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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice -- Blood Money 21 - Land

 By Anna Von Reitz

In addition to all those other issues of international importance thus far raised by our efforts, perhaps no issue is more deeply felt than the issue of land ownership, which should not even be under discussion.
It is very well-established that land in this country belongs to the States and the people who live in those States. There is no arcane definition applied to "people" --- all living Americans and naturalized U.S. Citizens who adopt a State of the Union as their permanent house, home, and domicile ---regardless of race, creed, color or religion are people in our view, and they enjoy all the same rights and opportunities, including the right to possess land and soil parcels and hold them in their own right.
No other form of land ownership, except for formal set asides to allow for Federal use of land, has ever been allowed or anticipated. It is to be noted that in order for the Federal Government to have and use land in this country, it must: (1) be for constitutionally mandated purposes, and (2) must be formally ceded by the State Legislature.
The only other form of Federal occupation of land in this country is allowed to the Territorial Government under the provisions of The Northwest Ordinance, which provides for the Territorial Government to assume a custodial interest until such time as new land acquisitions are enrolled as States of the Union.
In the first instance, the use of land for Federal purposes mandated by their constitutional duties, such as the establishment of military bases and arsenals, post offices, and similar service centers, we find that these have greatly proliferated and have been established without the permission of the actual State Legislatures.
Instead, Territorial State-of-State Legislatures have been allocating themselves the use of vast tracts of our land for purposes never envisioned by any constitutional process nor demanded by their duty, including the establishment of land-grant universities, parks, and health spas, internment camps imposed on our Native People, huge railroad and highway corridors and utility easements, and the establishment of "Special Purpose" land trusts, which are meant to promote the support of one or more public services, such as the Mental Health Trust in Alaska.
The bulk of this development, both good and bad, has taken place and been authorized by people having no actual ability to authorize anything related to our land assets.
In the second case, Territorial Government custodial interest under The Northwest Ordinance--- entire "Territorial States" have been created and foisted off on the public as States of the Union, when in fact, these so-called Western States, have been until very recently in a perpetual limbo, under Federal Occupation, and unable to legally or lawfully proceed beyond that status.
One of the first issues to be addressed by our State Assemblies once we had all fifty States assembled, was the enrollment of these Western States by Roll Call Vote of the States that were in existence as of 1860; as a result, these Territorial "States" have finally been enrolled as States of the Union as of the first of October in the year 2020.
We are only beginning to address the rest of the housekeeping necessary to receive back and dispose of land interests that have been left hanging, but we have precluded the sale of the Queen's tribute interest in our in-ground gold assets to China and we have taken other urgent actions to maintain our safety and asset bases.
All the various threats and evils that have grown up around the use, and sometimes the abuse, of our land resources under Territorial custodianship, have arisen under the influence of the deliberately promoted international presumption that our American Government was missing, absent, or in some kind of perpetual interregnum simply because it was not in continuous Session.
Our Federal Subcontractors and erstwhile Treaty Partners have proposed to not only take inappropriate custodial and public trust interest in our land assets, but have proposed to dispose of our land assets "for" us. Recent attempts at this have included the sale of our infrastructure to foreign investors, our uranium to Russian mining interests, the port of Long Beach, California, to the Chinese, for example, and ongoing discussions to give title to land belonging to our States to the so-called Indigenous Nations using old treaties that were made with foreign governments (England, France, Germany, etc.) prior to The War of Independence as an excuse.
This last proposal is a direct threat to our national security and peace being made by foreign powers that have Treaties with us that they must honor--- and which we are here to enforce.
This proposed settlement of our land interests in favor of the Indigenous tribes deserves our comment and opposition on several points.
First, the intermarriage of European and Indigenous peoples began almost upon the first contact, so that treaty by blood was established especially with French Armorican traders centuries before The War of Independence, and that process of intermarriage has continued both with Europeans and among the various diverse native populations, so that today there are very few individuals, if any, who can pass a DNA test and claim to be of any one tribe or lineage.
This calls into question the very concept of "indigenous" people, as do other points shortly to be discussed, and in fact, before we momentarily leave this topic, one of the native leaders, Michael Young, was required by the proponents of this scheme to prove that he had genetic markers going back to Egypt, which is a long way from New York.
We are presented with the Truth -- that there is only one Family of Man and we are all ultimately part of it, and we all derive our inheritance of land through that one ancestry. This is explained eloquently by the Bible in Genesis 1: 26-28. The land is the inheritance of all the progeny of Adam --- that is, all of us who are destined to live and to die upon the land and soil of the Earth.
