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Saturday, January 23, 2021

For Sidney Powell

 By Anna Von Reitz

This gallant lady must be wondering, “WT....?” — though she is far too polished to say so in public. 

She has been pulled into the inner circle and shut out, pulled in and shut out, and given “the Waltz Me Around Again, Willy!” for three solid months and she has to be wondering — what’s going on?  What does it all mean?

She has properly identified the Admiralty venue as the only available applicable law.
She has doggedly pursued evidence upon evidence.  She has loyally supported Donald J. Trump all the way— and yet? 

Where is the support in return?  Where is the motorcade?  Where is Rudy and the DOJ? Why won’t Trump himself give Sidney the time of day?

Ah, well, you see, the situation is problematic, because both sides in this Passion Play are dirty, they are just dirty in different ways.

Every dirty deed and fraud done by the Popes and the HRE Boyz is matched pretty much head to head with dirty deeds done by the British Territorial US Military. 

And of the two, the military is actually most at fault, because they have been in control since 1863 and have been occupying this entire country as an International Military Protectorate the entire time.

Joe Biden may wear cotton candy underwear, but there are Generals and Admirals who aren’t far behind him.

Most people both inside and outside the US Military support our troops to the Nth degree and for the most part they deserve that loyalty and respect.....there are, however, many issues with respect to their performance —- or lack of performance — on behalf of the American People. 

They have been on our payroll for 150 years with the simple job of protecting us and our borders and you can see for yourself that we have instead been preyed upon by our own grossly misdirected military. 

It was the U.S. Navy that transported all our gold offshore for “safekeeping” and never returned it. 

It was the U.S. Army that set up the “carpetbagger” foreign jurisdiction courts that have been used to harass, pillage, and plunder innocent Americans for the past 160 years.

It was the joint decision of all branches to recognize that THING in Washington, DC, as the “civilian” government they owed allegiance to—— while failing to come to the aid of their actual employers and failing also to fully inform us, the American Public, about what was actually going on.

And let’s face it, it is pretty hard to run 900 military bases in every corner of the world and operate only God knows how many illicit business operations — from drugs to prostitution and child trafficking and arms sales—- without committing crimes and full well knowing that you are committing crimes.

So the actual fact, Sidney, is that the U.S. Military that everyone expects to save them is just as filthy dirty though less obnoxious, as our Federal Civil Service—- and both are foreign owned and operated, ultimately by the Pope.

And both sides— both corporations and services, that is, the US Military Service and the Federal Civil Service — are pointing fingers at each other and threatening to go to war against each other—- but they are both guilty and both desperately in need of amnesty from their actual Employers, the American States and People.

Both are acting like scared and mean-spirited children, trying to bluff out this circumstance; and, neither one have a leg to stand on with respect to the fraud, pillaging, trafficking, and other crimes against our actual civilian populace that has gone on here. 

And while they posture and insult each other, we’ve told the Pope as their Employers that they are forbidden to start any fight with each other on our land and soil—- so the ultimate owner of both “service corporations” has no excuse for misunderstanding or allowing any conflagration to get started. 

We all have an interest in putting a stop to the crimes and we all have an interest in seeing better days for this country — but that is not possible until both the military and the Civil Service own up to the facts, make honest correction, and seek amnesty for the rest.

Now, isn’t that a pretty kettle of fish? 

They are not welcoming your help with open arms, Sidney, because they are all —on both sides— still trying to hide and deny their own guilt and complicity.  They are afraid that once you figure it out, you will prosecute and keel haul every single one of them, because that and worse is what the Admiralty Law of 1860 demands. 

It has not occurred to them that you could work in the Public Interest to help straighten this mess out and broker amnesty from the actual government.

In that way, we could finally bring peace and get the horses back in front of the carts and not waste any more time trying ineffectively to hide the Truth, blame others, or chisel anything further from the American States and People. 

We need our Prodigal Employees to stop squabbling and get back to work, operating in Good Faith, and under the direction of the actual civilian government in this country.


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  1. ... and the National Guard is scamdemic face diapers... Come on... Whose boot is on their neck, eh? OUR MILITARY DOES NOT WEAR SCAMDEMIC FACE DIAPERS. Just freakin' weird. Toddlers with face diapers.

    Nice gesture for Trump to offer his hotel for them. They're in the parking garage w one bathroom & cold floor.

    Meanwhile, lets see if Bye'dens EO's are put in the federal register. Bye'dens were said left without staff, even to open the front door. Ha ha hahahaha - hope thats true.

    Then video of Bye'den signing EO's with crinkled curtains in the 'Oval Office' & a parking lot outside the window of the staged studio.

    Video of jewess Jill Bye'den reaching out to shake military guards hand & a big fat nothing... Oh... those darn protocols. Who knew.

    Is it a true video that military on the road turned their backs to Bye'den motorcade? Well, they're wearing face diapers too.

    Just trying to figure out which military is demonstrably not under the jew boot.

    1. Wink,
      Someone mentioned that Buyden's EO's are showing up in the Federal Register now - but that can be faked as well. Remember how they faked the planes hitting the World Trade Center when it was actually a controlled demolition done by CIA, Israel, and many more. Monkey Werx has an interesting video out.

      Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP 1 22 21

      Another site I check now and then especially the chat is:

      urosh Mod to Wizaurad
      "Hey friend, you probably know that conspiracy theory term was invented by CIA to deal with truths which made the state uncomfortable. There are irrefutable proofs that elections were rigged. One just have to research. There is no doubt that Biden is a pedophile, even cannibal, Adrenochrome user and Satanic worshiper. If you fancy that, than I suggest some introspection. And there is nothing political here, just simple pure psychopathic pathology of the population layer who we call Elites and they call themselves superhumans. And in reality we talk about sick, disgusting criminals using their power to terrorize people around.

      Jeffery Rowley to Daniel Angelo
      "Danny - The Big Apparition is not signing anything. The pages are blank AND there is no official record of anything being signed in the Log where all EO's are recorded. They are on the Movie Set of "The American President" from 1995 - Rob Reiner Director. The sets were never taken down. Full mock-up of White House/Capitol. This is why there are people walking outside and a parking lot (or Car Park for you Euro's) in the distance . The real Oval Office is on the first floor in the West Wing on the South Corner overlooking the rose garden. In the video we see online - there is a parking lot and people walking by on sidewalks. ALL of Washington D.C. will be either raised or destroyed. The city is nothing but a Masonic Street pattern with a large owl (Representing their god). All of the angles, streets, parks, ellipsis', are for formulating spells or capturing/releasing energy. The buildings have a massive tunnel system used for harboring and continuing human/drug trafficking. The Captiol and other buildings will be built somewhere else - probably in Arizona."

    2. Ready007 - thanks on the fed registry & office staging. Was it Bye'den then? He probably shouldn't be outta the basement for too long, he might slip on an idea & flub.

      Disagree w Rowley to destroy DC. Its structures aren't what we're told. The info on its design is lied about, captured, as they've done to all our signs & symbols. Like the Swastika means abundance, good fortune world over. Now that Star of Remphan they made into David, making David a negative, & then Rothschild logo a jew symbol.

      All the hype about DC & Vatican is to get us to destroy our history. Obelisks are energy spires. The snakes as symbols mean weapons, as they invented cannons, guns, which struck as a snake. They weren't snake people but fierce armies. Everything's been inverted. Innocents made guilty. History fabricated. Owls are magnificent creatures, now made fearful. Look what they've done to our childrens rainbows, perverted it. How to erase them & their evils is what we'd best consider, eh.

      Yeah, so we need to settle down & promote the greater truth. Swastikas everywhere! Trigger those jews the heck outta here!

      Now, Swastikas on gravestones were removed!! NO - remove all those jew gravestones w Star of Remphan! STOP THE JEWS! Its them. And the Bye'dens are all married to jews. What filth.

      World War II tombstones with swastikas removed from Texas ...
      The 1943 gravestones belonging to German prisoners of war Alfred Kafka and Georg Forst at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery featured an Iron Cross with a swastika in the middle, and the phrase,...

      Thanks & stay sane

    3. ALL GOOD FOLKS ~ Please go to about 10 mins on this video. Please don't let the title freak you out. It describe how the pyramids respond to Neutrinos. Fitts is an extraordinary woman, who keeps her clients well educated, inspires wholesome investing. She embodies our best future as Americans.

      Catherine Austin Fitts Solari Report:
      Future Science - Muons and Neutrinos - Excitement and Excitation with Ulrike Granögger

      Here is the doc:

      These 'ancient' structures aren't as old as we are told. And, these Egyptians were Christians, they built high tech structures that we are lied to about. Same for the energy spire obelisk in DC & around the world.

      Good Folks, we have got to rise above the jew!! We have got to get right back to where we were before the jew destroyed America. Free Energy was implemented in buildings, on sidewalk posts, streetcars, .. this is what White People brought forth, as Nikola Tesla. Nobody else does this! It was/is energy without destruction.

      Liberty Enlightening the World was framed by Eiffel, whose Eiffel Tower was such a Free Energy structure. Then the jews turned it into 'Statue of' Liberty, removing her true significance. Then those filthy jews screwed jew Emma Lazarus failed poem upon her 'The New Colossus' from which we have been BRAINWASHED into thinking our law is: Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses". NO NO NO! Our law for emigrants was for capable, moral, ethical, Christian White Europeans, Scots, Irish, English, Scandinavians.
      Then the play 'The Melting Pot' by jew Israel Zangwill was promoted to DESTROY AMERICA.

      See what happens when a jew touches our stuff? It is poisoned. So please, educate ourselves, save our America, save the Great Whites & all our greatness. Do not let idiots & fools fill our minds, lives with their vile talmudic propaganda. thanks & stay sane

  2. Sidney Powell WITHDRAWS Supreme Court lawsuit seeking to ...
    Jan 20, 2021 · Sidney Powell, the pro-Trump conservative attorney, on Tuesday withdrew a last-ditch lawsuit filed with the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the results of the November 3 election....

  3. I have to agree with you Anna but what to do? Troops thought that they were to going to wars to protect one country or another from Tierney/dictatorship and to establish democracy. Some have given ultimate sacrifice not for country but for a damn corporation, their oath of enlistment should be voided because of all the lies.

    Some men and women have made the military their career, they have given the blood, the sweat, the tears, the hardships, and the years. To some the military was away to better their lives, then you have the thought/elusion of a life long pension and so called free/quality medical care. Know we no why General Dunford wanted the troops to stay out of it.

    The military members will have to be the ones to decide if the sacrifices they make are worth illicit business operations — from drugs to prostitution and child trafficking and arms sales. I'm quite positive they don't/didn't know that the oath they took involved such operations. I didn't know and I wasn't personally involved in such operation's, but it saddens me to know; that some military members may have.