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Monday, December 7, 2020

Hot and Smoking

Dr. James Lyon-Weiler on fire --- gives the most extensive and scientifically correct critique of the upcoming vaccine and the process that led to it, that I have heard yet.
A few highlights to whet your stone:
HSS is the Defendant in the Vaccine Court. And they determine which vaccine injuries are "real".
Here is the link to Dr. Lyon-Weiler's comments at the Pennsylvania Medical Freedom Press Conference, though I don't expect it to survive for long---copy, promulgate, and share, share, share:
As Dr. Lyon-Weiler notes, 21% of those who participated in the first vaccine test study suffered serious adverse events.
As he also notes, clear, simple, inexpensive, and readily available treatment for Covid-19 has now been developed.
See the fact that China isn't on lockdown and isn't suffering any pandemic. Neither is Italy.
Why? Because they started using effective treatment.
This is good news, so why aren't you hearing it?

As he also notes, no Terrorist could be as effective in harming this country with a bomb as our Press Corps. The constant, inaccurate reporting of deaths and fear-mongering has already cost us far more.


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  1. Biden chooses former general for (offense) defense secretary 13K views.

    Everything i told you in october 2020 became true, to watch out for Obammby behind the thrown.

    So what do all of these mean? Their foreign masters had picked ones for you. So well hidden isn't it ?

    So are you still believing in your own choice?

    1. Bitme has not taken the helm yet. We The People that voted for trump need to hound the poliTICians until they take action against voter fraud. crowd the state capitola, phones, email etc. 70 plus million should get a choice.

  2. This is an AMERICAN problem. Your bigotry which is so prevalent is the cause. NOT the CHICOMS or the RUSKIES/SLAVS.

    Absence of SELF-KNOWLEDGE is the UNIVERSAL cause

    GET YOURSELF out of the ditch!

    1. American problems are so odd, so strange, with internal powerful traitors, controlling her military and her fake dollars. Its her bad Karma of the past, tied to her currencies and power stolen from others. The British+++ are having the same "deep rooted Problems".

  3. No matter the bickering, we have a job to do. Save the people no matter the country, they want us all dead ya know? Yes the people need to step into their own power. No need to call anyone names or throw slanderous remarks.

  4. Wow! That was excellent. very nice way of laying out the problems we face with the science or pseudo-science. thank You

  5. RF Kennedy Jr. in this short article Q&A says vaccines are genetic manipulation & once this happens there is no help, damage will be irreversible and irreparable, it results in a genetic defect.

    Wanted to spot attention on Chlorine Dioxide, which is MMS by Jim Humble, the same thing. We use this every single day. It is cheap so buy in bulk. You'll get 2 bottles each Citric Acid & Chlorine Dioxide. Pets like it too, we've wiped out many things & give it to them often just to keep their health high.

    "Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Why The COVID-19 Vaccine Should Be FORBIDDEN And Avoided At All Cost
    NOVEMBER 30, 2020\

    For the first time in the history of vaccination, the so-called last generation mRNA vaccines intervene directly in the genetic material of the patient and therefore alter the individual genetic material, which represents the genetic manipulation, something that was already forbidden and until then considered criminal...

    Yes, being as clean as you should be, and maintaining a high immune system. And you also have: Ozone Therapy, >>> Chlorine Dioxide <<< with the preventive protocol."

    Am shocked at how severely & easily duped folks are, full grown adults are completely FOOLED. Delivering Fresh Orange Sacks for early Christmas gifts to folks most all whom will not embrace. STAND AT A DISTANCE.

    These people are NOT CAPABLE OF SELF GOVERNANCE. Am convinced the reason why people are so easily beguiled is greatly due to NEEDING LEADERS who tell them what to do & not do.

    NO WAY are these people capable. So, what this evidences to me THEY AIN'T GOT IT IN THEM.
    So, when I hear all this claim about the people self-governing, ITS BOGUS. There seems to always have been & will always be vast majority of throbbing masses who DESIRE OVER-LORSHIP & thus this kind of baalsh*t happens.

    Go to God wearing their stupid face diapers.

  6. If people like americans are suffering due to their bad karma is that true for natives in modern day Amazon like the uncontacted ones? The people suffering loss of family and life in revolutionary war? Japanese bombed out and enslaved, Vietnamese and the native peoples of North America? Like where are the people with no bad karma? Corporations the bulldoze alleged evil people from their homes and land?

