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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Emergency Public Service Announcement

By Anna Von Reitz

You may be -- literally -- seeing some very strange things over the next few days. Do not be unduly afraid. Withdraw into your homes as much as possible. Use it as quiet time with your families.

We have discovered a plot to replace mankind with silicon-based life forms.

The Council on Foreign Relations has pretended to represent this planet and has cut a deal to allow this in violation of Universal Law.

The communications system enabling this plot has utilized more than 200 HAARP antenna arrays.  This system of radio antennas also includes mobile arrays known as CIPPA units installed on Navy ships worldwide and communicates directly with self-constructing crystalline nanobot structures that have been deliberately seeded into the stomachs and digestive systems of people and animals worldwide.

The materials for the nanobot crystals are imported via breathing in the chem-trail pollution.  The chem-trails contain incendiary metals and metallic oxides that are rejected by our lungs and when we cough or sneeze, are jettisoned into our nasal passages, swallowed, and wind up in the highly acidic environment of our stomachs.

Similar to crystal growing experiments that you may have done at home or in school as children, the materials rapidly grow in the acidic environment of the stomach and assume a pre-determined size and shape, still at nanoscale sizes. 

Tiny fibrous appendages soon appear at every corner of the crystal, allowing motility, and also, tiny structures that function as radio antennae that are much simpler than the antennae formed by your DNA and RNA, but which are capable of interacting with your DNA and RNA and also able to transmit information back to the HAARP and CIPPA array.

These "bugs" are being used to hijack your biology and collect vast amounts of information about you.  Ultimately, they would be instructed to kill you and other carbon-based lifeforms.  These nanobots and similar nano-scale technologies are being deployed via the HINI and Corona and other SARS Viruses: Specific Absorption Range Spectrum (SARS) Viruses.

The leadership of the Council on Foreign Relations has been promised unimaginable wealth and eternal life in exchange for this betrayal of humanity and horrific misuse and abuse of our property and personnel.

This has prompted us to issue an Emergency Shut Down effective worldwide of all HAARP and CIPPA antenna arrays.

It has also prompted the government of The United States of America to issue an Emergency Arrest Order to detain and confine the leadership of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Individuals may interrupt and prevent the operations of these internal "bugs" by changing the pH of their stomach acid, which prevents the crystals from forming and helps dissolve them back into solution and overall inhibits their performance.  Two Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, or any other natural but very acidic juice or vinegar can be used to accomplish this, with varying efficacy.

Individuals may also use very small amounts of borax, sodium tetraborate, a naturally occurring mineral most commonly available as a laundry detergent additive, to block chemical formation and incapacitate the antenna functions and attachment capabilities of these "bugs", at a rate of one quarter teaspoon or less per hundred pounds of bodyweight.  This can be ingested in water, daily.  The mineral is overall healthy for you, but only in very small quantities. 

Efforts are underway to eradicate SARS viruses on a planetary scale to prevent their use and abuse to promote any similar schemes in the future.

All corporate personnel, CEO's and Administrative Officers, are hereby given Public Notice of Liability and Ownership Interest.

Elon Musk, this means you.  Bill Gates, this means you.  Dr. Fauci, this means you.  Henry Kissinger, this means you.  Larry Fink, this means you.
FED Board of Governors, this means you.  IMF and Interpol Personnel, this means you. 

Any corporation or corporate officer found to have aided, abetted, or willingly participated in this scheme will be subject to immediate arrest and prosecution for crimes against humanity, murder, catastrophic environmental pollution, violation of Universal Law, and genocide. 

All corporation charters, assets, and interests held by individuals found guilty of such aiding and abetting will be subject to immediate seizure and liquidation.  There will be no bankruptcy protection and no corporate veil.

Both personal and private assets will be subject to immediate and permanent liquidation.


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  1. Anna can you do a zoom emergancy meeting in 15min or so to tell us more please

  2. OMG please give us the empirical evidence to back this up.Just over the top to believe it as is.

    1. Then don't and make way for those that do. I'm serious! We don't have time for you to go thru your f*cking empirical evidence or did the urgency of this escape you?