This same Truth is also part of Native American Wisdom --- which teaches us that we do not own the land, the land owns us. We come from the Earth and we return to the Earth according to Native thought, so how is it that we presume to rule over the Earth?
This is again reprised by the Bible -- "for dust thou art, and to dust returneth".
These simple observations have been held to be the Truth worldwide by peoples as diverse as the Scandinavians and the Dogons, Pacific Islanders and yes, by German philosophers who had eyes to see the simple facts of our condition and origins.
This is why in the course of our jurisprudence we consider men and land animals to be land assets, and not assets of the sea.
By this greater Truth, all people are "indigenous" to the land that formed them as their Motherland, and it is a certain fact that we will all return to the land after death. Even the drowned sailor comes to rest on the comforting breast of the sea floor.
Thus, it cannot be argued that anyone is estranged from the Earth by any foreign lineage or provenance, or granted any special title or relationship to the Earth, either. We are all indigenous with respect to the land of our birth, from which we were all formed, regardless of such things as racial make-up, or cultural differences.
Second, this entire discussion on the part of our own Treaty Partners and would-be Executors of our estates--- if we were in fact "dead" in the political sense --is rendered that much more ridiculous and divisive by the discussions revolving around The Doctrine of Discovery, which has finally been abandoned, and deservedly so.
This Doctrine held that land could be claimed by any of the European Monarchs, whose Subjects happened to stumble upon it and go through the agreed upon rituals to claim it "in the name of......" whichever Monarch they happened to represent.
It was by this process that this entire continent and most of South America and Africa also, were claimed by European Colonialists and their various investor groups. The ridiculous and self-interested nature of this entire process and basis for claiming land ownership was finally reviewed and tossed out on its ear, but for some reason, we are still wrestling with it with respect to the so-called Indigenous Nations.
At some point, perhaps millions of years ago, members of the Homo sapiens tribe placed footprints upon this continent, as with all other continents, and thereby discovered it. If we are going to throw out the Doctrine of Discovery, it hardly matters if the discovery in question happened in 1492 A.D. or 10,000,000 B.C.E.
If the Doctrine of Discovery is nonsense, and we are prepared to agree that it is, then the Doctrine of Discovery must be expunged in sum total as a basis for establishing land ownership interests, and the "discovery" of America by Native Tribes in 12,000 B.C.E. is just as moot as any fumbling made by the passengers aboard the Mayflower.
So let us all stop jockeying around trying to find on one hand, an easy way to dispose of a noisome political problem, and on the other, an inconvenient debt -- and admit the simple truths attached to all these issues.
Our country has been misrepresented for decades and preyed upon by our European Allies and Treaty Partners, who are in fact our Subcontractors with respect to everything that has gone on here. They have no more right or authority to dispose of our land than we have right or authority to dispose of theirs.
As for the rights and interests of the Native Peoples in this country, we are all "native" to it at this point, and we, our American Government, have never been at war with them and never caused them any harm. All such abuses have been carried out by the U.S. Territorial Government.
The Trail of Tears? That was the U.S. Government. The blankets infected with Smallpox? That was the U.S. Government. The Reservations? That was the U.S. Government. The racial and cultural genocide? That was the U.S. Government.
The same Queen's Government that privately calls all Americans "mongrels" and which maintains a caste-like class system in their own countries brought the same prejudices to work with them. As an American Raj, they have decimated and ruthlessly subjugated and alienated the Native People of this continent for over 150 years, and they have done it --- like so much else --- in our names, but the shame of this does not accrue to us, but to our erring Subcontractors who now propose to cure the ills that they have created at our expense.
We propose that they pay their own Butcher's Bill and be recognized, belatedly, for what they have done here.
We also propose that everyone concerned realize that our land mass is already under Treaty Agreement and that the Treaties recognizing the sovereignty of our States --- which all people share and inhabit with equal rights -- are paramount and necessary to the peace and prosperity of all of the victims of all this abuse.
Any scheme that proposes to give all the land of this country to twelve percent of the population is doomed to end in war and more genocide and it does not take great genius to come to this conclusion.
Perhaps worst of all, such an action would not serve any cause of justice.
The actual harm done to Native Americans was done by a foreign government and cannot be repaid in any sense by redistributing assets that in fact belong to all Americans. If the Queen and the British Crown wish to atone for their sins, they can start by ceasing and desisting from all efforts to pay their debts with someone else's land and money.
Finally, there is the issue of so-called property taxes and land titles. Both of these practices are foreign to our country and should not exist here.
This is yet another travesty arising from the misrepresentation and deliberate misidentification of Americans as both British Territorial U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States.
