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Sunday, October 18, 2020

For All the Dim Wits Out There

 Anna Von Reitz

Being an American and being part of a State Assembly is a birthright, not a club membership.  

It is a political status, honor, and protection that you are owed as a result of being born in one of our States or having parents born in one of our States.  Period. 

You are not obligated to claim it and it is not automatically conferred upon you. 

You may freely choose to leave our jurisdiction at any time, but if you do so, you will become "stateless" and prey to both the Territorial and Municipal Government corporations.
You will lose access to the Constitutional Guarantees.  You will be subject to foreign laws and foreign taxation. 

People often ask me, why should I go through the effort to declare my political status as an American?  Isn't it obvious that I am an American? I'm standing here, aren't I?  I was born here, wasn't I?  

The fact is, that no, your political status is not obvious.  In fact, it has been obscured and false presumptions have been made about your political status to the effect that you are a British Territorial U.S. Citizen or a Municipal citizen of the United States -- both.  

Which means that you are not considered to be an American until you claim and declare your proper birthright political status. 

As an American there are two (2) possible status choices.  As an American State National (a Texan, Wisconsinite, New Yorker, etc.) you have no obligation to the government beyond keeping the peace -- which means not injuring other people or their property.  As a State Citizen you take on the decision-making and other burdens of self-governance and are expected to attend Assembly meetings, cast ballots in elections, serve on the juries, and staff the militia. 

None of this is rocket science.  

As a government of free people we cannot "require" you to serve the government, neither can we dictate your choices of political allegiance, nor impose obligations upon you.  

You are free to reclaim your birthright political status, free to join your State Assembly --- and also free to leave, even after you have gone through the trouble to join. 

At the same time, wishy-washy gets you nowhere. 

If you don't declare, or do and join and then decide to leave, you will become stateless, and this will mean that you can be swooped down upon by agents of either the Territorial or Municipal government and "taken aboard" as chattel backing their corporation debts.  You and all your assets will be claimed by them.  You will lose your constitutional guarantees and you will become subject to their foreign laws and their foreign taxation schemes. 

You will, in short, revert to the same condition that you were in before, and in the event that these foreign corporations overcome our objections and get a civil war started on our shores, you will have no protections and will be considered "fair game" for either side to shoot, arrest, detain, incarcerate, vaccinate, or do any other thing they wish to do to you. As a non-declared "person" you have no constitutional guarantees. 

We continue to hold the door open for you to escape from any such eventuality and to take charge of your lawful government as a participant in it, but if you miss the boat or decide to leave once you have been rescued --- that's your problem and a result of decisions you have made. 


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  1. I thought the constitution was made FOR the government to CONTROL them.

    Thus they are bound by duties and obligations and have no ROGHTS. They have constituional protection because it applies them.

    We those who yrst God almighty have inherent God given rights protected by God and only God!

    If God is for us who can be against us? No more militia only plowsheds

    Only peace only love only God

    1. Militias are not ever to offend no human beings or private properties but an insurance just in case you run into folks who turn their "plowsheds" into weapons, it's better to have both.


    2. The reality of the CONgress through out the 240 years; the American people have been blindsided from the beginning.
      1609 forward..............

      Gratitude - keep moving forward


    3. There are may claimed deities - Which "God" are you stating the belief ?

      As with all officials taking an oath (LOL) which "God" are they referring - never defined [where] is it !!

  2. For the detractors on free will

    Next time think about about having humbly sit down on the potty and having no free will out of this one but to stay put and endure the experience

    If this is not enough you may find yourself like Jerry Nadler all perked up and walking off the stage like a penguin

    If this is not enough God has manny more humbling experiences at His disposal to set you straight.

    God is going to bring home all mankind one man and woman at a time.

    1. You have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to divinity.

    2. Totally clueless!!!

  3. My dream has finally come true, I was born a slave and now I can finally die a free man. Thanks to Anna and her awesome team. Can't wait to see this country reborn again, I will make sure of that!


    1. Enlighten us please; how did you make it possible or is it just BS ?

    2. Maximus- Thanks for the inquiry. Absolutely no BS. I have certain knowledge that 99.999% of the population are not aware of from 25,000 hours of research (I call it mental blind spot, just like folks who are not aware that The Assembly exist). I have been called a genius of geniuses by my peers in multiple intellectual fields. Unfortunately I am not able to disclose my proprietary logistic systems at this moment due to my and The Assembly security and safety. We are dealing with crisis on biblical scale on Earth and everything has to be done right the first time, we have no other options but to do it effectively and precisely the first time to overcome our crisis. I am the only person on Earth to have unique intellect ability that sees the "Total Picture" of the crisis we are currently in when everyone else sees only a few pieces of the puzzle (departmentalize). I also have the unique insight ability to know what needs to be done to overcome our crisis.
      Folks are extremely scared, confused, hurt, angry, distrustworthy and etc. and it will take a special person to gain their trust and loyalty to overcome our crisis. When the time comes in the near future I will be able to execute the objectives of The Assembly due to my ability and specialization of mobilization logistics and unlimited resources to invite more folks into our endeavors. THE ASSEMBLY WILL PREVAIL, I will make sure of that, it is my life's work, commitment and of course PASSION!!! You seek the truth and you shall find it and that is one of the reasons I'm on this sobering and humble forum. I am humble and honored to serve The Assembly!!!

