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Monday, December 7, 2020

The Progression of Lies -- Why There Has to Be War in This System

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please note that since the nineteenth century there has been talk about evolution and evolution has been the rallying cry of Progressives. The existence of Progressives implies the existence of a Progression--- evolution, in some sense. Progression implies movement, from one place or status or circumstance or condition to another.
According to the Progressives, Cro-Magnon becomes Homo Sapien becomes Homo sapien sapien....
So who are these "Progressives" and what are they trying to "Progress" to?
Thus far, "man" has been converted to a "male" and then, to a "Corporation".
That is, the man becomes defined as a human and then becomes a thing, in a progression leading to his ultimate destruction. "People" have been converted to "Persons" and then, to THINGS-- Corporations.
"Man" has become "Human" and, if we don't wake up, will soon be an "Artificial Intelligence" next, via conversion of our natural DNA to something altered and patented by the Vermin.
What this amounts to is a deliberate and evil process of "dehumanization" and unlawful conversion being pursued by criminals. Why?
To avoid accountability under the Public Law.
Each "person" operates in a different jurisdiction and venue of law, so by "progressively" converting a man to a male to a corporate THING, they avoid the penalties that accrue for their activities.
They deliberately and with malice traffick you out of the realm of the Public Law into the venal snake-pits of their private corporate "laws", "codes", and "statutes".
There is no law against raping, pillaging, enslaving or murdering a corporation.
And if you allow yourselves to be "interpreted" as a corporation, guess what?
This Unlawful Conversion, which is progressive and sequential and which leads inexorably to the worst kind of disrespect for life and Nature, is what these vermin have been up to for six generations.
A man naturally operates as a Lawful Person on the land.
A male (animal) naturally operates as a Legal Person on the sea.
A corporation (thing) operates as a LEGAL PERSON, in the airy fairy jurisdiction of the air ---- most of it, hot air.
And at each step, unalienable and inalienable rights are stripped away by changing labels and definitions. When we resist this process, the "Progressives" claim that we are at "war" with them, when in fact, we were never operating in their jurisdiction at all.
Lies and Legal Fictions are always "at war" with the Truth.
And that, in a nutshell, is why we live in a world full of constant "war". It's why our country has been at war for 90% of its existence.
In order to expedite their Grand Plan, the Masters of Deceit latched onto us via a secretive, non-consensual, unconscionable contract when they "registered" our birth and claimed that we were British Territorial U.S. Citizens.
Then, to further expedite their evil intent and enhance their ability to plunder under color of law, they also "registered" our NAMES as Municipal Corporation franchises of various kinds, which allowed them to abuse us as much as they liked under more False Legal Presumptions.
This is called a "double-ended impersonation scheme" by which you are deliberately misidentified twice, first as a Territorial Person and second as a Municipal PERSON.
There is no "Red" and "Blue", no "North" and "South", no "Black" and "White".
Those are just labels designed to give you the idea that there are two sides and something to fight against, when in fact, there are only two huge commercial corporations, the US, INC. and the USA, Inc., and both of them are ultimately owned and operated by the Pope.
So there aren't really two sides. There's just one predator with two arms and hands ready to grab anything of value that you possess, including your lives. Those are insured for over a million dollars each, so it is easy to see why these criminals have a motive to instigate a shooting war on our streets.
Please take this information in and internalize it fully.
What we are dealing with are two groups of the Pope's flunkies ---one operating the Government of Westminster, trying to move everything to "safe harbor" in China (Joe Biden), and then, more of the Pope's flunkies trying to set up a basis to claim that you are a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) by vaccinating you like cattle with their patented mRNA---(Bill Gates et alia) and using this as a rationale to claim that they literally own you as a GMO Product.
Answer their "offer" of sterility and abject servitude by going to, and by declaring your correct political status as a birthright American, and by joining your lawful State Assembly.
Get ready to shove it all the way to China.


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  1. US Code 3002 Section 15.

  2. Another awesome article Anna!!! Thanks!!! US Inc. definition of "Progressive" is totally "Anti-creation", period!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Heaven!!!

  3. Biden chooses former general for (offense) defense secretary 13K views.

    Everything i told you since october 2020 became true, to watch out for Obammby behind the thrown.