Unknown even to most British Citizens, their own land rights were long ago stolen from 90% of them via similar misrepresentation, either as willing "franchises" of the UK Government, or as incompetent wards of the Commonwealth. Either way, their own government conspired against them to deprive them of their land and to secure their land for use as collateral in exactly the same way that they have contrived the same scheme in America, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, too.
The same double-ended impersonation scheme was used throughout and to the same exact ends: conscription of people -- in effect, press ganging and peonage or enslavement, and confiscation of private property to pay for public debts.
This was done despite worldwide prohibitions against both slavery and peonage agreed to by these same governments in 1926 during their tenure as members of the League of Nations. They have deliberately sought to evade these Treaty obligations by shifting the venue of their governmental operations to the air and the sea jurisdictions.
This is just another legal dodge and contrivance which would have us believing that everyone in our country, in Canada, in New Zealand, in Australia and elsewhere throughout the purportedly former Commonwealth is either a government employee or a government dependent in some other sense.
To accomplish this illegal, unlawful, and immoral double-ended impersonation scheme, the proponents have arbitrarily "conferred" U.S. Citizenship and Municipal "citizenship" of the United States on people, together with the obligations associated with those citizenships, without the knowledge or consent or full disclosure to the victims of this unhinged activity.
A similar run-around is being attempted right now by various Native American Tribes, which are busily trying to convert "honorary" tribal memberships into actual tribal citizenships with attendant obligations.
We have all had enough of that sort of misrepresentation and unilateral contracting process to last several lifetimes and call upon the international community to put a stop to this ridiculous activity and the claims resulting from it all across the board, past, present, and future, in all jurisdictions of the law.
People must be allowed the dignity to know and choose their own political status according to what is best for them, and they must be given full disclosure of the consequences of their choices. This business of having someone point at me, for example, and claim that I am a Catholic or a Winnebago or a U.S. Citizen, and then proceed to hold me accountable for their presumptions, has to end--- especially when I am in fact an avowed and declared American, a Wisconsinite by birth, with a firmly recorded public identity, and no affiliation with any incorporated Church or Tribe.
This impersonation epidemic has peculiar impacts on land ownership as demonstrated in this country, but also as repeated in many other nations of the former but still unsettled British Commonwealth, where the British Territorial Government has usurped authority and occupied these lands in a reprise of what was engineered here in The United States.
In the case of the former Commonwealth Nations, the Commonwealth ended without instruction or assistance. It was simply announced and without any great fanfare, the social contracts that people depended on for generations were broken without their knowledge or consent. The Queen's Government appeared to continue on unabated, but in fact, after a pause, resumed as a provisional Territorial Government, a military junta that was installed while waiting for the Australians, Canadians and others to form their own independent governments ---- a task that the people in these countries did not undertake, because they were never told that such action was necessary.
This is an exact repeat of what happened in this country, wherein Americans were lulled asleep and given the impression that the Post-Civil War Reconstruction had already been accomplished and no action on their part was necessary.
As this circumstance presents itself with respect to land ownership, all land that was originally held by grant and public patent, was "seized upon" by the Queen's Territorial Officers and held in trust; all land was subsequently entitled, and land titles --- new descriptions of land assets --- were issued under copyright belonging to the British Crown.
The Free Holders were reduced to the status of Tenants, while the Queen's Territorial Government quietly usurped the interests of the sovereignty and property assets of Americans and many other nations around the world via this same basic deceit.
In The United States this unlawful conversion was promoted under the presumption of a Public Trust Interest that was invoked in 1933 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt upon the bankruptcy of the Roman Catholic Municipal Corporation doing business as "the" United States of America ---Incorporated.
Suddenly, American Farmers were presented with new land titles and various new schemes of describing their land. The traditional metes and bounds and Cartesian geographic definitions that had served us well for centuries were progressively removed in favor of new labels and definitions which pretended to magically convert the same plot of ground into something brand new and copyrighted by foreign powers operating secretively in the international jurisdiction of the sea --- not the land jurisdiction at all.
We have found places in Britain that are basically unchanged since the Stone Age burdened down with up to six different titles, all representing different layers of sea-going "government", all imposed under color of law, and all exacting obligations never approved by any living land owner.
In America, our people were similarly victimized and had these foreign titles foisted off on them together with the legal presumption that they were U.S. Citizens, without explanation and then exercised under color of law.
Having been unlawfully converted via fiat of Legal Presumption into U.S. Citizens these same Americans were presumed to be Subjects of the Queen, and Wards of the Territorial State-of-State organizations that had been substituted for our own American State of State Organizations on an "emergency basis" after the Civil War.
