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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Kickbacks 101

 By Anna Von Reitz

Kickbacks are money paid as "rewards" for doing or participating in something; they are what is called an "inducement" and an "unjust enrichment" by which people are paid to do things like sell out their country's best interests or engage in other kinds of criminal activities including fraud, misrepresentation, identity theft schemes, incorporation schemes, and worse. 

Most kinds of kickbacks are best considered bribes, commonly made to elected and appointed political officials and the organizations they run.  A few kinds of kickbacks are more subtle and involve things like access to natural resources, beneficial use contracts, or campaign or charitable contributions. Or the next leading role in a movie. 

Whatever form they take, kickbacks are illegal and unlawful inducement. 

Corrupt corporations commonly use kickbacks to get what they want. 

In the steamy sleazy world of organized crime, kickbacks are common as dirt. 

It's called "payola" and "grease" and "fat" --- but it all comes down to the same thing: money, access, advantages, and other "emoluments" paid out to individuals and organizations to get something illicit or improper in return, some kind of betrayal or sell-out or even just a quid pro quo to look the other way is usually involved. 

LBJ's use of Federal Block Grants to induce small overburdened impoverished counties to incorporate as "federated counties" is a grand example of kickbacks in action.  Many cities were impacted the same way -- Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, Boston, Baltimore -- all took the bait.  

Eventually, this kickback system was used to create "Commonwealth" states in Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, even though this country is not and never has been part of any commonwealth system of governance, the organizations providing "essential government services" in these States of the Union were paid off and began operating as commonwealths.  Even faced with this affront, the American People in those States slept on. 

So that's a Big Picture view of how corrupt government services corporations used kickbacks in the form of "Federal Block Grants" to seduce local government officials and to steal the assets and identities of whole counties and States of the Union, using simple kickbacks and legalese semantic deceits to defraud and misrepresent their actual Employers -- the States and the People. 

This of course only encouraged the growth and proliferation of criminality and Government Kickbacks worldwide.  Corporations like Exxon and Blackwater and JP Morgan saw their chance to "influence" political "options" via the relaxation of political campaign financing laws -- essentially kickbacks to politicians anxious to finance their next campaign, and in the case of Big Fish, to finance their own personal crime syndicates operated as foundations and family trusts. 

Fast forward fifty years and taking into consideration what I told you about the "Migration of the Parasites" to China as their next Host Country, you will be prepared to rightly interpret the headlines coming to you via Alt News sources, claiming that very highly placed members of the Chinese Communist Party not only bribed and bought Joe Biden, but then deliberately "compromised" his son, Hunter Biden, by videotaping Hunter engaged in perverse and violent sex acts with little girls. 

You have to understand that blackmail goes hand-in-hand with the kickback system.  The donors of big time payola (and the so-called China Deal was worth billions) want insurance to make sure that their "investment" pays off. So they demand that those in receipt agree to be videotaped doing hideous crimes, as an assurance that they will have long-term control of the asset they just bought.

So, the story goes, the Chinese compromised the Bidens as a proviso for paying them billions of dollars in payola.  But who compromised the Chinese? 
Who paid off Xi Jinping? 

You might off-the-cuff think --- who cares?  That's for the Chinese to find out and settle!  

But no, not really. It is our concern to find out who (or what) corrupted Xi Jinping, because this information will uncover the head of the serpent (or tapeworm, more like it) worming its way to a new home in China. 

This outrage and affront to both China and The United States of America was undertaken by corporate bosses and corrupted elected officials. It was part of the pre-planned move of the parasites to China. Big Payola was involved on both sides of the Pacific. 

And we find a blackmail scenario identical to what we know was going on via Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express--- a weird pay for play in which people seeking kickbacks or being seduced by them, were deliberately and methodically compromised--- apparently for payola insurance purposes, by being videotaped while doing horrific things to little kids. 