    2. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If your opinion differs from mine please find a way to civilly express yourself Danika.
      Meanwhile site the evidence. This declaration and Actions by Anna is being submitted on behalf of all of us. We have every right to expect to see the information relied on to call for such actions on our behalf. And btw, I'm serious too! So please restrain yourself.

    3. Anna this may have something to do with the actual Government and your work or it may not have anything to do with it at all.
      Twitter is ablaze..with this info and driving some people bonkers..
      Apparently there is an entity called Quantum Government..that sent President Trump this notice..On March 30th POTUS was given Notice to steer the Nation into a sovereign state of being..A New Quantum Government must be formed from the ashes of this bankruptcy..QG..DEMANDS ABSOLUTE COMMITMENT to the original CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY..
      THIS PROPOSED NEW QUANTUM GOVERNMENT will give the state's back their Constitutional autonomy. The Federal Government will adhere to its enumerated responsibilities..there will be a complete RESTRUCTURING of the ENTIRE SYSTEM to suit the people's needs.
      April 9th will be day 10..if President Trump does not accept the terms of this New Quantum Government we will know for sure that this New System of Government is indeed the BEAST SYSTEM..lmao.. Update:This New Government is in phase 2 and the shutdown is underway of the Lieber Code of this you Anna?
      There is a video that came out earlier today about the Quantum Government..I'm not sure if I can post it here in a may have watched it already..Google..Sergeant Robert Horton War's the same concept of Quantum Government and the man didn't deny it..when I asked him if the video had anything to do with his announcement..God Bless you Anna and Team Thank you for the updates on these important articles..

  3. Thank you, Anna and Paul! I will help however you ask me to...

  4. Scary

  5. Yes, borax is, as described by an ex-employee of a haarp facility, the only way to eliminate nanobots from the body and brain. This is not Mork from Ork speaking, this is the dyed in the wool, proof in da pudding proof that our Creator Father warned us about

  6. It is not surprising that this is right at Passover.

  7. Nacholite or the rock found in healing springs, commonly called baking soda or sodium bicarbonate was ordered to all pharmacies around 911. When I asked a pharmacy about the order I was told they did not have the pharmaceutical ( clarified and pure to be injected form) but that it would be found on hospiatal carts. It is used if people get heart attacks injected right in to blood stream and balances out the acid, same if chlorine gas or huge chemical over load it is injected to stop acid over load. Not sure though how long it keeps PH on the more base that acidic. Maybe it would help. When young with tummy ache my mom would mix a teaspoon or so for me to drink and always seemed to to the trick. Also a friend with acid stomach cured it by drinking vinegar a natural form of organic like acid that did he trick balance out the acid.

  8. The Roman Empire, along with elements of our military and "representatives" have been planning our demise for quite some time, see below. 1 teaspoon of baking soda once a day, plus Vit C keeps your body alkaline and prevents activation of the nano particles.

    Open the PDF and press Control F to do a word search

    Video 14, Answers of an Alien from Andromeda
    “Try every day to take a glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda to make the PH of your body slightly basic, as artificial agents benefit from acidity to operate electrically. It's been a quiet war; you're in it without realizing it and without knowing that you are the targets. They intend to use the next great natural events as camouflage, artificially increasing the consequences. They may even try to convince you that you are under alien attack, forged by flyby of Reptilian's spacecrafts over cities, to justify acts of exception. They intend to keep the armies living in already prepared underground bases, to take the necessary steps to finalize the "process of cleanup", evacuation, decontamination, and the appropriate isolation of bodies of humans and animals in graves. We do not know details of the agenda of your government with the Reptilians, but it seems they are at the final steps.
    There are creations of animals for consumption of various breeds, mammals, and birds, confined to underground facilities, with thousands of selected animals. These facilities are under the custody and maintenance of the military strategy in several countries. Your governments are stockpiling thousands of tons of dehydrated food, frozen, canned, millions of liters of clean water, fuel, all kinds of vehicles, aircrafts, ships, submarines, and all sorts of weapons, including an entire large collection of new satellites and launch rockets, as well as all the peripherals necessary to reboot the system when the dust settles. Everything is reinforced underground to withstand all that can happen, and in regions previously mapped. Neither earthquakes, tsunamis, nor radiation can destroy these deposits. I am being as direct as possible, as you requested.”