With one stroke, our lands were "presumed" then to be lands belonging to the Queen, as the land of all British Subjects vests in the Monarch and millions of Americans were also presumed to be disinherited Tenants on their own land.
Left completely uninformed about these developments, the victims of these international crimes labored onward, deceived into believing that these actions were being undertaken by their lawful government, and accepting them under this condition of deceit. At the same time, the Queen's Territorial Government presumed the right to demand "property taxes" from the newly defined Tenants, and under the influence of this gargantuan constructive fraud, millions of Americans began paying property taxes on their own land.
This was taken as evidence that they agreed and supported this scheme much as the Julliard v. Green case discusses the presumption of evidence that they supported the Federal Reserve scheme, too ---- when in fact there was no appreciable public discussion of any of these measures undertaken "for" us by the Queen's Government, the Government of Westminster, and the Popes, and for lack of disclosure and discussion, no presumption of conscionable contract possible.
And all of this was done merely under the presumption that our American Government was "absent" and that our absence created a Public Trust Interest for the Queen, the Lord Mayor, and the Popes.
We were never absent----deluded for a time, yes, by our Subcontractors who owed us Good Faith Service and their Treaty obligations, but not ultimately. We are wide awake and present and presenting ourselves to these the High Courts of the world and to the full force of international public opinion.
Our land, like our soil interests, remains vested in our States of the Union and in the American people living upon the land and soil of this country. No legitimate Public Trust Interest can be alleged against our lawful government by any foreign government, much less by the Principals bound by Treaty and Constitution to honor their limitations and obligations with respect to us and our nation.
The losses and indignities, the thefts and misadministration, the fraud, lawlessness, plundering and pillaging under color of law, the endless mercenary "wars" for profit engaged in by these Principals and their incorporated instrumentalities ensconced on our shores are more than adequate proof of both incompetence and criminality which we abhor.
None of this has been done at our direction nor with our support. We have been the victims of a national-level constructive fraud and identity theft, engineered by our own Federal employees being misdirected by foreign Principals who owe us Good Faith and Service. This fraud has been implemented via a double-ended impersonation scheme seeking to confer foreign citizenship obligations upon us by fiat. This unlawful conversion of our presumed political status has then allowed for wholesale theft of our land assets and their misadministration at the hands of the Queen and the British Crown---- and ultimately, the Popes, who have retained ownership of both the US, INC. corporations and the USA, Inc. corporations by delegation.
This venal identity theft has resulted in our country being blamed for the lawlessness and viciousness of the British Crown, which by rights, should be utterly condemned and liquidated as the source of endless crime ever since its inception. No single entity in the history of the world, including the Roman Empire, has compounded a more disastrous or wider-ranging list of invasions, criminal occupations, swindles, insurance frauds, impersonation and barratry schemes (as in the present instance), commodity rigging schemes, monopolies, wars for profit, and racketeering schemes than the British Crown during its 600-year aegis, all culminating in this disaster which is attempting a reprise of crimes including:
(1) The Justinian Deception using Dog Latin as a means to defraud and degrade living people --- a 1500 year-old fraud scheme employed by the Roman Emperor Justinian and now enjoying an attempted revival as so-called Parse Syntax. English is our Official Language and the sooner everyone recognizes that fact, the better;
(2) A repeat of the 1300 and 1500 and 1700 Disappearing Acts in which the Templars, the Phoenicians, and the Dutch East India Company all vanished from the face of the Earth --- or in this case, decamp to China.
That these charlatans have been enabled to escape justice for 600 years in the full face of the destruction they have caused and the lies they have told is due evidence of their skill; and, unfortunately, also evidence of the gullibility of the rest of the world. They need to be tracked down, apprehended, and their "Secret Societies" exposed once and for all. Those who worship the Father of All Lies and venerate snakes, aka, dragons, in Temples, need to face the fury of the Primal Creator and now is the appropriate time.
So far as we have been able to determine, all the banks need to be placed under new management, and ninety percent of all the lawyers on Earth need to be re-educated and taught the basics of actual Law.
The Chinese People need to be advised that they are the next targets.
The High Courts need to take determined and concerted action to return the assets owed to the actual owners and to punish those responsible for these egregious fraud schemes carried out against the land jurisdiction governments worldwide.
It isn't only the Americans caught in this same nasty spider web of lies and deceits and false Public Trust Interests and interlocking trust directorates, and it isn't the Americans responsible for all the bullying and war-mongering and injustice, either. Those who are responsible would be well-advised to withdraw their claims and deceits, and return to their own jurisdiction, leaving the land assets in the possession of the lawful owners of record.
And blessed be the peacemakers.