    1. Bad Karma has something to do with the long bad habit, for instance enslaving the same people over and over again for 80+ ~ 100+ years. The law of Physics is builtin, its hitting the USA+ UK+× Thailand N0w. Sexual perversions & Pedophiles never hit Buddha temples before, now hitting Thailand throne & Buddhism, Bc they colluded with the U.S.A INC, UK+×, France Their commonwealth during the last 80 years.

    2. Sign of bad Karma = SATURN opposing / squaring the native North node. 4 - 5 countries above having these signs. Seen in Transiting or internal heavy energy opposition, like Thailand. Common erroneous AstroTool cannot see these aspects.

    3. Still don't believe these findings? Siam King has Aids, Wikileaks revealed do.

  7. President's Trump's National Address Before December 15, 2020 - Martial Law
    Paul is in 7-day jail, as 12/2/20. Find him at:
    @PaulFurber on Parler

    "Miller knows all of this is bullshit and a circus. He is writing the president`s national address, where he declares Martial law and sends the military into Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and now it has been decided Georgia."

    Wait For The President's National Address Edition Before December 15, 2020…

    #BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: The Republic Being Restored Edition.…

    "I have wondered what it would have been like to be in the U.S. in 1776. To simply see and be a part of the Revolution that shook the world had to be exciting. We are in such a period now. December 2020 will be remembered as the beginning of the Republic being restored from the hands of criminals and thugs. Having been a part of the thugs for over 20 years this is absolutely delicious.
    Haspel, Brennan and a lot of folks who were stupid enough not to disappear will well face the chopping block so to speak."
    1. Presidential Address announcing the depth of the coup efforts. Not sure if he will go into the fact that american elections have been rigged for at least 20 years.
    2. Release of the JFK files and the appearance by someone you all love and care about."
    3. Pardoning of Julian Assange
    4. Partial martial law and the utilization of military courts to weed out the seditious players. A number of politicians, media players, and others will be arrested."… "Seems the Biden Campaign and Hillary Clinton and her folks are right in the middle of this. Once this is out even Democrats will be screaming to hang Biden."

    Coomer and Georgia election:
    "Coomer is the shit for brains Antifa moron who was bragging about fucking Trump with his Antifa buddies. Everyone is looking for this bastard. Spoke with someone last night who said he was whacked and is sleeping with the fishes. Who knows maybe the military is cutting off fingers as I write this. Do know he has or did have ties with China, Iran and that pos secretary of state in Georgia and was responsible for depositing 10 million in a bank in Hong Kong for that Georgia traitor. Is Raffensperger's 10 million traceable? Yes it is. And I hope that piece of shit in Georgia hangs for it. The idiots placed the money in a family member's name and a search in any reliable financial system will ferret it out. Hell they may have already found it and are sharpening the knives to cut his nuts off and stuff them down his throat."

    1. Paul Furber
      "Ignore the bull shit coming out of the MSM. We are on the verge of a National crisis of biblical proportions and Trump has all of them by the balls. Other than those who got the hell out. Also got another confirmation that CNN will be shut down and several folks there are going down for sedition because of their connections and bribes taken from China."

      "The reason Trump is bringing in the Military is our society has reached the point it cannot save itself. The corruption runs too deep in all branches of government. And do not forget the 2 senator positions in Georgia were promised to the Republicans for fucking Trump. Frankfurt was ready."

      Obama arrested?
      "I would not believe that. It will be enough he will be shamed. I am hearing Biden may not last long. Seems the dog bull shit is covering up some strokes."

      "And did you know the folks that did Kennedy were the folks that came up with the idea to fix presidential elections so there would never be another Kennedy. Think about that and how long this shit show has been going on."

    2. Ready007 - have you, or any folks, heard Biden was charged by Ukraine Feds for gov interference? That boot hiding a little jewelry, ankle bracelet? And he actually puts his entire weight on that fractured foot.

      And i predict Hunter could over-dose to get off once the python gets too cozy. Just go out as high as possible. All married to jews, no wonder they only get worse & worse & worse.

  8. LISTEN TO THIS JEW Dirt-o-shitz - saying the gov has every right to FORCE you to be vaccinated ==>> Things change & the Constitution adapts.

    THIS WHY JEWS MUST BE REMOVED FROM AMERICA. Its a short video. A keen demonstration on jews twisting anything they can just by flapping their jaw & making claims.


    And Dirt-o-shitz also says claims of his pedo'dom are long out of statue of limitations. THAT WOULD BE HIS JEW LAW. So those jews do their crimes, then stave off time to the statute runs out.

    Guess that jews would apply it to 911 by flapping their jaws. LISTEN TO THAT VIDEO, hear the jew in action. Thats how jews do it. ABSOLUTELY INSANE. Get those jews outta America.


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