Payola doesn't have to be money.  It can be investment capital.  It can be the lead role in the next Hollywood blockbuster.  It can be a political office.  It can be a mining contract.  A patent.  A campaign contribution.  It can be whatever your dreams are made of.  And the price?  Incriminate yourself.  Do a hideous crime in front of the camera as your guarantee to deliver whatever goods you sold your soul for. 

It appears likely that those parties behind the Epstein Island operation were the same parties behind the China franchise: looks like the same duck, walks like the same duck, quacks like the same duck.... I think it's the same duck, the same criminal enterprise using the same methods to achieve its ends. 

And you don't have to look very far to find other examples of massive Payola being used to promote crime.  How about the World Bank's so-called "Pandemic Bonds" for a starter?  

They sold investors bonds betting against a world pandemic, and then ginned one up out of thin air, and used the proceeds to pay off State of State governments and poor Third World governments to play along. The Pandemic Bonds were used to fund the payola to the tune of $500 million. 

The Players who were rewarded for playing along with the scam got between $100,000 and $300,000 per "Covid 19 death".  No wonder that deaths from plain old influenza, which used to account for between 65,000 and 150,000 deaths each flu season, have decreased to zero in this country.  I expect that deaths due to influenza have likewise disappeared on a planet-wide basis, and will continue to be mysteriously absent until the $500 million and similar payola provided by the CARES Act also disappears. 

Meantime, this bogus "threat" has cost the world economy billions of dollars, undermined the health and well-being of billions of people, and set up an even bigger scam: an attempt to change living people into GMO patented "products" by vaccinating the victims with patented RNA.  

This grotesque immoral enslavement scheme has been the actual object of the whole Pandemic Hoax, which has merely served as the "set up" for the attempt to claim ownership of the population of this planet via pollution of our natural genome with patented RNA injected as a "vaccine".  

All those responsible, from whatever country, have perpetuated the most venal crime spree in history.  Whatever they were paid to do this pales by any comparison with the harm they have caused and which they have proposed to cause in addition to their obstruction of trade, manipulation of world currency, and actual (as opposed to imaginary) public health threats. 

Some of the masterminds responsible are self-evident.  Bill Gates, George Soros, Anthony Fauci, the CDC, NIH, WHO, the bond brokers for the World Bank, who have all been engaged in promoting the fraud and profiting from it, but there are more hands in the pie and more pigs at the trough on a worldwide basis.  

Including some dead Chinese generals and others who have betrayed their countries for the sake of I.O.U.s.  

This has not happened all of a sudden.  It has been planned since 1984, published since 2003, ramped up in 2013, and deliberately unleashed in China in 2020---- so as to give us all the impression that China caused the problem, when China was, most likely, the victim---- both at the hands of Xi Jinping and British banking interests, and in the same way that we have been victims at the hands of corrupt US politicians and global banking interests. 

To the members of our own military who have been involved in these and other boondoggles --- remember your oaths.  You have a clear and present danger and it is domestic with respect to you and yours.  

This threat has come in the form of corrupt and corrupting politicians and political parties, in the form of a compromised intelligence community, in the form of a compromised scientific community, in the form of a compromised communications industry, and in the misuse and abuse of corporate power and law, all salted down with a lot of kickbacks. 

Come home, and do what should have been done in 1865.  Help your actual employers complete the Reconstruction and restore the fully operational government this country is owed.  

And as for the reprobates who have operated this system and thought that we were all asleep or too stupid to see what was going on, remember this: 

Matthew 18:6 - But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.


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  1. Amen sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Godspeedđź’•
    I do consider NWO elements in China ( neocon oligarchs) guilty of the Hunter scheme...time will tell, I doubt Xi is guilty of this situation. Let all of us be ever vigilant!

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    Nothing new here
    its bee on going in corporations by and through CONgress for the past 240 years- accelerated from 1913..........

    The words people ignore


    1. When freedom will be totally lost it Will never return - "Joe Biden President"

      backed by the Squad, Harries (real POTUS) schumer and pelosi ................



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