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Monday, April 6, 2020

Dear Mr. Trump - 6 April 2020

By Anna Von Reitz
It appears we must remind you and your colleagues of the fact that your powers as Commander-in-Chief extend only to the resources and personnel available to you as Commander-in-Chief, that is, the U.S. Armed Services.
Your Executive Orders only have force and effect over the actual domestic population of the [British Territorial] United States of America, the actual Federal employees and equipment allocations, and should not be extended to or imposed upon the General Population of this country, which is being harmed by these actions promoting a simulated war.
We are forwarding a message to United Nations Secretary-General Gutteres this morning as a joint action of our lawful government and the High Council in charge of the Precessional Transition. The damage being done to the usable atmospheric oxygen levels by 5G is totally unacceptable and constitutes a threat to life on Earth.
We are pursuing further action against various corporations and governmental services companies that have misdirected the use of Artificial Intelligence for corporate gain, including Elon Musk's operations, the deployment of literally tens of thousands of mini-satellites and millions of remotely controlled surveillance drones.
These technological developments are all precedent to violation of the Universal Law of Freewill and won't be tolerated.
We wish for these developments to be shut down and/or re-directed to appropriate subject matter, such as the collection of atmospheric data, mapping mineral deposits, and similar harmless non-invasive tasks.
These technologies are never to be applied to living people for crowd control or "wire-tapping" their physical location or physical condition, except in the single case of verifiable rescue operations aimed at extracting individuals from life-threatening situations. Period.
The actual government of this country, The United States of America --- the unincorporated State --- has not declared any emergency related to any influenza outbreak, and after considerable effort, we have not been able to secure proof that any such influenza outbreak has occurred.
Instead, we find evidence of below normal levels of Common Cold corona virus infections, radiation burns, evidence of electromagnetic (EM) pollution that is off the scale, and people poisoned by denatured atmospheric oxygen, so that they exhibit symptoms of High Altitude Sickness.
This, taken together with statements made by Saint Louis Federal Reserve CEO James Bullard, statements by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling this a "live exercise", pre-shadowing by the Bill Gates-sponsored Event 201, and review of various Civil Disturbance Operation protocols, such as "CONPLAN 32" developed by U.S. Northern Command, leads us to believe that this is nothing but a mammoth "war game" --- a simulated war on our shores, which we do not condone and protest in the strongest terms possible.
We further conclude that this is being done to provide you with a backdoor excuse to procure large amounts of funding and allow the Territorial Congress to make these appropriations under a False Presumption that your National Emergency is our National Emergency.
In case it has escaped your notice and that of your rabid and self-interested advisers -- our country doesn't shut down over the Common Cold, has informed you of the facts, and objects to any imposition upon the civilian population by the U.S. Military promoting an unnecessary and obnoxious test of weaponized 5G and simulated war on our soil.
We very clearly told the Pope and the Queen and you that no civil war was to occur here. Neither is any simulated war allowed on our shores. Shut it down.
These actions are resulting in damage to the world economy and unnecessary obstruction of trade and damage to the environment and oxygen upon which we all depend for life.
If your Generals are so brain-dead that they think destroying oxygen is a viable defense of anything but anaerobic bacteria, you need new Generals.
The only emergency here is being caused by testing 5G for military purposes, in violation of the ENMOD Treaties and the G2O2-P3 Treaty, your Administration going along with this horrific "plan", the endlessly twisted and incompetent mainstream media, and various Generals who have clearly overstepped any authority ever granted to them by the people of this country.
We are also sick and tired of hearing about all these "sealed indictments" that have been placed on the public records of every state of the Union.
160,000 indictments will no doubt require additional effort to process if you anticipate a normal caseload for the courts, but as the Federal Government Subcontractors and their State of State franchises have been engaged in deliberate impersonation and pillaging under color of law aimed at unsuspecting Americans and as this results in the illegal subjugation of Americans under statutory law, together with their arrest and confinement under known False Legal Presumptions --- all you have to do, Sir, is correct the operations of your own Administration and the operations of the Territorial State of State franchise Governors and tell them to stop arresting Americans under False Pretenses.
That will clear out your court dockets and leave plenty of space for the prosecution of actual international criminals engaged in crimes against humanity.
