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Monday, October 5, 2020

Liars, Cheats, and Honest Men

 By Anna Von Reitz

Honest men admit painful truths. They don't bother to lie about anything, no matter what it is. They are liable unto themselves to confess the truth, and they know it.
So, they just take it on the snout, admit their sins, confess, and let it all hang out. They do this, because they know that: (1) lies always come out of the closet eventually, and, (2) the truth is already known.
The truth is known to them and known to God, and it's only a matter of time until it is known to everyone else.
That's why they don't bother to evade the truth: it isn't practical to do so.
Honest men are aware that there is a time delay between many of our actions and their effects. The lie you tell today and its evils, whatever they are, may not bear fruit today or tomorrow, next year or even ten years from now, but lies will always yield their harvest.
Just like rain falls. Just like carrot seeds result in carrots.
Honest men also know the Source of all lies --- the Spirit of Falsehood, Satan. So why let such a demon enter into one's thoughts and mouth and mind? A lie is like a poisoned sweet roll. It may taste good, but it will make you sick.
My point is that this scrupulous devotion to the truth is a matter of practicality and maturity. Wise men value the truth, for many reasons, but the bottom line is that lies don't ultimately work.
Cheats lie by omission. They don't actually tell whoppers. They just omit vital information and let people draw wrong conclusions as a result. We have plenty of examples of that in our current governmental services corporations, including the so-called public schools.
When were you taught that the Reconstruction of our government is still pending?
The Cheats are the men and women whose duty it was to teach you the whole truth, and who instead kept mum.
Liars may also omit crucial information and benefit themselves by their omissions, but they take it a step further and fabricate lies and spin tales and embroider everything, so as to misrepresent what is actual and factual.
People have many reasons for lying --- to benefit themselves, to enrich themselves, to aggrandize themselves, or to avoid punishment or blame, or to protect someone or something else they care about.
The Democratic Political Party has been built on lies since its founding, the most pernicious of which is that they are for "the little guy" and are "friends of the Negroes". Their voting records and history of legislative acts tell a completely different, even opposite, tale.
From an objective standpoint, from someone who doesn't participate in the political party circus, actually and factually, the Democrats have made a Cult of Lying to people in this country and have done so for decades. Lately, they've even taken to lying about their political affiliations, and are running for office as "Independents" and as "Republicans".
Here in Alaska, we've got two such candidates --- Al Gross and Alyce Galvin, both trying to pull the same deceit and run as "Independents" when they've been caught on tape admitting that they consider themselves "progressive" and intend to caucus with the Democrats.
They are doing this because people don't trust Democrats anymore, so the Democrats are relabeling their "product" --- doing a little shimmy-shuffle dance --- and following the Satanist practice of pretending to be their enemies. Thus we have "RINOs" ---- Republicans in Name Only infiltrating and disgracing the Republican Party from within.
These are people like Lisa Murkowski, a Democrat from the Chicago Daley Clan, pretending to be Republicans ---and seeking to redefine the Republican Party to a point wherein there is literally no choice at all and only one party with two labels exists.
These people lie for fun. They lie for sport. They lie for the sheer sake of lying, apparently because they find it so pleasurable and rewarding. They lie and even forget that they are lying.
They get to the point where they believe their own bunk. They become delusional. It starts to surprise them when the rain doesn't fall up.
And of course, it never occurs to them that other people know that they are lying. They somehow think that their spin-doctoring is occurring in a vacuum and that nobody can see what they are doing. So, like Joe Biden, they stand with both hands in the cookie jar, chocolate smears on their mouths, saying, "I didn't take any chocolate chip cookies!"
Despite their age, men like Joe Biden are immature. They've lied all their lives and gotten away with it. All their lives they've been telling Whoppers and because other people were also telling Whoppers, they think it's okay.
The Swamp Dwellers have created what J. Edgar Hoover called, "a culture of lies", and so, this cancerous "culture" has spread until merely telling the truth -- that Joe Biden is a crook and a bully and a die-hard elitist -- arrives like a thunderbolt.
How can I say that? Because it's true. He is. Read his speeches. Look at his friends and political mentors. Look up the videos where he brags about his racketeering and abuse of the power of his political offices.

My Mother wagged her head at me more than once and said: "Never befriend a liar. A man who will lie to you, will lie about you. The truth is not in them, and without the truth they have no moral compass at all. Anything goes. They believe that the ends justify the means. Such people have no sense of decency, no loyalty, no strength, and no shame. They are like reeds in the wind, hollow inside, and blowing their mouths to hear themselves blow."


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