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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The 1776 Commission Final Report was taken off

 But a reader of this blog caught it and we posted it up on Anna's website for posterity.


  1. Will Anna be expressing her thoughts about this document?

  2. AHHH HA HA HAHA OH MY GAWD - Folks, Schumer outdid himself... at this crucial moment he freudian slips:
    Schumer's gaffe: Senators will decide if Trump 'incited the erection'

    Insure it goes down in infamy! Get a good laugh, that freak deserves it.

  3. Indeed Shelby. Somehow I feel that an adequate succession plan is in place. The real scary part for me is the educational side. Education remains BY FAR the biggest single problem/obstacle. Anna has gained a lot of respect as an educator, but who will carry that torch after her? A teacher cannot be replaced by paperwork. The entire rotten system has only been successful because of one thing. Ignorance of the masses.

    As Anna has stated many times, bringing ignorant people home to the soil often leads to more problems than it solves. Education, solid, structured, formal education will be the only thing that will ensure long term success. So far this form of education doesn't exist in this movement. All we have is ad hoc, off the cuff, unstructured education that often rides waves of emotion and confusion. That in itself is not bad. What I'm implying is that it not enough for the long term. It's not enough for an entire generation addicted to smart phones, Twitter, facebook. That generation has no structure, no discipline, no vision, no hope, no purpose beyond their smartphone screens.

    We need an entire curriculum to be expertly designed from the ground up.

    1. TBG - thats one of the reasons we've been asking for Anna's contract as Fiduciary. We also want to know when her term ends. What are the terms & for whom is obligation owed. No contract, no Fiduciary.

      Unless its self-appointed based upon claimed bloodlines, which is then what?? The same thing she blasphemes about, royal bloodlines.
      Can say this about the European royal bloodlines she blasphemes, the ones I know who are true bloodlines serve the people. The ones who aren't true, are usurpers.

      I know. They've held on to their castles & the area Germans love them, take great pride. They are not spoiled brats. Those royals wear muck boots every day, working hard as hell, like any farmer. Real hard labor, especially during summer harvest. Hardly any sleep, constant labor tending to everything.

      So, the evilness about them as portrayed is untrue & nasty. So, lets see the contract for Fiduciary, if it exists. thanks & stay sane

  4. Yes someone posted this link under a recent article. The post seems gone. Maybe becuz they posted as Unknown. We were discussing it, but maybe posts were removed.

    A question as to the correctness of its history was asked. We demonstrated this history is incorrect. Its the slop they want us to 'believe'. Mostly its jews British City of London Crown colonial history, not America's history.

    Which of course they control today. As their lying msm 'news' today becomes tomorrows fake history. We can't stop them from lying, rewriting history as we live it. How could folks have stopped them in the past without all the tech we have today? thanks & stay sane

  5. Here's a little something going on:
    Trump Opens ‘Office of the Former President’
    6 hours ago · Trump Opens ‘Office of the Former President’ January 26, 2021 at 8:51 am EST By Taegan Goddard Leave a Comment Donald Trump announced Monday the official opening of the “Office of the Former President” in Palm Beach County, Florida, which is tasked with overseeing the 45th president’s official activities in his post-presidency life ...

    Do Folks find this credible? These first few vids describe a kind of War Room inside Trumps home office, Bannon seems running it, & Military are said to meet, as a result of Biden's EO's against America:
    the top row of vids, all short, reads articles on his site

    Don't know if this is hopium, another Q op, or what..? Let me know what you think. thanks & stay sane


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