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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Trump Commemorates Death of Thomas Becket With Religious Freedom Proclamation

In yet another example of his unwavering concern for religious freedom and steadfast support for the most persecuted religion on earth, Christianity, President Trump released a proclamation yesterday calling for an end to worldwide religious oppression on the 850th anniversary of the martyrdom of English Archbishop Thomas Becket in 1170.

Read the article here: 


  1. Thank you Paul that is excellent news

  2. Yup ok... paper enforces nothing

  3. The most pertinent and leading keynote from the "Religious Freedom Proclamation" is "conscience" (even though not everyone has one). People who have a conscience must exercise it in the world today in order that it be expressed as a Right and thereby maintained. It is through this kind of exercise that "obedience to God" is made possible. However the idea of "rebellion" needs to evolve to a higher level in this instance because rebellion is the act of an inferior to a superior. When people realize their original sovereignty (that Americans began asserting as of the mid-1770s) and especially when they have established their Right of Self-Government upon their original proprietary jurisdiction of "Land and Soil" then no "rebellion" is necessary! Those who embody the "higher" realization are the superiors! As such their acts are of a repelling nature to tyrants rather that as a rebellious one.:

  4. Ancient Dynasties are owners of human beings via ownership of economy gained through concept of Holy Trinity Doctrine. If there was no legion, re - legion could have nevee be in question, there would be no Duke, King, Queen, Pope and Pontific nor Pesident's Offices. Only Ottoman Empire coul have had absolutely different platform of origin that the Holy Roman Empire. Today, without "crucifiction ofJesus" there could have not been stock market...


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