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Monday, April 6, 2020

The Enemy For Over 2000 Years

By Anna Von Reitz

A couple weeks ago I wrote a couple articles that exposed the fact that:

(1) The total atmosphere of this planet has lost five percent of the free oxygen it had available only 60 years ago. This means that oxygen accounted for 21% of the atmosphere back then and accounts for less than 16% now.  That is a huge loss of available oxygen in less than the blink of an eye in geologic time.  Ice and deep core soil sampling show that a 120,000 years ago, oxygen made up about 28% of the atmosphere, and during the days of the dinosaurs made up an even larger percentage of the atmosphere.  We have been steadily losing plant life and oxygen for thousands of years and its only getting worse.

(2) The remaining oxygen we have available is being damaged and electronically denatured as a result of 5G resonance fields that are generated when the 5G towers are booted up to 61.8 GHz.  Just like you can denature water or blood or alcohol by exposing it to strong electromagnetic fields, you can denature oxygen and render it less able or not able at all to properly bond to hemoglobin.

(3) Finally, the hemoglobin molecule and its oxygen carrying capacity can be changed and rendered less effective, too, so even though you are breathing in
air your entire oxygen transfer system is disrupted and not fully functioning, which leaves toxins behind and causes pneumonia-like symptoms and additional inflammatory response. You get sick not only because of, effectively, oxygen deprivation, but because of the toxins and inflammatory response that follows.

This last bit of information is much more extensively explained in this article by Natural News:

But, as I was already familiar with these points, what really caught my attention was this almost off-hand comment:

"Just as the Romans built their aqueducts out of lead linings and thereby poisoned their own citizens, driving them insane with load poisoning, the modern world of Big Tech and telecommunications is mass poisoning humanity with electropollution."

Wait a minute, folks.  Did you just take that in?  Romans.  What are we dealing with now?  Municipal corporations of the City of Rome.  Romans. The "Holy Roman Empire" which, as Voltaire observed, "Isn't holy, isn't Roman, and isn't an Empire" --- but which nonetheless derives from Rome and Roman history.

Put that together with another Roman tradition --- poisoning wells in Great Britain with loads of toxic metallic ores. 

Sounds like poisoning both our land and water with incendiary industrial metallic waste products via Chemtrails, doesn't it?

And another Roman practice of pouring tons of salt on arable land to render it useless and infertile forever afterward.

Sounds like packing artillery shells with spent but still highly radioactive nuclear fuel and exploding them all over the Middle East, doesn't it?

There is no doubt about the fact that when the Romans were defeated they were sore losers, petty, cruel, spiteful, arrogant, and wasteful.  And they didn't spare their own citizens, either.  They regarded their citizenry as totally expendable.

So, should it surprise us that when dealing with these Roman Municipal Corporations, they adopt a Burnt Earth policy, and even though they intellectually, logically, know they are in the wrong, they nonetheless seek to inflict further damage on their victims as they withdraw and leave the poisoned and smoking earth behind?

The reply of the so-called "elites" that if they can't rule the world and own it as their own plenary oligarchy, they will destroy it, now makes total sense. 

And we can stop hoping for them to see reason or relent, because, at least since the end of the Roman Republic,  they were never acquainted with any sense of reason or justice. They have instead been full of a vain spirit of depravity and selfishness and destructive violence.

Like two year-olds stuck in the "Me, me, me" and "Mine, mine, mine!" phase of life, they have no more mature response to offer, and like two year-olds with a hammer in a room full of glass, they have no imagination other than to destroy.

They haven't changed.  They haven't learned to care for or nurture anyone or anything in over 2,000 years--- including themselves.

Their answer to being thwarted and thrown from power-- to pollute and poison and sterilize-- is still the same. 

We are dealing with the same incorrigible, incomprehensible, infantile "will to power" that both built and destroyed the Roman Empire, and all the subsequent attempts of those aspiring to rebuild the purported "glories of Rome" as the Holy Roman Empire and then the various Reichs and now, here in America, found infesting the Defense Intelligence Agency, too.

Let everyone take note. The enemy of humanity has not changed one iota. They still think the same way.  They still believe the same things.  They still have the same limitations and strengths.  They still do the same things and have the same responses.  

And the enemy is still "Rome", just as it was in the time of Jesus.