    Video 123, October 16, 2014
    “Friends, this Ebola epidemic advertised is totally false. They are creating the scene to be able to vaccinate populations unconditionally and then yes, inject elements directly on the bodies and contaminate the water, facts that lead to organ failure regardless of the normal organic strength. Hordes of people "sick" will then be taken to the quarantine premises and prepared to be properly disposed of after death. The truth is ugly, but the moral of your elites is much uglier than you imagined in your worst nightmares. Both the official media as informal sensationalist media are helping to create this theater so that the plan can be implemented quickly. Do not be fooled by this theater, you as "more prepared" than most have a duty to be aware of these real facts and try to inform others in your communities. In case of suspicion of contamination in your area, begin to boil water to drink, take one level teaspoon of baking soda daily and consume fruits with vitamin C and natural fructose metabolized antibiotics contained in honey. These simple steps will make you resistant against these biological attacks, and pernicious nano-elements.

    Baking soda is so powerful in curing radiation contamination. In addition, baking soda makes the blood alkaline PH, preventing the proliferation of microorganisms and nanocomposites which require acidity to breed or to operate electrically.”

    1. Lemon water would be the best. Very important: If you take baking soda, please use almost boiling water. When soda reacts, then add cold water to get desirable temperature. Start from 1/8 tea spoon, than 1/4 tea spoon and so on.

  9. Hmmmmm....I will give serious consideration to the baking soda thing. I already take mega doses of vitamin C and have for years...but this " silicone based life form " thing is way beyond . Again, Grandma has either been drinking too much chardonnay and James hasnt unplugged her internet or maybe the Crazy Train has arrived.
    Things that are happening right now have never happened as far as I know in the tainted history of mankind. I do not know what to think or who or what to believe. I only know that I, we have been lied to about everything and absolutely abused in every way our entire lives going back to the beginning of alleged civilization.
    What is real ? What is not ? I am here for a reason that I cannot fathom.
    Has the " Normalcy Bias " kicked in ? Is this mass ( global ) hypnosis ? Why do I smell bullshit everywhere ? Why is the herd( lemmings , not sheep ) always so damn stupid ? Why does'nt anyone think anymore ? Where is common sense ? Even Anna just blurts out things that are way off the charts and Paul just like a robot publishes it. There is no discussion. Comments on this blog are not discussion. I agree with " doonstr " where is the evidence ? Let us see it. Have an open and honest discussion . I for one cannot sit home drink baking soda to wash my vitamin C down and do little else . I am buy with my house renovation and maintaining my equipment , planting the garden and trying to keep my family from going off the deep end..while the supposed New York coordinator ignores my texts, emails and posts on the American States and Assemblies website...are'nt we supposed to be assembling and coordinating to help one another and hopefully get ready to govern ourselves ?
    What the F is going on ? I am open to discussion I have posted my personal cell # here many many times, same with my email. ..some of you called for help . If we are to suceed we need to communicate. We need to network we need to know one another...where is is that sense of community ?

    1. Morgellons is well documented with close-up photos available to view. I agree with your other points about networking and assembling.

    2. Sounds to me like you are more interested in being the boss than a member of a team. Your demeanor quickly turns people who are sincerely searching, completely off. Complainer you are!!!!!!!!!!!
      Who could possibly want you around, the way you act big, like you're the go to guy. (you ain't),
      You? self governing? fat chance. With an attitude like yours it would behoove you to move on to those crying for another cynical input like yourself.

