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Monday, September 7, 2020

Reconstruction 101


By Anna Von Reitz

Our nation is faced with reconstructing our government a hundred and fifty years after that task was supposed to be done. Talk about procrastinators, or, talk about being left in the dark by those who profited. Either way, it still has to be done and that is what we are engaged in.
So what is Reconstruction about, and what does it require, and where do we start? What are the conditions we were left with, coming out of the Civil War?
This conversation is being re-posted from a private discussion as I try to unravel the situation for people in Oregon, but the same exact conditions apply to people living in any State of the Union that was a State prior to 1861 ---- so listen up, folks. This is Reconstruction 101.
"The argument as you perceptively point out the crux --- is the effect of the Repatriation Act and where that left us, and the continuing operation of the Territorial State of State in Oregon instead of the American State of State Government we intended, which was rolled over and became inoperable because the Reconstruction was never finished.
You have a multitude of business entities operating on two separate levels.
You have the Federation of States and the Confederation of their States of State in operation from 1781 to 1861. [That's our intact original American Government.]
The Confederation operated the States of America, also called the "Federal Republic" or simply, the "Federal Government" during those same years.
When the Confederation broke apart into North and South factions, the States of America, our part of the Federal Government, was left without quorum and could no longer function, either.
Those portions of our Original and Federal Governments both disappeared--- the Confederation and the States of America (Federal Republic) the Confederation operated --- both had to be "Reconstructed" and neither one have been.
Since the Confederation was inoperable without reconstruction, the members of the Confederation were not operable, either. The members of the Confederation were the original American States of States, like The State of Oregon.
The property, assets, and interests of The State of Oregon were rolled over into the Oregon State [Land Trust] and the "new" substituted Territorial State of State came in to do business for Oregon as an "emergency measure".
It was at this time that all the States of the Union prior to 1860 were compelled to create new State of State Constitutions in order to create a contract between their State [e.g., Oregon] and the Territorial State of State organization [the State of Oregon] being substituted for the original American entity doing business as The State of Oregon.
The history of this is the same in every State that was a State prior to the Civil War.
Same exact process, same exact nomenclature.
So let's go back to the Repatriation Act. What were these men "repatriating" to?
As they were all mustered out of the State of State members of the Confederation and not the actual States of Union, they were "repatriated" back to where they came from.
But the Confederation was gone. There was no "place" for these men to return to.
Wrap your minds around this. All the Muster Lists from the Civil War were compiled by the original American States of State organizations.
They came from The State of New York and The State of Ohio and The State of North Carolina ---- which were all rolled into State Trusts after the war purportedly "ended" ---- "New York State" and "Ohio State" and so on, replaced the original State of State organizations. So all these men who were repatriated after the Civil War became State Trust Assets and Wards of the State.
They were rolled into the State Trusts. They were left in limbo until such time as the Reconstruction happened.
Why? Because you can't get from Wisconsin to South Dakota without passing through Minnesota.
You can't get from The State of Wisconsin to Wisconsin (until or unless the Reconstruction takes effect) without passing through the Wisconsin State (Trust).
Those of us who didn't fight in the war were not "repatriated" in this fashion, and remained free to operate our States of the Union, but approximately nine million Americans were "cashiered" by the Repatriation Act. And they and their descendants have been identified as Wards of the State of State ever since.
All "pending Reconstruction" which we, the only ones who could do it, didn't know about. We thought it had already been done.
So here we are at this late date. People are still milling around, confused. Hardly anyone realizes just how complex and nasty all this is, even among those who know that the Reconstruction is still hanging.
What has to happen? Those who can do so, have to rebuild the States (Oregon) and then "reconstruct" The State of Oregon and collapse the Oregon State Trust and replace "the" Territorial State of Oregon.
At the same time, as the States reconstruct their own State of State organization, e.g., The State of Oregon, these entities have to repopulate the Confederation and begin operating the States of America organization that was responsible for the Federal Republic under The Constitution for the united States of America.
The States of America, our American part of the Federal Government, was a Subcontractor of the Confederation.
So in order to reconstruct the Federal Government, we also have to reconstruct the Confederation, and in order to reconstruct the Confederation, we have to first assemble the States of the Union.
Which is what we are doing now.
States reconstruct The States of States, The States of States repopulate the Confederation, the Confederation reboots the States of America, and the States of America acts as Comptroller of the Federal Government.
It is the lack of this Comptroller position that has led to the many problems we have, so we should all be Highly Motivated to get our ducks in order without further ado.