  4. Tell them the way it is Anna!!! No more free rides folks, the storage room is empty- wiped out cleaned by dependents who should of course be independents, it is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work for mobilization. If Obama currently can have an organization called Organize For Action (OFA, look it up on search) to usurp us then we better get organized to counter them in the near future. May the best organization win (hopefully us)!!! MOBILIZE, MOBILIZE, MOBILIZE to save your own life!!!

    1. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!! Which means now or we will miss our window of opportunity to counter OFA.

  5. Another very important intelligence: Former corrupt criminal (and still is) Attorney General Eric Holder (Fast and Furious gun smuggling fame that killed over 50K in Mexico- Obama, Holder and all Democrats are aiding and abetting CCP to take over our physical land and all assets on the land in the very near future, they- Obama, Holder, CCP, Democrats- are also arms and drug dealing with the Mexican drug cartels to fund their organizations and operations) under Obama also has an organization similar to OFA which works hand in hand with Obama and CCP to assist in eventual attack and takeover of continental U.S. Everyone in The Assembly needs to be aware of this and know that this had been planned for decades and we are all about to witness hell on earth if we do not unite as one very soon to lawfully counter them once and for all. We all have been warned decades ago but no one at home took them seriously. They have decades on us and we are forced to act effectively and precisely now in a very short amount of time to react with no room for mistakes. We all have nothing to lose but get it all back what has been stolen from us all.
    May the divine force be with us all. Thank you and love you all!!!

  6. I almost forgot, there are also reports of war grade assault weapons being stored at Democrats stronghold cities at their public buildings waiting for the order to attack and start killing innocent citizens (it is known before an attack that the criminals always in most cases store their weapons of choice first which is a tale tell sign that mass murder is about to begin very soon after planting of weapons (Watch the genocide movie Hotel Rwanda). Democrats were also caught with hiding bricks around town for "Floyd" protest violence and destruction of public and private properties. Think CCP, Democrats, Obama's OFA, Holder's version of his OFA, Gun Smuggling, Drug Dealing, Mexican Drug Cartels, Invasion, Mass Murder, Genocide, Starvation. We are all being surrounded at this very moment and none are wiser except for a few who are the ones sounding the alarm. Stay vigilant always!!!

  7. Thank You Anna - this is was a very nice Intro I can share with people. I loved it.

    1. Michael Porter- It is awesome you love it and want to share this with your buddies. Just don't forget to tell them that we will need their services to counter usurpation at moments notice. Every single lawful person in The Assembly is now in law enforcement, there is no exceptions!

    2. Either enforce the law or get out of the way!!!!!!!!!

  8. My Birthright was given to me by God. Not an assembly, led by someone "in service to his holiness" the POPE and her hereditary Head of State husband and a hand full of people who tell us what the assembly is doing for us whenever they decide we should be informed, which is usually after the fact, and without further details or approval from any of the "members".
    Just trust it's all being done for your benefit.
    Now that, would make us dim wits.
    Yet that's what happens when you "join" your assembly. Oh can't be a State citizen and get involved with the decision making processes? Well then that's on us dim-witted people, if the assembly does "stuff" you have no knowledge of, have no opportunity to view or approve because you didn't step up and get involved. These assemblies are being run top down by Anna to her coordinators and you don't have much to say about it in your specific state assembly because "we follow Anna" and whatever she says.
    So a new government appears on the land and soil and you are chastised and insulted if you don't join. Oh and suddenly "stateless". We were not "stateless" before you created the National assembly and started pushing for individual states to join your union of states were we? Or were you dimwitted back then?
    Are you aware of Executive orders over 30 years old that can obliterate the efforts of a "group" in seconds? They don't care about jurisdiction.
    They don't care about status or standing. We have all recorded our documents, for years. It makes no difference because you have left out CRITICAL steps that would actually have completed the process of becoming free and kept them for yourself, thereby creating the NEED" for an assembly that you and yours control and manipulate.You are trying to get the wealth owed to Americans into a trust that you are fiduciary and trustee over and as you have stated you will set up bank accounts for us throw us 12,000 a year and pay our strawmans bills, get us our ID cards, put us all in a database and if we need help you and your so called legal team (if they have time and money) might help us out...but only if you are a member of an assembly of course. Even then, like numerous groups you might end up in jail, because we were a dimwit and did "something" wrong along the way, so just send us a card c/o some detention center Anna. We will understand it was our fault.
    God is our master. Assembly or no assembly, jurisdiction or no jurisdiction, claim or no claim.
    Geoengineering efforts put this planet in such extreme peril and short-end days that none of this matters anyway.
    Their plan will effect everyone everywhere period. 5G 6G EMF's blackouts all will wipe out any presumed safety you think you have by belonging to an assembly. Worse than that is they identify the "group" as seditious, extremist, insurrectionist or terrorist because of the groups desire to separate from the pack or whatever you are saying in your letters to everyone that we don't see, since we all are now a part of the National Assembly via our State Assembly and function as a body, we are all susceptible to group identity and can be treated as such by the DOD or GOV or any other 3 or 4 letter agency.
    We do not give up our birthright because we didn't join your group.
    We don't give up our status as Americans because we don't join the group.
    We speak for ourselves, not the group speaking for us.
    We can be papered up without being data-entered in your system.
    Our constitutional guarantees follow us because we have claimed them already. Not because you want us in an assembly to achieve your ultimate Power grab as the NEW Powerholder of the United States Assembled.
    Psalm 118:8
    It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.OR Woman.