by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. My only question is even if you get your judgement who will you get to enforce it? the Marshalls?

    1. @ goodE2boots... I have had the solution all along, from my first deleted suggestion of building the gallows. They ( Paul, Anna ...) have gone out of their way to try ( unsuccessfully ) to discredit and defame me. Punishment and not forgiveness. That is the solution, period. It matters that the tormenters, rapists, plunderers and slavemasters die, rot and the stench of their rotting flesh be enjoyed by us all.

      Right now the plan to elimimate us all is being played our..Covid and the experimental gene therapy is being mass administered by monsters to fools. I am absolutely horrified at the stupidity of so many. There were at least 11 people in my family that had voluntarily got this death sentence and I am extremely concerned and freaked out that they may have infected me . There are things you can domto fight it but these complete selfish idiots may very well have put me and mine at risk...
      Whats the "fiduciaries" answer for this problem ? Forgive these idiots ? No thatnis not the answer. Finding a therapy to combat this new bioweapon is top priority..I am going down swinging and taking as many of these bastards down with me as possible. That should be everyones attitude, all of you. These monsters expect to just kill is off and come in and take what we have made and worked for...scorched earth and dead and dismembered evil bastards is what they will find if thats what it has to be .
      Younall have to develop the warrior attitude...think the " 300 "...against overwhelming odds..this is how we defeat this enemy , with no mercy .

  2. DOJ is deep state threw trump and his supporters to wolves .
    Meanwhile protecting the Biden s .
    Barr protected the Ruby Ridge Sniper for free when he had attorneys.
    All compromised.
    The Nuremberg code written by zionest had fake witness they kept on a circuit. 150 germans men everyone has thair testicals crushed .
    All guards officers were Jewish .
    All Americans held by Germans one died .
    The holohoax is a fraud .
    You think the NWO will cut its own throat ?
    Patrick Henry said”unfortunately tyrants only understands one thing force”.
    Like the carpetbaggers only brought to heel by local grand jury’s and militias.

  3. Our mothers knew they could die giving birth to us yet they did it anyway often a few times. They are due much respect for this duty they do with love. The land is a part of us and we a part of it. Ego ownership of someone or something like water or land it is even real, to own some sky? We all need the land but it can go on fine without us, like a sad mother, her children forgetting about her so caught up in petty ego wars and illusions of conquering all that is forsaking love and mothers for greed and blinded as fools fail to see or hear.

  4. One of the books often mentioned along with Common Law is Blackstone's Commentaries. I just ordered the abridged version (556pages) at Amazon. It would be nice to have referenced material so that more time could be spent bringing in new people. Just sayin.

  5. Hague convention said to originate from Lieber code some jack ass professor.
    Praticeing private international law .
    Nuremberg code more Jewish hocus locus.
    Like the Geneva convention was in reality a bankruptcy proceeding and all G 20 major nations including France,England,America.
    Hatched the plans of new deal enslaving the world illegal converson.
    So exactly is honest?
    Not in any court under BAR masons brotherhood of the robe..
    Have to go local district attorneys and attorney generals can’t get conviction in community were we controld the jury pool.
    Law fare .
    The state house they will fight for and land office .
    Our parallel dejour land recorder is genius!

