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Monday, September 7, 2020

Legalized Slave Ownership


By Anna Von Reitz

All these years I've sat and watched the show like everyone else.  I didn't believe it, and in that, I may be exceptional.  It appears that a great many Americans just watched the Boob Tube and accepted, pretty much at face value, whatever Walter Cronkite or some other Talking Head reported to them. 

Why?  Because Americans are basically honest people and we formed an honest government, and it simply wasn't known how profoundly changed and corrupted our original government had become during the administration of Ulysses S. Grant.    

Millions of Americans educated in the public school system will tell you that they never had an inkling.  They didn't know and weren't told that the Reconstruction was never finished.  They didn't know and weren't told that the three branches of the Federal Government were originally Federal, Territorial, and Municipal.  

Most importantly, they were never told that they were living in the middle of a continuing Mercenary "War" that was promulgated by their Federal Employees and the Subcontracting Agencies. 

When you step back from it, and look at the roots of it, it becomes apparent that the root of the evil is slavery ---- but not slavery in the sense we are taught to think about it now.  

We have been conditioned to think about slavery in terms of black and white, or brown and white, and not in terms of what slavery actually is.  Slavery is not based on race.  It's based on commandeering free will and labor by force or feigned legality --and then using the victim to profit oneself.  

Peonage, or "indentured servitude", is a lesser form of this same evil.  

And despite varying levels of awareness over the past 160 years, these issues were also assumed to be dead and gone and settled --- and really never were. 

It is apparent in retrospect that although private slave ownership was outlawed in this country as a result of the Civil War, public sector slave ownership was allowed, and it secretively expanded its reach decade after decade. 

In the "US Government System" it is crystal clear that Territorial Employees are serving in the military as indentured public servants for the period of years comprising their Tour of Duty, and that during that time, they have no constitutional or other rights, other than what is provided by the Code of Military Justice.  

And Municipal Employees in the Federal Civil Service are slaves.  It may be that they are treated pretty well by their masters most of the time, but they are still slaves, bought and sold and traded as commodities using FDR's infamous "Clearinghouse Certificates".  

Here is the definition of "Clearinghouse Certificates" as published by the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank: 

"Clearing House Loan Certificates are instruments which represent temporary loans made by the banks banded together as a Clearing House Association, to the individual members of such association, upon collateral acceptable to a Committee of bankers appointed for the purpose of passing on and holding such collateral."

The "temporary" part is your lifetime. 

Given FDR's statements made in his First Inaugural Address about "clearinghouse certificates" and the definition above, it is grossly apparent that he sold the Federal Civil Service Employees into slavery as commodities subject to the banks -- used them and their assets and their labor as collateral to borrow against, without their knowledge or consent.  

And then, FDR just "conferred" this same Municipal citizenship on everyone else that he could entrap, either by bullying us to get a Social Security Number and lying to us and saying that we "had to have a social security account" in order to work in this country (only true if you are a foreigner or working for the Federal Government), or any other of a galaxy of adhesion contracts designed to do the same thing: provide them an excuse to claim that you, too, were a Federal Employee or Dependent. 

 And therefore, another slave.  More collateral to back their debts.  

This is what the great Democratic Party has done for black and whites alike. 

Slavery, sin taxes, regulation of controlled substances, and entertainment industries are where they get the largest portion of their money.  They were granted regulatory power over alcohol, tobacco and firearms, but they have since attempted to define a great many other things as "controlled substances" with more or less success.  Marijuana is one obvious example.  

As I write, they are trying to grab more and more "regulatory control" over other goods and commodities, and may soon impose rationing systems, even though they and their policies are what have caused there to be shortages of things like toilet paper in this country.   They have struggled for years to maintain control of over the counter drugs and vitamins and herbal remedies to better profit their own investments in pharmaceuticals. 

And now they are trying a new enslavement rationale. 

The U.S. Patent laws have allowed them to patent pieces of genetically engineered DNA and RNA for profit, so they have done so.  Now they seek to implant some of their genetically engineered RNA into your natural genome, and claim that you are a "genetically modified product" created by and belonging to them. 

They want to make you and your children into a sterile "GMO product" just like a brand of Monsanto's corn. 

Two birds with one stone and one vaccination: claim ownership of you and all the assets that are naturally yours, plus sterilize a large percentage of the population and thereby reduce the number of people per their Agenda.  

And as you can see, they don't spend a lot on their slaves.  They keep them hungry and feed them lies, to keep themselves in political power.  

Despicable, diabolical Democrats.  And a lot of equally Reprehensible Republicans. 

Unless we all wake up and get organized and push back like steers in a stampede, this is the future planned for you by all these politicians claiming to care so much for the poor---- while enslaving and depriving the poor. 

No doubt you missed it, but Brazil gave its people so much money during the pandemic nonsense, that they accidentally empowered their whole country.  Their economy is booming.  They can afford to preserve the Rain Forest -- whether or not they can be persuaded to do so.  Nobody is going hungry in Brazil anymore. 

And how has this miracle been achieved?  

