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Monday, April 6, 2020

Help me sort this out. New treatments discovered by Veterinarians in the USA

Please comment on this one. There is evil everywhere. 

I am waiting for Alex Jones to expose the 5G effects on oxygen.

Please stay on topic.


  1. Not very confident in AJ, but heard about this yesterday:

  2. ALERT:
    General Flynn, from April 16, 2020 forward to June, 2020 could have planned some plot, or someone doing it to him. Due to his 3 - 4 of CUPs in Reversed. Meaning negative energies within, specifically in April, 2020. Look up the meaning. And near the end of December 2020. the worse nightmare. be aware.

    - The vermin Probably will enforce a (toxic) Vaccine, or Mask. With a mask, you could lose Oxygen that your body needs. In plain air, I don't wear a face-mask, that's where pure Oxygen available for our body, at the park. Before going there, Beware: the vermin also block-ed our Park's parking, so you would end up parking on their scamming spot, for their tickets.

    As I posted above, the US army has negative energies, so this means It would be doing something bad to people, not the other way around.

  3. Sorry to point you to the unclear interpretation of 4 of Cups in Reversed, for General Flynn. Here is a good one to learn the meanings, for all sign that have or will have CUP in REVERSED.

    It means He will be Grumpy, violence, short-temper, etc. Listen to it at 2:00mn:

    In connection with above post.

    Bill Gates also will have 4/5/ of cups in Reversed, Jan in March, 2020. We've seen it, and complained about Bill.

    then Bill will have 7 / 8 of Cups energies in Reversed, 2020. early May 2020, for a few months.

    The best place to find the proper interpretation is in Youtube, by our famous American Card Read on you tube above.