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  1. So I AM of African And Indian descent and you would like for our African Heritage to help in assisting the Confederacy which took apart the Indians and also Africans to rebuild the States of States? Is that what your asking from us who have been ripped apart from our lands To join in recovery efforts for the 1860 reconstruction of Lands for the descendants of Caucasian heritage? Am I the only one who sees what you are asking us to do Anna? Is that why you only wanted White descendants of their properties In certain States of the US to go to the courts with their deeds a few years ago to reclaim their lost land.... and when I asked you specifically why not my grandfather or father who were African American and of Indian Descent, you said they were unable to participate in this process now the story comes out of the confederacy and states of states having to repopulate and recover those who belong to that jurisdiction because territory and the crossing over of said territories to assist in operable governments throughout those territories and entities...functionable? Does it matter now the color of a persons skin in assisting to rebuild the confederacy? This what your asking our people Black and brown skinned to do rips the ultimate fabric of what divides us in the first place? Do you understand the magnitude of what your asking the people of color to do?

    1. Women were beaten and raped; LEGALLY, well into the 50's and is still occurring now. Hell, children are being RAPED and TRAFFICKED! I don't think ANY of US would like to swallow this disgusting filth that occurred but IT HAS, IT IS and WE THE PEOPLE (ALL COLORS) have to STOP THE EVIL! Put OUR heavy hearts into fullness UNITED!
      God bless

    2. Browwneye, go read the book The Kalergi Plan

      The new world order will consist of a mixed breed of people who will all be brown and mutts. What Kaleri referred to as a sub human race.

      Wonder why they mixing all kinds of different people with the white race in tell lie vision series like the series BLACKISH
      This is part of their DIVERSITY plan you know the DIVERSITY we hear so much about that it is even a UN MAIN OBJECTIVE and one of the main topics at the UN's 75th anniversary meetings held just recently

      You think BLM and all this shit they doing is for black peoples benefit?

      And if you think that blacks, hispanics and all the others that ole Trump boy so called created jobs for are fortunate think again
      They are bringing them in the workforce at low wages which lowers the overall wage earning of the entire nation which is the overall plan to reduce all nations of the earth to third world status
      Not to mention their jewish banking overlords make a shit load of money on the back end lower wages higher prices more profit for the pigs who took it upon themselves to create the massive monopoly money printing ponzi scheme in the first place

      Until the money handlers are brought to heal there is no remedy period
      We either print our own or else



      As Obama said over and over again CHANGE (CHAINS) WE CAN BELIEVE IN

    3. True lya,
      The criminals reverse everything, calling us criminals instead, after their Fraudclosure, they asserted that they did it for our own good, to circulate their BS economy, to be the British-UK-Vatican slaves.

      They went online admitting (indirectly) that they intercepted our certified or regist. mails, to world Court.

      These criminals asserted the logic on their BS records that we have criminal records, court arrest, and eviction records.

      The WA DC Corp.-Fictitious STATES are Absolutely insane. Their Bar agents, or sub-agents must be put to rest. They lied so much, that's their Pluto-Neptune-Air energizers.

  2. Directed Energy Weapon in CA overnight. Anyone know more? Who? Why? What? #GiantKillersOfAmerica

    1. Dutchsinse just did a video on that. He caught the beam (one of anyway)on live-stream no less. Dutchsinse can be found on Youtube or Bitchute.

  3. Most people don't know what a true government is but they all sure do know what a group of corrupt folks in DC is.

  4. I dont see any deep jungle peoples who now are going through genocide like as many who spoke of tall trees clean water and live in harmony and like many of fhe same speak of Colonists who came selling the forrests enslaving the people killing the soil with plows and monocrops for sale as though they think their science and money is really something and say they make the plants and they gove life yet not all of science can make even one seed An arrogant species amongst trillons of beings who are mo more than any other being and the most harmful to all others so far and busy destroying every day

  5. This explanation is so jumbled never clearly describes the assembled parts jumps right in and addressing one and then another part barely comprehend some
    So you say the confederacy is gone ? But on meet the nation Attorney General Barr calls us a confederate Republic.
    Clear as day .
    And in preamble to constitution it states in order to form a MORE perfect union .
    So the articles of confederation apply.


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