  10. Amazing Polly nails vermin:
    JEWS pushing Do Not Resuscitate =>> DEATH PANELS =>> JEW BOLSHEVIK AGENDA

    Trump on Elmhurst Hospital => “body bags all over.. hallways.. freezer trucks… Queens NY..
    TRUCKS DON’T HAVE REFRIGERATION on them. Whats Trump doing??
    “Dr.” (depends on the day) Colleen Smith a “Simulation’ista”; trained at “SACKLER” Institute as Simulation Fellow; languages English & Russian =>> JEW.
    Dr. Smith seems to be a doc when it suits, license expired 2018. Elmhurst says she doesn’t work there. Oh so, they just don’t know she was just hired to swish some toilets & now she’s diagnosed w Corona-Con?? Is Corona Positive their ‘out’ to disappear to Israhell?
    Enter Tim Hogan, connected to Smith on media, works of JEW Amy Klobuchar.

    #FilmYourHospital Real World or Simulation
    - Here is [Dr] Colleen Smith by Jew York Times jewtube channel: ‘People Are Dying’: Battling Coronavirus Inside a N.Y.C. Hospital | NYT News

    1. Amazing Polly: Birx’s daughters all over it.
      Killy Gates told Trump not to allow Robert Kennedy Jr. research vaccine efficacy!
      Goes into Kennedy’s latest missing mother Maeve dead & son, whom she worked for.
      Maeve worked for Diane Feinstein ‘DiFiChiSpy’, DHS & Mark Dybul at PEPFAR.
      Still can’t seem to learn DO NOT WORK FOR /WITH JEWS. DO NOT DO IT.
      Event 201 >>> Wuhan >>> All one Talmudic slosh.
      Lets Get Them All! Gates Birx Fauci Soros all of them

      It is far beyond CONTROLING THEIR TALMUDIC HARVESTING DEATH MACHINE, its on automatic.
      Gabillions building labs TO KILL US.
      This is what happens when WE IGNORE THE JEW.
      Pretend its everybody else. Blame everybody else.
      Ignore the density of JEW involvement in it ALL.
      See vids ‘RUSH Simulation Lab’ & Do Not Eat near mannequins.
      Oh, dang, another JEW running >>> Anesthesia & Simulation <<<<
      We’ve already suggested these ventilators are their new guillotines.
      A lot cleaner. >>>> WHY ARE JEWS ALL OVER THIS? >>> WHY? <<<
      In the above comment “SACKLER” Simulation Institute.
      Sacklers just did their Opioid Talmudic Sacrifice, specifically aimed at Whites, as stated by Sackler in court docs.
      Sacklers Purdue Inc needs to recoup their court losses. The Sackler jews themselves are not charged, just their Inc.
      India Brown Man immigrant JEW Kapoor of Insys, brought here to USA, made a gazillionaire pushing genocide-opioids WAS CHARGED, 1st Pharma CEO ever, now in prison.
      Sacklers NEVER charged. Brooklyn jew Bolsheviks never charged. 911 never charged.
      No opioid crisis National Emergency was ever called w 265 opioid DEATHS/DAY.
      Hell no! That’s JEW PROFITEERING, culling the stupid goy.

  11. Hi everyone, I have been using Boron for the past 5 to 6 years I have a suggestion for everyone on the use of this amazing mineral that kills nano-tech.

    Besides drinking it in water like Anna is suggesting, I do inhalations with this mineral. Here is my protocol to clear your lungs of all nano-bots.

    Personal Steam Inhaler and Face Steamer - Inhalator for Sinus and Nasal Relief and the steam will access your lungs.

    1. Fill the container with spring water or purified water 1 oz of water will do.

    2. place 1/4 of a tsp of boron powder in a mini vaporizer

    3. place 1/4 of a tsp of no aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate powder in a mini vaporizer.

    4. Allow the Personal Steam Inhaler to heat up when you see steam rising water bubbling now add the following substances:

    5. place 10 drops of 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

    6. place 3 drops of Olbas oil.

    Place your mouth and nose on the facial mask of the inhaler and breath in deeply with your mouth let the stem go right into your lungs (it will make you cough and get this nano-tech out of your lungs) when you feel the urge to expectorate out the lung martial allow it to come out.