Think of that. 

And the Other Enemy, is also associated with Rome.  The bar attorneys and the Inner City of London and the Lords of the Admiralty are none other than the Galli, the priests of Isis, the Bill Collectors for the Caesars of Rome. Still doing the same thing the same way, too.

No wonder current events have the stench and feel of Rome, the war-mongering of Rome, the oppression of Rome, the depravity of Rome --- because, even 2000 years later and expressed in the form of Municipal Corporations, we are still dealing with the same mindset and methods as Rome.

Now, that we know the mentality of the monsters we are dealing with, it should make it easier to recognize their works and all their ways no matter which religion they adopt today or change next week.  This is an old, familiar Enemy of freedom and humanity, dressed up in a new suit---just using more modern means to kill and poison and pollute and castrate and render infertile.

They haven't learned a thing in 2000 years. Their hearts are just as hard. Their minds are just as deluded. Their spirit is just as vain and contrary.  And they are still prone to depravity, deceit, and criminality.


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  1. Folks, did this happen to you?:

    The vermin tried to invade my computer constantly, Google, Firefox, etc doing the lawlessness, to stay on top, to control people computers. Here is their "13th Attempt dialog-box to update my computer software, say:

    Update Failed
    The partial Update could not be applied. Firefox will try
    again by downloading a complete Update.


    These vermin sucked all my Bandwidth, for Internet Corporations profit.

    They also cause my hard drive to hold up larger data, in graphic format, to prevent me from searching for their lawlessness.

    1. James Osbourne:
      I traced the U.S. sympathizers for England back to 1850’s. That’s when they started their mind-games to topple America via Abraham Lincoln. See Act 1871 (Repealed). All the sudden, the US soldiers were in debt, to pay England by American national.
      General Flynn

      - General Flynn may be a nice guy, but he cannot overthrow written binding (by fraud). The US. army colluded with the Brits since then. If they were attached to America, they should have Enforce Anna Commercial Lien against the crooks in 2016.
      - Anna already spent times communicating with the Army, they hide the righteous “Law of peace” pamphlet, that was supposed to pass to the (corporate) courts. Instead, they created their own corrupt law belong to corporation, with 80,000,000 Revenue bearing codes to scam/enslave all walks of life.
      - Anna has deep understanding of the corruption, because of her special energies. I detected her realism, the 1st week, that she was and is a judge indeed.
      - 3rd source of Information, you can rely on is the “Analog Computer, or Scientific chart-Viewing tools”. The tools show America has 1) Corrupt Army, 2) Corrupt Authorities. Evidenced by their negative energies. Have you ever heard of a Term Emperor upside-down? Or in Reversed? That means “Bad, not functioning, not ready to serve the duty.”

    2. James Osbourne:

      >> written binding (by fraud).
      written binding Act (by fraud), that the crooks deceived every one that Act of 1871 still alive, when it's not. You should analyze the document, and be mindful of dating, page-order.

      The vermin asserted that Act of 1871 was repealed on that same year, "in form of amendment". It's not possible, not on the same year. There was no amendment, neither, so the vermin , made thing looks like "Act of 1871 never was repealed in 1874".. They portrayed that it was amended, which is NOT true.

      I've found my (untouched) copy of Act 1871. I don't have time at this moment, otherwise I would post the original Act of 1871.

      We cannot rely on our human static thinking, we need a Divine Power to help. So if you are a "low vibration person, you may not see the hidden matters.

      The Analog Computer has been created so many million years ago, by High Power, to record human events, to judge or analyze later. If you have access to these data, you will know what the vermin do, when... etc..

  2. Anna, I believe what you're saying here, but the vermin had and can always make the 16% Oxygen appears 21%. I know this because I used to work for a couple of medical corporations. The method is called:
    Calibration or compensation, to make wrong right, or to make right wrong.

    >> 1) The total atmosphere of this planet has lost five percent of the free oxygen it had available only 60 years ago. This means that oxygen accounted for 21% of the atmosphere back then and accounts for less than 16% now.

    1. I mean to make a wrong right, or to make a right wrong

  3. So, they are killing us, and we have the right, lawfully in every sense to kill them in self-defense. ANY of them participating in this Great Crime.