    Their foreign masters had picked ones for you. So well hidden isn't it ?

    So are you still believing in your own choice?

    1. American problems are so odd, so strange, with internal powerful traitors, controlling her military and her fake dollars. Its her bad Karma of the past, tied to her currencies and power stolen from others. The British+++ are having the same "deep rooted Problems".

  4. .
    WAR - in the last 3500 years there has only been about 225 years of peace.

    Who declares WAR? The American people or CONgress - actually the Banksters and The Union that supports every action the politicians gleam against the American people - The BAR!

    We have not had money only currency a script - fiat - an I.O.U. as it states Note at the top. What is a note? A note is debt-credit.

    Thereby you can not pay for anything - buy something with an I.O.U - a debt instrument.

    Thereby you can only offset or discharge in this matrix - Illusion called the UNITED STATES again created by who - Banksters and the BAR people and those who interact to gain something and destroy America for a profit.

    Lets look into a crystal ball - into the past and see the CONgress voting record and now with the truth about the elections over the past 25 years - who was really elected by the American people.

    Who is really in control do you know? === a good explanation

    Choice - you have no choice in the illusion.

    Gratitude - WE Bleed Red White and Blue

    1. .

      “In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man; brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot,” ~ Mark Twain

      Gratitude - WE Bleed Red White and Blue

    2. .
      “Intellect and Emotion are partners who do not speak the same language. The intellect finds logic to justify what the emotions have already decided” ~ Roy H. Williams

  5. I want to clear up something. Instead of filing numerous paperwork, you said in a previous blog that you had wittled it down to 4 pieces of paper..

    1) COLB


    1. With all due respect James...
      your current answer can be found here:

      Please excuse my own ignorance, if YOU have reviewed this ENTIRE site and still FAILED to locate your answer.

      Documented Americans Assemble and Educate your Family, Friends and Neighbors.
      Over-coming our own indoctrination is paramount at this point.

      James... Even Old Dogs can learn New Tricks.
      Blessings to All with eyes to see.

  6. KARMA is invisible 2 the astrologers, due to errors in their software.

  7. Why fertilization is linked with UCC?
    Every transaction in commerce is insured via UCC lean filing, by qualified entity. One participates in commerce through private or public venue.
    All world is spinning in commerce. I tracing back, finding where Lithuanian Social Soviet Republic (agent of bancrupted SSSR - a franchise of British Territorial contractor: United States of America's subcontracting corporation, a successor of previous bankruptcies, today known as U.S.A.Inc, undergoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization are recording mortgages... Birth Certificates !
    So, if I am in search of criminals and tracing back to the genuine and original source of the matter to save my existance from colonists (parasites at New Buffalo Town - ship, Berrien County, State of Michigan ( Incs), Catholic Church's agents, who maintain their legitimate paperwork to identify my body's DNA with an afterbirth source to encroach and tresspass upon my existance, my life, with claims of unsatified farce leans that they created by fictitious inter - national venue created upon my arrival via abortion of vessel, via avulsion, my vessel is being accused of unsatisfied insurance leans plus carrying a cargo, an occupant, foreigner on flatbed... In their patented biblical story, they found me, merely lurking on their claimed land, presumed animal (lost soul) found and identified by pirates and merceneries (beloved slave shephards, glorified by patriots) as surety, trustee for bankruptcy, with driver's licence baring my face of body, as surety for lifetime surety to support economy, a volunteer... with that conspired upon my existance, created some title as "Vilma Eviltyte" on the afterbirth, as "presumed abandoned territory, informed of abandonned vessel by my clueless mother, at the hospital, creating MCO (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin), which by deceipt became property of Republic of Lithuania.Inc...
    So what is all these posts about, if I am the only one comprehend this structure or its a greed or absolute controlled position of those who climed over this wall, unless it's leading to nowhere...
    I have no mortgage (bank loan for land and home i am building). I am facing for - re - closure, colonists will come in black masks, will ride on black municipal civil law horses (U.N.Inc crypto new Covid 19 currency issued by Trump's Executive order to pull from Treasury for defeating an enemy of 'Silent weapons for quiet wars": "virus", )with guns and armed to teeth to evict me of my life... So, we are not going to discuss UCC?


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