    1. Exactly boots , I have help run a common law court in Texas and was asked to set in on a grand jury .
      Our problem is the Deep state attacks very little to none help.
      This is why I think a parallel common law system is the only way.
      I see Kirk try to inner face and it out right slugfest.
      Christopher James see little action same NLA
      Can’t get traction.
      Do Texas has switched to putting leins on property.
      The show down st the OK corral is inevitable.
      Try and bring up the corporations and the identity thieft however 90% of patriots just want to rap battle expect little help .
      Only focus on more intelligent and honorable ppl.

  6. Yesterday I watched Dr. Lee Merritt’s video, and afterwards I went to her website; once on this page I clicked on the link that was in the center of the page; “Full Complete Citations PDF”. This brings up all of Dr, Lee Merritt’s sources that she is using for references. As with everything nowadays, I try to copy as much pertinent information that I can especially their associated links for my future references, and for posterity sake. I also make sure that these links that others post are actually viable. This is what I was doing with Dr. Lee Merritt’s pages of citations, while at the same time cleaning it up into a more user friendly format. On the Dr.’s third page of citations is when I got to the links below;
    Trance, Shamanism, Body and Soul: The Role of Masks in Ritual | Paper Writing Service
    A commenter provided the link ““ in this article “Trance, Shamanism, Body and Soul: The Role of Masks in Ritual”
    The reason I am bringing this forward is because I have read at least 90% of Anna’s articles and have been amazed at her literary prose, along with her frequency of articles that have been brought forward on a daily basis. There are very few points or concepts that she writes that I disagree with, however within this article after reading it at 4:00 this morning I am suspect.
    There are two points that Anna wrote which have me concerned;
    1) “… including the right to possess land and soil parcels and hold them in their own right.”
    2) “At some point, perhaps millions of years ago, members of the Homo sapiens tribe placed footprints upon this continent, as with all other continents, and thereby discovered it. If we are going to throw out the Doctrine of Discovery, it hardly matters if the discovery in question happened in 1492 A.D. or 10,000,000 B.C.E.”
    Firstly, the word “parcel”?
    Secondly, the Darwinian adherence?
    Every occupation has it’s very own unique language, and symbols; ie., mathematics, electronics, carpentry, plumbing…
    English is no different, especially when one listens to the Queen say “in sincerity”
    Engineers are sought after, and paid highly.

    1. Interesting the unique word craft for different disciplines.
      The shifting of terminology describing land word salad to pull a fast one .
      The trick used convert metes and bounds into lots and blocks when land was sold but failed to convert it back by realtor.
      Knowing they were derelict .
      We can dispute ownership all day long by discovery.
      Don’t bother each other fine unfortunately some are greedy and now you must defend.


  8. The "vaccines" are the first stage of many "booster" shots to turn you into a transhuman controlled cyborg - a slave. And now they are coming for your children.

    READ THIS - it is from an official Canadian Government Website.
    #Transhumanism #Technocracy #Canada #Biodigital
    h/t @Tinhattercanuk

  9. Hello Everyone, I have a couple of questions. How many people exactly are we talking about here, That are actually responsible for everything that has happened. How many of us, Have Family, Relatives, Friends that work for Government, State, Municipal, Military and so on. Do you think that they know what's going on? The ones truly responsible, Have us doing this to ourselves. So before decide to string everybody up by a rope or what ever it is you envision. We better KNOW WHO EXACTLY IS TO BLAME! Until we have that figured out, Every body needs to SLOW THERE ROLL! Because if anybody hurts or kills someone I love or care about, Family or Friend, I wont be responsible for what comes next. I'm positive there are many who feel the same way. So lets get right before you do something stupid! You all have a nice day now.

    1. Spot on Kodiak 64. A few years ago my Brother in Law was telling me how overpopulated our Planet was, and how the population needed to be lessened. I could tell by everything that was coming out of his mouth that he was just parroting the narrative that we have all heard for the past 40+ years, and was looking to me for agreement. I obliged him; I said "John your right, it would probably be good if they started off with your two blonde hair blue eyed grand babies."
      This is the problem, most everyone is so apt to blame, and point fingers at the "other guy", while forgetting when ewe point with ewer hand with one finger at someone or something there are three other fingers pointing right back at ewe.