    1. Great to see the Judge getting on the back of Rome but it doesn't make sense to blame Rome for it all as she describes the actions of the Jews very well. But no mention of Jews. Yet we know their 5,0000 yr old plan to rule the world and how they mock us in their writings by Ravage and many others.
      So why does AVR avoid placing blame with the jews also? That's weird. Censorship reasons?

    2. The Jews are only a vehicle of Rome. The military arm of Rome (the British Crown) created the State (Israel) with the command coming from Rome and they use it as a front to hide themselves behind. They created many kinds of front-players so you wouldn't see them behind it all......

    3. .
      A squirrel does not wear a watch

      A tree does not use a calendar

      Therefore the The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God:
      The True Foundation of American Law are the TRUE Laws of Nature and our unalienable rights above all others

      LONANG stands for the Laws Of Nature And Nature’s God, a phrase first used in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, 1776. But the concepts embodied in the phrase didn’t originate with Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration. The “law of nature” was a common term used by historic legal writers. The “laws of nature’s God” refers to the divine law, or the laws of God revealed in the Bible.

      Gratitude - keep moving forward

  4. Hi everyone, I live in Australia. Yesterday I heard Trump say something along the lines of "we will make the Empire Great again" with what Anna just said about the (un)holy Roman Empire, it's got me wondering, what Empire was he talking about..!

    And whilst I'm making this post, a few months ago I got into conversation with a Professor in Legal Theory (it's all theory as far as I'm concerned). I said to her "when you refer to The Crown what crown are you talking about, are you talking about the crown pub in Newcastle, the Crown ER, the tri-regnum (hope I spelt that right); after all you can't make laws if you can't define something properly right..! She was unable to answer.

  5. ,

    A squirrel does not wear a watch

    A tree does not use a calendar

    Therefore the The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God:
    The True Foundation of American Law are the TRUE Laws of Nature and our unalienable rights above all others

    L ONANG stands for the Laws Of Nature And Nature’s God, a phrase first used in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, 1776. But the concepts embodied in the phrase didn’t originate with Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration. The “law of nature” was a common term used by historic legal writers. The “laws of nature’s God” refers to the divine law, or the laws of God revealed in the Bible.

  6. Yes a error no resisted is approved ! We have not been educated " we have been indoctrinated . Their greatest wepon is the
    Lawless misuse of written communication.
    Do you know that the all upper case text used by this Corporation maskaraiding as Government is not English ? This style of non English text and the very specific rules are published in the Chicago Manual of Styles. The current edition is the 17th .
    The non English style of writing is called American Sign Language or abbreviated as ASL . This imposter of English has been used as a trick as the masses have always assumed this all upper case text to be just a different style of writing . Well folks nothing could be further from the truth .
    Answer this one question " why was this second style of writing excluded in the public classrooms . This ASL has strict rules that must be followed to make any communication ligitament . Well the agencies of government have not been following the rules . Their lawless disregard for the rules is actually a crime.
    Please look up criminal argot . As the public schools are graduating class of illiterate and ignorant seniors, their diabolical truck has achieved its goal.
    The comingling of English and ASL and not abiding by the strick rules that govern both separately makes every Document fraudulent , void. Larceny by trick .
    Let him that will be deceived be deceived,
    Thats the mindset of this corrupt system.
    Deception is their greatest advantage over the common man or woman . If you are seeking unrefutteabel truth of my narratives then watch a series of videos on YouTube titled the GLOSSA channel and Justinian Deception . The lie once disclosed cannot be defended . We have been lied to folks. We as parents must bring this unrefutteabel truth to the attention of the public schools administrations .
    Why was this non English style of writing intentionally excluded from the students ?

  7. Theres no where to run...Trump is taking out all the DUMB's and there are a lot...that big explosion a couple of weeks ago was a " deep state" takedown of a bunker ...!! These people are being trapped as we speak..!! And this shutdown is exactly what they need to clear the deep state of all its bad players...!!

  8. Half chuckling writing this: Very confusing. If Rome was all powerful, lasted for over 1000 yrs, but at the same time used lead to poison everyone & the land, then how were they so powerful with its poisoned lead-dead?

    Come on! This false history narrative keeps trampling all over itself. Rome wasn't as we're told, wasn't all powerful empire, its a ruse. WHAT IF the entire Roman Coliseum was constructed to fool the stupid goyim? CONCRETE POLYMER was used to construct pyramids & magnificent cathedrals, star forts, magnificent architecture WORLD OVER.

