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Monday, November 16, 2020

Common Misconceptions -- 5.0: We, the People

 By Anna Von Reitz

The meaning of the phrase "We, the People" seems self-evident, but it's not. There is a reason why the Founders used a capital "P".
By separating the National Soil Jurisdiction from the International Jurisdiction of the Land and Sea, we wound up with two names for this country -- both The United States (National Soil Jurisdiction) and The United States of America (International Land and Sea Jurisdiction) -- and knowing this, you are finally ready to take in the difference between "people" and "People".
The people of this country live in The United States and "stand on" its soil, but the People with a Capital "P" inhabit The United States of America's International Land Jurisdiction and "stand on" the Land.
The "People" are the only ones who can enforce the Law of the Land, that is, the Constitutions, because they are the only ones occupying the International Land Jurisdiction of this country, and they are the only ones who ratified the Constitutions.
When we act as State Citizens we are not only counted as one of the "People" of this country, we are recognizable internationally as "Lawful Persons".
Lawful Persons stand on and occupy the International Land Jurisdiction of every country on Earth; together, we uphold the Public Laws of our Land Jurisdiction, including the Constitutions, and we accept our Public Duty to do so.
Legal Persons, by contrast, occupy the International Sea Jurisdiction, a watery domain full of deceits. Legal Persons function under Private Law --- Codes, Regulations, and Statutes. The officers and employees of all incorporated businesses are all acting as Legal Persons by definition.
Thus, we have people living in The United States, and People occupying the Land Jurisdiction of The United States of America as Lawful Persons (State Citizens), and we have Legal Persons occupying the Maritime Jurisdictions belonging to The United States of America, too.
The hard part arises when you can't tell the difference between the people, the People (Lawful Persons) and the (Legal) Persons.
In the last few decades the number of us consciously functioning as Lawful Persons has greatly declined, and the number of us unconsciously functioning as Legal Persons has increased.
What this means in practical terms is that there are fewer and fewer of us who are "declared" and competent to enforce the Constitutions and other Public Laws, and more and more of the people living in The United States are being illegally and immorally conscripted into the foreign political status of Legal Persons, known as U.S. Citizens, who have no constitutional guarantees, no standing to enforce the Constitutions, and no ability to defend themselves from rapacious foreign courts and tax collectors.
We need a few good People to put the teeth back into the Constitutions. The fast-track belongs to those who are not employed by incorporated entities and not receiving any unearned welfare benefits.

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  1. I am not employed by any incorporated entities and do not receive any unearned welfare benefits!!! Amen, so be it!!!

  2. The U S Marines we need a few good men /women. working for legal Persons

  3. The way I see it, the only way out I'd to run for offices,from your cities, townships, All the way up through to president. But with the two party system and how they have it stacked it's an almost impossible feat. As long as rigged elections are over looked and the current criminals hold the seats , we're outcasts in our own country. I see what Anna is trying and had been trying to do for years, is to incite anger so we get up and claim our country back from our employees. But until there are millions of us knocking on the court house door ,I don't know what to do.

  4. As each one of us changes our status ,it's one step forward, but we're still a tiny island surrounded by water. And as it's been said before, most people in government and even lawyers and judges, don't know the difference..

  5. Anna, please can you add Ann article for those who are employed (as at least 99% of all companies with employees are incorporated) ?
    For sure here are many readers who can’t simply throw their job to change their political status.

    Thank you in advance!


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