    I have been doing this once per week for the past three years to get rid of the Chem Trial or aerosol spraying nano-bot particulate in my lungs.

    I also have created a formula this formula contains Boron and many other minerals to bath with to detox and gets rid of Morgellons on the skin tissues as well as it penetrating the bloodstream to detox these nano-bots foreign particles from our bodies.
    Make sure to follow instructions for this product on this webpage provided if interested in getting some to rid your body of nano-bots.
    I hope this helps all of you in clearing your body of Nano-Bots!

    Stay Safe and blessed by the Divine everyone!

  12. just came upon this on Death Panels - I add: Hey "donate" your organs on your way out! Quadruple shekel-shaker
    Again, I think ventilators are the new guillotines, only less messy. Put them deeply asleep, don't kill them, HARVEST ORGANS, sell to Israhell, premiere world capital organ harvesting, for over 1 million shekels/body == >>> :
    comment post:
    We will have a very serious new problem, soon. They are supposedly developing a vaccine to prevent ‘Coronavirus’. Not only do we not need this vaccine, but I believe its the reason they caused this supposed ‘pandemic’. I am concerned that they ‘may’ enforce vaccination through law. Australia changed its laws (yet again) to allow for this as of last November. The global vaccine will be deadly. Some of my elder (teenage) children don’t believe me so I have a good reason to think of alternatives. I am wondering whether I should deliberately get ‘Coronavirus’? The reason for this is to avoid the vaccine as I could then say that I am (we are) already immune.
    I don’t feel there is a great risk as I am not immune compromised and neither is anyone in my immediate family with whom I would have contact. I am not concerned about getting the ‘flu’. I have serious reservations about any flu vaccine. My mum and uncle both got extremely ill for at least 18 months after directly receiving a flu vaccine. We all determined never to have one again, for that reason. What ideas are there to avoid this vaccine if they force it upon Australians, or indeed upon the world?
    One more connection you should know about. Deborah Brix and Seema Karma are part of the Third Path Movement, the subtle wing of the euthanasia movement that defined a new field of medicine palliative medicine for those who are seriously ill. Patients are targeted into palliative care by multidisciplinary palliative care teams. The teams are trained into how to coax the patient to choose comfort care only. See our timeline of this movement at Also, look for the short printable 2-page version.

    Leading for profit hospice Vitas Healthcare has joined in dialogue with the task force. I believe Dr. Birx was once a part of VITAS. See AP Press Releasee of March 5, 2020. “President and CEO Nick Westfall, along with other leading healthcare executives, met with US Vice President, White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service Administrator Seema Verma to discuss … how hospice and palliative care are uniquely positioned in the continuum of care to meet the needs of patients by transitioning patients to their preferred setting of care.”

    >>> jew Dr. Brix is spokes-hag for CDC. Both her daughters are involved (see Amazing Polly vids), one works for Killy Gates.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Lets Get Them All! Gates Birx Fauci Soros all of them

  15. I would ask President Trump to deploy all available military drones immediately. Take out all SpaceX satellites, HAARP locations, Chemtrail locations an plane's. Also anyone who doesn't obey his orders.

    Semper Fidelis
    Donald J Brickham

  16. EMERGENCY,EMERGENCY This is there plan,download this pdf from the scum bags them must down load to see the hole thing,its hidden some how.

    This will blow the hole thing wide open

  17. We need to prevent SpaceX from fulfilling there contract to put 60,000 low flying satellites around our earth.These satellite's will be sending frequencies to earth's antenna towers. Thus controlling the Schuman resonance. Also controlling all communication on earth and outbound to other Universe's. If President Trump can't take care of this issue. I reccomend we use all of our State's militia to destroy the towers.

    Semper Fidelis
    Donald J Brickham

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I love your statement, I am right behind you on destroying this diabolic technology however it can be accomplished.