Someone woke up and realized that "money" is like corn being fed to rats in a maze.  Do what the Masters want, and you get a kernel as a reward.  Make two correct turns in the maze and you get more kernels.  But what happens when the rats figure this out, and seize hold of their own monetary system?

So long as you distribute the "corn" in a careful but liberal fashion, much as you use fertilizer to feed plants, and avoid applying too much, everything blooms. 

And there is no need for slavery or slave masters any more.  

The ultimate end to slavery lies in two things: (1) appropriate punishment for those who are seeking to enslave others by any means, using any excuse; (2) proper control of the monetary system so that slavery is no longer profitable, and such abuses as "clearinghouse certificates" --- that is, birth certificates --- are a thing of the past. 


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  1. Paper cuts are particularly nasty..let them eat "their" paper

  2. Dear Anna: i used to put you down so much that i forgot how much you taught us...!! It is incredible what you have uncovered and made us privy to it..!! Im sure that " deep state" cant stand you, but they never attack you....!! You are either truely blessed or they want your input for some reason...!!

    1. Who is this and what have you done with James Pansini? The James Pansini we've come to know would not say such a thing. . .very gracious of you, James. Appreciated. I am someone who has watched this board from the beginning, chimed in when I felt the nerve. Over the last few years I have often wondered what your agenda was. It really doesn't matter, I don't guess. We shall know them by their fruits. I don't agree with everything anyone says, except Yeshua Himself. . .and I am not always sure what that was/is.
      But I find Anna very credible and maybe a little too much "other knowledge" for most of us to handle. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for a positive remark. . .if I wanted bickering I would turn On FOX.

  3. I think we are going to see "something spectacular very soon" with regard to the financial system we are under now. It's just a feeling, I hope it is this year (only 3 1/2 months away).

  4. Thanks for including that definition of "Clearing House Loan Certificates" as I was going to look it up after I finished reading. Never heard of that before today. And then the whole DNA/RNA thing so they can lay claim to us. Outrageous and despicable. Of course illegal aliens/invaders would have no clue and would comply very easily to keep those Welfare benefits they do not qualify rolling in.
    Blacks need to wise up to and stand up along side their White brothers and sisters.


  6. Paraguay pardons u.s. war criminals!
    Bush, bought prop there through daughter.
    Bush, and the Royals, are all related and on off the throne.
    Prescott Bush, was dealing with Nazi's, and so were Rockefeller, Ford. IBM....
    Gates is royal, And IBM connected, too!
    Eugenics, means: noble at birth.
    Covid - 19, stands for certificate of vaccination I.D. - A.I.! Corona = 666!
    Hebrew Yav is W/V = 6
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    (Incidental wierdness
    The symbol Joseph Gregory Hallet is using claim on throne looks like 777?)

    Obama, and Bush, both are related.
    Godfrei de Bouillon had said.
    Cant confirm.
    Although Bush is related to Winston Churchill; Gerald Ford; there's more some sites said all share same blood line, tracing to royals the Windsor-Bush bloodline.

    Pauline pierce, George Bush mother, had an affair, with Aliester Crowley; who said a Latin name for himself as the great beast; while in Egypt in 1924!
    The ObomaNation has sat on throne!
    JESUS, GOD, ANGELS, and our: higher selves, save us NOW from our ignorance!
    We're, killing ourselves for monopoly money; from reptilian satanic foreign owned de facto pedo run GOV!
    They commit Crime on all LIFE “indegenous” protected in international LAW!
    We're, torturing eachother, our oath takers; over code and statutes, diff customs or views, and turning non - crimes into LAW for
    The profit of nazi satanic foreign Corp satanic pedo de facto Government.
    Shame on oath takers, for not honoring them!
    I, blow the trumpet!
    God, JESUS, Angel's, we need now the
    5g and all the alien tech, is killing the world!
    Leave us, in peace; and give us all, universal LOVE!
    Free, of: usury, and bondage; for all of, GOD'S, world!

    smh we all need to get back to love for GOD not mammom, LOVE neighbors like ourselves, and LOVE NATURE being good stewards! #


    We need to have geothermal greehouse living coops self sustaining on LOVE free of usury and bondage


  9. Gag order lifted ,kosher to blame NAZI’s however the money/media masters controld it all in fact floated the 6million in ww1 unfortunately they didn’t even participate.
    All this mombo jumbo ritual gematria, goes back to the usery practiced in Babylon by Pharisee consolidate evil in tora makes the Quran look like a kindergarten romper room big bird party.
    Tora talke about how young male children sodomy is permitted because they are not considered people till puberty.
    On and on that Jesus deserves to be killed 5way under Jewish law.
    Significant because this cabal runs the world through the Rothschild created BAR monopoly.

  10. The word Jew is a more recent creation going back to judea but consider like Texas many races live here so cant shoe box Jew closer examination reveal isrealites Abraham then Isaac who was told to change his name to Israel his sons were Jacob and Esau.
    Birth rite went toEsau but god says Jacob I love but Esau I hate .
    The modern day Semite clams to be of Jacob linage but in fact the were Edomites.
    The publishers flip the script and call carcasians Esau and the are from Jacob image that being miss identified oh like today


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