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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Democratic fools



  1. declaration is laying down the law the Virginia declaration of rights is law although been erased by Alvion law library as if bill of rights .
    Rights are the law thair shit made up is policy for public servants.
    They had to pass a constitutional amendment to get probation.

  2. Lock down is a penal term. Whether you know it or not the masses have been declared as enemies of the state. Not enemies of THE STATE OF ???

    1. Looks like one needs a "definition" of "state", for I have no idea of what is meant by the word "state" in that context

    2. Do not mean to be a pest, but I can not find the definition of "Lock down" in the federal register or any statutory definition thereto and if one did then one would know what they are addressing in statement

    3. "state" -- there are 50 in America.. A "state'' is solid..soil and land,, minerals and water, trees,,, assets you can touch,, and has clearly defined borders,, It is populated with living breathing people..
      A "State", is an idea,, a creation of thought, it can be of Corporate structure and not in-corporated.. It is a business structure. It is used to facilitate trade and commerce,,...
      A "State" as above can also be incorporated, and has a Charter,, ie, rules for its employees to operate under, (registrations, licenses, statutes, dress codes, rules of conduct), It is an incorporated intrastate and international business organization populated by "People", .. "People" are also incorporated business entitys (this means You, wether you know it or not,, Your Name/NAME has been incorporated and this incorporated thing having your Name is an incorporated entity,,, and You are being made responsible for it withour your knowledge or consent,,Think about what that means to You))..
      A "State or State", is a sub-incorporation of a "State",, a franchise of and, incorporated by, its parent "State".. It is also and Idea, a thought Creation, and the "State" that created it (Via Charter) is responsible for its lawful management,, which has not been working out all that well lately,,.
      It is a franchise of a "State" EXACTLY like a mcdees or burgerthing or loows or kroker..
      A "State of State" always populated with People or PEOPLE.. which are incorporations using your incorporated, stolen identity,,.. and ,explain this and can help you get you life back ,,

  3. UN Declaration of Interdependence ??/

  4. Lockdown is used in prisons jails and penal colonys So if you are not actually behind bars" then it must be a penal colony!

  5. Yes thats right . The notice is the grammatical style. Proper english that has rules of use taught in all public indoctrination centers.
    On the other hand the ALL UPPER CASE STYLE OF GRAMMAR is like hocus pocus cartoon babble.


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