  18. NO JEWS IN SPACE. NO JEWS INVOLVED IN SPACE. NEVER. NEVER. EVER. jew immigrant Elon Musk-rat came here to HARVEST US & he is. ALL FAKERY, billions flowing thru his sewer-rat-lines, jew investment portfolio manager wiping out California teachers pensions, raking our wealth for fake Solar city, exploding batteries hence exploding Tesla car fires even while parked.
    Hope folks know Musk-rat-fink is partners in PayPal w rat-fink immigrant JEW Peter 'childs blood' Thiel whose involvement in harvesting children's blood for Ambrosia's $40k/mo 'youth serum'? Palantir w spying city cameras. List is too long. 'Childs Blood' Thiel is said since jumped the lake over to New Zealand, with a swift 2 week citizenship approval. NO JEWS IN NEW ZEALAND!
    Whats the rumored plan there? displace wildlife, plants w their JEW genetically patented as a JEW PARADISE so catching or picking food requires permission & patent payments.

    Must-rat-fink's hobby is Space X. He's man-boy having his way with our America. A friggin IMMIGRANT JEW.

    NO JEWS IN SPACE, no jews in Pharma, Med, health care, Law, food production & distribution, resources, schools & universities, government, insurance, banking, labs, absolutely nothing to do with children …. list is too long!! Can't even let them in the rag business, they'll exploit the powerless poor.

    ANY WONDER WHY JEWS were not allowed in anything but the least concerning us, our children & our Earths welfare or dependence of any sort, much less medical care, pharma, vaccines etc? => all Fake Science by the way & massive animal torture & death to insure Baal gets his blood libel.

    So of course JEWS turn it into Pity-Party rhetoric of subjugation, as tho were FORCED to do such. NO. JEWS cannot be allowed to participate in our lives, much less our welfare. Not even counting rocks. NO!

    ANY WONDER WHY JEWS were kicked out of over 1030 times, not measly 109? Recently Guatemala, & a Mexico State. Turns out the Guatemala incident involved a jew-vermin-pack abruptly fled Canada involving children.

    Jews expelled from countries 1030 times ~

    'Lev Tahor' Cult Still in Full Force; Trying To Kidnap Two ... The 'Lev Tahor' cult was going to fight a mom to "death" if necessary in order to try and kidnap two kids again, the New York Post reports. The cult, which is based in Guatemala, was making all of the decisions from a jail cell, and if they had their way, two Orthodox Jewish children […]

    NO JEWS IN SPACE. tak tak & stay sane

  19. Too many good people have lost everything we have to lose because of Morgellons . Reading this actually made me cry . I have spent the last 7 years dealing with this evil . I am fortunate to say I have been symptom free for over 2 years now . Many are still suffering and the evil behind this cannot hide this lie they call delusional much longer .

  20. First, as an electronic engineer I can tell you that "self-constructing crystalline nanobot structures...that function as radio antennae ... which are ... able to transmit information back to the HAARP and CIPPA array ... installed on Navy ships worldwide" is pure science fiction on so many levels that it is laughably amusing to read. Secondly, where is this so called "Universal Law" documented? I challenge anyone to show evidence of existence of this document other than in Anna's mind. Thirdly, arresting and prosecuting the rich and powerful people she mentions and then confiscating their wealth is going to take a veritable army having greater power than those being arrested. So where does this army exist, other than in Anna's mind? Do tell us Anna!!! I'm sure we'd all like to know.

    1. to "an electronic engineer" & others:
      You have crushed your professional claim of “knowing” with your statement that Universal Laws must be documented to exist. The wise don’t need documentation that 10 Commandments are genuine & must be followed unless consequences want to be paid at a later day. Some foolishly believe the Bible is a document when it has been re-written & miss-translated umpteen times. Some things like proof of life/dimensions after death are simply beyond documentation. Just like the “Office Story” that JKF fell from a nut’s lone gunman’s single magic bullet… what good is documentation? Or the banning of closed loop nuclear energy plants reducing rods to 0% radiation left & over 20X greater efficiency at less than half the cost +plus no eternal storage profits going to the owners of said plants & storage facilities + fear factor Card as with current Viral fears, fake-proof testing of Pons & Fleischmann’s Cold fusion technology was also purposely sabotaged, or the destruction of Nickola Tesla’s Earth energy Tower---because these sciences were far beyond what was accepted by the colleges of USInc.-programming scam & controlled media & not viable for big profit making by investors & market manipulators. ..And narrow minds who cannot see outside the box of thermodynamics or that Time is a 5th dimensional aspect rather than mere 4th. Just because 95% of claims are like miss-guided Flat Earthers, doesn’t mean 5% is nuts too!