Obeying the actual law of this country will also clear out the jails in short order.
Release all the white collar criminals who have done no harm to anyone or anyone's property and you will have space to incarcerate 160,000 actual criminals with no trouble at all. This is just a drop in a very big and unjustifiable prison population bucket.
Either get busy and arrest the actual rats responsible for snatching and selling our kids, counterfeiting our money, and undermining our country, or get off the pot. This is not a matter of politics, it's a matter of crime.
If you want the support and cooperation of the American People, all you have to do is ask for it---- and be honest about it. You now know that the actual government exists, that it is properly constituted, and the vast majority of the States of the Union are now assembled and in session. What more do you and any loyal military need to know?
The military might of this country is subject to the civilian government of this country. We have one and only one contract with "the" United States of America and all its actual franchisees, including the Territorial State of State governments. That contract is The Constitution of the United States of America.
Any presumption that Lincoln's practice of issuing Executive Orders including General Order 100 applied to our General Populace then or now is mistaken. Any idea that the actions of any employee of a Federal Subcontractor should hold precedence over the actual direction of the Employers and Delegators of all powers granted to the Federal Subcontractors is absurd.
We have a lot of work to do in this country and a lot of time to make up. Our assets must be returned and recouped and we must be assisted in securing our assets. We have been telling you and your Generals the truth for many, many months and all we get is dithering and dawdling, insubordination, "games" and "plans" that on average have very little to do with the Public Good or the Public Interest.
It is certainly very welcome that the military is cleaning out underground bases of the criminal elements of the Fascist DIA, but not welcome that the same military is adopting Fascist means in the enactment of its "simulated war".
It is also well and good that someone, somewhere, has had the good sense to identify shutting down criminal religious cults and horrific, abusive human trafficking schemes. It is long overdue.
We also appreciate your efforts to deal with the monetary situation, but that is something that you are ill-equipped to do without our help. Simply issuing another military script is a stop-gap to deal with the counterfeiting of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES promoted by Obummer, but it does not supply you or the people of this country with what is actually needed, and that is, an honest, asset-backed economy with readily available credit.
As we pointed out yesterday, the world economy since the 1930's has been based on illegal securitization of assets, the promulgation of fictional debts that are paid back with fictional money, impersonation schemes, hypothecation of debt and similar fraudulent activity.
The entire world economy has been run like a dirty casino, with the banks forcing people into prostitution.
It has also been run on the totally unrealistic propositions of Keynes, which require not only continuous expansion of the economy, but growth without the necessity of reinvestment of already existing assets. Compare that to making a hamburger with imaginary beef.
So now we come to this dreadful precipice known as reality, that moment that Margaret Thatcher predicted, when the politicians run out of other people's money---- and not because the money doesn't exist, but because this entire system of doing things is predicated on fraud, especially the false proposition of in-debting future generations of people, and reliance upon endlessly expanding economies that don't exist.
In actual fact, we have plenty of assets and credit to fund a new world economy.
In actual fact, our assets have only gained value through all these years, until one United States Silver Dollar is pegged against over $40,000-worth of U.S. Debt.
But all our assets and credit are vested in the Land and Soil Jurisdiction of this country, and the land and soil belong to the people --- not the Federal Subcontractors, any False Claims notwithstanding.
We, not you, have the right, standing, and ability to access and use the assets of the Land and Soil Jurisdiction, a fact that our Forefathers established to provide checks and balances upon the Federal Subcontractors.
The old fraud schemes that allowed "the" United States Municipal Government and "the" United States of America Territorial Government to gain access to our assets have been blown apart and subjected to public international exposure.
You cannot possibly expect to just boot up another round of the same old game, and you cannot ---without betraying every element and principle of the Constitutions ----continue any venal predatory activity on our shores under color of law.
So --- by operation of law, what has been stolen and abused must be returned to us and to our control, free and clear of debt or encumbrance. No bankruptcy protection applies for the Principals responsible, who must either pay up outright or make arrangements with us to make payments or seek specific forgiveness of debts owed to the American States and People.