    1. doonstr- Our Father from Heaven helps those who help themselves first. Our Father is not responsible or accountable for our current crisis, it is up to every single one of us as a unit to turn the tide for our future prosperity. Either you do it or either you don't.

  9. Some people make the term "stateless" sound like that's a bad thing, when in fact people who created the constitutions for the State and Federal governments were actually stateless and were in their sovereign capacity. The "stateless" people acting as sovereign people created constitutions for the newly formed "State" or "Federal" governments.
    If the sovereign people were bound to a State political organization or if the people were already a citizen of a state government, and then wanted to create the state government, they couldn't create a state government since they would have had no standing to do so since they were already bound to being a citizen of another government or state.
    Being stateless is the way we want to be recognized, but that doesn't mean we aren't Californians or Texans, or Nevadans. We were born on California soil, Texas Soil or Nevada soil so our Nationality is naturally a Californian, Texan or Nevadan whether we declare our status or not. And since the land and soil of where we were born is part of American land, then we are also American. We have the right to claim our political status, and we provide notice through recording our status documents to where we claim to be a Texan and/or an American National. We are not an American "State" National as Anna tries to portray us to be.
    Being stateless just means that we are not bound to any state or federal government rules, codes, regulations, etc, and we are acting in our proper De jure status as a free and sovereign people, a de jure people with no allegiance to any government or political organization in any capacity.
    Being stateless does NOT open us up to being attacked, as Anna is trying to scare us into improperly thinking. Being stateless means that any government, state or federal, cannot use their man-made laws, codes or statutes since we outside of their jurisdiction.

    What Does It Mean To Be Stateless?

    A stateless person is someone who, under national laws, does not enjoy citizenship – the legal bond between a government and an individual – in any country. While some people are de jure, or legally stateless persons (meaning they are not recognized [bound] as citizens under the laws of any state), many people are de facto, or effectively stateless persons (meaning they are not recognized [bound] as citizens by any state even if they have a claim to citizenship under the laws of one or more states).

    1. Stateless- Without proper documentation you are not able to interact with those who document (record, not register which is our downfall).

    2. Make it happen,
      you are correct, we record our status documents to notify the state and federal government organizations of our claim as heir to god's creation. Recording our status docs are to make it clear on the record, in writing, that we are not bound to any of their state or federal codes. We are providing notice that we are expatriating all allegiance or presumed citizenship to any de facto state or federal organization and putting it on the record that we are "Texan", "Nevadan" or "Californian" and theref
      ore our birthright nationality is American National.

    3. Stateless- Thanks for your response! You are closer to comprehension of the original and true source of authority than most folks are. I have been fortunate to be able to be exposed to divine law which is the top law of creation and everything living is creation if it is not tampered by humans. There are certain people and organizations who want to see the most incredible creation ever which is man/woman to be exterminated off the face of the Earth (and all other original creation). Folks, we are in survival mode to preserve what is left of original creation. I could go on for eternity what is happening to us but we are running out of time so we better get the mission started and accomplished quickly. It is impossible until it is done, the impossible will be done. Amen!!!

  10. Make it happen-
    Most people are obviously still asleep.
    If folk were to come to us on this form what would you give as advice how to begin and what to do in simple terms?

    1. Bpinmm- Thanks for your inquiry! You can not do what you do not know (mental blindspot). Educate yourself first and then lead by example by your actions of your new found knowledge, there is no substitution for that!!!

  11. Bellerian1- What Anna is referring to is you now have another option besides slavery.

  12. A slave who thinks he/she is free is the best slave. "There is no such thing as a well adjusted slave"- Dr. Wayne Dyer. You can't miss what you don't know.

  13. It takes total commitment, total self-responsibility and total self-accountability, that is the price for self-independence.

  14. I thought we weren't supposed to use the handles "anonymous" or "unknown" I see two in this thread using both !

  15. Why do my comments keep disappearing" I've said nothing offensive at all !

  16. Please strike my last comment. I see it was a publishing error. Thanks.


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