  21. I know DARPA has always been active in clandestine activities "for the benefit of mankind" and it's not that I disbelieve Anna, it's just the proof needs to be there for me. I am a medical Professional, with a research background, as well as a clinician for 35 years. I need to see the information and it's source. We ALL know there is much dis-information out there. It has to be discerned as to it's legitimacy. There are MANY areas of science and tech that WE are not privy to and wouldn't think to look for, as we don't know it even exists.
    Here is some information from 2013 I saved. Just imagine with exponential growth where that science is now...
    "The White House announced the BRAIN initiative in April 2013. Today, the initiative is supported by several federal agencies as well as dozens of technology firms, academic institutions, scientists and other key contributors to the field of neuroscience. DARPA is supporting the BRAIN initiative through a number of programs, continuing a legacy of DARPA investment in neurotechnology that extends back to the 1970s. An article in our 60th anniversary magazine provides an overview of the agency's recent research aimed at expanding the frontiers of the field and enabling powerful, new capabilities..."

  22. Although Anna appears to be afflicted by paranoid fantasies and delusions of grandeur, I applaud her views to bring justice in our mutual battle against evil, and to cause righteousness to prevail. Ephesians 6:12 puts it this way ..."For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world's darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." The best weapons in this battle are not apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. Rather it is discernment and wisdom. The almighty creator of the universe, God, develops our character through the challenges we each face. It is His desire that we each ask Him into our lives. Wicked members of the deep state are just temporary adversaries He allows us to experience in our spiritual growth. Though our mortal bodies are but a flash in the pan, our spirits last forever. It is up to each of us to choose where we will spend eternity. I think that although her focus is temporarily a little off center, Anna is on the right track by seeking justice and righteousness and encourage her to continue to seek the truth and light.

  23. Wow! I thought I was whacked. You all got me beat.

  24. Can this be evidenced by the dozens of corporate CEO's who have stepped down over the last short while. I have seen the list on facepook and it is quite impressive for the major corporations included.

  25. I speak as a former UFO-alternative energy Movement member who also worked with Texas Republic during the 80-90s. This was scaled back as it was found not enough others supported this in view of FBI-ATF-IRS-NSA raids on Branch Dividians, insider destruction of Murrah Building, OK City, & increasing False Flags. Also there developed opposition with these Movements by some to turn them into a cult; which missed the point that the debt-creating banking-insurance-Petro$$ FED-fascist-NWO System is The One Big undisputed cult of all Time which stops at nothing to keep competition to an extreme minimum.
    While I don’t totally agree with ‘Patriot 58’ there are points well made, and you Net sound like you want to make another cult.
    What is wrong with discussion? And considering the larger Picture? I recently had the Texas Assembly Coordinator order me to stop sending them 2 or 3 times educational reading material, which supported “our movement” & anna & I had exchanged over at least a 2 year period. I think anna’s work is the only line that picks up where the ‘80-90s failed. But can be enlarged by the sheeple beginning to affix TDC (under Threat, Duress, & Coercion) overlaying their signatures on those Mark-of-The-Beast electronic pads at the Agencies licensing dens where you authorize The Elite Cabal your Power-of-Attorney so they own you as chattel-a Human Resource from that day onward.
    Some around anna seem to want to keep it a secret how little has been accomplished in getting County men & women up & running in competition with person-corporate Citizens.
    Anna doesn’t want to be a guru or dictator, thank God.
    It sounds like TPTB Elite are still winning. We are not only close to outright War with China rather than mere TRADE War, but are now polarized within our Movements to break free of the chains from the NWO Cartel. They must be laughing now after reading some of these comments & seeing how most are locked in their homes in viral fear!