. L.A.M I could have written what you write about your daughter.
    The only difference is she said she q I understand tell me and will probably get IT at the end of summer when when she is done with school (the end of summer)
    My son, hubby and I have all done research. I am 99 % she was brainwashed at college. Any videos and poscast goes to deaf ears. She is a smart girl know there are far too many parent who are also experiencing this. More division, that's what THEY want and it is sick. She has not allowed me to hug her since this BS all began. It just shocks me cause she is so so smart, has traveled the world. I can see how brainwashing happens. Living it now.


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