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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Frozen Logic Circuits Thaw Out

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have known for a long time that the lab in Wuhan, China, is owned by an American drug company--- GlaxoSmithKline. 

We have known that Dr. Fauci's National Institutes of Health gave over $3 million in assistance to the Wuhan Lab. 

We have known that Dr. Fauci's main specialty and claim to fame is his work on the HIV virus, which he patented for profit. 

We have known that GlaxoSmithKline, the owner of the Wuhan Lab is managed by a Black Rock subsidiary, which also works for George Soros and AXA, the giant French insurance corporation. 

We have known that George Soros built the lab in Wuhan and sold it to a Vanguard company, while Vanguard itself is a shareholder in Black Rock and which is internationally famous for dirty Special Ops involvement.  

We have known that Black Rock is one of Bill Gate's major investors, while Gates is a major investor in Pfizer, the GlaxoSmithKline-owned company that is producing the vaccine, and Bill Gates is also a primary donor and supporter of the World Health Organization that declared a "pandemic" based on 187 unconfirmed cases, and which is a primary beneficiary of Pandemic Bonds foisted off on investors by the World Bank. 

We have known that fragments of HIV virus spliced into a normal coronavirus are what have made the Covid 19 virus more infectious. 

We have known that Pfizer, the vaccine company producing the Covid 19 vaccine is owned by GlaxoSmithKline--- the owner of the Wuhan Lab. 

We have known that the Australian Government shutdown distribution of the vaccine -- reportedly because people who received it were testing positive for HIV. 

We have known for a long time, almost from the beginning, that the Chinese Government had little or nothing to do with the development of the Covid-19 virus and even less to do with its escape. 

What emerges is a textbook example of the Hegelian Dialectic in action. 

Self-interested schmucks causing a problem, then presenting themselves as the experts with the handy, dandy, patented solution to the problem they caused--- and then, profiting from it. 

These criminals are American, not Chinese--- an inevitable conclusion of logic.  

So tell me why these people are not in jail after what they've done and the damage they have caused?  

Tell me why these corporations aren't being charged for crimes against humanity?

Why should any despicable excuse for dirt who deliberately increases the efficiency of the Common Cold be rewarded? 

GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Vanguard, Black Rock, WHO, the World Bank ---  any corporation that had any hand in this hideous fiasco --- why shouldn't they be gone, gone, gone?


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  1. Wink Wink, wow I have been looking at some of your stuff and you are good, do you have a blog or website, it seems some of your jargon is hard to understand or is in code, but I need to know more.

    1. Jeff Florida - ha ha -beg your pardon. Not code... just inarticulate. Typing fast. doing chores, back & forth, then finishing. No blogs, but thanks for asking.
      Happy Peaceful Abundant New Year & stay sane

  2. Why? The fourth industrial revolution's emerging business model: Impact Management. The better question is why are these still breathing God's air?

  3. Crimes against humanity. Will or has Trump included them? Evidence is pretty clear.

  4. Thank you, Anna. The way I look to to "why" is... because everyone, except a few, are agents of agents, shills and traitors, conartists and incompetent... all re-legionaires, merely survivors within complex world of intellectual property for persons and capacities, they continue to make all worse through their life - journey, cos they just lost souls...owned by ownets of Holy Roman Empire...

  5. The closest any one came to exposing the human trafficking was judge Andrew Napolitino who interviewed Justice Scillia ,
    Asked why do you say fundamental law don’t you mean natural law .
    They avoid the obvious we have unalienable right .

  6. The American Jural Court has been asleep since the civil war. The American people do not have a forum to bring the criminals for prosecution. There for we have to reestablish our American Jural Court and bring the criminals to trial. Reestablish our American Jural Court and trial the criminals and watch how fast the foreign RATS jump off our American

    1. The swamp runneth deep and wide. Any truth to the gtmo, Iceland and various camps that have been upgraded to hold these swamp creatures?
      Also- Ghislaine Maxwell quarantined?

  7. Sure, there are lots of Americans to blame, but as Anna has pointed out on other subjects, the actual culprits are the same ones who have been to blame since before America was born.


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