    However, it makes good fodder to divert away from the ones executing continuous terror genocide poisoning war harvesting =>> JEWS LIE.

    Our historical timeline is a FABRICATED LIE has been falsely extended by over 1000+++ (into BC) by JEW Protestant Jesuit Scaliger & entourage in 1768 not falsely dated 1583.
    Their Antiquity is really the Middle Ages. There is NO DARK AGES, it never happened, but written in by JEWS as a black hole to stuff their friggin JEW LIES.

    Its the jews who demanded animal & human sacrifices to THEM. Still do. Haven't figured out yet when they landed upon Earth, but damn time to kick their azz's out & into the deep sea with a laser through the eye.

    It's their psychopathic, defective genetic pool. What they 're doing now is what they've always done. Its they who need to be ROUNDED UP. Enough!

    We have been LIED TO ABOUT EVERYTHING. thanks & stay sane

    1. The Jews were enslaved by the Roman empire, even though they tried to break free were finally defeated on megito. Anyone that thinks they are in control of this world, think again. They may have consent of an aspect of this control, but, one line of thinking makes for a very ignorant populace!

    2. jd Spielman - Yeah look, we are lied too about everything. The entire jew history was concocted in mid-1800's along w their fake 6 million, which they tired to insert several times before it stuck in WWII. Only 271k jews died, no Holohoax. Nor were jews Roman slaves, nor Egyptian slaves, its all lies to keep jews in perpetual Pity-Party Identity Politics. It is now over!

      Wandering Who? Gilad Atzmon In case you follow Sand’s line of thinking and happen to ask yourself, “when was the Jewish People invented?” Sand’s answer is rather simple. “At a certain stage in the 19th century, intellectuals of Jewish origin in Germany, influenced by the folk character of German nationalism, took upon themselves the task of inventing a people ‘retrospectively,’ out of a thirst to create a modern Jewish people.”
      “Edomite Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860.” – Encyclopedia Judaica 1971, Vol. 10:23
      "The only semites in the world are the Arabs. There is not one Jew who is a semite." – Benjamin H. Freedman (Jewish)

      thanks & stay sane

  9. ALERT:
    General Flynn, from April 16, 2020 forward to June, 2020 could have planned some plot, or someone doing it to him. Due to his 3 - 4 of CUPs in Reversed. Meaning negative energies within, specifically in April, 2020. Look up the meaning. And near the end of December 2020. the worse nightmare. be aware.

    - The vermin Probably will enforce a (toxic) Vaccine, or Mask. With a mask, you could lose Oxygen that your body needs. In plain air, I don't wear a face-mask, that's where pure Oxygen available for our body, at the park. Before going there, Beware: the vermin also block-ed our Park's parking, so you would end up parking on their scamming spot, for their tickets.

    As I posted above, the US army has negative energies, so this means It would be doing something bad to people, not the other way around.

  10. There in controld know your history ,
    Was the Jewish young Turks that slaughtered the Armenian, that purum the salughter of Greeks , the last Roman Cesars Nero ,Colugela,August’s jews how de ja many unsavory immigrants.
    Of course the Jews hate Gen or Jentiles as they refer to all white ppl.and we’re all fair game to exploit.
    The crown or Rothschild private kingdom run 90%of off shore money laundering,Bar,that global and world bank , UN, they run it criminals JFK tried to break free and lost .
    Now maybe everone see trump for his fruits all zionest and James there not taking out the tunnels trump is pushing all the 5G and martial law.

    1. Wink and Bubba are absolutely 100% correct as always


    1. Unknown - yeah it was SB2, then something happened concerning SB2, as others reporting SB2 quit, or slowed down immensely. This vid is year ago. The SB2 upset may have been October 2019 or so?? Maybe earlier.
      Hope its true that 5G is altered for good. How great would that be?! Everything benefits. Even the fleas (rascals! - we do not need fleas. I've put a lot of thought into this & fleas are not needed! We need a friggin flea-wave-zapper)
      But the bad guys are so deeply implemented, Israhell has Talpiot, Unit 8200 100% infiltrated against us.

      If 5G is waved-right, what about Smart Meters? Got that covered too? Dunno. thanks & stay sane