This is not rocket science. The Pope and the Queen seized upon our assets and operated them for their own profit and enrichment in Breach of Trust and in evasion of the Constitutions allowing their presence on our shores. Millions of Americans through six generations have been harmed. They owe us more than they can ever repay.
This includes honoring the National Credit we are owed, returning all right, title, and interest in our land and soil assets as required by the Constitutions, and returning our physical assets and intellectual property, which are also material interests.
This is required by operation of international and global law and cannot be side-stepped and "kicked down the road" anymore.
This might look like an OMG situation with no prospect of solution, but look again. The assets and credit undeniably belong to the American States and People---- and are rightfully under the control of their actual, factual government, The United States of America, which is present and properly constituted and assembled.
The "Reset" --- the return of the physical assets and rights attendant --- has already happened and is vested in us.
And now all that is required is a return to a normal course of business, with normal public elections to public offices, and normal loans based on actual assets, and normal carriage accounting, instead of "double accrual accounting", and normal control of the U.S. Military by the actual civilian government of this country.
Read that: we are home.
We have the assets and the credit to pay the military --- in fact, almost all the assets of this country have been piled up in our jurisdiction, which creates a great imbalance of the world economic system. While everyone else has been functioning on credit, who do you suppose has been presumed to be extending that credit? And therefore, receiving back your debts as credit ourselves?
Anyone who says otherwise is a self-evident liar.
The Queen knows it. The Pope knows it. And now you and anyone reading this knows it.
Your Administration must without further delay contact John Franklin Hein III and establish the means to move the "legacy trust assets" and actual money and verified credit back into circulation. Mr. Mnunchin in his capacity as an Interpol Officer and as both private and public fiduciary needs to get on the stick and set up the necessary mercantile bank accounts to do this.
Please note that our Lawful Persons appear in the same exact style as our Legal Persons: John Michael Doe. The same presumptions that were used to unlawfully convert our assets can now be applied in reverse to establish lawful conversion of our assets. As they cross back "over the bar" the debts become credits.
In view of the Great Fraud that has been practiced against us the World Court has no option but to recognize our right to do this and our government's right to secure all international and public property interests owed to our States and People.
So turn your frown upside down and stop puzzling over this.
It's ours. We claimed it fair and square. We preserved it and earned it. And its okay, because its in the hands of loyal Americans. Now what has to happen is for your Administration and our military to come to its senses, stop playing war games on our soil and imposing on our populace ---- and instead, assist us as our loyal employees, the way it always should have been.
Finally, we wish for all False Claims against China and the Chinese Government seeking to blame it or seek damages for the factually non-existent Covid-19 outbreak to cease and desist.
Take a look at the new British Twenty Pound Note --- where you will see a holograph of a 5G tower surmounted by the laboratory symbol for the corona virus. We do indeed know who is responsible for all of this disruption and malfeasance---- and it isn't China.
Like the American States and People, China is a Creditor of the U.S., and is being deliberately lied about in an attempt to force China to pay the U.S. an amount in "damages" equal to the trade deficit. Nobody is fooled by this and no decent thinking person agrees with this outrageous course of action.
The Trade Deficit with China like the Trade Deficit with the American States and People can't be addressed with smoke, mirrors, lies, and more obnoxious military nonsense. It can only be addressed by paying back or earning back the balance of trade, which can expeditiously be accomplished via returning the National Credit owed to China via the same lawful conversion process that is necessary to return the National Credit owed to the American States and People.
You have cause to know that the Queen operates under our Delegated Authority and that when her government or the government of Westminister gives you an order contrary to our good or contrary to the Public Interest of this country, your duty is to shove it up the Queen's rump, and not follow any criminal or repugnant order.
The lessons of Nuremberg stand before you and everyone else.
Once the credit and assets are properly re-venued the Chinese Trade Deficit will naturally disappear. The Chinese will be happy and we will be happy. And the Queen and Pope may be several pounds lighter in their bank accounts, but should be content to escape with their lives.
Stop trying to blame China for something that Westminster clearly admits to.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


