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Monday, April 6, 2020

To Secretary General Antonio Gutteres: Notice of International Protest

By Anna Von Reitz

This Notice of International Protest is lodged with you and the members of he Security Council; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents

This is to inform you that a Non-Domestic population present in every State of The United States of America is being harmed by bio-engineered environmental  modifications tests in violation of the ENMOD Treaties.  

This military "testing" is a war simulation that includes the use of foreign live bio-engineered viruses -- a man-made environmental threat that they are distributing and inflicting upon the general population with resulting non-domestic civilian deaths.   

In addition to the man-made virus pollution they have also polluted the environment with man-made electromagnetic pollution that has disastrous impact on oxygen supplies needed by all life on this planet. 

This is not just an issue, therefore, of our discomfort or loss, but involves the deterioration of the entire global supply of oxygen and the ability of this planet to support life of any kind.  All of this is self-evidently in violation of the G202-P3 Treaty as well as the ENMOD Treaties and should be of the gravest concern of all people on this planet. 

The Perpetrators appear to be doing this for no better reason than to excuse making large non-consensual charges against our credit and assets under the false pretense that the object of this "live exercise" is to protect us by killing us  and misdirecting our employees to function at the level of dumb beasts. 

The problem thus presented is a global problem caused by run amok commercial corporations and technical research organizations that are privately funded and are deliberately causing these problems. They anticipate receiving great wealth and power either as a direct favor from the Perpetrators or as the result of providing solutions to the problems that they have themselves created.  

The High Council has reviewed this situation and determined that intervention is necessary.  The 5G grid has to be turned off and powered down well-below the 61.8 GHz resonance field of the oxygen molecule to preserve life on Earth.  If necessary all Reticulae and those colluding with them will be permanently removed without further notice. 

As you are attempting to create a world-spanning forum promoting peace and the well-being of the Earth and of mankind, we suggest that you focus on that function and bring all possible resources to bear in your own behalf and the behalf of your member states to preserve your oxygen supplies and promote public consciousness of the dangers of ignorant manipulation of resonance fields, including 5G.  

The High Council 
Chairman Adoramus 
The United States of America
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary


  1. James Osbourne Said:
    James Osbourne Holmes April 7, 2020 at 6:45 AM
    For once, I do not understand Anna position and assertions. From what I see, General Flynn is a good guy. He was head of DIA. CIA is the villan nest and DIA is working to root them out. See:
    Start with "Black Ops 101." What is your source Anna?
    I traced the U.S. sympathizers for England back to 1850 circa. That’s when they started their mind-games to topple America via Abraham Lincoln. See Act 1871 (Repealed). All the sudden, the US soldiers were in debt, to pay England by American national.
    General Flynn

    - General Flynn may be a nice guy, but he cannot overthrow written (deceptive) binding doc. (deceiving people). The US. army colluded with the Brits since then. If the US Army cared for America, they should have Enforced Anna Commercial Lien against the crooks in 2016. the see themselves connected to the British Gov’t, under the U.S.Inc of England, and Pope. [ We don’t trust the Chinese, the Russian had been deceived also, due to Hitler error, invading Russia in Ww2. If we trust not anyone elsep, we have to be alert, mindful to clean up, the mess ourselves.

    - Anna already spent so much times communicating with the Army; they hide the righteous “Law of peace” pamphlet, that was supposed to pass to the (corporate) courts. Instead, they created their own corrupt law belong to corporation, with 80,000,000 Revenue bearing codes to scam/enslave all walks of life.

    - Anna has deep understanding of the corruption, because of her special energies. I detected her realism, the 1st week, while others think she was a self-made judge.

    - 3rd source of Information, you can rely on is the “Analog Computer, or Scientific chart-Viewer aka Analog data decoding information”. The tools show America current has 1) Corrupt Army/force/police, 2) Corrupt Authorities.

    - Evidenced by their negative energies. Have you ever heard of a Term “Emperor upside-down? Or in Reversed? Or anything in Reverse. Thy mean “Bad, not functioning, not ready to serve the duty.” PS. You cannot use Esoteric or common astrology tool to view the status. “Please refer to the bible, the Kingdom of heaven is hidden, I believe Jesus said so.”

  2. I totally agree Anna. We the people are useless 24/7/365 WiFi-EMF-radiated with 3G to 4G and 5G. I reduced the WiFi-radiation from my modem with 98% and it still works perfectly. No need for > 2.4 GHz health-destroying and killing radiation. I am working now on sueing the culprits with their heavy criminal records (indeed back to at least 1850) for reparations to pay to many people in many countries in Europe as the result of their clearly EMF-Covid biological and economical warfare and terrorism.