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Monday, November 16, 2020

Masks and Criminals

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are tons of data points and research studies telling us that the cloth masks people are wearing are ineffective as a barrier to viruses.  

There are more data points and scientific studies proving that masks cause health problems for otherwise healthy people by collecting bacteria and by recycling carbon dioxide.

So why is anyone wearing a mask? 

CDC and NIH are not public institutions and they aren't associated with the government. They are subcontractors of the government corporations, but that's not the same thing.  Both these organizations are in the business of developing and selling vaccines. Ditto Dr. Fauci. 

So why are we listening to them, as if they were disinterested and reliable authorities? 

There is another point everyone needs to take in. 

Masks cover the faces of criminals, and we are dealing with criminals. 

Some of you already saw this analysis from State of the Nation:

It demonstrates why Joe Biden is permanently barred from holding public office as a result of his self-admitted influence racketeering in the Ukraine, but it neglects three very important points. 

(1) The Municipal Government never adopted Federal Code, except for Title 50.

(2) "President of the United States" -- the Municipal Office -- isn't a public office.

(3) And finally, the Pope's Municipal Government is an unaccountable rogue oligarchy run by the members of Congress (See Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17).

If the members of the US Congress (the Municipal Congress) want to function as a crime syndicate, they can do so with impunity.

The Municipal Government of Washington, DC, is an independent, international city-state, ruled over by the members of the Municipal Congress acting as a plenary oligarchy. 

The Municipal Government works for the Municipality of Washington, DC, which is a completely separate city-state and nation unto itself, complete with its own flag (white with three red stars), and it counts the Federal Civil Servants, US Corporations, and Federal Welfare recipients as its "citizenry". 

All of these people and corporations are designated as US CITIZENS permanently domiciled in the Municipality of Washington, DC,  and held in the thrall of this criminal "government within a government".  

Many of you have been confused and feeling uneasy.  Things just don't add up. And we aren't just talking about the virus and masks or even about Federal Code violations.  

The Municipal Government continued to function after the Civil War and because we "fell asleep" and didn't show up to work, the vermin in Congress usurped more and more power unto themselves using the city government of Washington, DC to do it.

They've been running their own covert and criminal government in competition with our government and with the British Territorial Government, too, right under our noses.

These Pikers are foreign enemies with respect to us, and domestic enemies with respect to the Territorial District Government, a fact that is becoming more and more clear every day.

And they are all being run into the ground by the Pope, who owns both bankrupt governmental services corporations.
Now, think of the convenience of having all your henchmen and women wearing masks in public?  Ready to attack the vulnerable and confused people of this country?  

In most states, it is a felony level crime for anyone who is carrying a concealed weapon to wear a mask.  

Think about it.  And throw away the masks. They aren't helping anybody's health, but they may be hiding criminals in broad daylight. 

The greatest threat we now face comes from the people sitting in the US Congress, and the odds are not good.  By my count, a third of them are mentally incompetent, and two-thirds of them are criminals. 


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  1. Not so fast this short article about what trump is planning....

    Watch this...!!

    1. Cn you post that again. I tried but nothing.

    2. Shelby, you are right about a lot of this, but I haven't seen any solutions.

      As for me, I am looking into what Anna is doing, but I am not completely sold on it. She seems to want to stay in the system somewhat and keep puppeticians, which is stupid. Politicians are obsolete.

  2. I believe building a good immune defense system through healthy eating and lifestyle is an important way to fend off the spread of the corona virus. Otherwise, when the weakened body becomes susceptible through improper eating and lifestyle, viruses can show up.
    From my research, Biology 101, virus are so small that wearing a mask to keep out the virus is like erecting a chain-link fence around your property to keep the mosquitoes out.
    Thank you for reading this.
    Happy Holidays
    Sincerely, In Health and Well-being,

    David Snieckus

  3. It is a sin (any crime against original divine creation) to cover your face with anything (mask, bandana, burka etc.), also no piercings, no tattoos and no jewelry!!! Your body is the physical and spiritual temple of the Father in Heaven!!! Your body is not a living canvas for bunch of trashy graffiti, ugly piercings and freaky hair colors!!! I personally myself do not have any tattoo, piercing and do not wear jewelry!!! I do wear an anti-vapor mask only in stores!!! Amen, so be it!!!

  4. Why are wordlwide nations listening to World Hel.. Organization?

  5. Governors are NOT legislative bodies nor are local health boards, although they have the authority to come up with local rules, those rules must be in compliance with the statutes. Many of these state public health titles are simply corporate policy as the governing statutes rarely have an enactment clause. What does all of this mean? It means that NO ONE has the authority to require a duty of you (wear a mask) not even your employer as that would be a breach of contract and without statutory authority. Local health boards cannot require compliance from businesses based upon local rules because those rules are without statutory authority. The local health rules can only apply to governmental entities as they are merely corporate policy. It is my belief that the local health boards and governors are waging war upon Americans and their persons (businesses). There's word for that.

    1. I'm grateful to find a website to post,,,It appears more states are requiring/mandating more restrictions connected to the Corona virus,,Implying a concern around family gatherings--Thanksgiving,,
      With Christmas and the birth of Jesus right around the corner,,,
      Is there a political party that moves away from God and Jesus?
      I think it's called Socialism,,this brought a tear to my eye,,
      What country has the longest and oldest government under socialism and tolalitarianism? That would be China,,
      Visit your local Walmart and you will see "Made in China" stamped on the majority of products,,Where did they claim the Corona Virus originated from--China,,
      The DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE is worth reading again,,
      IN GOD WE TRUST,,,

  6. So the DC coloquially known as the Districkt of Criminals are criminals. Tell us something new. They make code. That's why they call them resolutions. They resolve the code. Anyway the President swears on a stack of bibles that he will defend the constituion against all enemies
    FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Since Washington DC Pikers are foreign enemies with respect to us, and domestic enemies with respect to the Territorial District Government then we the people are foreign enemies of this District of Criminals. So the President must protect the constitution from it's enemies which is we the people. DC is at war with we the people.


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