  1. Things are missing here

    1. Thanks Angel. I checked the pic and the Seal is missing. Said since April 1, 2020. What is the significance?
      When is that gold sash coming off the US Flag?
      A friend of mine said the DC is missing from Washington, DC meaning that the Municipal Govt is gone? Or was it the Territorial?

    2. Anony - the seal & flag were gone by maybe March 14, the sign on podium said Washington, no DC. Municipal Inc gov-thug services is gone. So that's why they're paring down municipal things, parks, city hall, police etc. It is OVER, gone, kaput.

      Quite possibly due to Anna & team monumental efforts which prevented Municipal from reforming as another entity as U.N.

      Its a principality-paper-war & looks like Anna & Team won that battle. MIGHT have blasted a hole in their Territorial Insanityship to cause excessive leaking.
      Now for Trump to direct assets, Mnuchin too, where they are supposed to be, where Anna & Team told them to.

      Insane this stupid Corona-Con has turned people into blithering fools. Went to the store, at the counter waiting, I'm 6'2, & this man-imp in a mask ahead of me, asked me to step away 6' social distancing. I put my arms out, saying he's got an extra 4 inches. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG W SHEEPLE.

    3. I think this is fotoshop, one is the with house and the other one is at the conference.

  2. they are taking out the reptilians and others on the earth which is difficult. they need the ventilators to breathe under ground. mass arrest of politicians and Hollywood and others are al ready being SHIPPED to GITMO, and singers as well like Duran Duran for hunting children. all these beings including queen and pope have to be taken doen and then the GCR, RV, Nesara/ Gesara...patience is truly needed

    1. How do you know all of this that you stated is really happening? Because Q said so? Don't you need more than that to believe, like some tangible proof?

    2. No Laura, Judge Anna did not mispell DIA, here you go
      Thursday, March 26, 2020.
      If they value their lives, they should be silent with their excuses and simply remove the False Registrations, the predators, and the scum, without further adieu and disruption. There is no reason to expose the Public to cannibalism or witchcraft or the hideous sins these madmen have perpetuated against humanity. The sickos among us simply need to be gone, including Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and all the "Central" Bankers who have participated.

      Tell the Generals and the heads of the DIA, CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS, et alia --- that exposing the stupendous sins and criminality of others, does not make up for their own. If their predecessors had been doing their jobs and acting in good faith, none of this crime would have ever happened in the first place, and we are not likely to miss that point.

      It's an Organization in short.

    3. Here you go James, sorry Laura, misaddressed:
      DIA = Defense Intelligence Agency

      Most the time, the meaning is opposite. "Offense" should be the title.

    4. Anna,
      please have a look at this page:

  3. My concern is they just ignore Anna as they seem to have been doing for some time. What real enforcement capacity do we the people really have?

  4. Can this include canada too please

  5. I have read in other articles that our true government should be written, the united States of America. Is this correct?

    Another thing: I believe President Trump committed treason by saying his oath of office to corporate constitution "of" THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, when the original constitution should be "for" the united States of America. Shouldn't this be changed before next inauguration?

    1. Victoria Jordan - depends on if Trump has been properly advised & IF he can or will do as Anna & Team have clearly directed to be done. Does Trump read Anna? Is he advised against it?
      Trump is surrounded by our #1 enemy, all day, every hour, handlers know everything he does, says.
      How many others pursuing similar but incorrect goal as Anna has pointed out?

      When Trump took his oath it was to Municipal Inc & Territorial Inc, not to The United States, The United States of America, nor would he take an 'oath'.

      He's managed to stay despite liquidation of Municipal Inc. Now for Territorial. Meanwhile Federal Reserve has slid into the claws of BlackRock headed by rat-Fink itself, global international top vermin predator.
      Trumps in a major severely delicate Situation-Operation. Who is behind Trump to take out the vermin as they reveal themselves daily? Military, Q, White Hats & how are they compromised, as theres likely vermin ops within their ops?
      Very dangerous it seems. What if he's taken out, incapacitated in some way? Who in military would power-grab the void?

      The styles as the united States of America, Anna's covered this in past articles. Try : "The Constitution"

      One Pager: Flow Chart of Authority

      Hope this helps.

  6. With Municipal bankruptcy, what happens to the UCC & all of its registrations, filings? Aren't these our American assets too? Does it continue as business as usual or does the paper forms to state as upon Land Jurisdiction America & 'filed' as American?
    Maybe am not asking correctly, but hope the gist is plain.