  10. QFA? Where does all this information that I have studied for in with you and your work?
    It's difficult to believe that you have no knowledge of these people and who they are..with how many years you have been doing research and writing articles..
    Before anyone tries to debunk any of this would be wise to look at your own DNA results or the DNA results of your parents or siblings..that have used 23and me or ancestry etc: you may have wondered why you see Caucasus mixed in there or some other parts of the middle eastern areas..
    Caucasus is named for the mountainous region that these people made their journey through..hence you now have the Caucasian's
    It's proof that the people from the Caucasus mountain region have been lies to and brainwashed into believing they are different than Europeans.
    As we move forward in the world today..persecution is about to show the remnant who is Jacob/Israel in the Times of what Jesus called Jacobs trouble..this has allot to do with the Destruction of Europe and America and it's people today? And you can bet that Almighty God has his hand in every bit of how prophecy will be played out..this is also why we are living in the Times of luciferians working to change our that future generations cannot be tracked to their true identity..but we know through our great history book..The Bible..that God has other plans..
    Please watch videos of E.Raymond Capt on youtube..
    The 12 tribes of Israel and what happened to them.

    The stone of Destiny E.Raymond Capt

    This guy of Truth Video's does a great up to date on the true may also want to research your own family coat of arms and crest..and don't forget to check your own DNA results if you have had it done and those of your family members..before all DNA is destroyed for future generations..please watch these short videos first to get a better idea of your true identity..if you believe in God..ask him to reveal these truths to you..but don't nix this info until you research it for the great history book..the book that we all have been led to believe is a religious book..The Bible and follow the family's out of Genesis..God Bless


  11. We can talk and debate about the best way to get free ,till the cows come home. Until the majority of people learn and realize what's happened and how we've been decieved (which will probably take years if not decades), all they are going to do is keep laughing at us and say so what, you're an American national, have fun we don't recognize that, now just sign here and we can proceed. And if you say no, you don't get service, healthcare, groceries, etc...
    I understand how the system has been created to try and keep most of us right where we are, working to survive..
    People still don't get it nor have a desire to even try to comprehend the manipulation that has taken place. They truly believe this is how it is and this is how it's going to be, you all can show them links to videos and articles from any profession you can think of, quote the bible, I don't care, the ingrained programing is very deep. And until the misdeeds of the powers that be affect a person directly or someone close to them, they don't care to learn any of this. And then what do we do with the people who actually like living with someone telling them what to do every minute of their lives, just throw them away? What if they are willing to fight for their right to be kept just as much as you or I are willing to fight for our freedom. And I can promise you I will not go down without a fight. What do we do then, play right into their hands and start killing each other, no one wants that.

  12. Continued from above

    So what that the jab reprograms the DNA or RNA or what ever, does it reprogram the brain to become even more submissive? If I can still think indepentantly how much more control can I give them from what I have unknowingly, up until recently, given them. I'm not taking the vaccine, but what good does it do for them if the people who already listen and follow them take it. They'll just keep following along with what ever their being spoonfed and probably like it. And if it kills them ,why would these criminals want to get rid of their faithful servants, and leave us who are apposed to their agenda. Why would they want the trouble of having to war with us or try new ploys to get us to follow along with the agenda. I guess I'm nieve to the whole power ,control ,ego persona, because I don't see a good outcome for them. If we are given free will, how have they been able to manipulate us for so long. If we have been following along because we believed we were being told the truth, where's the free will in that, especially since every facit of communication we've used has been written or communicated in a manor to make us believe it's true. Who do we believe , the lie is so old, people don't want to believe the truth, even if you show them physical truth. Cognitive dissonance? I'm truly disappointed at the moment if you couldn't tell, Everytime I read one of Anna's articles like this and then see comments saying"no, you're wrong, this guy said this,or it's written here and says this", it gets old, because in the end you all are saying the same thing and calling B S. against the evil doers in your own way, and then trying to pick each other apart in the process. At the end of the day I guess everyone is just giving their suggestions in what has happened and where we should go. I personally resonate more with what Anna and all the people who've helped her spread the word to who ever will listen.

    1. The ultimate question is “who are ewe”?
      What I.D. are ewe using to prove it?
      Are ewe Stateless?
      How does one prove what one truly is?
      When outside forces are applied will ewe capitulate, or will ewer true self be recognizable to all.
      Who Are You - YouTube

    2. When will ewe take off ewer mask, and give US the big reveal?